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Best Chinese Food In Mequon | 5 Must-Try Restaurants In Mequon, WI

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Mequon, a peaceful suburb of Milwaukee, recently underwent an economic development strategy that led to the influx of numerous fresh, independent, and delicious restaurants in this relatively sleepy midwestern town.

Mequon is still underrated despite being one of the nicer places in the region. It’s beautiful for locals who want a quick commute to downtown Milwaukee and offers some fantastic dining alternatives.

There are some excellent Chinese restaurants nearby that you should try out, which is one of the finest (if not the only) justification for traveling there.

The Best Chinese Food In Mequon

Hong Anh Palace

10046 N. Port Washington Rd., Mequon, WI 53092,  United States // +12622417768

There are twenty tables in the somewhat small restaurant Hong Anh dining area. The front walk-in section has a tiny bar with a few stools. They often feature a buffet that appears well-stocked and in good condition.

Due to my obsession with their meals, I have never ordered from the buffet. However, both their egg rolls and their white rice are top-notch. I’ve been to about twenty different Chinese restaurants, and Hong Anh is the best.

All of their chicken is white meat, and MSG-free options are available. Compared to other Chinese restaurants, it is served hot and fresh and actually tastes more handmade and authentic.

The meat at this restaurant stands out above the others because, unlike the meat at most Chinese restaurants, in Hong Anh, it is of high quality, and you can identify what you are eating.

It was spicy and evenly cooked; look at all those vibrant flavors! We also had a huge plate of egg rolls with a ton of vegetables, really orangey orange chicken (not syrupy), cashew chicken (oh my goodness, the celery pieces were so unique), and chicken with snow peas. 

Chinese Food In Mequon: Cashew Chicken

The excellence still shone through despite the location being so crowded, which made me speechless.  Make sure that you try this Chinese restaurant in Mequon. It has one of the best Chinese food in Mequon.

Vietnamese Noodles of Mequon

1380 W. Mequon Rd., Mequon, WI 53092, United States // +12622411999

The interior decoration is tasteful but not gaudy. Smooth jazz was the nightly music of choice, and there was a TV on one wall that was muted. Great service provided. A perfect setting for a great evening of Chinese food in Mequon.

I ordered the tendon pho, rare meat, and well-done beef. We also ordered pork spring rolls, and my dad ordered a dish of sautéed beef served over vermicelli that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of.

Chinese Food In Mequon: Pork Spring Rolls

The only drawback with the pho was that the broth could have used a little more flavor. Still, it was pretty good. Although it wasn’t overly greasy, it was rich; however, I like stronger spice flavors more.

Both the beef/vermicelli and the spring rolls were excellent. The spring rolls cost $5 to $6, while both entrées cost $8.

New Fortune Asian Cuisine

W62N547 Washington Ave., Cedarburg, WI 53012,  United States // +12623760198

The best Chinese food in Mequon is undoubtedly at New Fortune! Though expensive for Chinese food, it is superb. Even when only ordering takeout, the personnel is really cordial.

You can either dress formally or casually. We immediately had a server assigned to us on a busy Saturday night, and our food arrived quickly. 

We ordered a sizable variety of products, knowing full well that we’d have to take a large number of them home because we were in the mood to sample a mix of things. We sampled the crab rangoon and dumplings for appetizers. There are six portions available for each of these substantial dishes.

The rangoons and the dumplings featured large portions of filling and were undoubtedly the greatest we’ve ever eaten. Served with the dumplings was a salty-sweet sauce. Our waiter recommended we order chicken with vegetables, sesame chicken, and garlic shrimp, all of which were very spicy.

Chinese Food In Mequon: Dumplings

Each of the entrées is available as an entrée or as an à la cart option. You also receive an egg roll and a cup of egg drop soup when ordering as an entrée. By the time our meals arrived, my friend was almost full, but he devoured all of his garlic shrimp and couldn’t stop gushing about how good it was!

The vegetables in my chicken and vegetable dish were perfectly cooked and had a pleasant crunch. In addition, all of the food we ordered was delivered hot and fresh, which is another item to mention. Talk about excellence!

Peking Chef

8673 N. Port Washington Rd., Fox Point, WI 53217, United States // +14142288222

One of the best Chinese food in Mequon I’ve ever tasted. Their cuisines range from Thai to Vietnamese, all of which are delicious. The restaurant is more of a family restaurant with a few tables than a luxury establishment.

The staff is outstanding and welcoming, treating their customers with kindness and a constant smile. This is one of my favorite places to stop, even though I don’t frequent this region very often.

A very pleasant waitress welcomed us and informed us that they provide the greatest Indonesian food and that the proprietors are natives of that country. My friend chose the medium-spicy Bali Beef, and I ordered the medium-spicy Singapore Rice Noodles with chicken and shrimp.

Chinese Food In Mequon: Rice Noodles With Chicken And Shrimp

In about ten minutes, our orders were freshly prepared and served to our table. While we waited for more people to arrive, we savored our drinks. The hot dishes came with a side of white rice and were served virtually family style. Both dishes were great and had just the right amount of spice without being overpowering. This is Chinese food done well.

Hung Hao Restaurant

N112W15800 Mequon Rd, Germantown, WI 53022, United States // +12622503968

My friend asked for the Hoisin Shrimp with additional shrimp, not hot. They charged her $4 for the extra shrimp, but they gave her a lot of large, fresh shrimps, making the extra bucks more than justified. The sauce was a deep brown and had a sweet, decadent hoisin scent. Probably one of the top Chinese food in Mequon.

Her husband’s Kung Pao Chicken smelled and appeared to be delicious (a dark reddish-brown sauce). Next, they shared an order of egg rolls that looked hefty and reportedly delicious with a faint peanut flavoring.

Chinese Food In Mequon: Kung Pao Chicken

My vegetable stir-fry contained a lot of tasty, fresh vegetables. I asked them to add more garlic, onions, and mushrooms instead of the baby corn. I understand that this is a lot to expect of Chinese-speaking people on the phone, and placing the order took a lot longer, but they performed admirably.

The meal had the proper amount of ginger and garlic flavor and was pleasantly saucy, using very little oil. Bok choy is present in wonton soup, which also has a gorgeously clear, delicious broth.

Summary Of The Best Chinese Food In Mequon

Mequon is worth visiting if you like Chinese food and are traveling north of Milwaukee. If you enjoy noodles and Chinese cuisine, this small suburb is swiftly rising to the top of the list of the finest places to locate the best Chinese eateries.

Being removed from the noise and bustle of major cities is the best thing about living in a remote area. Great for vacations, it currently goes by the name “Little China” to reflect this.There are several places to eat out on the weekends in the tranquil Wisconsin town of Mequon. Therefore, whether you need some warm hospitality and delicious food or just need a chance to go out of town without having to travel too far, Mequon is home to many of the best Chinese restaurants.

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