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The 15 Best Мichelin Star Restaurants In London

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London is unquestionably one of the world’s top gastronomic cities. It is home to 66 Michelin-starred restaurants and is where some of the world’s top chefs go to refine their abilities and establish their value.

Мichelin Star Restaurants In London: London

London is one of the top ten cities in the world in terms of Michelin stars, with the Michelin team bestowing the honor on restaurants throughout the capital over the years. But which of the most fabulous London restaurants with Michelin stars should you try at least once?

From elaborate tasting menus and inventive dishes to flawless service and magnificent interiors, here is a list of the 15 most excellent Michelin star restaurants in London, showcasing the crème de la crème of the capital’s culinary brilliance!

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The 15 Best Мichelin Star Restaurants In London

Amor Gastronomia London

139 Holloway Rd., London N7 8LX, United Kingdom // +442037307443

We had the good fortune to stop by Amor Gastronomia in London while traveling through the city. I can’t think of a better spot to go if you want the best Italian food! The dish was cooked to perfection and tasted incredibly authentic.

Fantastic cuisine, outstanding wine, and a lovely interior! Julianna was a wonderful hostess with in-depth menu knowledge. In addition, she gave us several recommendations based on our previous Italian meals, which was nice.

The interior seemed cozy, with little tables dotted throughout the café and lovely wall art. My friend and I enjoyed dinner here, and the entire evening couldn’t have gone better.

The Roman Pinsa, which has the most amazing fluffy dough you’ve ever eaten, the enormous nocelara olives, and the Parmigiana are some of the dishes to try at this lovely neighborhood Italian restaurant.

Amor Gastronomia London Roman Pinsa

The wine was delicious, and the ambiance was welcoming, which is refreshing in the hustle and bustle of London.

We couldn’t help but fall in love with their moody room, which was painted in red and yellow colors. This is the place to go if you want to try something new!

Club Gascon – French Michelin-Starred Restaurant

57 W. Smithfield, London EC1A 9DS, United Kingdom // +442076006144

Club Gascon is the place to go in London for an exceptional dining experience. I’ve gone there a few times, and I’m blown away by the fantastic quality of the cuisine and service each time.

In the Michelin world, this is a great classic. This is the place to dine. Club Gascon has an upgraded, stylish vibe. It’s straightforward but well-thought-out. The meal has been meticulously planned; it is original, innovative, sophisticated, and tasty.

From start to finish, the service was friendly, sincere, comprehensive, and discreet. The highlight was the overall presentation of the dishes – colorful, varied plating, and varied actual physical dishes that flowed well with their contents.

With various ingredients (beef, cod, duck, scallop, uni, king mushroom) that transported you to different flavor profiles and landscapes that honored the origin of the food; and the dining room, which was sleek yet inviting and cozy – a difficult balance to achieve.

The smoked king mushroom with black truffle and potato pulp, as well as the beef cheeks, were two of our favorite dishes.

Club Gascon - French Michelin-Starred Restaurant King Mushroom

The first dish was flavorful, three-dimensional, and colorful; it made us feel like we were savoring the freshest forest floor.

The second was just a superbly cooked piece of protein; we didn’t even need a knife to cut through that cheek; it just peeled away, and if you let it sit on your tongue, it just melted, bathing your mouth in its perfection. A definite must-try!


Halkin Arcade, Off Lowndes St., London SW1X 8JT, United Kingdom

The renowned Indian restaurant Amaya in Belgravia is known for its spectacular open kitchen. At this chic restaurant from the creators of Chutney Mary and Veeraswamy, tuck into a variety of seafood, beef, and vegetarian dishes.

Even though the food is modern, it is prepared here utilizing traditional methods, whether it be in a tandoor.

Amaya is well known for its exquisite beauty and superior craftsmanship. Enjoy a drink on the terrace, engage in conversation with your dinner companions, or prepare a romantic meal for two. As you relax by the open kitchen bar, observe the chef preparing meals in front of you.

Try mouthwatering curries, including aromatic tandoori chicken, creamy tikka masala, crispy black rice noodles with fresh veggies, tamarind mutton curry, and juicy lamb in ginger coconut sauce, and more! If you decide to eat at this London Michelin-starred restaurant, you won’t be disappointed!

