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The Top 5 Oceanside Seafood Restaurants | Oceanside, CA

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Oceanside, California, is a beautiful beach city with sunny weather, stunning views, and plenty of activities for locals and visitors alike. 

From the renowned beaches to its unique array of shops, restaurants, outdoor activities, and attractions, Oceanside has something to offer everyone. People come from around the world to experience the town’s lively spirit and vibrant culture. Locals are friendly and welcoming, creating an atmosphere that makes it easy for visitors to feel at home.

Also, Oceanside is an exciting destination for food lovers. With its seaside location and mild climate, Oceanside offers an array of bars, restaurants, eateries, and cuisines to enjoy. 

From farm-fresh seafood to a variety of ethnic dishes, the city’s culinary scene is sure to please everyone’s palate. Whether you’re looking for a casual spot with delicious bites or an upscale dinner option, these Oceanside seafood restaurants have it all.

Top 5 Oceanside Seafood Restaurants | Must-Try Restaurants

5 Must-Try Oceanside Seafood Restaurants

Oceanside Broiler

1325 N. Harbor Dr. N., Oceanside, CA 92054, United States // +17607223474

Oceanside Broiler is a premier seafood restaurant in Oceanside, CA. Here you will be able to enjoy a wide selection of fresh seafood, perfectly cooked and prepared for your pleasure.

If the food wasn’t enough to entice you, visitors could look forward to spectacular views of the marina from their table and live music playing throughout the restaurant. 

Whether it’s a romantic evening or a special occasion with family and friends, guests will be captivated by the atmosphere at Oceanside Broiler. With excellent service from knowledgeable staff and unique dishes that include fresh catches from local waters, this place is sure to exceed expectations every time.

My all-time favorite appetizers there is the Caesar Salad with hearts of romaine, Parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, and tossed with house-made Caesar dressing. If you prefer soups as a starter, try the classic Minestrone Soup with fresh vegetables, beans, onions, tomatoes, and pastini.

Oceanside Broiler: Caesar Salad

For your main dish, we recommend the Pacific Swordfish Steak, which is a fresh, wild-caught center-cut fish steak with cucumber, basil relish, rice pilaf, and seasonal vegetables. It tastes so refreshing, and you can feel it came straight from the sea.

Make sure to stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; you won’t regret it! At Oceanside Broiler, you get more than just delectable cuisine – you get an unforgettable experience!

Harbor Fish & Chips

276 Harbor Dr., Oceanside, CA 92054, United States // +17607224977

Located along the picturesque Oceanside Harbor, Harbor Fish & Chips is a great spot for seafood in Oceanside. Whether you’re looking for expertly cooked fish and chips or succulent clams and oysters, this family-run restaurant has it all.

The outdoor seating at Harbor Fish & Chips overlooks the harbor, allowing diners to take in stunning views of the ocean as they enjoy their meal. The menu features traditional favorites such as freshly caught fish and chips made with local ingredients and served with tartar sauce.

Harbor Fish & Chips: Grilled Fish Plate

For those looking for something different, there are also options like clam chowder, grilled salmon, and shrimp po’boys that will tantalize your taste buds. Plus, if you’re dining in a group, you can order one of their family platters, which comes complete with an assortment of seafood dishes.

From my personal experience, I will recommend just one of my favorite dishes, and that is the Grilled Fish Plate. The fish is perfectly seasoned, grilled, and paired with vegetables and French fries. I have tried many of their delicious plates, but this one always makes me turn back there when I want seafood in Oceanside. 

Rockin’ Baja Lobster – Oceanside

258 Harbor Dr., Oceanside, CA 92054, United States // +17609676199

Rockin’ Baja Lobster in Oceanside is a cantina offering the vibe and cuisine of Baja right at your doorstep. Whether you’re looking for a delicious lobster dinner or a refreshing margarita, Rockin’ Baja has something to offer. 

With its bright and inviting atmosphere, it is the perfect spot to spend an evening with friends or family. 

Just steps away from the beach, this ocean-side restaurant blends fresh seafood with traditional Mexican flavors for an unforgettable dining experience. 

