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The 17 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Rome

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Rome is renowned for more than its magnificent structures, rich history, and natural splendor. It is a culinary marvel because of its fantastic restaurant scene. And I’m not the only one who thinks so; the Michelin guide also appears to really enjoy Rome.

The 67th edition of the Michelin Guide in Italy was released, and several restaurants in Rome received Michelin stars! More specifically, one restaurant in Rome has three Michelin stars, another has two, and 15 others have one star.

Michelin Star Restaurants In Rome: Rome

So, once you’ve had your fill of pizza and spaghetti bolognese, choose one of these best Rome restaurants to dine at, and get ready for an incredible meal that elevates the delights of “Italian cuisine in Rome” to a whole new level.

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The 17 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Rome

Il Convivio Troiani

Vicolo dei Soldati, 31, 00186 Roma RM, Italy // +39066869432

Il Convivio Troiani is a Michelin-recommended restaurant that is housed in a historic structure directly across from the Tiber River. The three Troiani brothers are in charge of this classy eatery, which debuted in 1990 in its original location close to Piazza Navona.

Il Convivio Troiani was awarded a Michelin star in 1993, and it continues to do so today. Il Convivio revitalizes traditional Italian cuisine with contemporary interpretations in three themed dining areas. Its all-natural dishes are prepared using fresh, organic ingredients from the neighborhood and are expertly constructed.

There are four dining areas in total, each with a distinct personality, including an outdoor dining area called “Il Chiostro.” Fresh ingredients are the menu’s main focus, featuring daring combinations like wild boar and sea urchin.

Try the grand tasting menu, which includes specialties like fresh gnocchi and scallop au gratin, as well as the cute sottobosco dessert (undergrowth).

Il Convivio Troiani: Gnocchi

Wine enthusiasts should fully utilize the broad selection of more than 3,000 wines at Il Convivio.

I recommend booking a seat at the “Show Chef” social table, where your nine-course dinner will be prepared live in front of your eyes!


Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma RM, Italy // +390697615109

Giuseppe di Iorio, the chef at Aroma, has been awarded one distinguished Michelin Star. From right across the street, the Colosseum can be seen from the exclusive rooftop garden of Palazzo Manfredi, with views that extend to St. Peter’s dome in the distance.

The vibrant plates stimulate the palette, with each homegrown herb sprig placed precisely where it should be. 

Aroma has a selection of tasting menus, some of which are gluten-free. Sommelier-recommended pairings are an option for wine enthusiasts. They specialize in roasting rabbits, steaming monkfish, and making ravioli with lamb.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal with free cheeses and pastries in between dishes and a few surprises from the chef along the way.

We began with the appetizer of salmon and caviar, which combined flawlessly with the cauliflower purée to produce what can only be referred to as a flavor explosion in my mouth.

After that, we had several pasta dishes and the wagyu steak, which was amazing because the wagyu had superb fat distribution throughout.

Overall, if you’re seeking to splurge on lunch in Rome, I heartily recommend visiting this restaurant. In addition, the view of the Colosseum will likely rank as my favorite dinnertime vista of all time.


Via di S. Basilio, 42, 00187 Roma RM, Italy // +390642011798

Moma is a relatively new restaurant when it comes to Michelin stars. Although it has been a part of the Rome dining scene for more than ten years, the restaurant won its first star in the 2019 Michelin Guide.

It is located in the upscale section of town, right off Via Veneto, and is known for its dolce vita way of life. There are both traditional and non-traditional items on the menu, such as their dessert of sweet polenta, red chicory, honey, and raisins.

The setting is really elaborate, and the wait staff was helpful and polite. We choose the risotto with eel and cuttlefish pasta.

The cuttlefish pasta was unlike anything I had ever eaten before; the sauce was flavorful and original, but I can’t say I would order it again because of how chewy it was. The risotto, meanwhile, was luxurious since it was so creamy and had crunchy little chunks of eel.