Amaya Tandoori Chicken


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Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

53 Park Ln., London W1K 1QA, the United Kingdom // +442076298866

Alain Ducasse is a Mayfair restaurant with a gloomy, opulent, and sophisticated ambiance that combines French and British characteristics. Each diner is made to feel comfortable and well-cared for by the staff, who work smoothly together.

The head chef, Jean-Philippe Blondet, and Ducasse himself have contributed various visually appealing items to the menu. All have strong flavors, and some creative pairings manage to be extremely successful.

It’s clear why this restaurant has three Michelin stars when it comes to the food, which doesn’t let you down. Every meal was prepared flawlessly, and it was almost impossible to eat it because of how beautiful it looked. The beef rib eye and the foie gras that was seared stood out to me. These two foods were both mouthwateringly wonderful.

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester Foie Gras

The Rum Baba is a must-have for dessert, and if you can, have one of the outstanding sauces to go with your meal.

The price seemed reasonable and appropriate, along with other 3-star Michelin restaurants I’ve visited. I heartily recommend dining here if your time and budget permit it because it’s a delightful experience that you won’t soon forget.

Hélène Darroze at The Connaught

Carlos Pl., London W1K 2AL, United Kingdom // +442031477200

This Mayfair eatery inside The Connaught has received the prestigious honor of three Michelin stars. In addition, the interior has recently undergone an update, creating a more warm and relaxed feeling. This shows that the establishment constantly looks to the future in terms of ambiance.

Each gourmet masterpiece starts with ingredients of the highest caliber from across the British Isles. International flavors are employed selectively and with exceptional precision to ensure that every diner gets the most enjoyable meal possible.

Well, Hélène Darroze completely astonished me. This was possibly one of my favorite dinners at a Michelin-rated restaurant ever.

We initially decided to have the non-alcoholic combination. These non-alcoholic pairings, in my opinion, are much more imaginative and intriguing than wine pairings. This featured black tea, green tea, and numerous fluids that had been infused with fresh herbs, spices, or flavors like nutmeg or ginger, or even with a smokey flavor. The pairings were excellent, and they went great with the dishes.

The food itself was fantastic. The Wagyu steak was arguably the best meal I’ve ever had as a whole. Exquisite ingredients that were expertly prepared. The main courses, including the halibut, lobster, guinea fowl, and Wagyu, were all fantastic. The surrounding flavors supported the meats’ excellent cooking as well.

Hélène Darroze at The Connaught Wagyu Steak

The small side dishes were also delicious; the fig was possibly my favorite. How a few basic ingredients could taste so amazing left me speechless. A tiny dollop of fennel-flavored foam and a very fresh, pure fig are all that’s included in the dish. It tasted great, for reasons I cannot explain.

I heartily recommend Helene Darroze, since they excel even when measured against other three-Michelin-star restaurants with very high standards. This is the kind of restaurant where you should go out of your way and make an excuse to visit!

Pied a Terre

34 Charlotte St., London W1T 2NH, United Kingdom // +442076361178

Once again, one of the capital’s best Michelin dining experiences can be found in Mayfair, where the atmosphere and food are always lively and fresh. David Moore has just expanded his vegan menu. Whatever you choose, the cuisine combines French flair with Greek flavors that reflect his origins.

You wouldn’t notice Pied à Terre’s entryway unless you were expressly seeking the restaurant, and it serves as a fitting prelude to the elegant minimalism found inside. We sat in the little dining room in the front (one of two at street level; an upstairs private dining room is also available).

This location is ideal for tête-à-têtes, whether they are business-related or not, thanks to its stylish cracked-glass feature and cozy formal decor.

A Cornish mackerel appetizer with avocado crème fraîche was the ideal balance of crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth textures, and the succulent, flavorful pork with rainbow chard looked like a simple work of art.

Pied a Terre Cornish Mackerel

A slow-cooked lamb belly starter was served with a superb lamb and mint consommé. Strawberries and a zesty fromage-frais sorbet formed a lovely collision of tastes. The amuse-bouches were a sensation; we daydreamed about the tiny cinnamon doughnuts for days following.

The service at Pied à Terre is excellent, hitting the perfect mix between attentive and respectful, and the meals there are works of beauty. Here, dining is a lively yet tranquil experience. It almost seems sacrilegious to dig into the dishes since they are so flawless. It must be seen!

Hakkasan Mayfair

17 Bruton St., London W1J 6QB, United Kingdom // +442079071888

A Mayfair side street restaurant called Hakkasan welcomes diners with cream banquettes, polished wood, and pops of color. 

