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13 Best Mont Tremblant Restaurants | Where to Eat in Mont Tremblant, Quebec

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One of my favorite places to visit in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. About an hour and a half north of Montreal, this ski resort and the village is a popular winter destination. 

But, don’t let that deter you from visiting any time of year. In fact, Mont-Tremblant has great things to offer in winter, spring, summer, and fall (yes, the fall leaves are that pretty!).

The summer is my favorite time to visit. The mountain and lakes are just beautiful, with tons of outdoor activities and festivals. Plus, there are so many occasions to find great things to eat in Mont-Tremblant!

There are a wide variety of Mont Tremblant restaurants, from “fancy” and upscale to unique local favorites. There are even some cheap eats that just have to be tried!

On a side note, you’ll notice that since Mont-Tremblant is in Quebec, restaurant names are often in French. However, menus are typically available in English, and staff usually speak English as well. People are friendly, and you can anticipate a relaxed “Joie de Vivre” (love of life).

13 Best Mont Tremblant Restaurants

If you’re visiting for 2 or 3 days, you’ll be able to try out a few of my favorite restaurants in Mont-Tremblant. Here are my top 9 recommendations for places to eat in Mont-Tremblant. The prices on this list range widely, so there’s something for everyone!

Casual Restaurants

You’ll find many good casual restaurants in Mont-Tremblant, with only a few chain restaurants. These casual venues are a great opportunity to enjoy some town favorites with locals and tourists alike.

La Maison de la Crepe

127 Chemin de Kandahar // +1 819-681-4555

Maison de la Crepe is one of the most popular restaurants in Mont Tremblant. It’s located in a charming old village house turned restaurant within a pedestrian village at the base of the mountain. Give yourself plenty of time when you go, as their popularity means there can be a wait.

The restaurant’s specialties include generous portions of both sweet and savory crepes. This is not your average creperie; the dishes are unique and so full of flavor that we make this place an absolute must-go every time we are in Mont-Tremblant!

Some popular savory favorites are the Matante Claudette (translated Aunt Claudette), the smoked salmon crepe, the brunch crepe, and la fiesta crepe.

Mont Tremblant Restaurants

Sweet crepes come with different types of fruit, peanut butter, and Nutella. My personal favorite is the Florentine Crepe with a side of extra bechamel sauce.

If you’re up for it, try a dessert crepe. Fair warning, the dessert portions are huge and sweet! My husband and I often share a savory crepe and a dessert crepe (our favorite is the banana split crepe). This makes for the most amazing lunch or brunch.

Microbrasserie Le Diable

117 Chemin de Kandahar // +1 819-681-4546

This casual restaurant and microbrewery within the pedestrian village at the base of Mont-Tremblant is known for its fun vibe and rustic and relaxed atmosphere. The menu is simple, but the food is very good. I don’t drink beer, but my husband loves pairing something from their list of craft beer to go with his meal. I opt for a glass of house wine.

My husband’s go-to menu order is the European sausage meal. With a choice of 2 sausages, you also get a little selection of gourmet mustard, which is a nice touch. The La Diable burger also look incredible as well. 

I enjoy the chicken brochette meal or Asian salad. You can also order some pretty good burgers. The food is tasty, and portions are generous.

Restaurant Antipasto

855 Rue de Saint Jovite // +1 819-425-7580

Restaurant Antipasto is located in the Mont-Tremblant region, but it’s about 10 minutes from the resort village in the downtown St. Jovite area. However, this local restaurant is worth the short trip, especially if you want to check out the nearby local shops.

This casual restaurant is housed in an old, refurbished train station, making it a unique stop for wood stove pizza and some of the best lasagna you can find.

Its specialties are pizza, pasta dishes and a really good Caesar salad! Pricing is very reasonable for a tourist area.

Restaurant Ital Delli

1940 Chemin du Village //+18194253040

This cozy and comfortable Italian restaurant located close to the old Tremblant village, about 2 miles off the resort, is a great place for a good meal. The dishes are delicious and reasonably priced. Some popular options include homemade pasta (we love the rosee sauce), pizza, calamari, and good veal and steak dishes. You may want to save room for their desserts, which are comfort food style and quite good.

