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22 Best Mexican Restaurants In Houston TX

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Looking for the best, most delicious Mexican restaurants in Houston? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Houston is a bustling Texas metropolis with a lot to offer, and there is something for everyone regarding cuisine and attractions. ​​

The more you peel back the layers of the meals on Houston’s tables, the more you see the continual waves of immigration and how they have shaped the cuisine in Texas. So, it should be no surprise that Houston is quite popular with its variety of Mexican food and restaurants. 

If you are preparing for a trip to Houston or are a food enthusiast, keep reading for a selection of the best Mexican restaurants in Houston, Texas.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Houston

Top Mexican Restaurants In Houston, Texas 

I compiled this list of the best places to try Mexican food based on the quality of food and ingredients used, the service at the restaurant, and the atmosphere and setting.

You can’t go wrong by choosing any of these restaurants and I guarantee that they will make your stay in Houston all the more enjoyable!


1777 Walker St. Suite A // 713-400-3330

Xochi is a soulful, contemporary, and refined Oaxacan restaurant where the house-made moles and masas can be found in every dish. I sincerely enjoyed the rich flavors and the strong spices of “Barbacoa de Res de Zaachila” and the “Queso de Rancho.” However, if you feel more daring and adventurous, insects are also an option!

The food is quite diverse, and each meal inspires imaginative conversation and transports you to Oaxaca rather than, say, downtown Houston. The atmosphere of the restaurant and the service are also excellent. 

As for the drinks, mezcal or tequila are your best bets here. The Oaxacan ice creams for a dessert are also a must! If you ever find yourself in Houston, don’t miss out on this vibrant experience.

  • Special Diets: Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Options.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Latin.
Mexican Restaurants Houston: Ice Creams

Little Pappasito’s Cantina

2536 Richmond Avenue // 713-520-5066

This colorful, brick-walled cantina distinguished by painted garage doors that open into a covered patio will suit you and your company if you like it loud and fun. 

Fajitas are a step beyond, thanks to an innovative marinade that tenderizes a tough piece of skirt steak. The Beef Fajita Quesadillas and the Sweet Chile Quail have an incredibly memorable taste that leaves you craving them for days! While you’re there, feel free to try one of the bar’s cocktails; Pappasito’s Reserve Margarita is incredibly refreshing.

  • Special diets: Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Options.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Southwestern, Latin.
Mexican Restaurants Houston: Beef Fajita Quesadillas

Irma’s Southwest

1475 Texas Ave. // 713-247-9651

Irma’s Southwest Grill is a casual yet sophisticated restaurant where you can experience some of the most outstanding Mexican food north of the border. Irma’s Southwest is your downtown destination for a big lunch, a quick nibble before a baseball game, or a complete dinner. 

This restaurant is an excellent fit for you if you enjoy delicious chips and guacamole, shrimp tacos, and grilled meat. The delicious Shrimp, Bacon & Caramelized Onion Quesadillas, as well as the Southwest Salad, is a great way to spend your time here. The refreshing Margaritas, Mexican beer, and Wine will serve as a complement to your dish, so they are a must. 

  • Special diets: Vegetarian Options. 
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Southwestern.
Mexican Restaurants Houston: Chips And Guacamole

Velvet Taco

4819 Washington Avenue // 832-834-5908

Velvet Taco is an intriguing journey where taco greatness meets world inspiration. Velvet Taco achieves its aim of providing high-quality, affordable, gourmet tacos to Houston visitors. This place has increased in popularity over the years, and it’s simple to see why: the tacos speak for themselves.

Guests may experience fresh, gourmet tacos prepared with local ingredients and tastes such as Spicy Tikka Chicken, Korean Fried Rice, and Grilled Flank Steak, which I enjoyed immensely.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Tacos

 The wide selection of tacos, combined with the warm, crispy atmosphere and the welcoming service, makes dining at Velvet Taco a delightful experience.

  • Special Diets: Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free Options. 
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Southwestern, Contemporary.

Edgar’s Hermano

1700 Smith Street // 713-495-7854

Edgar’s Hermano brilliantly combines Houston’s native Tex-Mex cuisine with distinctive classic Southern fare, resulting in some of the city’s most imaginative and genuine downtown eating. 

