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5 Outstanding Italian Restaurants in Worcester MA

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Its location in the state’s center has earned Worcester the nickname “Heart of Massachusetts.” The city is also home to various intriguing and distinctive sites, landmarks, and restaurants.

You’d assume that being New England’s second-largest city, Worcester would offer a plethora of eating options, and you’d be on point.

Italian Restaurants in Worcester MA: Worcester

But, how do you pare down the Italian restaurant options in this metropolis in the heart of Massachusetts? Some places make it challenging to wrap all their excellent dining options, but I’ve put together the city’s best Italian culinary offerings.

5 Outstanding Italian Restaurants in Worcester MA

Via Italian Table

89 Shrewsbury St., Worcester, MA 01604, United States // +15087544842

Via Italian Table is a relaxed eatery amongst the Italian restaurants in Worcester MA that serves distinctly Italian and American dishes. It is the ideal location for getting together with friends, coworkers, or family for a quiet evening.

Via Italian Table offers a traditional Italian dining experience with its exposed brick walls and open kitchen. In a chic and romantic environment, they serve traditional Italian cuisine.

They employ premium products to prepare various dishes, from traditional pasta varieties to original new ideas. This is Worcester’s best Italian location for a beautiful dinner in a lovely setting.

The lunch was enhanced by the attentiveness and friendliness of our two servers. I’ve been cautious to stop at Via in the past since, for someone who likes to choose a more simple pasta meal, it can appear pricey for cheap food, but I was wrong, as it turns out.

The cost ($19 for any pasta/sauce combo plus a side salad to start) is modest and well worth it. Actually, it’s the best food for a fairly standard price anywhere else on Shrewsbury Street, in Worcester, or anywhere.

Via Italian Table Pasta

The starter bread is amazing and tastes fantastic with some olive oil. The side garden salad is simple but tasty. The hardest part of my meal was narrowing it down to a pasta and sauce combination, and the plate was promptly cleared.

The “Tuscany vs. California” red wine flight from the wine sampling tree was a nice pick for affordability and a taste experience. I finished with a fantastic espresso martini and birthday brownie sundae. Not your typical restaurant dessert, but this one was quite tasty. Had a good experience overall.

Mare E Monti

19 Wall St., Worcester, MA 01604, United States // +15087671800

This is one of the best Italian restaurants in Worcester MA, in my opinion.

They are in a fantastic location, a little distance from the busiest areas. Looking for the best Italian cuisine in Worcester? Pull up, enter, and take a look at yourself. The service is kind and accommodating, and the cuisine is excellent.

We began with the Arancini de Riso, fried risotto balls stuffed with ham, cheese, and peas. It was a good introduction because I had never tried these before.

Mare E Monti Arancini de Riso

The Gamberi Alla Vodka, which I ordered, came with homemade pappardelle, sautéed shrimp, crushed black pepper, baby spinach, and roasted garlic, and was fantastic. It was very difficult to stop eating the sauce because it was so wonderful and creamy. It had numerous wonderfully cooked sautéed giant shrimp.

The Pollo Giuseppe, which my companion had, was also excellent. It consisted of sautéed chicken breast stacked with prosciutto di parma, eggplant, fresh mozzarella cheese, and Pomodoro sauce.

The restaurant had an old-school style, but it was beautiful, and the food was served promptly and sizzling hot. This family takes pride in both the live performances and the meals they provide.

I ordered a cappuccino with a Jameson shot to end the evening. The waiter deserves praise for gently suggesting it as a side dish rather than attempting to cram it into the little cup. Mare e Monti was a great choice for our memorable meal in Worcester, and I hope you agree!

Chiodas Trattoria

631 Franklin St., Worcester, MA 01604, United States // +15084596035

You wouldn’t expect to find Chioda’s Trattoria there.

Instead, you’ll find it tucked away from Shrewsbury Street in a modest rectangular structure with sparse decor and a single sign bearing the name of the eatery.