Moma Pasta

It seemed like a modest portion when I first looked at it, but I soon realized it was ideal, considering how rich it was. It was a special meal and a fantastic, inexpensive way to try a Michelin-starred restaurant in Rome!

Casa Coppelle

Piazza delle Coppelle, 49, 00186 Roma RM, Italy // +390668891707

One of Rome’s top Michelin-rated restaurants is this one. Excellent food and service in a chic, sophisticated atmosphere are provided by chef Giovanni Cuzzocrea, who is a true artist with one of the most original and creative kitchens we’ve ever seen.

The wine list is exceptionally fantastic, sticking primarily to Italian wines, although some Spanish wines are offered.

A host greets you as soon as you enter the stunning entrance, takes your coat, and shows you where to sit in one of their quaint and quiet eating areas. The waiters know how to deliver unmatched service and are really helpful and friendly.

The dinner was superb in every way! I got steak tartare for my starter, and my friend had ham with buffalo cheese. I tried his food, and it was fantastic.

Casa Coppelle Steak Tartare

Then we had the entrecôte, and I had the tournedos as the main course. Afterward, I ordered the Paris Brest for dessert, while my friend got creme brûlée.

Excellent food was served! One of Rome’s top sous chefs was responsible for creating the meal. The caliber of the food supplied serves as evidence of this. 

The restaurant is exquisite and is undoubtedly a terrific spot to have dinner. I wholeheartedly endorse this location!


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Il Pagliaccio

Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 129/a, 00186 Roma RM, Italy // +390668809595

Il Pagliaccio, which in English translates as “The Clown,” has earned two prestigious Michelin Stars. As the restaurant’s name might imply, chefs Anthony Genovese and Francesco di Lorenzo have created a lovely cuisine with playful and joyful dishes.

The high-design furnishings and checkerboard floor give it an intimate atmosphere perfect for a romantic lunch for two. Eight courses in the “Otto” set menu depict Chef Genovese’s culinary career progression.

Modern, energizing cuisine highlights this 2-star restaurant in the city’s center, next to the Tiber. Even though many meals are based on Italian classics, you might not know it. The meals are set with the utmost care, and eating such works of art almost feels like a crime. Almost.

We ordered the chef’s recommended three-course lunch menu even though we were asked if we would rather have beef or fish. Our first course was summer pasta with a taste of fresh veggies, which came after three rounds of delicious amuse bouches.

Il Pagliaccio Pasta

The main dish was a delicious young rooster with great flavor, served with maize and black truffles. A millefoglie with a dash of gelato and sesame served for dessert was incredibly creamy. After lunch, some desserts were served. Excellent food and service. It must be tried when looking for classic Italian cuisine in Rome. 

La Pergola

Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101, 00136 Roma RM, Italy // +390635092152

La Pergola is Rome’s top-rated restaurant and currently holds three Michelin stars. Heinz Beck, a renowned chef, uses the best seasonal ingredients from the area to create inventive cuisine that is painstakingly arranged.

La Pergola offers healthful and nourishing foods that focus on herbs and vegetables rather than food burdened with thick, heavy sauces. 

Although there is no doubt that head chef Heinz Beck’s menu is imaginative, you won’t find anything particularly adventurous here. So instead, indulge in a creative John Dory dish with curry or fagottelli La Pergola.

La Pergola Dish

La Pergola made history as Rome’s first restaurant to receive three Michelin stars. So it’s easy to understand why it remains the city’s only three Michelin-starred restaurants today.

Every item at La Pergola has been carefully chosen, from vermeil cutlery to antiquities from the Mediterranean region, including a priceless Aubusson tapestry. 

In addition, La Pergola has more than 70,000 wine bottles, some of which date back to 1888, and 45 different types of water.

As this is the only three-Michelin-star restaurant in Rome, reservations must be made up to four months in advance. However, the panoramic view of Rome and the Vatican toward the setting sun makes the wait worthwhile!


