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Best Burgers In Portland | 10 Must-Try Portland Burger Restaurants

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Portland sits at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, on the former land of the Multnomah people, who resided in villages near beaches along the rivers. Nestled in the shadow of Mount Hood, Portland has a wealth of parks, gardens, and wide-open spaces that are fun to explore. 

The largest city in Oregon is renowned for its strong microbrewery scene and its eclectic community of outdoor enthusiasts. With a genuinely friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Portland is a delight to explore. 

Enjoy the city’s quirky, avant-garde culture along with its outdoor amphitheaters, microbreweries, coffeehouses, restaurants, and great boutique shopping. As one of the nation’s most bike-friendly cities, it offers tons of opportunities for exploring the area by day or night. If you’re looking for the best burgers in Portland, you’re reading the right article.

Top-rated Spots For The Best Burgers In Portland

If there’s one quintessentially Portland food item that embodies the city’s gourmet food cart scene, its bustling restaurant culture, and its neighborhood feel, it would be the burger!

Sometimes all you need is a great burger, and Portland’s got plenty of those. Whether it’s a classic with the daily special at a dive pub or an inventive house specialty at a respected restaurant, in this article, you will find some favorite burger purveyors in town.

It’s a difficult task to pick a favorite burger in a town like Portland. There are hundreds of places that do burgers really, really well, and finding the ones that stand out above the rest is no easy task. Portland has no shortage of delicious burgers, but there are some that manage to stand out from the rest. When the craving strikes for an all-American hamburger, this guide has got your back with recommendations of where to indulge. Check out the favorite spots in town to grab a patty on a bun!

Huber’s Cafe

411 SW 3rd Ave., Portland, OR 97204 // +15032285686

Huber’s is a historic restaurant that opened its doors in 1879, which makes it the oldest restaurant and offers one of the best burgers in Portland. Nestled in the heart of downtown of the city, this lavishly decorated restaurant, complete with a rich history is known for its traditional-style turkey dinner. Huber’s has been serving classic American cuisine for over a century. Their menu features a variety of seafood, salads, meat plates, and more. But the best part of it is the burgers, especially the Classic Hamburger and The Beast Burger.

Best Burger In Portland: Classic Hamburger

A casual, friendly atmosphere and a menu-driven by the season’s finest ingredients create the perfect backdrop for special occasions and quiet evenings out with good friends. Whether enjoying an after-work cocktail or formal dinner – they’ve done everything possible to capture the vintage atmosphere of another era. Visit them today to experience a piece of Oregon’s history and some of the best burgers in town!

Slow Bar

 533 SE Grand Ave., Portland, OR 97214 // +15032307767

Welcome to the first organized multi-sensory experience in food. Slow Bar is the ultimate location for every kind of gathering, a place where burgers and booze meet peace and quiet. As you walk in the front door and take your place at the zinc bar or a booth, you will immediately notice an authentic pub vibe coupled with an extremely warm, welcoming environment. Their menu contains a variety of meals, but their Slow Burger is something that you must try and one of the reasons why it’s a member of the best burgers in Portland list.

Since 2004, their mission brought the American dream to life by cooking up delicious burgers, fries, and cocktails in a stylish little dive. Their prime beef is ground fresh and cooked to order, the fries are hand-cut and salted to perfection, and their cocktails will rock your world. They’ve also got a pretty wide beer and wine selection too! Settle your stomach with a piping juicy burger at Slow Bar!

Best Burger In Portland: Burger

Killer Burger

510 SW 3rd Ave., Portland, OR 97204 // +15039468946

Sit back and enjoy one of the best burgers in Portland, and have good times with friends and family in this lively neighborhood burger joint. The classic selections at Killer Burger are served up with 100% natural prime beef and crispy fries, while their craft and specialty burgers are made from free-range chicken and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. To add to the fun, they have an awesome lineup of local craft beers on tap and a rockin’ stereo to keep you company. 

Bacon and fries on every burger? Done. They wanted to bring the next great burger experience to their customers, so they went to the source – favorite local butchers, chefs, and purveyors. Their inspiration is what guides them in everything they do. The result is a menu that offers customers an amazing selection of burgers, made with the kind of quality that’s hard to find today. Keep your eye on them for daily specials that showcase their chef’s creativity.

Best Burger In Portland: Bacon Burger

Portland Burger

304 SW 2nd Ave., Portland, OR 97204 // +19712428725

Portland Burger is a restaurant that cuts no corners when it comes to freshness. They handcraft their burgers using 100% fresh, highest quality beef, hand-sliced fresh ingredients, and homemade sauces. They believe Portland Burger should be fun and welcoming, and that they should be proud of the food they serve. There is no greater joy for them than to craft a burger that you can enjoy with friends and family.

Why are they so excited about burgers? Because they love to cook. They love people. And, their favorite food is the burger. That’s why they created Portland Burger; so that they can bring family and friends together through great food, good music, and a nice atmosphere! Visit them today and try something on their regular menu or some of the daily special burgers.

Best Burger In Portland: Burger

Little Big Burger – Pearl District

122 NW 10th Ave., Portland, OR 97209 // +15032749008

Portland, Oregon, was the birthplace of Little Big Burger and where the legend began. Little Big Burger opened its first location in the heart of Portland, Oregon’s vibrant Pearl District, in 2010. It was born from a simple idea to serve delicious, fresh food that is both high-quality and fun. For them, that means hand-crafted burgers made with 100% natural, locally sourced beef patties, house-made toppings, and a variety of tasty starters and sides.