La Petite Cachée

2681 Chem. du Village, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1H8, Canada //+18194252654

Fantastic place with the friendliest staff ever. Eclectic dishes with a Mediterranean flair, pizza, ribs & lobster are served in a cozy log home. They request a reservation for bigger groups, so keep that in mind. 

Their starters include interesting dishes such as pear and argula salad with roasted pecans and parmesan, which is actually an interesting mix of sweet and salted. After there there is a veal tartar, scallop ceviche and many more unusual dishes. 

La Petite Cachée: Veal Tartare

I chosed the duck breast with black cherry veal sauce for my lunch and i strongly reccomend it. If you are a picky eater or you come with kids there is also pizza on their menu.

Magnificent abmiance and quality food are waiting you at the La Petite Cachèe!

Fine Dining – Upscale Restaurants

Mont-Tremblant is home to some fancy and often rustic restaurants. This French Canadian village hosts several amazing chef/restaurateurs with fine dining establishments. Many of these Mont-Tremblant restaurants strive to maintain a small, local flavor.

Restaurant Le St. Louis

1874 Chemin du Village // +1 819-425-2092

Housed in the Auberge La Porte Rouge in the old Tremblant village (about 5-10 minutes from the Tremblant resort), Restaurant St. Louis has been a favorite for guests and visitors for many years. With a gorgeous view overlooking Lac Mercier, they’re open for breakfast and lunch. For dinners, the restaurant organizes events with a 25 person minimum. 

Run by a father and son team, this family-owned restaurant aims to please with delicious meals and French Canadian warmth. Breakfast favorites include the “big breakfast”, eggs Benedict and crepes. You also must try their home fries. Delish!

They also have a nice casual lunch menu with very friendly service. However, dinner is when this restaurant shines. The chef’s menu is often available with a few choices table d’hote style. You can expect delicious French-inspired dishes of beef, lamb, duck, fish, pasta and chicken to be on the menu each night. Moderately priced, a meal here is a good value for the quality of this restaurant.

Restaurant Le Savoie

116 Chemin de Kandahar // +1 819-681-4573

While not an inexpensive restaurant, with prices starting at about 50$ CAN a person (approx $35 USD), Le Savoie’s delicious food and unique dining experience are well worth the price. Located at the base of the pedestrian village in Mont-Tremblant, this charming French and Swiss cuisine restaurant offers your choice of fondues, charcuteries and a local specialty called Raclette. If you have room, end your meal with some chocolate fondue.

Something to note, this restaurant has 2 evening seatings, so do call for reservations.

Restaurant La Quintessence

3004 Chem. de la Chapelle, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1E1, Canada // +18194253400

Located in the Hôtel Quintessence, this casual, romantic eatery offers elevated Laurentian & French flavors alongside wine & cocktails. Perfect for winter to, enjoy the view of the snowflakes with a hot cup of tea and a generous meal. 

The lounge is beautiful, with a lovely wine cellar. Food is fresh with local ingredients. You can take a walk in the back down to the lake, which is magnificent.

If you are staying at the hotel, try out their classic breakfast. It is an extraordinary culinary experience. The salmon omelet with spinach and cream cheese is delicious, and the fresh oven-baked bread melts in your mouth. Quality cheeses are served to accomplish your dish. There is something for everyone. Treat yourself with a Mimosa, because it’s never too early for good champagne. 

Restaurant La Quintessence: Breakfast

For a start, try their French onion soup, so creamy and hot that it will melt your heart, and for main lunch, I recommend the grilled cauliflower steak with provencal sauce, cottage cheese, coriander and lemon.

Their wine list is extensive, and their wine cellar is full of fantastic local wines you must try!

Restaurant C’est la Vie

708 Rue de St Jovite, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 3J8, Canada // +18196810779

An elegant French restaurant in a quaint space known for meats and fish cooked on a hot stone. Cozy and charming home feel with excellent service and well-prepared foods. They also offer exotic meats such as kangaroo, Ostrich, and wild boar if you want to try something different. 

We had the Canadian stone Quebec deer, bison and elk, and the calf plate. The lava stone is the specialty, and we noticed that most customers ordered some version of it. The hot stone allows you to cook it to your preferred temperature, which is a fun option for a change. They have a creative menu and tasty food. 

Restaurant C'est la Vie: Meat On Hot Stone

From their appetizers to their delicious desserts, you can enjoy them with liquor or one of their delicious specialty coffees. 

