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Where to Find the Best BBQ in Jackson MS | 6 Best Jackson MS BBQ Restaurants

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You can sense the “soul” of Jackson, Mississippi, which bills itself as the “City with Soul,” as you stroll along its tree-lined streets.

But you can also taste it when you enter one of the city’s many barbecue joints and tuck into this delectable southern classic.

In Jackson, there are many fantastic restaurants with BBQ on the menu. You’ll find excellent ribs, chicken, and sandwiches there. But, of course, the food will rely on what you adore (or hate), just like with every dinner.

You should keep reading to see my top six6 must-try barbecue spots if you’re looking for places that serve fantastic BBQ!

Best BBQ In Jackson MS

The Pig & Pint

3139 N. State St., Jackson, MS 39216, United States // +16013266070

Since The Pig & Pint launched in 2015, their excellent food has been luring people into the city. Their basic concept is to serve barbecue in the form of baby back ribs, pulled pork, brisket, or smoked chicken, with sauces and sides to suit everyone’s tastes.

Their sandwich selections, such as the fried green tomato BLT, are alluring. When you leave, you’ll regret not having enough room in your stomach to try more. The establishment radiates southern charm from top to bottom. Check out their beer selection.

Best BBQ In Jackson MS: BLT

I had a fantastic meal! I loved how everything was cooked and smoked to perfection. The atmosphere was relaxed and easy. The staff was welcoming and engaged us in pleasant discussions.

They provided thorough recommendations and a wonderful, diverse assortment of local beers. Simply put, words can’t do this place justice. You must visit and investigate for yourself.

The portions are really generous, but the pricing is not what you would anticipate for this kind of meal, so you will need to go hungry! However, eating here a few times a week is not expensive because the costs are all more than reasonable.

My friend had the bacon melt, which included brisket and pig belly, and I ordered the fried green tomato BLT. My BLT was hot off the grill. It was delicious. I attempted to consume the greens as a side dish, but it proved to be too much for me. My companion finished his dinner quickly.

Without a doubt, I recommend the location. The food was delicious. The personnel was polite, and the service was quick. Give it a try for best BBQ in Jackson MS!

E & L Barbeque

1111 Bailey Ave., Jackson, MS 39203, United States // +16013555035

Despite not being in the trendiest neighborhood, E & L Barbeque is renowned for its excellent barbecue. You’ll want to determine your decision before you approach the ordering line at this cafeteria-style establishment since they’ll push you straight through.

The ribs and the sauce, which you can order by the quart or the gallon if you like, are their specialty.

Do not judge the book by its cover or even how it appears inside when you first enter the room. The dining is really casual and not at all pretentious. When your order is finished, you are called after placing it at the register.

However, they were out of the pulled pork, which I was eager to taste. So instead, I ordered the rib tips with potato salad and the chicken wings with fries. Everything was excellent! Both the hot sauce and the barbecue sauce that was served with the ribs were excellent! The chicken wings were cooked in a tasty fashion; they were crunchy but became softer when coated in sauce.

Best BBQ In Jackson MS: Chicken Wings With Fries

If you travel frequently, you’re aware that the tastiest food doesn’t always come from the most appealing locations, and E & L Barbeque is yet another example of this rule in action. So if you’re nearby, check out this location! It’s one of the top best BBQ in Jackson MS.

Woodhouse Grill Bar and Lounge

4559 Office Park Dr., Jackson, MS 39206, United States // +17692082124

Although Woodhouse Grill may not appear to be much from the outside, it quickly moves up the list of the best BBQ in Jackson MS. Woodhouse doesn’t need white tablecloths to sell itself, thanks to an ever-changing menu that keeps customers on the edge of their seats and hurrying in to catch the new items before they run out.

They have excellent smoked meat options and frequently offer fresh flavors. You will keep returning time and time again since the food speaks for itself and because of the welcoming ambiance in the tiny dining area. Barbeque and sports are enormous in Jackson, and Woodhouse is a terrific site to watch the big game.

We ordered the rib plate and the plate with a sausage sandwich. I adore ribs, which were unquestionably the greatest I’ve ever had. The side sauce was also excellent. A little kick, a little vinegar. Wonderful! The sausage was excellent. The bun was made with the ideal amount of bread, and the taste of the smoked meat was superb.

Best BBQ In Jackson MS: Rib Plate

Everything about the ribs was perfect! Some people unfamiliar with barbecue believe that meat should fall off the bone when you stare at it too long, yet these are juicy and tender. White or post oak is the best choice if you don’t want an overbearing smokey flavor because it lets the meat be the star of the show. There are mounds of white oak outdoors.

