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17 Of The Best Bratislava Restaurants | Where to Eat in Bratislava, Slovakia

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I recently spent several days eating my way through the Slovakian capital city to bring you this guide to the best Bratislava restaurants.

From where to find the best traditional food to fine dining and burgers that have locals lining up, this guide has something for everyone!

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16 Must Try Bratislava Restaurants

Meštiansky Pivovar

Drevená 575/8 // +421 944 512 265

One of the best places in town to try traditional Slovakian food done well, this brewery felt like an upscale pub (albeit one with exceptional service). The friendly staff was happy to make phenomenal suggestions for both food and beer.

best Bratislava restaurants

Some of our favorite dishes were the appetizer selection of homemade fresh bread dips and the giant pork knuckle that should definitely be shared between two people!

best Bratislava restaurants

Be sure to try some of their craft beer as well. It’s some of the best in the city!

Slovak Pub

Obchodna 62 // +421 252 926 367

Slovak Pub is a bit of an institution in Bratislava. The restaurant sets itself apart by maintaining its own organic farm, which is where they source many of their ingredients. The same farmhouse also bakes fresh bread and cakes from scratch using their grandmother’s recipes!

best Bratislava restaurants: Slovak bar dumplings

Be sure to try the housemade dumplings covered with cream and sprinkled with herbs and fleck, and I also recommend the traditional garlic soup in a bread bowl.

Slovak Bar breaded stew

Slovak Pub also maintains a custom brewery with its own keg room, where the beer is stored in optimum conditions to maintain flavor.

Pán Cakes

Suché mýto 4, 811 03 Staré Mesto, Slovakia // +421948100458

Among the top pancake spots in the city and a local favorite! The atmosphere is cozy, there is good music playing, and the pancakes are surprisingly delicious for the price!

Deliciously sweet and delicious pancakes. Their menus are available in both English and Slovak, and the staff is kind and accommodating. Also, a reasonable wait time.

Pán Cakes choco pancakes

There are several excellent vegetarian selections and vegan and lactose-free options. Both inside and outside, there are a few tables along the street. Overall, a great restaurant location!

I got both the pistachio pancake and the cinnamon pancake, both were delicious.

You can park in front of the restaurant on weekends if you go there. Weekdays, though, can provide challenges. If so, you can park 3 minutes walk away at Tatra Centrum, which is accessible by car.

Mezcalli Bratislava

Námestie SNP 1, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421949548725

A slightly hidden Mexican eatery. However, the environment inside appears to be really lovely, fresh, and realistic. The service was excellent, and they can offer advice if you are confused about what to get.

Although I must agree that I have never seen such attentive service in Bratislava, the dishes cooked by a Mexican chef who genuinely puts his passion for food on the table take this establishment to a higher level.

Mexcalli Bratislava tacos

The menu is small but features traditional Mexican dishes such as tacos Al Pastor, guacamole, chilaquiles, and huevos divorciados. There are also authentic cocktails like horchata and margaritas!

I recommend this restaurant to anyone looking to break free from the stereotypes of Slovak food and experience something unique and delicious.

Mille Baci

Námestie SNP 507/1, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421917138767

I discovered this modest, quaint, and quite interesting eatery on the outskirts of the Old Town. Although there is a little terrace, we preferred to sit inside because it was pouring. Nevertheless, we were intrigued as soon as we walked through the door.

The decor is unique, with bits of this and that, nothing matching, but it works adorably well. Fresh basil pots and platters of fruit and vegetables, including figs, aubergines, leeks, and tomatoes, are put at the door, adding a sense of authenticity that no menu could match.

The personal touch is particularly noticeable and appreciated because it is owned and operated by mother and son Roberta and Milan. The modest size creates a beautiful sense of intimacy, but what drew us in was how unique the place was. The adjective that springs to mind is quirky.

The owner is almost always present and greets customers with open arms. Furthermore, much of the staff is her family, giving the entire dining experience a family atmosphere. The kitchen is open, so you can see how your meal is being prepared.

Mille Baci beef gorgonzola

Since there is a limited menu and everything is prepared upon order, there may be a brief wait, but you will be informed of this in advance. The dinner was delicious, and the big amounts immediately transported us to an Italian household.

The beef gorgonzola is a must-try. Even though it was characterized as chopped beef, it was actually a perfectly cooked beef fillet that could be cut with just the touch of a knife, just like butter.

You never forget eating a dish like this, and I can assure you that I will long for it and doubt that anything similar will ever appear again. I’ll always be able to smell that delicious meal in my mind. Even though we were both overstuffed, we indulged in Tiramisu for dessert. It was exquisite and, like the entrée, the amounts were enormous; I needed help clearing my plate.

They had Italian wine on the menu, but we chose a Slovak red instead because it went so well with our meal. We then ordered another bottle and savored our indulgence to the fullest.