The menu features a variety of dishes, from classic tacos to signature lobster creations like fried Baja style and agua chile, all made with fresh ingredients for maximum flavor. In addition, many beverages and margaritas are available in both regular and large sizes, so there’s something for everyone!

Rockin' Baja Lobster - Oceanside: Seafood Basket

From their Baja baskets, you should definitely try my favorite, the Big Golden Sombrero Bucket, which includes two Atlantic lobster tails, “Prime” skirt steak, Alaskan snow crab clusters, Baja style” shrimp, grilled chicken breast Mexican style, Elote street corn, ranchero beans, citrus-lime rice, flour tortillas, and honey chili butter. 

It is suitable for sharing, and the taste is fresh and simply amazing; definitely among the best of the best for Oceanside seafood. 

Lighthouse Oyster Bar & Grill

262 S. Harbor Dr. #201, Oceanside, CA 92054, United States // +17604331900

Lighthouse Oyster Bar & Grill, Oceanside, is the perfect place to spend a day with friends and family. Situated on the waterfront, this cafe offers a wide selection of seafood, burgers, and pasta. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with friendly staff available to help you find the perfect dish for your taste buds. 

At Lighthouse Oyster Bar & Grill, you can enjoy a view of the ocean while savoring delicious plates prepared by experienced chefs. Whether it’s fresh fish tacos or one of their famous burgers, your meal will undoubtedly be memorable. The menu also features an extensive list of wines and craft beers that pair perfectly with any dish from their menu. 

Lighthouse Oyster Bar & Grill: Fish Tacos

From their Lighthouse favorites, we will highlight the Fisherman’s Fry, which includes oysters, clams, shrimp, fish of the da, and calamari. For me, this is the perfect and the freshest seafood mix, and you should definitely pair them with your favorite white wine or a glass of prosecco. 

Come to visit Lighthouse Oyster Bar & Grill today! Relax in an atmosphere like no other while enjoying servings made from locally sourced ingredients in an outdoor seating area overlooking the bay.

Hello Betty

211 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92054, United States // +17607221008

Do not think twice and come to Hello Betty, an Oceanside seafood restaurant. It’sa sprawling space that produces the perfect beachy vibe. This popular joint is a must-try for anyone visiting the area and is renowned for its signature dishes.

Choose from a range of delicious seafood options such as oysters, fish tacos, and much more. All meals are made with fresh ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds. The casual atmosphere makes this spot ideal for both family outings or an evening out with friends. Relax in the outdoor dining area, which offers a great view of the ocean sunset. 

If you are not overly hungry, I recommend you pair your drink with the classic Oyster On The Half Shell with tomatillo habanero salsa and lemon, or the Cauliflower El Pastor, which is charred cauliflower, el pastor sauce, tomatillo, pineapple, onion, and cilantro.

Hello Betty: Grilled Shrimp

On the other side, I found their fried or grilled shrimp paired with cauliflower elote, pico, coriander lime aioli, and blue corn tortilla for the main dish. This dish is perfect for a light dinner while you are enjoying a glass of Chardonnay. 

Also, if you are looking for some dessert to finish your meal, let your choice be cheesecake with dulce de leche, mango, caramelized white chocolate, and vanilla cream. As someone who is not a big fan of desserts, this one is perfect because it is not too sweet and not too sour. 

So don’t lose your chance to stop by this unique Oceanside seafood restaurant and let them do all the work while you sit back and enjoy some of the best food in town! With its amazing offerings and friendly staff, Hello Betty, Oceanside will surely become your new favorite place in no time!

Oceanside Seafood Restaurants: Conclusion

In summary, Oceanside’s seafood restaurants offer a wide variety of delicious dishes that cater to all types of diners. The exceptional service, unbeatable atmosphere, and quality ingredients make it the perfect place for a night out with friends or family. 

With such an impressive selection of options, Oceanside’s seafood restaurants will leave you feeling satisfied and eager to come back for more. Whether you’re looking for a casual dinner or a fancy night out, there is something for everyone in this coastal town.

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