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24 Best Krakow Restaurants | Where to Eat in Krakow, Poland

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Krakow restaurants can give you an exciting taste of all the city has to offer. As one of Poland’s oldest population centers, Krakow is steeped in a rich history and culture. Whether you want to visit Wawel Castle or explore the medieval architecture of the Jewish quarter, this list of the best restaurants in Krakow will give you some of the best places to eat along the way and most of them keep the Polish culinary tradition even today.

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Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey through Krakow’s vibrant Kazimierz district, either in the afternoon or evening. Savor traditional Krakow-style dishes, authentic Polish cuisine, fine vodka, craft beer, and mouthwatering desserts at a selection of local favorites. As you explore, your knowledgeable guide will share the rich stories behind Poland’s food and culture, ensuring a personalized, small-group experience that goes beyond the typical tourist traps.

24 Best Krakow Restaurants


Plac Dominikański 2 // 48 12 422 56 87

If you’re looking for one of the best restaurants in Krakow Poland to chow down on grilled meat, Rzeznia should be your first choice. They’ve grown famous in Krakow for their rib platters, but they also serve some tasty chicken and even shrimp. 

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Rzeźnia

As you can see, the portions here are always plentiful, and the beers they served up alongside our food were excellent matches.

Rzeznia has several locations throughout town, including one that’s just a block from the New Square (Plac Nowy). While the decor and atmosphere aren’t the most unique on this list, the staff are helpful, and the food always hits the spot.

Edo Fusion Asian Cuisine

Miodowa 8 // +48 12 426 24 24

Edo Fusion is the oldest sushi bar in Krakow, and they pride themselves on serving some of the best Asian food around. While they started off with authentic and strictly traditional Japanese cuisine, they’ve since branched out a bit, and now mingle Japanese foods and delicious dishes with Thai, other Asian cuisines, and even some Mediterranean and Mexican flavors.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Edo Fusion - Sushi

The Curry Laksa is quite tasty, as is the sushi the restaurant is best known for.

Edo is open daily from noon to 10 pm (or 11 pm on Saturdays) and has a pretty relaxing ambiance. It also has a great location—just a short walk from the New Square and Wawel Royal Castle. This makes it a great spot for a lighter late lunch.

Meat & Go

Dolnych Młynów 10 // no phone number listed

As their name implies, Meat & Go specializes in some of the best meat offered at Krakow restaurants.

They serve up a delicious pork chop and more on delicious bread. I particularly enjoyed their Cuban, and one of my friends swore by their Reuben.

But, no matter what you order, all their sandwiches are served with the best quality ingredients, and their large portions mean you’ll never finish eating still hungry.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Meat and Go - Cuban Sandwich

Located in a popular part of town within a converted historic cigarette factor, Meat & Go has also designed a welcoming seating area. They open daily for dinner at 4 pm.

27 Porcji Family Slow Food

Aleja Kasztanowa 1 // +48 502 439 997

This popular restaurant is a proud part of the slow food movement, which has flourished in Europe and around the world in recent decades.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - 27 Porcji

Their menu offers a fresh take on traditional Polish food recipes, and their delicious food, dutifully prepared with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. And it’s meant to be eaten, savored and enjoyed in the same deliberate way.

Though a bit out of the way, at about 15 minutes by taxi from the city center, 27Porcji is well worth the trip. It’s also near a forest and park that offers some great hiking opportunities.


Ulica Brzozowa 17 // +48 795 818 123

Karakter offers trendy and well-prepared eats in a stylish setting.

While their menu includes a few common dishes, they’ve grown popular among Krakow restaurants because of their bold menu, which includes things like ostrich gizzards, homemade donuts filled with shredded duck, bone marrow with capers, and orange peel and crispy roasted duck skin.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Karakter

If these less common dishes have you a bit perplexed, never fear. The staff here are friendly and quick to give custom recommendations based on your preferences. They also offer some great wine pairings.

