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The 10 Best Chania Restaurants | Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece

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Chania, Crete is one of the best places in all of Greece for good traditional food. Here, you’ll not only find your favorite Greek dishes but also local traditional Cretan food. I just spent a month eating my way through Chania town to bring you this list of the best Chania restaurants.

One of my favorite things I discovered about Greek restaurants, in general, was their willingness to do half portions. Most Chania restaurants serve large plates, so a half salad and a half entree were typically more than enough food!

One of the things you’ll quickly notice on Chania is how late the locals eat. Dinner in Crete usually begins around 9 p.m. but can start much later. It’s not uncommon to finish dinner after midnight. Meals aren’t hurriedly consumed— they’re meant to be lingered over: multiple courses shared with friends and family over carafes of house wine. I love to eat like this!

So, below are some of the most popular spots in the area. Enjoy!

While in Chania, don’t miss out on activities that will help immerse yourself with the city (hurry while they’re hot!):

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The 10 Best Chania Restaurants


Akti Papanikoli 1 // +30 2821 076261

In the month I spent in Chania, I ate at Portes more than anywhere else. The menu is full of not only classic Greek and contemporary Cretan food but also some interesting twists on those classics. The restaurant has two-tiered outdoor seating on top of its indoor restaurant dining area. If you’re in for an early dinner, ask to be seated on the upper tier, where you can catch some impressive sunset views.

Absolute must-try are the tomato fritters, stuffed zucchini flowers, grilled octopus, and fava—all favorites of mine. And don’t forget to order some house wine to enjoy with your meal. Portes has some of the best house wines of any Chania restaurant I tried.

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - Portes - Tomato Fritters

Also, make sure to ask about any daily specials, especially their fresh fish options. While I never saw it on the menu, if the fish burger is special, you have to order it. But to be honest—you’re going to love whatever you order.


Zampeliou 57 // +30 2821 088270

Located in the heart of old town of Chania, this is one of the first restaurants that I discovered will do half portions. I returned several times to sample more of their menu. The friendly staff had a lot to do with my multiple visits, and by my second meal there, the waitress was treating me like a regular. She even remembers what I had previously ordered.

I suggest you try the lamb, as Enetikon is known for its roasted meat dishes. Or, like most of the beautiful restaurants on the island, you can’t go wrong ordering seafood dishes of local produce, including a dish of Cretan snails in rosemary!

For those less adventurous but still in a seafood mood, look for the steamed mussels.

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - Enetikon


2, Akti Papanikoli 1 // +30 2821 095772

I’m sure Woodstock also serves some great dinner, but I only ever visited them for breakfast or brunch. Their location has one of the best views of the harbor from seats overlooking the water. They also have such a good service

Options include pancakes and waffles that would be hard to resist if you’re looking to have a sweet start to your day. Also, my coffee-drinking friend said the cup he had was some of the best coffee in Chania.

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - Woodstock - Pancakes

If you’re more of a savory person (like me), I recommend the spinach and chicken omelet served with a side of crispy roasted potatoes.

Pulse Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant

Theotokopoulou 70 // +30 697 879 2721

My apartment was located over Pulse, so I was fortunate enough to try much of their menu. This isn’t your typical, boring vegetarian and vegan food.

The chef-owner has put lots of thought into creating interesting (but more importantly, delicious) menu items such as Portobello burgers with sushi rice buns, a mushroom risotto that my friend is still raving about months later, and this carrot lox with homemade cashew cream cheese:

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - Pulse - Carrot Lox with Cashew Cream - Vegan

Pulse serves a full menu from lunch until dinner. The restaurant is located just on the edge of the Old Town and has a casual atmosphere. It almost feels like you’re eating on the patio of a friend’s house and lends itself to long talks over wine.

Even if you think you’re not a fan of vegan or vegetarian dishes, drop in and give this place a try—I think you’ll be happily surprised.

Thalasino Ageri

Vivilaki 35 // +30 2821 051136

This was one of, if not my very favorite, dining experiences on all of Chania. You will definitely need to call ahead for a table because look at these great views:

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - Thalasino Ageri

Several times during my stay, I sat over the water enjoying a slow dinner and watching the amazing sunset while sipping on house wine. I can’t wait to go back.

The menu features a wide range of fresh seafood priced by kilo or serving. Here, you can find everything from grilled swordfish to fried shark, grilled or fried sardines, octopus, and even lobster.

This is a great place for an anniversary or birthday dinner.

Ginger Concept

Sarpaki 36 // +30 2821 057590

Ginger Concept is open all day, so you have lots of opportunities to sample their incredible menu. You can start your day there with designer toast options, including a Reuben with slices of grilled beef or smoked salmon and avocado toast with horseradish cream cheese.

The menu also features a Croque Madame made with Edam cheese, a Spanish omelet stuffed with chorizo sausage or their own version of a classic Greek breakfast.

If you prefer a lighter start to the day, you can also order yogurt or acai bowls.

Later in the day, you can visit for aperitivo to try their wide range of tapas paired with wine or a cocktail from their impressive list.

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - Ginger Concept

If you’re in the mood for a dinner that’s more substantial than tapas, they also offer pizzas, pasta, and even beef bourguignon.


Zampeliou 51 // +30 2821 096080

You’ll likely pass Tamam as you’re exploring the streets of Chania’s old town. When you pass, go ahead and pop in to make a reservation, as this place fills up at quickly at night time.

The menu at Tamam is inspired by the traditional Greek Sunday dinner, meaning you’ll find traditional, homestyle meals made from high quality local ingredients.