It was a little more expensive than normal, but the difference was worth it. We had a fantastic time here and would return if we were ever in Bratislava again. I also advise you to do the same!

Brixton House

Františkánske námestie 408/3, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421948589743

A beautifully built pub in the heart of the old town. The setting is vibrant and modern; you will enjoy the mood! It compelled me to return twice.

The service was fairly quick, and the staff was courteous. The cost is a little higher than the average of local restaurants, but it is well-deserved. Since there is plenty of room, we were able to find a table without making a reservation during a busy period.

Brixton House burger

The cocktail options are good. The cuisine was excellent. I enjoyed the chicken burger I tried. There were several vegan alternatives on the menu, and the desserts in the bar looked delectable. I’d adore returning for a few cocktails at night.

Having lunch in the heart of the old town made me feel very nice! I definitely recommend it!


Ventúrska 10, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421918734129

Excellent location for brunch or simply a relaxing cold brew coffee. The exterior provides a lovely view, while the interior is very warm and adheres to Slovakia’s traditional architecture. The cuisine is fantastic and well worth the price.

A trendy cafe with light fare, superb coffee, and delectable home-baked bread and pastries, a vegan juice bar with cold-pressed juices and a colorful daily menu of cuisine, plus a sophisticated space for gatherings for up to 250 people make up Fach, a novel concept.

FACH egg sandwich

We enjoyed mouthwatering open-faced egg sandwiches. I also had pomegranate and other fruits in beetroot juice. Again, absolutely delicious, and I was pleasantly pleased by how creatively they prepared their dishes.

Their chef’s table and the outdoor kitchen are both charming. The structure is neat and well-balanced.

Overall, Fach Restaurant offers a magnificent dining experience and is a welcome addition to Bratislava’s list of excellent restaurants. It combines a stunning atmosphere with an innovative and well-prepared tasting menu.


Námestie SNP č. 8 // +421 907 227 754

A local friend told us Flagship is where he brings out-of-town guests who want to try traditional Slovakian food. While the interior felt a bit too touristic for my taste, there’s no denying this restaurant is popular or that they produce high-quality versions of traditional recipes.

This is a great place to get a shared platter. That way your group can sample more of their offerings.

Flagship's mixed meat platter

If you’re not in the mood for local food, Flagship also offers other choices, such as pizza.

Pizza in Flagship

Arthur Ice Cream

Gorkého 3, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421907176121

Arthur Ice Cream is among the nicest ice creams I’ve tasted while traveling throughout Europe. We saw at least two locations while wandering about Bratislava, so we ended up getting two scoops at each one because they were so wonderful! Such a sweet and funny little spot.

Arthurs Ice cream: Mint pistachio

The ice cream’s flavor and quality were simply fantastic! Their ice cream with pistachios and dark chocolate was fantastic. If you’re in Bratislava, I highly suggest visiting Arthur Ice Cream; you won’t regret it!

FABRIKA the beer pub

Štefánikova 864/4, 811 05 Staré Mesto, Slovakia // +421901902683

This is a fantastic location! A large, modern, upscale brewpub/restaurant. Very excellent ambiance with a rustic/industrial sense that is executed flawlessly! We were anxious about the waiter because he was a foreigner, but he spoke excellent English and was quite polite!

We could have spent every waking minute here if we hadn’t had anything else to do in Bratislava. Instead, we had a great time here.

We commented on how wonderful the mood was and how some places “just have it” in terms of ambiance, with this being one of them. The food was fantastic, with generous amounts and affordable prices.

Fabrika beer pub salad and sauces

My friend appreciated the wines and spirits, and I had a fantastic time trying the various brews. I can pleasantly say that I’m delighted we spent as much time here as we did. Normally, we try to avoid eating at hotel restaurants while on a city trip to get out and about for a better experience.

My friend and I split a sample paddle, and then I chose one beer to pair with my meal. It was difficult to choose because it featured a large assortment of both local/traditional meals and international foods.

The dinner we selected was excellent. We had two salads and hummus. The server took his time describing the various beers before returning later to talk about Bratislava and Slovenia. A very pleasant evening. I recommend you to go to Fabrika.

Hradna Hviezda

Námestie Alexandra Dubčeka 4809/1 // +421 944 142 718

Situated atop the rocky hill on the grounds of Castle Bratislava, you would expect this restaurant to be more expensive than it is. But the prices at Hradna Hviezda are reasonable, and the service is top-notch. Definitely one of the best Bratislava restaurants.

While everyone recommended the goulash, I discovered they also grill some delicious steaks!

best Bratislava restaurants: Hranda Hviezda

Best Bars And Breweries In Bratislava

100 pív craft beer bar & shop

Medená 111/33, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421948405409

During my most recent trip to Bratislava, my friend and I had a blast and sampled some incredible beers at 100 Pub Beer Shop & Establishment, a truly fantastic craft beer bar.