Reservations here aren’t required, but they’re highly recommended. You’ll have a very tough time getting a table if you decide to drop by on a whim. You should also know that this Karakter is a little pricier than many other places in Krakow. Still, the food here is delicious and definitely worth a visit.

Qrudo Food & Wine

Wąska 2 // +48 12 431 05 37

Qrudo is one of the best restaurants in Krakow for fine dining. Their menu creates beautifully plated and delicious traditional Polish dishes. I particularly enjoyed their steak tartare, though the duck fillet is also apparently quite good.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Qrudo - Steak Tartare

The excellent service went well with their carefully crafted atmosphere. It was quite friendly, much more so than many other fine dining establishments.

If you plan to make an evening out of your meal here or begin a night out on the town, I also recommend their vodka-tasting flights, which were very affordable and featured four quite tasty varieties.Qrudo is open daily for lunch and dinner from 11 am to 11 pm.

Ranny Ptaszek

Augustiańska 5 // +48 517 656 246

If you’re looking for some great breakfast food near the city center, look no further than Ranny Ptaszek. Here, they serve up what locals consider some of the best breakfast in all of Krakow.

Their massive helpings of Hungarian sausage and shakshuka, a dish made with poached eggs, vegetables, and tomato sauce, make for a phenomenal start to any day.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Ranny Ptaszek

If you’re not into sausage and eggs, vegan and vegetarian options are also available.

As a bonus, this Krakow breakfast spot is less than a block away from the stunning St. Katherine’s Church and several other attractions. That makes it a great place to stop for a bite before a day out exploring the town.


ul. Dolnych Młynów 10 // +48 668 468 469

Veganic has made a name for itself among Krakow restaurants for its 90 percent vegan menu.

But while it is no doubt one of the best vegan restaurants in Krakow, its careful plating, gorgeous patio seating, and tasty dishes have won acclaim from a wider clientele. I opted for this delicious and savory spicy chickpea stew.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Veganic - delicious and savory spicy chickpea stew

If you’re not familiar with vegan dishes or traditional foods, don’t worry. The wait staff was quite patient and happy to walk us through the menu. And, while we ate out on the patio to enjoy the summer warmth, the ambiance and atmosphere inside the unique restaurant is also worth a visit.

Zazie Bistro

Józefa 34 // +48 500 410 829

Zazie is a quaint French bistro located in Krakow’s Jewish Quarter. This place has grown popular among Krakow restaurants for its classic French cuisine at a reasonable price.

Though the menu is a bit small, everything looked delicious. I loved the pork belly served with octopus, tossed in a lemon mustard sauce, served over a green pea puree and topped with an apple grapefruit salad.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Zazie Bistro - Octopus

They also have a great selection of local beers and a picturesque cellar wine bar. The ambiance was quite pleasing, and the wait staff were attentive.

Because Zazie is so well known, I strongly suggest you make reservations for dinner. If you’re going for lunch, you should also know that some of their most popular lunch options have been known to sell out. So, if you’d like to try something specific, opt to go earlier.

Ed Red

Sławkowska 3 // +48 690 900 555

If you’re looking for a great steak, you’ll find Ed Red serves the best in Krakow.

Here, they work with local beef producers and then dry-aged their meats over multiple days in specially designed meat lockers. This ripens and locks in the flavor. You’ll appreciate their effort with every bite.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Ed Red - Steak

And while Ed Red is known for its meats, they also pride themselves as members of the slow food movement and strive to incorporate traditional Polish food and flavors into their menu.

This place can fill up on the weekends and evenings, so be prepared to wait or make a reservation. They’re open for lunch at noon and dinner until 11 pm or midnight. Be prepared to enjoy delicious traditional Polish cuisine!

Kielbaski z Nyski

Grzegórzecka 4

While food trucks aren’t often featured on this blog, Kielbaski z Nyski has earned a spot here as one of the best restaurants in Krakow.

They’ve grown famous for serving traditional Polish sausages. Each night, they grill up the sausages in a communist-era van and serve them on paper plates to long lines of locals and travelers alike (so you know they must be as good as they look). Amazing street food!