Via Guglielmo Calderini, 64, 00196 Roma RM, Italy // +39063235531

With reasonable costs for everyone, Bistrot64 has established a reputation as Rome’s least expensive Michelin-starred eatery. And that does not indicate that they are of poor quality.

Young chefs Kotaro Noda and Emanuele Cozzo appreciate the use of seasonal, fresh, and local ingredients in dishes that were originally created as inexpensive meals for the underprivileged.

I spent $60 on the five-course menu of my choosing. Everything I ate was delicious, and the squid ink pasta and carbonara were simply stunning.

Bistrot64 Squid Ink Pasta

I didn’t mind that one of our desserts was too sweet and the other was merely average. There was an additional appetizer that included bread and excellent Brazilian po de queijo. 

The waiter thoroughly explained each item, and the service was also excellent. You should undoubtedly go there if you are looking for a reasonably priced Michelin restaurant in Rome.

La Terrazza

Via Ludovisi, 49, 00187 Roma RM, Italy // +390647812752

Enjoy a memorable supper in the rooftop garden of La Terrazza, right above Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps. From the decorative plating to the sight of Roman monuments strewn across the city’s timeless skyline, this encounter is a visual feast.

Fresh truffles, sea urchin, and curry shrimp risotto are just a few internationally inspired highlights to which Fabio Cervio adds a touch of regional flavor.

La Terrazza Sea Urchin

The staff was very welcoming, and we were seated at the chef’s table. Along with offering us a wine pairing, they discussed each item as it was served. They played to your five senses and showed the meal in an artful way.

Three-course, ala carte, five-course, and eight-course meals are their four options. Rose-infused water was placed on the table with other dishes to complement one of our courses.

Not your normal meal, the food was delicious. In addition to our dinner, pre-dessert and chocolates were provided, which made an impression. I had the greatest coffee in Rome during my entire trip from America. Amazing spot for Italian food in Rome!

Marco Martini Restaurant

Viale Aventino, 121, 00153 Roma RM, Italy // +390645597350

One of Rome’s newest Michelin-starred chefs is Marco Martini. A boutique hotel housed in an Art Deco villa close to the Colosseum, The Corner Townhouse conveniently accommodates its name-brand restaurant, Marco Martini Restaurant.

You’ll have the impression that you’re dining in a beautiful garden thanks to the natural light that comes in via the glass roof and the green climbing vines that cover the walls and ceiling.

Discover traditional Roman meals with a global twist. Chef Martini creates his recipes based on his memories and fresh and local ingredients.

The mood was beautiful, to start. Compared to other restaurants, Marco Martini is far more attractive due to its color scheme, natural lighting, and variety of live plants. In addition, excellent and reasonably priced food was served.

We opted for the three-course menu after beginning with a suggested sparkling wine. The complementary rosemary focaccia was so good that I could eat it every day for the rest of my life. Another standout was the piglet, which was deliciously delicate and served with mashed potatoes and an apple.

Marco Martini Restaurant Rosemary Focaccia

The dessert of white chocolate, raspberry, and matcha was excellent and the ideal portion for our largely satisfied appetites. So if you want a fantastic experience, I suggest going here!


Piazza della Trinità dei Monti, 6, 00187 Roma RM, Italy // +390669934726

Many restaurants in Rome offer excellent food and vistas, but very few do so as successfully as Imàgo. Large expanses of glass provide fantastic panoramic views of Rome. A fantastic culinary team prepares a delicious lunch to the greatest standards.

Imàgo is located on the sixth story of the Hassler hotel, built atop the Spanish Steps, and combines stunning views of Rome with Michelin-starred cuisine.

The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore is to your left, while to your right are the Pantheon and Castel Sant’Angelo. Imàgo is only open for dinner, so you can take in Rome’s glistening nighttime skyline.

Andrea Antonini, a young and ambitious executive chef, only utilizes Italian foods, buying them from nearby markets like Campo de Fiori. Choose the six-course tasting menu to sample the most incredible dishes of the season.