This is a tiny place – a cross between a beer store and a bar, with quite limited seating, just outside of centermost Bratislava, but central enough for an easy walk there. 

Although it is a little bar, it is really cool. A small serving bar, great decor and furnishings, a wonderful mural of Old Bratislava on the walls, and a shelf system full of bottled beer for take-out are available.

There is a bulging fridge packed with ice cold beers from across the world, in addition, to ice cold beers from local microbreweries and beers from around the world.

100 pív craft beer bar and shop

My beer was extremely fantastic; I’d tasted a few fruit IPAs before, but this was by far the finest; a delicate, well-balanced brew overflowing with flavor that was also quite simple to drink.

My friend likewise gave his beer a thumbs up, and while sipping the beers, we already had our next beer selected; we sampled one of the bottled beers.

We both chose Brooklyn Brewery’s “lager,” and once again, we were handed a fantastic brew; I’ve tried this beer on numerous occasions, and it’s a beer style I enjoy, an authentic session beer.

A fantastic place and, in my opinion, a must-visit for anyone who likes craft beer in a good bar.

CORK Wine Bar

Panská 4, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421918834761

While looking for a peaceful area to enjoy a glass of wine, we stumbled upon this location. A sophisticated but laid-back environment. We had some fine wine, delectable bar snacks, and outstanding artwork for a couple of hours.

They had a very excellent assortment of wine by the glass. We appreciated the plaza and the environs while sitting outside.

Cork Wine bar

After describing our flavor preferences, the recommendations were accurate, and the prices were fair. Additionally, the wine was served in gorgeous wine stems, which added to the pleasure of the tasting.

The bartender was really welcoming and took us to see their collection of Alexej Vojtasek artwork. Artist Vojtasek is well-known in the area for his abstract pieces that make excellent use of color. Visit if you enjoy wine, art, or good snacks.


13, Panská 245, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421904208108

An intimate Craft Beer Bar in the heart of Bratislava that is small but lovely and inviting. The best craft beer variety we found in Bratislava can be found at this charming little bar.

ŽIL Verne craft beer

There are several regional choices as well as several from surrounding countries. I enjoyed the “pickled cheese” (marinated in oil and herbs), and the service was excellent. Awesome place!

We tried double IPA and raspberry vanilla porter; both were excellent. Surprisingly it’s not a tourist’s trap. I definitely recommend it!

Cuba Libre Rum & Cigar House

11, Laurinská 138, 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia // +421919204330

Whoever enjoys rum, cigars, and Tiki drinks should visit Cuba Libre Bratislava. The mood is just right for a good evening, thanks to the gloomy surroundings and the exceptionally pleasant cigar aroma.

Along with the excellence of their cocktails and service, they have a great selection of cigars and rum.

Cuba Libre Rum and Cigar House

They have amazing craft cocktails; the Mezcal old-fashioned was the best cocktail I had in Bratislava. Also, If you get the chance, try Facundo Eximo, one of the nicest inexpensive, pricey rums you’ll find here. Worth it if you want to feel posh like a godfather.

Look at the pricing before placing your order, though. Still a fantastic location. Would, without a doubt, suggest it. We returned three times only to taste more rums. They also sell some decent cigars. Worth the journey! Also, the personnel is exceptionally courteous and professional. Test it out!


Šancová 19 //  +421 948 396 066

When we first showed up at Roxor, we were told they had sold out of burgers hours before closing time. Apparently this happens so often it’s best to make a reservation to get in!

Locals line up for what is widely known as the best burger in town. Interest piqued, we made a reservation to come back the next day to see what the big deal was.

We weren’t disappointed.

best Bratislava restaurants

I was initially surprised by their small burger menu — there were only four burgers.

With choices like El Gringo — a perfectly grilled patty topped with bacon, jalapeño, cheddar cheese, spicy chipotle mayonnaise, and crumbled tortilla chips and the premium burger — which is topped with cheddar that’s been aged 9 months, we understood what the hype was about.

best Bratislava restaurants

Pro tip: Reservations are only possible after 2:00 p.m., as you cannot book a table during lunch. So, have a late breakfast and book yourself a table for after 2:00 to make sure they still have a burger when you arrive!


Mudronova 82 // +421 902 333 888

When we asked locals where to go for fine dining in Bratislava, Albrecht was mentioned more than once, and many said it was Michelin standard.

The food is definitely high quality, the plating is gorgeous and the sommeliers wine pairings were spot on.

best Bratislava restaurants

The menu boasts many seafood options, along with choices of lamb and wild game. You can also splurge and order the tasting menu.

best Bratislava restaurants

Reservations are suggested.

Which of these Bratislava restaurants look best to you? Let me know in the comments section below!

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