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7 Outstanding Mexican Restaurants In Hilton Head

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Hilton Head Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. It’s a picture-perfect vacation spot with all you need for a fun-filled getaway.

But the island is more than just a spectacular coastline and low country cusine; it also has some fantastic Mexican restaurants that you should visit at least once while you’re here, especially if you enjoy delicious and authentic Mexican food.

Since there are so many excellent Mexican restaurants in Hilton Head, it was difficult to choose my favorites.

However, these amazing eateries are among the best Mexican restaurants in Hilton Head and deserving of top honors for the caliber of their fare, dedication to excellence, exceptional service, and ambiance. Many of them also have fascinating pasts.

The 7 Best Mexican Restaurants In Hilton Head

Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant Hilton Head

130 Arrow Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States // +18433423409

Mi Tierra Restaurant in Hilton Head is an authentic Mexican restaurant that serves classic Mexican dishes in a vibrant cantina ambiance with Mexican folk art on the walls.

Signature foods on the menu include tacos, empanadas, enchiladas, and quesadillas.

We adored the cuisine and the genuine ambiance! We went twice during our trip to Hilton Head because we loved the meal and their excellent margaritas.

Because it is not situated in the highly crowded shopping malls closest to Sea Pines, the restaurant is a little off the usual road. But it is pretty simple to locate.

The Rib Eye Fajitas are undoubtedly the greatest restaurant fajitas we have ever consumed! The steak was a real ribeye, thickly sliced, and presented on a sizzling tray with the usual peppers, onions, and tomatoes. 

Mexican Restaurants In Hilton Head: Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant Hilton Head Rib Eye Fajitas

Our server was friendly and efficient and made brief visits to check on us and ensure our margaritas were perfect.

He even mentioned that he had visited other Mexican restaurants to make comparisons and that the chefs there were unquestionably different.

The rice was freshly made, fluffy, and perfectly cooked. Actual beans were evident and could have been served in their cup or dish; they weren’t utterly mashed like you usually see in other places. 

The guacamole was fresh and thick, and everything else was delicious! I heartily recommend this location for great Mexican food in Hilton Head!

Blue Laguna Mexican Grill & Cantina

841 William Hilton Pkwy. Suite L, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States // +18436826222

If you’re looking for tasty, locally sourced food and a welcoming ambiance to enjoy with your family, head to Blue Laguna Mexican Grill & Cantina.

With one of the most extensive menus in the region, it offers some of the best Mexican dishes Hilton Head has to offer.

The Mexican Grill and Cantina at Blue Laguna is excellent. The restaurant is easy to find on the island and has plenty of parking spots.

When we got in, the bartender greeted us immediately and sat us in a spotless booth. The decoration is airy, bright, and colorful without being overdone.

Our table received quick and kind service. First, we placed two margarita orders. Then, because the Margaritas were so good, we ordered two more to go with our excellent enchiladas and chili relleno meal.

The entrees were both hot and flavorful. My chile rellenos were flavorful, thanks to the unique chorizo sauce topping. 

Blue Laguna Mexican Grill & Cantina Chile Relleno

Oh, and there was just enough heat in the chips and dip. We had a wonderful evening, and I will most definitely be returning. I also recommend that you do.

Holy Tequila Mexican Kitchen

33 Office Park Rd. #228, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States // +18436818226

Have you ever gone to Mexico? Here’s what I’ll tell you; it’s an adventure. The Hilton Head Island restaurant Holy Tequila elevates Mexican cuisine to a new level.

They have a sizable menu that features some of their best dishes and a wide variety of margaritas. It’s a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

If you find yourself at Hilton Head and are looking for something different, Holy Tequila is worth a try!

We selected the lunch deal of two tacos, a side, a drink, and the triple starter. Everything was wonderful to the fullest!

Holy Tequila Mexican Kitchen Tacos

This trendy spot was a pleasant surprise because it was nestled away off the main drag close to a grocery shop. Highly informed and entertaining staff. A big tequila and beverage menu.

My friend enjoyed his old-fashioned tequila. In addition, there was a good selection of classic food included on the menu. 

Even just their complimentary basic salsa with the chips was excellent. I even asked whether it was for sale!

Our meal was top-notch. All of our requests, inquiries, and requests for suggestions were attended to by our server. It was good to eat the street corn. 

A flamenco guitarist played the ideal music. Although there is indoor seating, we chose to sit outside. Simply a pleasant break from the typical beach/resort town cuisine. For a taste of Mexico in Hilton Head, we strongly recommend this spot!