This restaurant created the concept with a simple goal in mind: to bring big burgers and truffle fries to the masses so everyone can enjoy. It opened its doors to rave reviews and long lines. Things have changed but not that much. Their burgers are still juicy and delicious, made from beef never given antibiotics or added hormones, while the fries remain hand-cut and generously sprinkled with rosemary truffle salt. 

Best Burger In Portland: Burger


1760 NE Lombard Pl., Portland, OR 97211 // +15032893557

Roake’s burger shack is great and deserved its spot amongst restaurants with the best burgers in Portland. It is a lively diner with great fast food and affordable prices. They also have outdoor seating that’s great on sunny days. A friendly, fast-casual burger chain is a top pick for quick, delicious fare and happy-go-lucky vibes. Not only is the food on point, but the customer service is second to none.

They serve hot dogs, burgers, a variety of fries, and dips. All burgers are made with 100% pure beef, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions on a sesame seed bun. Sauces are available upon request. In addition to their menu items, this place also has a milkshake and soft drink menu. Be sure to check them out!


Monster Smash Burger

4500 SE Stark St., Portland, OR 97215 // +15039954898

Monster Smash is a fast-casual spot offering high-quality, fresh, organic foods at a good value. Monster Smash specializes in smash burgers and fries. Each burger is made to order with their unique house-made Monster Sauce, cheese, and brioche bun. They also created a vegan version, which turned out to be even more delicious. Here you can find soups and salads if you are looking for something new!

Best Burger In Portland: Brioche Bun Burger

This is a section for you to talk about the burger. You can talk about how big and delicious it is, or you can talk about how simple and tasty it is. Monster Smash brings you local and fresh burgers for lunch with options for every taste! Located in the Belmont station, this food staple offers the best burgers In Portland, and further!

Portland Sports Bar & Grill

1811 S. River Dr.. Suite #200, Portland, OR 97201 // +15032222027

This is their space, and since it’s your place, they want you to feel right at home when you be-leaf. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a plant-based dieter or vegan, vegetarian, or just plain hungry, everyone’s invited! They are family-owned and operated since 2007 and continually strive to grow with the changing needs of the community. Their menu includes salads, gyros, sandwiches, and wraps, but the most important items are their signature gourmet burgers, and a variety of them pleasing every taste. I’ll let you decide if this is one of the best burgers in portland or not.

Best Burger In Portland: Gourmet Burger

From the warm greeting from their hosts to the smiles on their service team faces, you’re family at Portland Sports Bar and Grill. They want you to come in and feel welcome, stay with them and feel comfortable, and most importantly, leave smiling. They think they’ve got something special there: a collection of friendly, fun people who love sports (and life) as much as you do.

Super Deluxe

 870 NW 13th Ave., Portland, OR 97209 // +19712795064

Super Deluxe is a chain restaurant committed to the highest standards of sustainability. They believe in utilizing local, seasonal ingredients and creating fine culinary experiences that nourish the palate, connect communities, and inspire compassion for the environment. From farm to fork, they are dedicated to doing their part to ensure a happy, healthy future. Their superior meats are locally and sustainably sourced, so you can feel good about what you’re eating. 

The menu features a variety of favorites, including one of the best burgers in Portland: the mouthwatering SuperDeluxe burger with melted cheese, secret sauce, grilled onion, lettuce, and tomato served on a soft toasted bun. Their menu includes milkshakes and fizzy water. Though we all love to get out, it’s nice to have a place where you can kick back with friends and family to take it all in.

Best Burger In Portland: Burger

Hobnob Grill

3350 SE Morrison St., Portland, OR 97214 // +15034453665

A good cheeseburger is like a hug for the soul, and nobody does it quite like Hobnob. The brainchild of Jason Heller, Hobnob was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to serving up that perfect comfort food, the burger. They take great pride in providing their guests with food crafted from only the freshest ingredients available. Their menu features soups, salads, macs, and appetizers. But the best part of it is their burgers and a few of them!

Best Burger In Portland: Burger

They have poured their hearts and souls into the restaurant and the little community they call home. Join them for great food, friendly folks, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Hobnob Grille’s goal is to gather safely, laugh, eat, and drink with friends. Stop by today and feel your spirits lifted. Definitely one of the best burgers in Portland.

Best Burgers in Portland Wrap up

Praise be to the burger and the great (and a touch weird) minds that have brought it to us throughout history. The patty. The sauce. The bun. All of it together in one hand, as individuals meld into one delicious whole. Lay that perfect foundation and let the rest of the ingredients shine, and indulge in the ultimate burger experience. It’s the quintessence of American food, infused with laziness and boldness, the instinct to pile on too much. It’s a dish that can never be stopped, that lives inside us all, and that demands satisfaction at every meal. 

The burger is omnivorous. It can never be defeated; it can never be slowed down, it can never stop. It is the single most powerful force in the food universe. The burgers, they’re irresistible. Quick to cook and even quicker to eat, they’re the ultimate food comfort!

A juicy burger can be had in any city. But there’s a difference between any ol’ burger and the perfectly cooked patty with American cheese and crispy bacon on a soft bun made just the way you asked for it. Nothing beats a classic burger and fries. The American hamburger, in its many variations, remains a staple of Portland as it has been for Americans throughout the years. Visit these restaurants to grab a bite and rekindle your love for this American classic!

Which of these Portland burger restaurants will you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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