Everything was excellent, but the cuisine was even better. Ricotta wrapped in salmon was served along with a trio of amuse-bouches before a John Dory crudo was served. Even though my fried stuffed scallops weren’t as fantastic as the other meals we had, they were still really tasty.

Imàgo Scallops

Next, I was served what might have been the most delectably indulgent pasta meal I’ve ever had; a fusion carbonara with quail ragu and quail eggs. 

An ’07 Trappolini Paterno Sangiovese was the perfect wine to accompany all of this delectable food. I wholeheartedly recommend this location for regional Roman cuisine because it was a fantastic experience!

Per Me – Giulio Terrinoni

Vicolo del Malpasso, 9, 00186 Roma RM, Italy // +39066877365

Giulio Terrinoni is situated in a charming setting with overhanging vegetation and outdoor seats on the cobblestone street it looks out into. It is located on a small street off Via Giulia, Per Me.

The Michelin-starred Rome restaurant features the cuisine of Chef Giulio Terrinoni, whose guiding principle is to express his culinary inventiveness through exceptional local ingredients.

Foods like roasted cuttlefish with Roman-style Jerusalem artichokes, mint oil, and Pecorino cheese are on the menu. Then, choose the ten-course tasting menu “Between Sea and Earth” for the full experience.

Per Me - Giulio Terrinoni Roasted Cuttlefish

Giulio Terrinoni, the chef, believes that cuisine should be prepared with the client’s preferences in mind rather than his own. Incredible, huh?

Antonello Colonna

Via Giovanni Giolitti, 267, 00185 Roma RM, Italy // +390648070684

This Michelin-starred restaurant may be found inside the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni. You may enjoy the celebrated chef Antonello Colonna’s innovative yet traditional Italian cuisine in this open-concept room with glass walls and contemporary decor.

The menu includes items like cannolo with sour cream and candied lemon and guinea fowl with pistachio and broccoli, which are referred to as examples of “Cucina creativa.”

I chose the Poche Fried Egg as my starter, which was perfect. It was just fun to start with a poche fried egg as I had never tried one before.

I also ordered two pasta dishes. Both the Smoked Spaghetti and the Genovese Tortellini were excellent. The free truffle shavings offered on top of the smoked spaghetti by the main gentleman introducing the food were fantastic! 

Next time I visit Rome, I really want to have the Burrata dish, although they definitely will have altered their menu by then.

We had lamb and orto beef as our main dishes; the lamb was excellent, and the beef was merely adequate. In the USA, beef preparation and cooking have perhaps reached their peak. As a result, I would suggest the Lamb, as it was excellent. Both courses were served with perfectly prepared sides.


I ordered the Coffee Frangipane, Hazelnut Ice Cream, and the Pistachio Frozen Cookie and Candied Fruit for dessert. Both outstanding. You must go to this location; you won’t regret it!

Ristorante All’Oro

Via Giuseppe Pisanelli, 23/25, 00196 Roma RM, Italy // +390697996907

The name All’Oro is a combination of the words “gold” and “bay leaf,” and these decorative elements predominate in the first of our one-Michelin star restaurants in Rome.

The food is presented inventively, just like the restaurant itself, which is owned and operated by Riccardo and Ramona Di Giacinto.

For instance, their Raffaello di Foie Gras aroma creative (tartare di foie gras con aroma creative) is packaged in a plastic bag that must be cut open with a pair of golden shears.

The carbonara dish we ordered was outstanding, and the meal was thoughtfully presented. We ate the nine-course surprise menu and thoroughly appreciated each course. 

Ristorante All'Oro Carbonara

It was a very enjoyable eating experience because the sommelier also made excellent wine recommendations.

My favorites were the “apples,” the carbonara, and the cappelletti in the first course. The dessert was delicious and served as a lovely allegory. Try it; you won’t regret it!