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Kielbaski z Nyski

They serve their fare at the same street curb every day but Sunday from 8 pm to 3 am (and they’re a great late-night option). It is a great way to end your night out in Krakow!

Andrus Food Truck

Świętego Wawrzyńca 16, 31-060 Kraków // +48503718102

With the Andrus Food Truck, you can try Maczanka, a traditional Krakow dish with centuries of tradition. This recipe is combined with a modern way of serving it.

They have created the first and only street food version of Krakow-style Maczanka. Their version involves marinating the pork for two days, after which it is roasted for a long time at a low temperature. 

Served in a wood-fired oven, the meat is served in a bun made by hand and baked according to a traditional recipe. As much as I loved it, I’m sure you will too!

At festivals and street food events, their Maczanka can be found wherever something good is served.


Krakowska 27 // +48 12 346 24 49

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Italian food, there’s no place in Krakow that can beat Nolio. They serve up traditional (and literally certified) Napoli pizza that’s fired in an oven at 900 degrees fahrenheit.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Nolio

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, their menu also features delicious-looking homemade pasta and other Italian menu specialties, all beside a good selection of beer and wine. While a little pricey for Krakow, the food is still a great value.

Nolio is open on weekends from 1 pm and on weekdays starting at 4 pm.

Introligatornia Smaku

Józefa 20 // +48 661 116 351

Set in a historic bookbinding workshop, this restaurant serves both international and traditional Polish fare in a sleek yet welcoming ambiance. Their menu crafts whole food dishes from delicious local and seasonal ingredients. I particularly enjoyed their beef plates: both the beef cheeks or beef tenderloin were phenomenal.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - introligatornia smaku

Introligatornia Smaku has located in the Jewish quarter just a block from the New Square, making it a perfect place to end a day out exploring the city (or begin a night out on the town). They open Monday through Friday at 1 pm and on weekends at noon.

Przystanek Pierogarnia

Bonerowska 14 //  +48 796 449 886

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Przystanek Pierogarnia - Pierogi

Since opening their doors in 2010, this restaurant has served the best pierogi Krakow has to offer. Stuffed with either sweet or savory fillings, the Polish dumplings here at Przystanek are served alongside either stewed onions or butter and sprinkled sugar.

Though its location is on the corner of a more residential street and a bit outside Krakow’s main square, the food is well worth the trip. When you visit, you’ll see why this colorful and quaint shop is well-loved by both diners and owners alike. Such a fun experience!

Beef Burger Bar

Warszauera 1 // +48 535 662 088

If you’re looking for the best burger in Krakow, Beef Burger Bar will not disappoint. Here, they serve up massive and flavorful burgers topped with generous portions of beef, bacon, cheese, Polish sausage, and even sauerkraut. Their fries are also tasty and plentiful.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Beef Burger Bar

I recommend you stop by for lunch. But, if you’re out late enjoying drinks with friends, Beef Burger Bar makes for a great (and greasy) end to the night—they’re open until 3 am Fridays and Saturdays.


Miodowa 19 // +48 602 691 996

Zenit is a casual dining restaurant that’s grown quite popular in Krakow for its brunch and lunch specials.

Their menu focuses on from-scratch recipes, and they pride themselves on preparing almost all their food products themselves (they even make their own pickles).

But all that effort doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay more. They offer a very affordable 19 zloty 2-course lunch special.

My Favorite Krakow Restaurants | The 16 Best Restaurants In Krakow, Poland - Zenit

Zenit is also centrally located — just a block away from the New Square. This makes it a convenient stopping point for a midday meal or relaxing dinner. They open daily for breakfast at 9 am.

Moo Moo Steak & Wine

Sienna 9, 31-041 Kraków, Poland // +48790707713

Magnificent ambiance and atmosphere, super friendly and attentive staff, fast service and delicious food. The decor is very nice, the steaks are perfectly cooked, and the prices are not high compared to the food served.

