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Where to Find the Best Sushi in Temecula, CA | 8 Must-Try Places

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What is life without these three important ingredients – air, water, and love?

What is sushi without raw fish, a nori sheet, and sushi rice? The answer is simple. It would not be sushi, the most popular Japanese food.

The most often asked question is whether sushi is raw fish.

Sushi is traditionally made with rice vinegar, seaweed wraps, vegetables, raw seafood, and, occasionally, cooked seafood.

It is a specific meal, and it is necessary to be prepared professionally by talented people who know how to combine the ingredients and give you the enjoyment you deserve. This is the reason why I am so picky when it comes to its honor, Sushi.

But there is no need to worry. If you are planning a trip to Temecula, a lovely city in southwestern Riverside County, California, United States, I prepared a list of the best sushi places in Temecula, CA. 

My Top Sushi Places in Temecula, CA. 

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating

Sushi Boat

Sushi paper


Sushi Camp 

Sushi Camp’s albacore

The Sushi Sushi Shadowridge roll 4/5

The Best Sushi in Temecula, CA

Hana Sushi Temecula

 27576 Ynez Rd. H-15, Temecula, CA 92591, United States // +1 951-699-8589

Hana Sushi restaurant is a pleasant restaurant located in Temecula. The day I decided to have lunch there, I had cravings for other kinds of food, but when we walked into Hana Sushi and smelled the odor of fresh fish, I could wait for a big portion of sushi, and that is what I got.

Hana Sushi is a lovely and clean restaurant with fresh ingredients professionally prepared. We ordered fresh oysters and Malibu. I personally liked the combination of salty, tangy, and spicy. 

Sushi in Temecula: Hana Sushi Temecula Fresh Oysters

It was a great food experience. The service was great, and the ambiance was welcoming and lovely. I recommend the Baja roll, which was really delicious. This place has the best rolls; they are large and freshly prepared. 

The highlight of the lunch was the crazy boy roll together with salmon kama. If you are a fan of tuna, I recommend having bluefin tuna, which is really delicious.

We will definitely go back to this top Temecula sushi restaurant when we are in the area.

Ryu Sushi 

 27300 Jefferson Avenue Suite A, Temecula, California 92590 United States 951-296-5335 

There are many reasons why I recommend this place, but let me say that the White House roll is one of the biggest reasons. This specialty is a baked California roll with cream cheese and white fish on top. It was very, very tasty and freshly cooked.

Ryu Sushi offers high-quality standards when it comes to sustainably sourced seafood.  Here, you can eat sushi without having second thoughts about the quality of the ingredients. 

We recommend ordering salmon, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, and eel nigiri pieces as dishes. We managed to sample all of them, and we really enjoyed every bite. 

Ryu Sushi  Salmon

At Ryu Sushi, you will find fresh food, delicious rolls, and my favorite, sexy salmon. I love seared seafood.

The place is lovely, with sophisticated decor and attentive servers. 

I hope you have a nice time with your Temecula sushi journey and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed it. 


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YouandI Sushi

27371 Jefferson Ave., Temecula, CA 92590, United States // +19517191083

In Youandi Sushi, you will find some of the best sushis in Temecula. This restaurant is an authentic Japanese restaurant where you will find typical Japanese dishes. 

Typical sushi rolls were the start of our exceptional lunch, something that is mandatory to try when you are visiting a sushi place. 

As a hint, it is good to know that soup, salad, and ice cream are included with any sushi you get. 

We ordered Chris‘ special rolls and sushi combo. They were really delicious and uniquely prepared with unusual recipes you will find only here. 

YouandI Sushi Sushi Combo

We continued with spicy tuna, yellowtail, salmon, a couple more rolls, and some daily specials. 

The servers we got were amazingly nice, conversational, and ready to help us with our food choice. 

We highly recommend this nicely designed Temecula sushi restaurant, with available parking spots and a fantastic drunken tiger.

Fire-Fish Sushi & More

27507 Ynez Rd., Temecula, CA 92591, United States // +19516999689

There are plenty of options for all food lovers in town. If you are a fan of Asian and Japanese food in Temecula, or even an expert, Fire-Fish Sushi & More is the right place, where you will have no space for complaints. 

This restaurant has an extensive menu and many sushi options. 

We came here hungry, without expectations, especially because it is a relatively landlocked area. But this place exceeded our expectations.

We could not believe how amazing the food was.  

I recommend Japanese nachos. We had several rolls, a benito box, and some appetizers

Our recommended dishes are Miso soup, sushi, the refreshing roll, and the California roll.

Japanese Cuisine – Miso Soup with Seaweed, Mushrooms and Tofu Cheese

Firefish and chill fish are my absolute favorites. 

I would eat any of these again. Everything was so fresh and delicious, and the service was top-notch. You will have an outstanding experience here. 

