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The 8 Best Places for Breakfast in Carmel Indiana

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In general, I am not a typical morning person, but when I am, I love going outside, having a nice jogging routine, experiencing the miracle of a new day that has arrived, and savoring the excitement of a new beginning. 

And in the middle of the process of embracing a new daily challenge, I have set up a goal for having a healthy meal that will give me the needed energy. 

Breakfast, often hailed as the most important meal of the day, plays a vital role in my life and well-being. Therefore, I give my best to not skip this important meal, especially when I am traveling. It provides the necessary fuel to kickstart my day, enabling me to perform at my best.

Breakfast in Carmel Indiana

Carmel offers a rich cultural and recreational scene. The city is known for its vibrant arts community, featuring numerous art galleries, theaters, and cultural events. 

When we went to Carmel, Indiana, I was happy to see that there were very interesting places for having breakfast and a nice start to the day. 

So, these are the places where you can have a heavenly good breakfast in Carmel Indiana.


My Top Three Places for Breakfast in Carmel Indiana

PlaceTop PickOur Rating
Rize Carmel Avocado toast5/5
Rosie’s Place Pancakes4.5/5
Eggshell BistroNew Orleans-style coffee. 4.5/5

The 8 Best Places for Breakfast in Carmel Indiana

Cafe Patachou – Carmel

5790 E. Main St., Carmel, IN 46033, United States   +1 317-569-0965

Cafe Patachou is a cozy place that offers a delightful breakfast experience that beautifully combines farm-to-table cuisine with an inviting atmosphere and attentive staff. 

As I walked inside, I was surprised by the warm and welcoming ambiance. I especially liked the decor, the rustic charm, and the warm feeling you have when you are surrounded by wooden accents. The comfortable seating created an inviting atmosphere. I especially appreciated the attention the staff gave us with the knowledge and made us feel at home. 

This a place that highlights the usage of locally sourced ingredients. This was evident in every dish, you can feel the freshness and quality of the ingredients. 

I ordered their classic omelet, which was made with farm-fresh eggs and filled with an array of seasonal vegetables and gooey cheese. It was amazing. It was cooked to perfection, fluffy and flavorful, with the vegetable adding a delightful crunch and burst of freshness. 

Avocado toast

We also ordered avocado toast with a fried egg and a side of potatoes. The side of potatoes complements the fried egg perfectly. Potatoes were diced or sliced into small pieces and cooked until golden and crispy.

We shared a large fudge Chocolate Cake. It was really good.

Café Patachou in Carmel exceeded my expectations in every way. From the warm and inviting ambiance to the delectable farm-to-table breakfast offerings. 

This cafe is very stylish and tastefully decorated, and if you are seeking a delightful breakfast in Carmel that combines exceptional flavors, a cozy atmosphere, and  great coffee to give you the strength to start the day, this is the right place for you.

Rize Carmel

12957 Old Meridian St. Suite 99, Carmel, IN 46032, United States  +13173160148

Rize Carmel is a place with a contemporary design. I really liked the stylish decor featuring modern accents. It was a place with a sophisticated and welcoming ambiance. 

We had a delightful breakfast enjoying the comfort and trendy ambiance.  A round of applause must go to the attentive staff that made our experience memorable with their warm smiles and caring attitude.

This place has a creative menu representing a fusion of classic breakfast dishes and innovative and modern culinary creations.

I ordered their signature avocado toast, which had garnered quite a reputation. Presented beautifully, the dish featured thick slices of artisanal bread topped with creamy avocado, perfectly poached eggs, and a sprinkling of microgreens.

We also ordered the cinnamon roll.  It is just the right balance between a sweet soft roll, slight crunchy edges, and over-the-top orange cream cheese frosting. The egg tart has so many fresh flavors, which was our journey to heaven. 

cinnamon roll

My friend also liked the grilled cheese. They were left wanting more cheese.

I will definitely be back because there were so many things on the menu I wanted to try!

Rize Carmel breakfast is sure to deliver a delightful eating experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Garden Table

350 Monon Blvd, Carmel, IN 46032, United States // +13176690240

I recently discovered my new favorite place in Carmel, Indiana—the Garden Table. From the moment I stepped inside, I was enchanted by its charm and delighted by the multitude of culinary delights it had to offer. 

One of the many remarkable aspects of Garden Table is its delectable food. The menu boasts an array of mouthwatering dishes, complemented by an impressive selection of coffees and cold-pressed juices. 