The Quesadillas, Adobo Crusted Pig Wings, and Bourbon Glazed Chicken Wings are just a few of the many delicious foods on the menu, all prepared with fresh ingredients. As for the drinks, white or red wines complement every dish, while the delectable cocktails serve as a pleasant end to every meal.

  • Special diets: Vegetarian Friendly.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, American.
Mexican Restaurants Houston: Quesadillas

Lopez Mexican Restaurant

11606 S. Wilcrest Dr // 281-495-2436

This excellent restaurant is a diamond in the rough along the Southwest Freeway between West Houston and Sugar Land. A spacious dining space, finely crafted Spanish décor, and a floor layout that is both practical and useful. Staff members are experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous.

The traditional ambiance and clean setting of Lopez Mexican Restaurant, as well as its scrumptious food, are what make this restaurant a go-to place for many families in Houston. 

The meals have very distinct flavors, and the quality of the ingredients takes every dish to another level. All the soups are a great option (Ruben’s Tortilla soup was my personal favorite), especially if you’re visiting on a cold winter day.

  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Friendly.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Southwestern.
Mexican Restaurants Houston: Tortilla Soup

Lupe Tortilla

2414 Southwest Freeway // 713-522-4420

Established in 1983, this Mexican treasure serves sizzling and delicious fajitas, hand-made tortillas, and top-of-the-scale margaritas in a wonderfully warm setting that will make you feel just at home! From quick brunches, while you are on the go-to dinners and desserts, this place has it all, and you won’t be disappointed.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Fajitas

To finish my meal, I was profoundly fond of the Original Chicken Lupe and the Fuerrtacino. With one of the widest selections of meals I have ever seen, there is something for everyone on the menu.

  • Special Diets: Vegetarian Options.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Southwestern, Latin.

Habanera & the Guero

9902 Gulf Fwy. // 832-547-1240

If you are a fan of fresh fruits, refreshing Margaritas, and a fun and casual atmosphere, then this place is for you! 

The warm and friendly atmosphere of Habanera & The Guero is precisely what makes guests feel at ease and enjoy themselves. The success of this place would be impossible without the courteous and friendly staff. Excellent service is unquestionably considered a top priority at this restaurant.

The Fresh Mango Margarita was over the top, and the pork belly tacos were sublime. I would highly recommend the Chicken/Cheese Enchiladas as well. Overall, everything was delicious.

  • Special Diets: Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Options.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Southwestern.
Mexican Restaurants Houston: Cheese Enchiladas

Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen

10115 Louetta Rd. Suite 400 // 281-205-1240

This Mexican eatery, located on Louetta Rd., only a few miles east of Hwy 249 – the Tomball Parkway, is in a league of its own. As you approach the restaurant, the stunning artwork and design on the walls are immediately captured by your eye. The tostones, seasonal fruit ceviche, and the Fideo Seco are all must-haves. The rich flavors, fresh atmosphere, and fabulous Margaritas make Ambriza the perfect place to avoid your everyday monotony. 

  • Special Diets: Vegan, Vegetarian. and Gluten-Free Options.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Latin.
Mexican Restaurants Houston: Tostones


1600 Westheimer Rd. // 713-524-7744

Hugo’s provides the vibrant and earthy tastes of Mexico across the border. The menu includes traditional meals from Mexico’s numerous regions, all created from scratch in the Mexican style, such as various cheeses, chocolate, and tortillas.

The restaurant is also well-known for its award-winning wine program, cocktail menu, and tequila selection, so a drink, such as Hugo’s Sangria, along with your dish is an absolute necessity. Hugo’s offers a large variety of well-prepared dishes, as well as a dynamic and energetic environment in an artistic setting, making eating at Hugo’s an unforgettable experience.

  • Special diets: Vegan, Vegetarian. and Gluten-Free Options.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Latin, Contemporary.


2200 Post Oak Blvd. // 713-622-9996

The interior design immediately grabs your attention from the moment you step inside Caracol Restaurant. A unique combination of rustic and industrial, modern and traditional, all mixed with a natural color palette that references aquatic life and the gorgeous beaches of Mexico’s coastlines.

The emblems of ancient Mexican caves, which are an homage to Mexico’s rich history, are unlike anything I have seen in a restaurant. The flavor of each dish is very distinctive and inventive, such as the Ceviche De Caracol and the Ensalada De Pollo. However, you can’t go wrong with any meal you choose.