Sushi Boat

40820 Winchester Rd. #1020, Temecula, CA 92591, United States // +19517192991

In Sushi Boat, you will find a traditional Japanese ambiance, excellent food, and great customer service. This place delivered the tradition of eating sushi and how to eat sushi not only with your mouth but with your heart and soul, too.

This place was our choice mostly because of the mall location. We came here for dinner, and we really had a relaxing and enjoyable time. It was a little tight when it came to tables, but we managed to gather all the delicious dishes we ordered.

The food we had really made us believe that there is no other food as good as sushi. 

Sushi Boat Sushi

Choices included pepper sushi, with jalapeno pepper in a crunchy batter filled with a mix of cream and spicy tuna. Try the super tasty agedashi tofu, and of course, the spicy tuna temaizushi

We finished this great food experience with a fabulous ice cream. All agreed; we have found another exceptional sushi restaurant in Temecula!

Sushi Camp

32240 Temecula Pkwy. #104, Temecula, CA 92592, United States // +19513021330

Sushi Camp is a Temecula sushi restaurant with expertise in preparing fresh Japanese food and homemade rolls. I love the atmosphere and servers that were very kind and made you feel important.  

At Sushi Camp, we tried different dishes, such as soups and combinations of fish and rice. We tried different rolls, and the baked Diana roll was fantastic; the perfect way for sauce to be rolled. All the rolls are great. 

We had sushi, sashimi, and kama, and all I can say is congratulations to the talent for being real artists in creating tasty dishes with fresh fish. 

Sushi Camp Sashimi

The crunch rolls and pork gyoza are delicious too, and are commonly ordered dishes here. The staff is very nice, ready to talk to you and give advice about the food that is served.

But according to my tastes, the emphasis should be put on Sushi Camp’s albacore. It was buttery and so tasty!

This is a very lovely place, very comfortable with great servers, kind and polite. The food is amazing based on quality ingredients. Overall, fresh, quality eats in a comfortable and very clean environment. 

This place is one of the best sushi places in Temecula. 

The Sushi Sushi

40573 Margarita Rd. Suite E, Temecula, CA 92591, United States // +19512960006

A new, relaxing place in warm and flourishing Temecula. We came here for lunch on Saturday, and while it was somewhat crowded, but not too crowded to be disturbed. 

We ordered a shadowridge roll, and it was very yummy. The fish was salty and fresh. I especially liked the salmon and yellowtail nigiri. My friends loved the Cali roll and fried tempura

The Sushi Sushi Cali Roll

We usually order different dishes because we don’t like to miss any of the interesting dishes of Japanese cuisine. And this place has a lot to offer. 

This place has more of a bar vibe instead of a restaurant vibe, but the food is really something that will satisfy your needs for great sushi in Temecula. 

We are people that love consuming and exploring food. The day turned into the night, so we ordered a dinner box with beef teriyaki. The beef was made just right, tender, and with a good flavor. I loved it. 

In this place, you will find fish with soft, perfect texture and taste. The owners truly care about your visit, very welcoming.

Here everything is rolled with love.  

Love Boat Sushi

26480 Ynez Rd., Temecula, CA 92591, United States // +19512969808

My friend suggested this place as one of the best sushi places in Temecula. 

He was right; this place has tasty sushi and outstanding service. 

Our adventure in Love Boat Sushi started with salmon house rolls and edamame. We got several free appetizers. 

We ordered crunchy scallop rolls and Hawaii rolls (raw tuna and crab roll), and we really liked them. The California roll was good too. We also ordered a miso soup that was delicious. 

Love Boat Sushi California Roll
Japanese food – california roll served with wasabi and ginger. White background

For dessert, we had fried ice cream. It was the perfect ending to an amazing Japenese meal!

I would definitely come back here and recommend it to friends.

You will experience speedy, beautifully plated, fresh, and unique-tasting rolls. At our recommendation, they additionally added the red dragon and the Winchester.


What kind of sushi in Temecula can I expect?

You can expect to find a creative range of traditional Japanese dishes and rolls in different versions. In sushi restaurants in Temecula, you will experience homemade dishes, fresh and professionally prepared. 

Do these restaurants offer takeout or delivery options?

Not many restaurants offer takeout and delivery options, although some of them offer these options. The concept of experiencing the food is eating freshly served food with manners in a sushi-oriented ambiance. 

Conclusion of the restaurants that offer sushi in Temecula. 

If you’re a sushi lover and a fan of Japanese cuisine, Temecula is definitely the place for you. Come and explore the flavors of sushi in Temecula! You will find the classic Philadelphia roll of salmon, avocado, and cream cheese or the king crab roll with king crab and mayonnaise. The Boston roll contains shrimp, avocado, and cucumber, or experience the spicy tuna roll, tuna and spicy mayo; delicious. Last but not least, taste the classic California roll with imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber.So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience the culture of sushi in Temecula.

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