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Best Chinese Food in The Woodlands, TX | 7 Must-Try Places

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When you are traveling, keep in mind that the restaurants you are visiting reflect the shades of the city and cultural differences that characterize one place.

My experience says that every restaurant I visit is part of the way I have experienced one city. An important part of reviewing one city is not only the monuments that the city has and the activities that you can do but also the restaurants where you can have a tasty meal and a smile on your face.

If you have a chance to visit the charming Woodlands,  a city in the U.S. state of Texas, and you also love Chinese food, we have positive news for you. There are several exceptionally good Chinese restaurants in the Woodlands. 

Your virtual friend has prepared a list of restaurants where you can have delicious Chinese food in Woodlands. 

My Top 3 Picks for the Best Restaurants for Chinese Food in the Woodlands

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating

China Bridge 

Orange Chicken

Chef Chan’s the Original
Kung Pao Chicken


Shanghai Bistro

Double Cooked Pork


The Best Chinese Food in the Woodlands

Chef Chan’s The Woodlands

 7 Switchbud Pl. Ste. 190, The Woodlands, TX 77380, United States +12813630037

If you know how to eat smart, you love eating Chinese food. Chinese food is food that will bring you different tastes and challenge you to expand your boundaries of enjoyment. 

Someone who is familiar with Chinese food and consumes it often knows that there are different styles. In Chef Chan’s The Woodlands, you will meet Hunan’s style of preparing Chinese meals. 

We came here to have a quick lunch, but we ended up staying longer than we planned. The thing that I love the most about this restaurant is the fact that here the chefs are preparing crafted meals.

My favorite was Sesame Chicken, which is my recommendation if you are visiting this place.  We also had a couple of noodle dishes, fried crab cheese, orange chicken, broccoli beef, dumplings, and egg rolls.

Chinese Food in the Woodlands: Chef Chan’s The Woodlands Sesame Chicken

We had a really nice, tasty lunch prepared by talented people. I had iced tea after the whole meal and it was really well made. 

Overall, this a place where you can grab a quick lunch, especially because the bulk of this restaurant is takeout service. 

We are happy that we had the pleasure to visit this excellent Woodlands Chinese restaurant and enjoy a wide range of sauces.

China Bridge  

7901 Research Forest Dr. #1600, The Woodlands, TX 77382, United States  +12814199888

I like the name of this restaurant and the Chinese style that describes the decor of this place. We had a nice dining experience sitting in a warm environment and were happy to share fresh Chinese food.

I am a person who loves eating excellent Chinese food and if one of flavors is not added or combined properly my opinion is going lower. This was not the case with China Bridge. Everything we tried here was very good and tasty. 

I ordered a typical Chinese lunch that included soup, rice and egg roll. These dishes presented one successful story behind this restaurant that offers expertly prepared Asian food. 

This is a place where you will find fabulous service and outstanding Sweet and Sour Chicken, Orange Chicken, and Shrimp with Snow Peas. These are dishes we managed to try, and all we can say is that the ingredients were really on point,with fresh meat and delicious seasonings. 

China Bridge Orange Chicken

My friend ordered Honey Crispy Shrimp, although we promised that we were done for the day. Therefore, we added this dish to the recommendation list too, together with the Vegetable Delight. 

We are looking forward to visiting this place again. Hopefully, they will keep up the high level of food and service quality.  Make sure to try China Bridge for excellent Asian food in the Woodlands.


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Shanghai Bistro

 4223 Research Forest Dr. #300, The Woodlands, TX 77381, United States  +12812989998

In Shanghai Bistro, the satisfied customer is a long-term vision of the restaurant, and everything in this restaurant is done with that goal. 

The first thing that really impressed us was the prompt service together with the wide range of information about every dish on the extensive menu. 

I am happy to say that in this restaurant, I experienced professional cuisine, presenting the Chinese culinary scene as one of the best international cuisines. 

All dishes we had were made with the quality ingredients and this made us be sure that we will be coming back.

You will surely be attracted by the cozy look and. of course. by the flavorful food.  This restaurant has many options when it comes to appetizers, so I tried a variety of appetizers, soups, noodles and main chicken courses. 

My friends and I shared Double cooked pork, and he said it is one of the best he tried. I totally agree with him, and additionally I will say they have amazing Singapore noodles and the best General Tso’s Chicken, which is sweet and sour chicken. Of course, special positive feedback goes to the Broccoli Chicken and Mongolian Beef. They were so good that I asked about the recipe, which was funny and almost impossible to achieve. If you are a fan of soups, we recommend having Hot & Sour Soup. 

Shanghai Bistro General Tso's Chicken

This Woodlands Chinese restaurant is a sure thing!

Chef Chan’s the Original

6777 Woodlands Pkwy. Suite 216, The Woodlands, TX 77382, United States  +12814199961

We came here eager to eat authentic Chinese food and are happy to say that that is exactly what we got. This is a very cute restaurant with a small dining room, nice people, and a friendly and family environment. And with many parking spots, that is one of the things that really made us happy.