This restaurant has a largely basic façade, but the interior is warm, pleasant, and inviting. It is nicely furnished with paintings and trinkets, and quiet music is playing in the background that is just loud enough to be heard but not so loud that it disrupts conversations. That’s what makes it one of the most unique eatery amongst the Italian restaurants in Worcester MA.

Our waitress was attentive and warm, and the service was excellent. The best parts were the bread and oil. Numerous freshly baked loaves of bread were delivered to us. The size of the house salad was ideal.

Everything was terrific, including the chicken fra diavolo with pesto and the grilled fish. Because each item is cooked to order, a 30-minute delay will occur before the meals are prepared. It is feasible (and simple) to make a lot of substitutions or additions because everything is prepared upon request. 

From the outside, this doesn’t appear to be much, but it is undoubtedly a hidden gem. a fantastic home-cooked lunch in a welcoming setting.

Excellent reds and whites are available on the wine list as well. We had homemade cannolis, chocolate creme brulee, and ordinary creme brulee for dessert.

Chiodas Trattoria Homemade Cannolis

Russo Italian Restaurant

65 Water St., Worcester, MA 01604, United States // +17742431377

It is extremely uncommon to receive first-rate service combined with top-notch cuisine, but that is exactly what we experienced at Russo, a gem amongst the Italian restaurants in Worcester MA.

The setting is upscale, maybe the best for fine Italian dining in Worcester. After entering through the front entrance, you descend a few stairs to encounter an entirely different environment. It is embracing and hospitable, cozy and romantic. Although we were situated much to the right, there appears to be a bar area off to the left.

We are glad we listened to our server when she suggested the mussels. They were covered in a sumptuous, colorful soup made of white wine, garlic, and mussels, which complemented the sweet mussels. Even though they were present, the appetizer’s many flavors blended well together.

Since it was our first time, we ordered the classics. Both the chicken parmigiana and the lasagna were excellent. Russo’s red sauce is the ideal accompaniment to their delicious baked bread since it is just the right amount of savory, sweet, and acidic without being overpowering.

Russo Italian Restaurant Chicken Parmigana

Our visit was pretty satisfying because it had the warmth and coziness of an old-school Italian eatery. You could enjoy expertly cooked, elevated food in a distinctive setting.


92 Shrewsbury St., Worcester, MA 01604, United States // +15087965915

The family-run restaurant Nuovo serves a wide variety of Italian dishes with a Mediterranean flair. Their goal has been to offer you the most excellent caliber flavors and a welcoming environment over the years.

They provide lovely cuisine for individuals who want a light bite in addition to full-course dinners. You can have their bartender’s cocktail with one of their most unusual dishes or a vintage chicken parm meal while sipping an authentic Italian red wine.

The dining area provides enough for family and romantic dinners, and their bustling lounge/bar has enough space for a cozy dinner. Additionally, they’re encouraging you to host and participate in their next get-together. This site is fantastic beyond words!

I get to experience a lot of apparently excellent restaurants because I travel frequently. However, the real deal is Nuovo! I’ve visited this place the past two times I’ve been in the region, and I’ll most definitely continue to do so whenever I get the chance.

Everything on the menu that I’ve had so far has been excellent, including the salads, appetizers, bread and oil, main courses, desserts, and everything else! On my previous visit, I was astounded by the stuffed haddock. The owner came out, introduced himself, and welcomed us to the restaurant. The lunch was terrific from beginning to end.

Nuovo Main Course

In this quaint Italian restaurant in Worcester, with the ideal ambiance and music to create the perfect setting for enjoying extremely wonderful meals, they have many repeat customers, and you quickly feel like family. I have eaten at many of the area’s top-rated restaurants, and it has been the culinary highlight of my previous two trips to the Worcester region. So I really urge you to go here!

Final Thoughts About the 5 Best Italian Restaurants in Worcester MA

These Italian restaurants in Worcester MA elevate the dining scene in this city with unique concepts, cozy ambiances, dishes handcrafted with care, and people who will go above and beyond to make your stay memorable.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Worcester or just passed through, or if you’re a first-time visitor to the city, you can take advantage of this little guide to discover the best Italian dining options in this city.

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