We ordered a Moo Moo beef set with three different steaks (tenderloin, new york and entrecote) and grilled vegetables. The taste was unforgettable.

Moo Moo Steak & Wine: Tenderloin Steak

I also tasted the filet mignon wrapped in bacon with Belgian fries, creamed spinach, and béarnaise sauce. The meat was perfectly cooked, and the sides were absolutely stunning! It was medium rare and cooked to perfection, nice, tender and super juicy. 

They have an exclusive wine list, so you can pair your meat with a glass of local Polish red wine. 

For dessert, the chocolate souffle is a perfect ending!

Cyrano de Bergerac

Sławkowska 26, 31-014 Kraków, Poland // +48124117288

Authentic french upper-class cuisine for honestly a meager price, as a tourist. The place itself is beautiful, with a great atmosphere and beautiful french music. The service was superb, with the waiter giving us many wine tips. 

The building is magnificent to behold; being set mostly underground, the narrow corridors, alcoves and arches lit by tabletop candles create a romantic and intimate feel.

For starters, you can enjoy a creamy Norway lobster and Guinea fowl soup and salad with goat cheese, beetroot and orange. 

Cyrano de Bergerac: Salad With Goat Cheese

The Saffron Ravioli with Duck and Gingerbread are their best hot starter. The taste is just perfect!

I recommended getting their Tenderloin Beef Wellington; it is perfectly cooked (medium), and it stole the show because the veal tasted less tender than the beef. 

Garden Restaurant 

Krowoderska 71, 31-158 Kraków, Poland // +48533174442

Modern extraordinary European cuisine, perfect for lunch or dinner. The restaurant itself is beautiful and very nicely decorated; you will love the jungle style and monkey’s overload.

They have a beautiful large garden where the guests can chill surrounded by the best tastes of their cuisine.

We got the octopus and seabass as entrees and the mussel soup and lobster ravioli as starters, and they were fantastic!

Garden Restaurant: Mussel Soup

The 14 courses meal paired with 12 different wines is the perfect gastronomical experience. You can taste different dishes in small portions and try a bit of everything. The wine pairing is unique and well-suited to the meal.  

There was a lot of creativity and design put into every dish making this visit an unforgettable experience. 

Pod Baranem Restaurant

Świętej Gertrudy 21, 31-048 Kraków, Poland // +48124294022

A proper fancy restaurant, their specialty is traditional polish cuisine executed to the highest level possible. The personnel is friendly and knowledgeable. Portion sizes are healthy – if you are used to eating so you can not move, you will need to order starters, soups and a main dish with at least two extras to feel complete.

A massive plus for those who need to avoid gluten is there is excellent marking and selection of gluten-free dishes on the menu.

The Sour rye soup in Cracovian style is a refreshing, mouthwatering starting dish before your lunch, and the Sirloin steak with porcini in a cognac-pepper sauce is the perfect main dish. 

Pod Baranem Restaurant: Sour Rye Soup

For dessert, there is a magnificent raspberry cake, not so sweet and refreshing. 

All food is made fresh, so it can take half an hour or so, but I think it is worth it!

Pod Baranem Restaurant: Raspberry Cake

Art Restaurant

Kanonicza 15, 33-332 Kraków, Poland // +48537872193

Great location, interior, atmosphere and services. Harmonized taste, cozy plating and a romantic ambiance. Little bit pricey restaurant but worth visiting. 

We ordered the seven-course menu (which was more like ten courses with lots of extras). The wine/spirit pairing was worth every penny too! 

All the food was above and beyond expectations, each course was just incredible, and we left full and satisfied. 

The pierogi starter is divine and has a good balance of flavors. The Beef tartare with truffle mayonnaise,shimeji mushrooms, pickles, potato brush, caper, lovage oil and mustard is fantastic too. 

My personal favorite from the main courses is the Beef sirloin, served with sunflower risotto, green peas, demi-glace, chanterelles, shallots and carrots.  