When eating dim sum during the day, the ideal place to do it is on the ground level; at night, make a reservation for a table on the basement level.

This friendly restaurant has a vibrant beverage menu that perfectly matches the ambiance.

The menu of Hakkasan, on the other hand, concentrates on indulgent dishes bursting with delicate or more potent Asian flavors. Try the roasted duck with black truffles, the spicy prawns with almond and lily bulb, or the baked silver cod with champagne and honey. It is the right place to visit if you want to enjoy some exquisite Asian food at a Michelin-star-rated restaurant in London.  

Hakkasan Mayfair Roasted Duck

City Social

Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St., London EC2N 1HQ, United Kingdom // +442078777703

City Social is one of super-chef Jason Atherton’s more conservative endeavors, promising low-key beauty in high-rise environs (the twenty-fourth story of Tower 42, to be exact). It is a favorite among city suits looking to impress or let off steam.

It’s a beautiful space with nocturnal, sensual, and art-deco flashes. The nicest seats are deep, curved booths that resemble waterless hot tubs next to the windows. Even the views from the glass-walled bathrooms make you take a deep breath (and afford fellas the giddy sensation of weeing above the heads of overpaid bankers).

The stunning, seductive room has all-encompassing wraparound vistas, and the cuisine focuses on finely tuned contemporary flavors, from lovely salads to slabs of protein with a meaty flavor.

We began with a salmon fillet that was expertly prepared and served over a fennel and celeriac salad after being softly poached and smoked. A delicate slab of succulent pig belly and little pieces of pork loin, all elegantly arranged on the plate with girolles, black pudding cubes, and transparent blobs of cider “gel,” were only somewhat bolder.

City Social Salmon Filet

Also on the menu are some safe-as-gilts pasta dishes and grills; however, there is also a deconstructed rum baba with summer berries for the sybarites. You will have a blast visiting this spot. Trust me!

The Clove Club

Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old St., London EC1V 9LT, United Kingdom // +442077296496

Everything about the Clove Club shouts “look at me,” from the austere dining room and blue-tiled kitchen within Shoreditch’s Old Town Hall to the deliberately avant-garde cooking and tasting menu – it’s a nine-course masterwork of contemporary aspirations. 

The east London powerhouse is prepared to leap into the stratosphere now that it has two stars under its belt.

The Clove Club’s menu is a work of modern art. For example, when ordering from a nine-course no-choice menu, there’s no way to make a fashion faux pas.

The daily-changing menu is precisely described. It depicts a series of small plates, seasonal recipes that highlight British agriculture while remaining weirdly obscure. As a result, it is both approachable and obscure.

The “Radishes, sesame, and gochuchang” section of the menu only had gochuchang, a Korean chile paste, as a tiny pink hue to a mayonnaise dip.

Poached leeks were cut, and smoked mussels were inserted like peas in a split pod. A purée of spinach seeped from the side. The overall product was unsettling, but it will undoubtedly land on many Pinterest boards.

Food was made to be photographed and discussed rather than savored. As a result, the best dishes were usually the ones that weren’t trying too hard to impress. For example, a meal of Ruby Red beef, ramson, and potato had a substantial piece of slow-cooked beef that was soft and moist; the ramson (wild garlic) was hardly noticeable, but it helped tick the seasonal and “wild” boxes.

The Clove Club Beef

The nine meals were challenging, but the desserts may have been the highlight: blood orange segments dried like prunes and studded into a sheep’s milk mousse. Blood orange reappears as a “fruit leather” garnish alongside slivers of ewe’s milk cheese in the same meal.

But Clove Club is above parody, largely because it does what it does really well. Given that it’s one of the eateries that will come to define this year, take it with a pinch of artisanal salt.


3 Prince Edward Rd., London E9 5LX, the United Kingdom // +442089863922

The food served at this big, ruggedly attractive restaurant is careful and controlled, with a focus on seafood. So it is no surprise when you think about who is behind it all.

Cornish chef and proprietor Tom Brown received his training from the esteemed Nathan Outlaw (a Cornish seafood maestro). Wherever you sit, you’ll feel like you’re a part of the activity since this is quiet finesse in a vibrant, appealing setting.

In particular, the raw fish was terrific, like two oysters that have been pickled. I implore you to try one of them if you consider oysters to be essentially briny snails. A pool of pickle liquid heavily infused with dill oil was present around the unaware mollusk, bringing out its soft, squishy nature in stark perspective.