Glass Hostaria

Vicolo del Cinque, 58, 00153 Roma RM, Italy // +390658335903

The stunningly modern eatery Glass Hostaria is tucked away in one of Trastevere’s narrow, cobblestoned lanes. Chef Cristina Bowerman, the only female Michelin-starred chef in Rome, gives the meal at Glass Hostaria a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel, thanks to her years spent traveling and growing up in Puglia.

Try the “eccentric” Glass tasting menu or order à la carte specialties such as the smoked eel linguini or veal filet.

Glass Hostaria Veal Filet

Additionally, if you’re under 25, stop by on the third Thursday of the month to receive a 25% discount. Significantly, the restaurant is closed on Monday and Tuesday and only serves lunch on the weekends. A fantastic and unusual location!

Zia Restaurant

Via Goffredo Mameli, 45, 00153 Roma RM, Italy // +390623488093

In 2021, Zia Restaurant received its first Michelin star. Head chef Antonio Ziantoni learned his trade in three countries, working under Georges Blanc in France, Gordon Ramsey in London, and Anthony Genovese at Rome’s Il Pagliaccio.

These flavors influence Zia’s menu, which features anything from cold spaghetti to duck in dolce e forte sauce.

Zia Restaurant Duck in Dolce e Forte Sauce.

Don’t pass on the famous tourbillon, an almond pastry with an ultimate vanilla spiral on top. Reservations are strongly advised at the small Zia, which has basic décor and fewer than 30 seats. A must-see destination in your quest for Michelin-starred restaurants in Rome!

Idylio by Apreda

Via di S. Chiara, 4/A, 00186 Roma RM, Italy // +390687807080

When he departed Imàgo after ten years to open Idylio by Apreda in 2019, chef Francesco Apreda created a stir in the restaurant business.

Here, Apreda combines his Neapolitan roots with Asian inspirations learned from his time spent working at Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel.

Idylio by Apreda is a cutting-edge restaurant with an intimate ambiance that is housed in the Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel.

The cuisine combined traditional Italian ingredients with contemporary preparation and cooking methods. The six-course tasting menu was what I chose.

We enjoyed a total of ten meals, including some starters and palate cleaners. We left feeling more than full, thanks to the portions. A superb half chicken was served as our main dish.

Idylio by Apreda Half Chicken

Beyond only the flavor, certain meals offered particularly remarkable experiences. For instance, we had a pasta dish that combined cold broth with warm pasta for a bizarre flavor combination. What a unique experience!


How many Michelin stars are there in Rome?

Because there are 23 restaurants with at least one Michelin star in the greater Rome area, every night in Rome is a night of stars. Rome has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other Italian city, except the Naples region, which has 24. And the number keeps increasing.

Are restaurants in Rome expensive?

At a trattoria, a meal for lunch or dinner typically costs $26 per person. Eating at one of these pizzerias in Rome, where the average price of pizza is $9 to $14, is another fantastic low-cost alternative. Spend between 40 and 50 dollars per person for supper in Rome if you like to eat at a finer establishment.

How to book a table?

If the usual booking avenues don’t work, remember that your credit cards may have free concierge benefits included that you can use and book a place with.

How much does a Three-Michelin-star meal cost?

After all, a three Michelin-starred meal does not come with a fixed price. While some restaurants only charge $120 per person, others can go as high as $563. Using all of this information, I calculated the average cost of a three-course meal at a restaurant with three Michelin stars to be $267 per person.

Final Thoughts About The 17 Best Michelin Restaurants In Rome

If you’re on a tight budget, Rome’s availability of fine dining establishments will enable you to eat out regularly and at a moderate cost.

You may, however, want to visit one of Rome’s Michelin-starred restaurants if your budget allows. Known as the gourmet capital of Italy, these establishments serve exquisite meals prepared by top chefs. 

You might choose a restaurant based on its cuisine (Italian, French, etc.), or you can let fate decide your fate; mindlessly walking the streets of the Eternal City might be your ticket to culinary riches!

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