Art Restaurant: Beef Sirlion

You can enjoy the Apple puff butter ice cream with cinnamon, nut crumble and crème chantilly for dessert. All the food is decorated perfectly and will take your breath away!

Prosecco Oyster Bar

Grodzka 51, 31-001 Kraków, Poland // +48731462424

As its name says, this is a restaurant that offers oysters with prosecco! Absolutely the best combination ever. I love both, so the concept is perfect for me.

The portions are a bit small for the price, so this is a place to enjoy light food. 

The seafood is really unique and very well prepared. They have tasty frog legs and seafood platter with octopus and shrimp. 

Salmon, fish burgers, fries, tempura, mussels, and a wide selection of beer and wine are available on their menu too. 

Prosecco Oyster Bar: Oysters

Budda Drink Garden

Rynek Główny 6, 30-001 Kraków, Poland // +48124216522

A hidden gem in the center of the old town, a small sign at the entrance to a covered yard, is the only clue that it’s there, but once you find it, you will be amused. 

The staff is excellent, the decor and atmosphere are lovely, with a really quirky and unusual vibe. “Budda” has the biggest and strongest drinks I have found in Krakow. The cocktail menu is unreal, with loads of different types of classic and signature cocktails. 

The menu is very extensive, and you will need more than one visit to try out all. Besides cocktails, they serve different types of beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks. 

The raspberry grande mojito is definitely my favorite!

Budda Drink Garden: Cocktails


What food is Krakow famous for? 

  1. Pierogies, Obwarzanek, Kielbasa (Polish sausage), potato pankakes, Polish beer and vodka. 
  1. Can you get english food in Krakow? 
    Yes, there are a few British restaurants in the city. 
  1. What restaurants are in Krakow airport?
    Boccone Trattoria, an Italian restaurant, Coffee Minute, a coffee and snack bar, Eat&Fly for snacks and sandwiches, and a few more coffee shops are available on the Krakow Airport. 
  2. What are the best cafes in Krakow Poland?
    Blossom, Cafe Tektura, Camelot Cafe and Cafe Lisboa are one of the best rated coffee bars in Krakow. 
  3. What are the most popular restaurants in Krakow?
    The Moo Moo Steak&Wine, Garden Restaurant and Art Restaurant are one of the most popular restaurants in Krakow.
  4. What are the best restaurants in Krakow that deliver? 
    Prosecco Oyster Bar and Moo Moo Steak&Wine are offering no contact delivery services in Krakow.

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Asian food is fresh and very packed with flavor. I love trying out the different dishes that they have to offer! This is a pretty cool. Regards: Asian Foods Near Me


Tuesday 27th of August 2019

If visiting countries you like to taste the local cuisine, then coming to Krakow this restaurant is your absolute must. The Black Duck serves Polish cuisine in its homey character. Very tasty and at affordable prices. The restaurant specializes in duck dishes. I recommend duck in cherry sauce and the best bigos /a dish of cabbage and meat / in Krakow. Super tasty.


Thursday 22nd of August 2019

Hey Nathan, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this blog post! Luckily I found it before I visited (earlier this month). Upon your recommendations we went to: Ranny Ptaszek - Food so fresh and tasty, decor very cute and instagrammable Veganic - Lovely buzzy outdoor garden, yummy food and cocktails, Przstanke Pierogarnia - Dumplings were fresh and super filling and felt authentic I really fell in love with Krakow and can't wait to visit again, thanks for sharing your food passion, your blog is great!


Friday 23rd of August 2019

Thank you so much for the nice words! I'm glad I was able to help guide you to some places you enjoyed! I also love Krakow and hope to go back there again ASAP! Safe travels- Nathan


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wow, this post is definitely thing i need now. Your article has made my decision much easier for which restaurant i should go in Krakow. Thanks a lot !

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Friday 26th of October 2018

I wish I'd read this post before visiting Krakow... although I did eat splendidly, I could have done even better! :-)


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