Then a dab of mild horseradish crème fraiche, tiny sliced celery cubes, and dill sprigs so small a fairy could wave them around were placed on each one. The liquid was a bright green color at its base, similar to the elixir Elphaba’s mother drinks in “Wicked.” Yes, it was quite magical.

Then came strips of silvery, meaty bream, the dazzling raw fish enhanced by tendrils of samphire, gobs of herby mayo, fragrant tomatoes, and a simple squeeze of lemon. But you can see thoughtfulness in the warmer stuff as well.

Cornerstone Raw Fish

Like a lovely slice of brill, this time in a deep pool of soothing chicken gravy that has been flavored with wine, chervil, lots of butter, and double cream. A sauce this outrageously decadent ought not to pair well with such a tiny piece of fish, but it did. One more thing: the millefeuille is excellent.

All in all, this is quiet finesse in a very lively, appealing setting, with rocking music and amiable young staff who, despite their casual clothing, understand how to pace a meal and what is in the food they are providing. So welcome to Cornerstone, the newest Michelin tourist attraction in east London.

Locanda Locatelli

8 Seymour St., London W1H 7JZ, United Kingdom // +442079359088

Giorgio Locatelli, one of London’s most well-known Italian chefs, is in charge of this elegant, well-groomed establishment. He allows the dining room’s chic decor to calm his wealthy patrons while his kitchen dishes out food that is deserving of both admiration and enjoyment. 

Everything shouts quality, but the best shout goes to the excellent hand-crafted pasta. In addition, wines provide a genuinely enlightening overview of Italy’s regions.

While there is dark wood flooring, the linen tables, fabric-covered walls, and brown leather seating effectively muffle any noise, resulting in more talk rather than cacophony. The best part is that it feels hospitable and approachable instead of exclusive.

When we inquired about how much to order, the kind staff reassured us, “There’s no tasting menu.” You can consume as much or as little as you like. If you wish, just have a plate of pasta.

The enormous bread basket and the wonderfully superb petits fours are both complimentary. Pasta entrées start at $21, and wine prices start at $35 a bottle. Of course, you have the option to spend much more, but the key is that you don’t have to.

Of course, you shouldn’t be here if you don’t truly enjoy pasta. The other items are passable; we had a samphire salad with breaded slices of calf’s foot that stands out in particular, but the pasta is the main event.

Don’t overlook the vegetable fagottini, pyramid-shaped packets of ricotta and borage (herbs), served with a walnut sauce and freshly grated Parmesan. The stuff of corny dreams, it is. This spot is delicious pasta heaven. Don’t miss it!


Evelyn’s Table

The Blue Posts, Cellar, 28 Rupert St., London W1D 6DJ, United Kingdom

Rupert Street, tucked away from Piccadilly Circus’ bustle, has accumulated a great collection of eateries on its shady cobblestones, and one of them has recently been awarded a Michelin star.

Luke Selby has been carving himself a name in the British culinary industry with a resume that includes Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Dabbous and Hide, and an appearance on Great British Menu in 2019.

Before going to Evelyn’s Table, we first had a drink at the pub on the ground floor. We then went to the third-floor wine bar, The Mulwray, to finish the blind-tasting menu. Here, the wines are obtained from biodynamic and sustainable vineyards.

Never undervalue a chef’s perseverance. Crispy shiso tempura in the shape of tacos cradle wild mussels and are served with a transparent tomato consommé and basil. It is known that wild mussels are surprisingly tricky to find in the UK.

Evelyn's Table Shiso Tempura

The Selby version of a duck pancake came next, a bao bun stuffed with grilled duck and topped with sesame seeds and cucumber slivers. The remainder of the duck was dry aged in a Himalayan salt chamber for eight days before being used.

For an additional $73 per person, meals can be accompanied by wines from an outstanding wine selection. I highly recommend stopping by this place to try something new because this tight-knit group gets along great together!

Core by Clare Smyth

92 Kensington Park Rd., London W11 2PN, the United Kingdom // +442039375086

Core is all about the total experience, from the best customer service to the carefully chosen wine tasting. The elegant decor, which is subtle but supremely opulent, perfectly mirrors the food.

The tasting menus, Core Seasons or Core Classics, are the greatest ways to experience a concentration on developing modern cuisine performed with flair. Each component has undergone meticulous refinement to create a breathtaking fusion of flavor and texture.