Whether you’re seeking a hearty meal or a refreshing beverage, Garden Table has something to satisfy every craving.

On my visit, I was fortunate to encounter Jessica, the manager who exuded warmth and genuine hospitality. 

Her passion for her work shone through, making each interaction a memorable one. It was clear that she took immense pride in ensuring guests had a remarkable dining experience, and her efforts truly made a difference.

One dish that stole the show was the smoked salmon toast, beautifully accompanied by fresh greens and a delicious vinaigrette

The combination of flavors and textures created a truly brunch-worthy experience that left me craving more. Each bite was a perfect symphony of taste, showcasing the skillful execution of the kitchen.

A highlight of my visit was the Pressed Juice Flight—a set of 5oz pours of your choice. The selection included options like Lush Love, Cashew Concoction, Tropic Tonic, and Detox Dream. 

Each juice offered a unique and distinct flavor profile, providing a delightful journey for the senses. It was an opportunity to explore the refreshing and nourishing side of Garden Table’s offerings.

What truly sets Garden Table apart is the impeccable service and welcoming atmosphere. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that each guest feels like a cherished friend. 

The friendly ambiance and cozy setting create the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience. 

Though street parking is the only option, there are numerous nearby places to explore, making it an ideal destination for a complete day of enjoyment.

Garden Table in Carmel, Indiana, is a culinary oasis that offers an unforgettable dining experience. 

With its fantastic food, a delightful selection of coffees and cold-pressed juices, and the warm hospitality of the staff, it has quickly become a favorite among food enthusiasts. 

If you find yourself in Carmel, don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the culinary wonders of Garden Table. 

Prepare to be enchanted by the flavors, the service, and the overall vibe of this charming eatery.

Rosie’s Place

1111 W. Main St., Carmel, IN 46032, United States   +13176887350

Rosie’s Place is a comfortable place with a charming and welcoming ambiance. I had such a nice time; I was looking forward to sharing my experience with you. 

Upon entering Rosie’s Place, I was immediately hooked by the love that was spreading in every corner of this place, starting from the staff to the incredibly tasty dishes. 

The interior exuded a rustic charm, giving you a vintage feeling, and many natural lights that created an atmosphere of warmth and relaxation.

I decided to try their famous pancakes, and I was not disappointed. The pancakes arrived at my table, beautifully fluffy and golden, accompanied by a generous drizzle of maple syrup. The texture of pancakes is soft and pillowy, with a slight crispness on the outside.

stack of pancakes

We also ordered the French toast with a chai latte and it was the best French toast I’ve ever had. It made me eager for more. My friend got a breakfast quesadilla and said it was amazing.

We recommend this place for all of you who have a real passion for breakfast. 

Delicious!  Amazing!  Don’t skip this place if you’re close by! 

Sunrise Cafe

11711 N. Meridian St. #140, Carmel, IN 46032, United States   +13175759323

The service was prompt, and there was no something to complain about. Quite the opposite; everything was perfect, and everyone around us was greeted with a smile. This wonderful impact is combined with a cozy interior adorned with rustic decor and comfortable seating.  

Located in the heart of the city, Sunrise Cafe offers a delightful breakfast in Carmel that combines hearty portions, friendly service, and a cozy ambiance. Having recently enjoyed a meal at this charming establishment, I am excited to share my experience and provide a review of Sunrise Cafe.

It was evident that this place uses fresh ingredients based on the quality and aroma that defeat you at once. 

Pancakes are nice and thin, almost crepe size. We loved them and requested they share the recipe. 

We ordered biscuits and gravy. They were good – nice, fluffy biscuits.

I also had chicken tortilla soup. It was served cooler than a typical soup but was still really good. 

breakfast tacos

We had huge portions for every dish we had. The Beef Reuben was juicy and perfectly prepared. Of course, it is mandatory to mention the breakfast tacos and perfect French toast. Our large group allowed us to order and sample many different items. 

 Sunrise Cafe is a great choice for a hearty breakfast in Carmel. 


4733 E. 126th St., Carmel, IN 46033, United States  +13177400129

Situated in the heart of Carmel, Rad’s will quickly become one of your favorite places for having a divine breakfast. 

We had delicious food and we enjoyed a vibrant atmosphere combined with the outstanding service. 