For starters, there are salads and soups, but the warm goat cheese crouton topped with honey is incredibly delicious. And to dont forget to mention the traditional Swiss Fondue, which melts in your mouth and satisfies your taste buds. 

Restaurant C'est la Vie: Fondue

As I mentioned before, the main food they offer is mostly meat. All kinds of meat, stone-cooked and definitely worth trying. If you are not in the mood to discover something new, you can always order the classic beef filet mignon. 

Choose a good wine from their wine cellar and finish your meal with Belgian chocolate profiteroles!

Mont Tremblant Cheap Eats

As a tourist area, there is no shortage of overpriced restaurants in Mont-Tremblant. That’s why I love coming across good food that’s just less expensive!

Ya’oooo Pizza Pub

123 Chemin de Kandahar // +1 819-681-4616

Located at the base of Mont-Tremblant, this almost fast-food pizza joint (it’s very casual) serves great pizza and a family-style salad. If you’re staying in Mont-Tremblant, consider picking up some dinner at Yaoooo and bringing it back to your hotel.

the mantle stafford va restaurants

Or, if weather permits eat at one of their outdoor tables. Even better, grab a bottle of wine from the wine store a few doors down. You’ll have a great inexpensive and casual meal.

La Roulotte

795 Rue de Saint Jovite //  +1 819-430-7151

I can never resist a good “chip stand”, but this local Mom and Pop joint serving steamed hot dogs, burgers, and fries is the best!

It’s not fancy, and it’s not pretty (although it is cute). Yet, it has amazing homemade fries and the very best Quebecois “poutine”, all priced fairly. For those that don’t know, classic poutine is french fries, gravy and curd cheese. You can also get variations with smoked meat and ground beef. Personally, I stick with the classic, as its really good! While you’re there, play some mini-golf.

Smokes Poutinerie

151 Chemin du Curé Deslauriers // +1 819-681-4747

This very casual restaurant specializes in poutine of all sorts. Poutine is THE fast food of Quebec, typically made with homemade style french fries and squeaky curd cheese (it’s 100% better than it sounds).

Located at the base of Mont-Tremblant’s pedestrian village (right next to the free Gondola), you can stop in and grab a poutine to go with all the fixings: piled high with Quebec smoked meat and dill pickles or even covered with cheeseburger and bacon!

While I prefer the classic gravy and curd cheese, this place is certainly popular. It makes for a good artery clogging meal or snack.

Queues de Castor

116 Chemin de Kandahar // +1 819-717-1933

If you’re hungry for a dessert or snack, one place to try while in Mont Tremblant is BeaverTails (Queues de Castor in French), a Canadian chain that still feels small and local. They don’t serve beaver tails at all (thank goodness), but rather a flat sweet pastry shaped like a beaver tail that tastes more like a gourmet donut. These come with a variety of toppings, including Nutella, Reeses pieces, cinnamon and sugar, maple and more. This is a nice cheap treat to have as a snack or dessert.

Mont-Tremblant is a fabulous place to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery: winter, spring, summer or fall. Combine the Quebec French village culture with the vibrant Mont-Tremblant resort, and you’ve got an eclectic mix of great restaurants to try!


  1. What are the most popular restaurants in Mont Tremblant?

La maison de la crepe, Le snack, La Quintessence, La pizzateria, C’est la Vie and La Petite Cachee are the most popular restaurants in Mont Tremblant. 

  1. What are the best restaurants in Mont Tremblant that provide takeaway?

The Sandwich Bar, Restaurant Antipasso, La Pizzateria, La maison du spaghetti and almost every other good restaurants provide takeaway.

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Which of these Mont-Tremblant restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!

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I am hosting my family for a week at the Embarc Resort. We are 7 adults (from UK, BC and Ontario) I am hosting this family reunion - it's important for us as we are so spread out. One evening I am hosting a dinner celebration for my oldest sons birth day. The kids are in years 5/3/2/1.5. So I'm looking for fun suggestions ads to venues. I don't want a cheap pizzeria or burger joint. Also not Hi upscale - somewhere in the middle which all will enjoy the food and atmosphere. We given the age of the kids we would likely be a 5/530 start. Being outdoors is acceptable. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated


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