Try the rabbit cooked in sweet wine with rosemary, basmati rice flavored with dried fruits and vegetables, or one of their several perfectly executed seafood dishes.

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - Tamam

Their wine list features many Greek wines with a focus on bottles from Crete. Be sure to ask your waiter to recommend a bottle for your dinner.


Milonogianni 120 // +30 2821 059420

Evgonia is located a bit out of the way but is well worth the effort to find. This is a great place for neighborhood traditional dishes with a menu that isn’t extensive but does feature some classic Greek favorites. The portions are large—if you’re dining alone, you definitely do not need a salad, appetizer and a main. I discovered this for myself! Be sure to ask about half portions if you’re a solo diner or your table doesn’t want to split.

I’d also recommend you ask about what’s on special. The staff will happily go over the menu with you and make suggestions. I let the owner basically order for me, and in the end, I enjoyed some of the best-roasted octopus I had on the island:

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - Evgonia

The Well of the Turk

Sarpaki 1 // +30 2821 054547

Their menu describes itself as “an eclectic mix of Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern cuisine” and this description is spot on.

Here, you can find slow-cooked local lamb with preserved lemons served over couscous, shish kebabs served with an avocado and orange salad, lamb pizzas or this vegetarian moussaka.

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - The Well of the Turk

Weather permitting, try a seat on the outdoor patio—they’re located in the quieter part of Chania’s old town, and it’s a nice place to sit and enjoy a long dinner.

Kouzina EPE (Κουζίνα ε.π.ε.)

Daskalogianni 25 // +30 2821 042391

One of my favorite places in town to try authentic, no frills homestyle Greek dishes, this restaurant features a daily changing menu of homemade selections. Kouzina is a great place for lunch or an early dinner. The meals contain local products and are prepared just as you’d expect a Greek grandmother to.

Ask the server to explain what’s available that day—they’re happy to give you a peek under the lids of pots.

The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece - Kouzina EPE

My favorite was a beef chickpea dish in a tomato sauce—be sure to look for it when you visit!

Now that I have your meals covered, check out these suggestions for my favorite bars in Chania:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Gavaladon 41 // +30 2821 052685

This jazz bar located in Old Town serves great drinks and large pours of wine. What else do you need to know? This became my go-to favorite place in Chania (and it didn’t hurt that it was located literally right out the front door of my apartment). I love their laid-back vibe, great music, and interesting cocktails.

Fagotto Jazz Bar

Aggelou 16 // +30 2821 071877

Several locals cited this as their favorite bar in town and the place they go to unwind. Another jazz bar, this one also serving great cocktails. You can find Fagotto tucked away behind the Maritime Museum. Fagotto also seems to be one of the bars open the latest in the surrounding area, making for a great stop on the way home for one last drink.

Although I never had the chance to try it, I heard Fagotto also serves a great breakfast as well.

Which of these Chania best restaurants do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below!

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The 10 Best Chania Restaurants - Where to Eat on Chania, Crete, Greece

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Monday 3rd of June 2019

Cannot agree more as it's obviously "a classic tourist list" of good places to eat with guaranteed English menu and English speaking staff at least. I visited most of Chania restaurants but I stayed short of Ginger Concept and Woodstock :) so I must do that in October as it seems, thank you! It's worth mentioning that Evgonia (FAVA!) would be my choice of authentic Cretan restaurant from this list because I appreciate true simplicity and real-local ingredients. Otherwise Dounias near Chania (homemade bread, their own vegetables, meat!!) would be worth mentioning if you're about healthy local food made on live fire and of course To Antikristo 5-10 minutes out of crowd which is truly high end Cretan experience and the most radical of all (exclusively Greek products). As it have zero tolerance: there is no whiskey, Coca Cola, mustard, ketchup, Fanta or anything globally dominating and widely popular like Amstel or Heineken, To Antikristo is all about high quality homemade food made of their own produced ingredients, 0km and at most Greek and Cyprus vegetables and so on. TimeOut found worth mentioning this Chania restaurant in 2018 and 2019: and To Antikristo reservation page is here: Of course, there is plenty of small restaurants and tavernas where you will eat like a Greek Gods if you adhere to wonder around the city, all you need is a wish to discover authentic local cuisine. Your eventually large hotel should be not ignored too as they realized recent years that "the old" is actually upcoming so they lately employ many local woman in returning "back to the roots" concepts. I will mention several must have food items on Crete: snails, Cretan graviera cheese, mizithra cheese, staka milk cream, apaki smoked meat, antikristo lamb or pork belly, tsigariasto meat, kokinisto meat, Cretan salad, boureki, horta greens of any kind, kalitsounia pies, sfakian pie would be just a glimpse of authentic Cretan tastes. Do not loose opportunity to try unique Romeiko wine of Crete (you like it or not), it's an old pre-phylloxera grape packed with high dose of antioxidants due to a huge seeds it has, it's color is mostly orange, we prefer Nostos Romeiko:


Wednesday 28th of November 2018

That strawberry dish looks good. Do you know what it's called and what both the leaf and drizzle is?


Tuesday 27th of November 2018

Kouzina EPE is my favorite Greek restaurant!

Sharon Smith

Sunday 25th of November 2018

Where abouts is Portes restaurant


Thursday 29th of November 2018

They moved to neo hora..

Jean Hannell

Saturday 24th of November 2018

When I lived in Chania in the old harbour I ate a lot at Portes when they had the restaurant there, always excellent & I noticed in the height of the season tourists would have to wait for a table as Portes had such a good reputation. Hope they're doing as well at the venue they are at now .


Monday 26th of November 2018

They seem to be doing really well- always busy. No surprise- their food is amazing. I can't wait to go back!

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