  • Special diets: Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Options.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Latin, Seafood.
Mexican Restaurants Houston: Ensalada De Pollo


2704 Navigation Blvd. // 713-228-1175

The charming setting of Ninfa’s and the taste of the dishes, which feel like home-cooked family meals, is a definite must-have while in Houston. 

The Mushroom Quesadillas combined with Al Pastor Taco makes for such an ingenious and creative mix of flavors that will leave you craving the meals for days. You can’t go wrong by trying any of Ninfa’s original Mixtas, either. Don’t forget to try the freshly made Aguas Frescas along with your meal. 

  • Special Diets: Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free Options.
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Southwestern.
Mexican Restaurants Houston: Al Pastor Taco

Taco Palenque

3000 Woodridge Dr, Houston, TX 77087 \\ +17136411309

Juan Francisco Ochoa wanted to ship his love and passion for Mexican cuisine from the streets of Sinaloa, Mexico, to the United States. While bringing El Pollo Loco to the streets of Laredo was a success, he was searching for an opportunity to bring it to many more areas of Texas and beyond. That is why in 1997 Don Pancho opened the Palenque locations throughout North Texas. Every location presents authentic Mexican cuisine in a welcoming environment.

Ever since its opening in 2000, Don Pancho’s has become the premier Mexican restaurant in the South Jersey area. Combining tradition with new creations, this family restaurant relies on quality and customer satisfaction to keep patrons coming back again and again.

Caracol Restaurant

2200 Post Oak Blvd #160, Houston, TX 77056 \\ +17136229996

Caracol, an award-winning restaurant established in the culinary team of Chef Hugo Ortega and Restaurateur Tracy Vaught, has earned a reputation as one of the best seafood restaurants in Playa del Carmen. Inspired by the area’s beautiful coast and rich tradition, this restaurant offers an array of seafood dishes and ceviches created by Chef Hugo Ortega.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Ceviche

The Caracol is the latest venture from Hugo Ortega and chef extraordinaire, Jose Luis Orozco. Best known as the creative mastermind behind acclaimed restaurant Hugo’s, Chef Orozco wanted to make something that reflected his passion for great food at reasonable prices. He wanted a restaurant that had something different, something fresh and authentic in both design and cuisine. He envisioned something special where food and life would come together in an enchanting setting.


404 Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007 // +17134854047

Polanquito is a family-owned restaurant in the Rice Military area of Houston. Polanquito’s mission is to bring a Little Piece of Mexico to the great people of Houston. If you have never been to Mexico, Polanquito is a place where you can experience authentic Mexican food without having to leave Houston. And, if you have been to Mexico or are a native Mexican, Polanquito will bring you home. 

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Mexican Dish

Polanquito is named after Polanco, a trendy neighborhood in Mexico city filled with upscale gastronomy. In Spanish, “ito” means little, therefore Polanquito means “little Polanco”. As a small business owner, Chef Diego Navarro knows how important it is to bring culture and quality to Houston. Through Polanquito, you’ll get fresh and innovative cuisine made from the best ingredients.


1600 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77006 // +17135247744

“Authentic Mexican cooking is a world-class cuisine that has remained virtually unchanged by the outside world.” Says Executive Chef Hugo Ortega of his native cuisine. “The food is as light and fresh as a seafood cocktail prepared by fishermen on the beach; as deep and complex as the moles of Oaxaca made with an astounding number of ingredients, and as earthy as the simplest handmade corn tortilla.”

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Seafood Cocktail

The menu features traditional dishes from the many regions of Mexico, all made from scratch in Mexican tradition, including various cheeses, moles, tortillas, and chocolate.

The restaurant is also known for its stellar award-winning wine program, cocktail list, and tequila menu. It is located in San Francisco’s lively Mission District.

Lupe Tortilla

2414 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77098 // +17135224420

Lupe tortillas celebrate the traditions of Mexico and feature authentic Hispanic cuisine. The restaurant originally opened in Houston but has since expanded to seven other locations around the country. Known for its beef fajitas, tableside guacamole, and margaritas, Lupe tortillas are a favorite among Houston locals.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Beef Fajitas

Lupe Tortilla was founded by Judson and Peter Holt’s parents—Stan and Audrey Holt—in the Houston area. In 1983, the couple opened their first restaurant in the Houston area, hitting their immediate target of a third location within their first year. They followed that success with a fourth Tex-Mex restaurant. The couple has since opened restaurants not only throughout Texas but also in San Antonio and Austin as well as one in Dallas’ Love Field area.