Amigos Cafe y Cantina

Pope Ave., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States // +18437858226

Amigos Cafe y Cantina is a fantastic find amongst the Mexican restaurants in Hilton Head, South Carolina. This restaurant delivers exquisite Mexican cuisine from Baja, Mexico’s gulf region.

Their meal is served by polite, accommodating staff in a spotless, cozy setting, freshly made every day with the best ingredients.

We were informed this restaurant was great for authentic Mexican food after a day at the beach!

We began by enjoying the chips, salsa, and queso dip.

There was nothing I didn’t like, even the salsa bar. The queso was consistently excellent, perfect, and spicy. The green salsa was fantastic and had terrific taste!

It was unique and ideal; my friend got the Nachos with Chicken, and I had the Killer Burrito (Carnitas). Each component made the piece pop! What an excellent location. Wow! The portions were large. Their excellent margaritas also enhanced this delicious lunch.

Amigos Cafe y Cantina Nachos with Chicken

The restaurant was spotless and had indoor and outdoor seating, and the waitresses and prep chefs were always busy. Strongly advised, and what a gem off the beaten way.

San Miguel’s Mexican

9 Harbourside Ln., Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States // +18438424555

One of Hilton Head’s most authentic Mexican eateries is San Miguel’s Mexican. Their award-winning sauces and salsas enhance their fresh, handcrafted food.

You feel the welcoming atmosphere when you enter San Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant. The atmosphere is warm and pleasant as light pours in from the high ceilings.

You’ll keep returning to this restaurant’s great Mexican cuisine and outdoor patio weekly!

Though it was a little difficult for us to locate, the location is actually very convenient once you do!

The evening we ate here, the weather was great, so we ate outdoors under a covered area, enjoying the live music and boats in the port. Their free salsa was amazing!

Everything we ate was amazing.  I got a dish with small beef chimichangas, tacos, cheese enchiladas, rice, and beans. And, like with many Mexican restaurants in Hilton Head, there was far too much food.

San Miguel's Tacos

They provided quick and efficient service. I appreciated that they offered us extremely large glasses for our beverages, so we didn’t have to wait for refills if the server was really busy. It’s a fantastic spot; give it a try!

Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill

51 New Orleans Rd. #4, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States // +18437854788

Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill is a family-owned restaurant that serves fresh Mexican food and provides excellent customer service in a clean and welcoming environment.

The Jalisco region of Mexico significantly influences their menu since they make everything from scratch using the best ingredients.

A lovely dining experience, from the salsa bar and the various options of authentic Mexican food to the pleasant young woman who patiently answered our questions from behind the counter.

I’m sure the restaurant can get crowded during regular dining hours of lunch and supper since it’s tucked in the backside of a building. 

But, except for a few families who came in after school, the restaurant was to ourselves when we had lunch in the middle of the day.

My friend thoroughly enjoyed the taco salad’s ingredients and the plentiful volume of guacamole that was provided. It contained grilled chicken.

Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill Taco Salad

I ate the chimichanga with the steak and walked out feeling full. The establishment’s family takes great delight in their food, and the location is exceptionally clean. A must-try amongst the Mexican restaurants in Hilton Head.

Java Burrito

1000 William Hilton Pkwy. Suite J6, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States // +18438425282

Only Java Burrito Co. combines a coffee shop and a Mexican restaurant in Hilton Head. This restaurant has gained a devoted following since its opening in 2013 because of its distinctive morning burrito bar.

These burritos, which come with your choice of eggs, potatoes, chicken, beef, pork, local fish, bacon, queso, and much more, are a need on any vacation. Special coffee drinks are also made with organic milk and locally roasted beans. Want some more reasons why it’s the most unique eatery amongst the Mexican restaurants in Hilton Head?

The burrito and coffee bar was a wonderful, really innovative concept. On that particular day, I requested a burrito bowl loaded with freshly caught Mahi Mahi from the area.

I also ordered an iced coffee with oat milk and creme brûlée. I bought a cap because their clothing lines were interesting. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere, excellent food, and superb coffee! Most definitely worth a shot!

Java Burrito Creme Brûlée

Final Thoughts for the Best Mexican Restaurants in Hilton Head

Sadly, numerous restaurants on Hilton Head falsely advertise as Mexican. In fact, I’ve visited a few locations where the food hardly qualifies as Mexican.

These restaurants above not only give genuine Mexican flavors, but they also add their own unique flair without departing from tradition.

The nice aspect is that each one provides a unique offering. So they’re all sure to satisfy whether you desire a romantic date night or a pleasant supper out with friends!

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