The dinner had a lovely presentation and tasted just as good. Four amuse bouches were served to begin, and the duck wing on a stick was really tasty.

Fantastic Isle of Mull scallops from the tasting menu was the first course. Then came a dish of charlotte potatoes, both of which had terrific sauces that you wanted to lick off the plate.

Core by Clare Smyth Scallops

The third course was a lovely piece of skate. One of the most intriguing dishes came next: a carrot that had absorbed the flavor of lamb and was served with some lamb. Grouse served as the main course. 

The best part was their dessert. Cherry sorbet erupted in the middle of a cherry Bakewell. The dessert with pears and verbena was one of the nicest things I’ve ever eaten; the verbena was quite intriguing. I wholeheartedly recommend this place!


9 Conduit St., London W1S 2XG, the United Kingdom // +442076594500

Sketch and its three Michelin star Lecture Room and Library are housed in a stylish cream-fronted Mayfair townhouse. The “house of joy,” as the Michelin Guide calls it, is open to diners. So take a seat and savor the extraordinary dining experience’s pure theatricality.

The interior will delight those whose tastes lean toward the colorful and extravagant, and each guest is seated in a cozy armchair rather than a dining chair. As for the food, it is perfectly composed and executed, as well as packed with flavor. 

The dishes we ordered were the porcini tart, beetroot carpaccio, roasted scallops, and mallard duck. Everything tasted good and was presented nicely. Although the cost was a touch high, the meals’ high caliber and inventiveness made up for it.

Sketch Beetroot Carpaccio

There is nowhere better to sample cooking with three Michelin stars in London if you appreciate innovation, generosity, and a dash of drama!

The River Café

Thames Wharf, Rainville Rd., London W6 9HA, United Kingdom // +442073864200

The River Café is arguably the best out of all the Мichelin Star restaurants In London. To provide food for the employees of her husband’s architecture firm, Ruthie Rogers launched the restaurant in Hammersmith in the late 1980s. Since then, the restaurant has amassed a devoted following of super fans who consider it to be among the best in the entire globe.

There is a lovely balcony, a pizza oven in the middle of the dining room that is shockingly pink, and a tried-and-true Italian menu that changes seasonally. For example, anticipate fresh pasta with asparagus and herbs in the spring or lamb with chickpeas and horseradish in the fall. The restaurant has retained its Michelin star for more than 20 years after receiving it in 1998.

The River Café continues to be a significant participant in the London restaurant scene despite having gained notoriety about three decades ago. If you can, try to get a table by the window or even outside on the terrace when it’s nice out because the location on the Thames is a vital component of the experience.

Amazingly, the menu is updated for every service, showing that The River Café is never content to sit on its laurels. Instead, genuine Italian cuisine is served with big servings and attentive service.

Make sure to get the mouthwatering pasta, then finish the meal with the sublime Chocolate Nemesis, which is always available!



Which restaurant in London has the most Michelin stars?

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

Alain Ducasse, perhaps one of the top chefs in the world, now holds the record for the chef with the most active Michelin stars. With three Michelin stars to its credit, his restaurant, Alain Ducasse in Hyde Park, demonstrates that hotel dining is still a firm favorite among Michelin star critics.

How many London restaurants have Michelin stars?

There are 66 Michelin-starred restaurants in London. 

The Michelin travel guides give stars as a symbol of distinction. It acknowledges a restaurant’s excellent cuisine and service. 

A restaurant may receive one, two, or three stars, corresponding to very good, extraordinary, or exquisite cuisine.

How many Michelin 3-star restaurants are there in London?

In London, there are five Michelin 3-star restaurants: Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Sketch (The Lecture Room & Library), and CORE by Clare Smyth and Hélène Darroze at The Connaught.

How to book a table?

If the usual booking avenues don’t work, remember that your credit cards may have free concierge benefits included that you can use and book a place with.

Summary Of The 15 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In London

Try at least one of the restaurants on this list for a well-deserved treat for yourself or a unique gift for someone else. The Мichelin star restaurants In London will definitely delight your palate and astound you with their ability!

So, the next time you visit London and want to enjoy some delicious meals, look no further. There are many options in the city, and you won’t be left wondering where to eat. 

After all, you still have plenty of time before your flight home to pay a visit or two! Just be careful not to stuff yourself too much!

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