214 Fairview St Suite #1, Houston, TX 77006 \\ +17139420000

Cuchara, an authentic Mexico City bistro, opened its doors with an above and beyond Mexican independence party on September 15, 2012. Located at the corner of Fairview and Taft in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood of Houston, Cuchara offers authentic Mexican street food dishes in a 1940s style cantina with an intimate dining space and a friendly casual vibe.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Mexican Street Food

Ana Beaven and Charlie McDaniel were the ones who conceived the restaurant, and it was designed by Jim Herd and his team of Collaborative Projects. The lively murals by Cecilia Beaven depict a chaotic yet fantastical maze of cars and roads. People in different dimensions look down on the hustle and bustle at the bar made of cast iron pots and pans. This whimsical portrait by Chris Frankel was inspired by the Mexican marketplace at night.

Mi Sombrero

 3401 N Shepherd Dr #4, Houston, TX 77018 \\ +17138627244

Mi Sombrero Mexican Restaurant serves up more than just tacos and enchiladas. They’ve also got a breakfast buffet, the best in the city of Houston. And it’s open all year round. Plus, the restaurant takes care of its customers with everything from childcare during your next visit to free soft serve cinnamon-vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Their menu features old Mexican favorites like Carne Guisada, Tacos al Carbón, Menudo, Carnitas Rancheras, and Queso Flameado. Our Tex-Mex classic combination plates have tacos, tostadas, and enchiladas with Spanish rice and refried beans.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Carne Guisada

Don Carlos

416 76th St, Houston, TX 77012 \\ +17139231906

The restaurant was originally a family-owned eatery called Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. In May 1985, the Stathatos family became co-owners of the business with Gerry and Christos, who had worked there for several years. By January 1986 the four Stathatos brothers were the sole owners of the restaurant, which was rechristened Don Carlos Mexican Buffet and Cantina.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Huevos Rancheros

The Big Star Restaurant at this location has been serving the local community for more than 30 years. Their business was so successful, that in 1991, they added 1,000 square feet of the dining area, then increased seating capacity to 170, while adding 1,500 square feet for a larger kitchen. They also added parking across the street from the restaurant to accommodate the additional business.

Little Pappasito’s Cantina

 2536 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098 \\ +17135205066

Pappas restaurants were created by the family and come straight from their hearts. The warm, inviting atmosphere and family-focused attitude found in every Pappas restaurant started well before the Pappas brothers opened their first restaurant in 1976. It all began with the legendary grandfather, H.D. Pappas.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Baja Fish Tacos

H.D. Pappas left Greece in 1897 and went to America with a purpose to fulfill his dreams. He brought with him a passion for service and quality, which became the mark of his success when he opened restaurants around Tennesse, Arkansas, and Texas.

El Tiempo Cantina

2814 Navigation Blvd, Houston, TX 77003 \\ +17132226800

The El Tiempo Cantina is a small business specializing in authentic Tex-Mex cuisine, with a die-hard commitment to using the finest ingredients and traditional techniques. All of the recipes are authentically made by the El Tiempo team, who have been cooking Tex Mex for over 30 years. From scratch salsa and guacamole to fresh pico de gallo, and authentic chile con queso, taste the difference when you dine on El Tiempo food.

The legacy of Mama Ninfa Laurenzo lives on throughout  Houston, at all the El Tiempo chain restaurants, which are now run by her grandson Domenic Laurenzo. The El Tiempo restaurants boast big, beautiful dining rooms that make every meal seem that much more special. The restaurant has perfected its fajita recipe over the last 55 years, but the sizzling comals can come with a lot more than just beef: try the jalapeño sausage, mesquite-grilled quail, bacon-wrapped shrimp, or even a whole lobster tail as add-ons.

Mexican Restaurants Houston: Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed reading about Houston’s best Mexican restaurants. If you ever find yourself there, having a meal in any of these restaurants is guaranteed to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable.

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Which of these Houston Mexican restaurants will you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.