We got Mac & cheese, baked beans, green beans, and coleslaw served as sides. A roll was included with the rib plate. The proprietors go above and beyond and are incredibly kind and friendly. Overall, this was a fantastic restaurant, and they can claim that the best BBQ in Jackson MS!

Gator Jr’s to Go

4556 N. Siwell Rd., Jackson, MS 39212,  United States // +16015738662

Jackson’s Gator Jr.’s to Go serves some of the best BBQ in Jackson MS. Its large dining area serves large plates of saucy meats and other classic dishes. Gator Jr’s to Go takes excellent satisfaction in serving delicious comfort food and superb BBQ in a welcoming, family-style setting.

Their staff has years of experience making handmade sauces and house-smoked BBQ foods. Their cuisine is distinctive for every palate, from salad to smoky BBQ. Try their burgers, sweet smoked pork, sandwiches, and chicken wings on the grill as well!

Best BBQ In Jackson MS: Chicken Wings On The Grill

This place was excellent. It’s amazing that they stay open until everything has been sold and the service is efficient.

Since the service is so quick, there are no call-ins. Despite the odd hours, it functions. We ordered their delicious spicy chicken on a stick and fries with BBQ sauce. The fries were perfectly seasoned!

Bully’s Soul Food Restaurant

3118 Livingston Rd., Jackson, MS 39213, United States // +16013620484

Bully’s Restaurant is comparable to your southern mother’s kitchen but with constant neighborhood invitations. You’ll find a warm and friendly atmosphere here, and the prices, quantities, and service are commensurate.

Instead of luxurious accommodations, expect some very excellent southern soul food and barbecues, such as ribs, beef tips, or fried catfish. In addition, they provide homemade sweet tea, as any decent Southern restaurant should accompany the meal. This is a local favorite and a very worthy stop as soon as you arrive and see the busy parking lot.

Best BBQ In Jackson MS: Fried Catfish

We were eager to visit this eatery and show our support for a local family-run business. The personnel was really friendly. However, it took them a few tries to figure out our order, even though it was correct. The cuisine was excellent.

The covered pork chop, which was as soft as melted butter, made me swoon. The turnips and mustard greens were perfect—tender but with a bite and a smoky flavor. The mashed potatoes were in a league of their own. Please request the cornbread when they ask, “Roll or cornbread?” It’s not overly sweet, and it’s not cake; it’s proper cornbread because it’s prepared with actual corn meal.

Also on our menu were the beef tips. Among the dishes my friend was served were fried okra, mac & cheese, and greens. Because I skipped lunch and we were both hungry, we ate fast. Anyone looking for the best BBQ in Jackson MS should check out Bully’s, in my opinion.

Hickory Pit

1491 Canton Mart Rd., Jackson, MS 39211, United States // +16019567079

Over the years that they have been in business, Hickory Pit has won numerous awards for the caliber of their barbecue, and this warm, family-run, tiny eatery just continues going strong.

If the owners are present and serving customers when you arrive, they will kindly invite you inside right away. You can order your ‘que as a sandwich or a platter, and the restaurant also offers a few more unusual choices, such as the Brunswick stew, which is more typical in the Mid-Atlantic region, or a po’-boy sandwich.

Don’t forget to try their carrot and coconut cakes, which are also recognized for their deliciousness.

I can vouch for the sandwich and the platter and admit that the pulled pork is my favorite. They also serve great sweet potato fries and huge, fat beer-battered onion rings, and I like their beans. 

Best BBQ In Jackson MS: Pulled Pork Sandwich

You can choose from three sauces at the table: Hot, which is one of my favorites, is a bright red sauce with pepper flakes and cumin; mild, a smoky sauce that tastes perfect and sweet, which is very thin and tastes almost like maple syrup. All three sauces are good, but my friend said, “This meat is so good that you don’t even need sauce.”

Try the Hot on the onion rings as well; it’s delicious. I enjoy the fact that it isn’t fancy. Nevertheless, the BBQ here is excellent.  Even among all the other places noted here, this one is the best BBQ in Jackson MS. 

Final Thoughts About Where To Find The Best BBQ In Jackson MS

The best places to get together with friends and family are BBQ restaurants. There is nothing like enjoying a great BBQ with friends or having a meal cooked by your favorite cook. It is often the best way for people to spend special occasions and holidays together with their loved ones. Check out these barbecue restaurants in Jackson the next time you visit and want some good old barbecue!

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