In this restaurant, we found authentic Hunan style and Cantonese dishes that connected us with these delicious cuisines in a deep way. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the service. When it comes to Chinese food, our recommendation is to always start with soup; neglecting your throat is always something that you should not do. Here, you will have creamy chicken noodle soup and wonton soup, as well as other tasty catches.  Every portion we ordered contained consistency in flavor and quality. 

Chef Chan’s the Original Wonton Soup

We ordered Kung Pao Chicken, Sesame Chicken, and Chef Chan’s Chicken, and we all agreed that we were fortunate.  The fried rice and the pan-fried dumplings are also something that impressed us. The Orange Chicken was also very good, crisp with fried rice. 

We had a chance to talk with the owners and listen to their story, their passion, and their willingness to make the people happy.  Great service, great food, and awesome family! A must-try place for Chinese food in the Woodlands.

Mei Wei

30340 FM2978 #200, The Woodlands, TX 77354, United States  +12812986882

Mei Wai was the place that definitely satisfied the cravings we had for Chinese food. The place was simple, but the service was not simple because each of the servers was trying hard to serve us well and appropriately. 

This restaurant offers different dishes from Asian cuisine and has plenty of options when it comes to meals that present the traditional taste of Chinese food.  In this Woodlands restaurant, we found hot and fresh food with many selections to choose from. Whether you’re coming for lunch or dinner, this place is perfect for both of the daily meals 

I Ordered Tom yum soup and beef panang curry and it was as spicy as I imagined it.  I recommend the Sesame chicken too, because I was very happy with my choice of the chicken course, while my friend got Szechuan Style sliced beef and he complained that it was as spicy as the beef panang curry. Iif you ask me, it is mandatory to have the spicy and hot taste. 

Mei Wei Tom Yum Soup

For appetizers, we recommend having Shrimp toast as one choice and Edamame. The vegetarian options are also something that makes this place special. If you are a vegetarian, you can have Vegetable Deluxe and Mixed Vegetables with Beef. 

In Mei Wei, you will find wonderful management, polite servers, and diverse Chinese food that will make you believe that fresh, crisp food is what you deserve to have till the end of your trip. 

Golden Chopsticks

9420 College Park Dr. #80, The Woodlands, TX 77384, United States +19362738877

This is a small, simple, and traditional Chinese restaurant where you will not find anything pretentious, just tasty food with many options for Asian food. 

We came here for takeout options, but in the end, we decided to eat in the restaurant. We ordered egg rolls, spicy eggplant, and pork lo mein, and we were very satisfied. 

If you are a chicken fan, do not miss to try the great curry chicken and cashew chicken with the pleasant feeling that will overcome you while you are eating them.

Golden Chopsticks Curry Chicken

We also recommend their pan-fried potstickers and fried rice. Very fresh and tasty. 

If you like authentic Chinese food, this place is on point. The food is good with all spices and a modern twist added to the Asian cuisine. 

The service is good, although the high point here is the food.  All we can say is that we cleaned our plates at the end and we left this place as satisfied customers. 

Atsumi Asian Kitchen and Sushi Bar

 3335 College Park Dr. Ste. 800, The Woodlands, TX 77384, United States  +19362420045

We all agreed that this is the right fusion of Asian food and Sushi, the foods we dream of. 

We came here for lunch with the expectation of having a normal meal prepared using the typical ingredients from Asian cuisine. 

In the end, we were happy that this restaurant really exceeded our expectations. We will start with the service; the staff was outstanding; they didn’t let us have our glass of water empty. 

We ordered crispy Thai fish with Thai ginger sauce, steamed broccoli, and white rice with mango, which was extraordinary and an excellent example of the House Specials. Our other choice was the Double Delight Bird’s Nest dish with garlic sauce which was best in this dish. 

Other recommended dishes are Fried Rice and Yellowtail Sashimi together with the Sizzling, Stamping Pepper Steak.

Atsumi Asian Kitchen and Sushi Bar Fried Rice

This restaurant has plenty of oriental selections and great sushi. We highly recommend it for Asian food in the Woodlands, and we will definitely return to it.


Where can you find the best Chinese food in Woodlands?

You can expect to find a range of traditional Chinese food in the Woodlands, such as egg rolls, soups, different chicken courses, noodles and fried rice. It is important to highlight that the Woodlands offers a food that is authentic based on ingredients that are most used in Chinese cuisine. 

Are these restaurants expensive?

In the Woodlands you will find restaurants with reasonable, average and ordinary prices. The prices are something that makes your foodie experience more enjoyable because you will not have to pay an arm and leg to enjoy delicious food. The restaurants are not expensive, so let yourself enjoy it. 

Do these restaurants offer takeout or delivery options?

Many of these restaurants offer takeout and delivery options. Many of the restaurants put the emphasis of the takeout and delivery options, instead of simple dining inside. Also, many restaurants offer a catering service. 

Conclusion of the Best Restaurants that Offer Chinese Food in the Woodlands. 

If you’re a food lover and a fan of Chinese food, the Woodlands is the right  place to find diverse, flavorful, and authentic Chinese food.You will enjoy different combinations of Chinese food in this lovely city. 

So, what are you waiting for? Come and explore the flavors of Chinese food in the Woodlands.  

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