First, we will say this place is a perfect match for hanging out with your current friends, but also a place where you can create new friendships and socialize yourself in a nice and friendly ambiance. 

This is an energetic place with an open-concept layout, upbeat music, and a menu that offers important breakfast signatures with a modern twist. 

We had fluffy pancakes, hearty omelets, and indulgent breakfast sandwiches. Our satisfaction was driving up with every plate we had. 

We also ordered Huevos rancheros. The rancheros had just the right flavor with cheese, salsa, and hot sauce, and I enjoyed the side of hash browns, which was crunchy and warm.

Huevos rancheros

After hard hesitation, I decided to try their signature avocado toast and it was the best decision I made. 

We recommend this place from the bottom of our hearts. Each dish was a feast for the eyes, further enhancing the overall dining experience.

Le Peep Rangeline Road Carmel

 200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, IN 46032, United States  +13176696785

It was a real pleasure having breakfast at Le Peep on Rangeline Road in Carmel. 

Everything was perfect, starting from the staff to the nice ambiance. Everything in this place leads to a delightful experience. 

If you are looking for a leisurely weekend, this place is pure perfection since it has plenty of breakfast and brunch options that will make you feel extraordinary. 

At this lovely and cozy place, you can find classic breakfast dishes to contemporary breakfast dishes. Whatever you choose, you will be fully satisfied and dedicated to every bite you take. 

I decided to have the recommended Le Peep Benedict, and it was a true masterpiece. The poached eggs were cooked to perfection, and the hollandaise sauce was rich and flavorful. The dish was accompanied by crispy bacon, fresh avocado slices, and a side of perfectly seasoned breakfast potatoes. 

Their French toast is traditional and worth it. The best option is the Road Warrior!

French toast

Whether you are a local resident or just passing through the area, I highly recommend paying a visit to Le Peep for a delightful breakfast or brunch in Carmel. 

Eggshell Bistro

51 City Center Dr., Carmel, IN 46032, United States +13176601616

From the moment I walked into Eggshell Bistro, I was struck by the contemporary and stylish decor. The interior is tastefully designed with modern accents and sleek furniture.

At this place, you will meet wonderful people and servers with great communication skills that will make you fall in love immediately with the food, with their presentations, and later on, with the bite you take. 

The menu at Eggshell Bistro is a culinary delight, showcasing a fusion of flavors and innovative dishes that are a feast for both the eyes and the palate. 

Whether you are a fan of breakfast classics or seeking a unique twist on traditional fare, this bistro has something to satisfy every craving. 

If you want something better than your usual bacon, egg, and cheese, you should visit this place. They took breakfast to another level with their awesome environment, delicious Mediterranean breakfast dishes, and coffee-based drinks.

We ordered the Shakshuka and another dish with duck eggs, both delicious, plus a cappuccino and cortado served with sparkling water.

The Portobello strata were amazing! So flavorful, and it has the perfect amount of food. 

The artichoke tart was the best, and I can’t stop craving coffee. I had New Orleans-style coffee. 

New Orleans-style coffee

It’s a lovely French bistro in Carmel. The decor, ambiance, and food remind me of the French Quarter that I see in the movies.  Fantastic food.

Visitors Also Ask About The Best Breakfast In Carmel Indiana

What kind of places can we expect for breakfast in Carmel Indiana? 

Carmel, Indiana, offers a variety of dining options for breakfast, ranging from cozy cafes to bustling brunch spots. You will have plenty of options to enjoy your breakfast. You can choose between classic breakfast staples like  a juicy omelet to unique creations and important signatures such as Nutella French toast. Whether you’re looking for a cozy café, a trendy brunch spot, or a place with local flair, Carmel has something to offer for every breakfast enthusiast.

Are these restaurants expensive?

It depends on the restaurant you choose and the dish you order.  If you want some specific breakfast experience for some special occasion, these restaurants are likely to be more expensive than casual restaurants. You can find a range of restaurants with varying price points, so there are options for those on a budget as well as those looking for an ordinary breakfast. 

Conclusion: Best Breakfast in Carmel Indiana

I am really enthralled by the charming vibes this city has, and I am happy to say that Carmel, Indiana, offers a delightful array of breakfast places that add to the city’s charm and appeal. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the area, the places we choose for you provide a satisfying start to your day and showcase the culinary diversity and hospitality of Carmel.

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Mark Turner

Wednesday 21st of June 2023

I would certainly add Garden Table to the list.

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