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15 Must-Try Lincoln Restaurants | Best Lincoln Nebraska Restaurants

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Looking for the best Lincoln, Nebraska restaurants? You’ve come to the right place!

Being someone who immensely enjoys traveling, cultural cuisine, & eating my way across the world—I sure relished my time in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Lincoln Restaurants: Lincoln

Their world-famous historic Haymarket alone presents 100+ culinary eateries—proffering international cuisine, Asian fusion, farm-to-table selections, and tremendous hospitality. 

Lincoln, Nebraska is unique at presenting food and making sure the surrounding is apt for the mood. There’s artistic beauty in the city’s restaurants. 

  • The ambiance was perfect, almost soothing. 
  • Outside patios were delightful & warm.
  • The infrastructure, lighting, and cozy interior will invite you for a hearty lunch or dinner. 

Wanting to keep it fresh, Lincoln restaurants have been practicing & using farm-to-table ingredients—serving hot, delicious, and fresh cuisine at every call. Talk about food variety, and the city will serve you almost all the international varieties you are looking for in the most authentic flavor profiles. 

I visited multiple restaurants day and night in the city and came across some of my favorites. These nine excellent restaurants in Lincoln, NE, will surprise you with ambiance, culinary, taste, authentic dishes, and city specialties. 

Lincoln, Nebraska—The City’s Overview

The capital city of Nebraska, Lincoln, is soon becoming the popular food hub in the state. Once only known for football & beef, Lincoln now has strings of artistic restaurants attracting all the food lovers worldwide. 

That’s not all; the city is famous for its historical landmarks like Haymarket District, Nebraska Historical Museum, Nebraska State Capitol (the only state legislature in the U.S.), sunken gardens, and so much more! The city invites people for its soothing aura, magnificent architecture, and unique history. 

Explore the expanse of Lincoln in Nebraska while eating away fantastic steak specialties, corn goodness (shout out to Spanish & Central American Cuisine), tin roof sundae, ribeye, pork, etc.! 

The Historic Haymarket district will invite you to some grand, lavish, jazz-inspired culinary restaurants with a retro lookout! Here are the nine popular, flavor-rich restaurants that I found in the city! Eat away. 

Screamer Dining & Cabaret

803 Q St Ste 150 // +15313352129

Eating at Screamer Dining & Cabaret is no less than an experience—the soothing live jazz music enchants a mood, and the excellent cuisine revives your taste buds. Located in the historic Haymarket District, Screamer Dining & Cabaret will invite you to a retro diner & a huge feast.

Specializing in classic American cuisine, this eatery has multiple delicacies to present at your arrival—order their specialties featuring seafood, steaks, Lincoln-style pasta, and massive burgers. 

The Cabaret

This restaurant has a different aura—retro-style lighting, a cozy sitting area, and a big cabaret stage stealing everyone’s attention. The whole exterior & interior revolves around music, melody, good food, and good company. Screamer Dining & Cabaret has an elegant exterior with piano, dancers, musicians, and musical symbols painted/exhibited on the wall. The restaurant is pretty catchy & easy to find on the streets of HHD, Nebraska.

The owner of this lounge, Kevin Witcher, came up with the concept to relive music with food after his successful career in the music industry. Kevin was a huge part of Nebraska University’s show choir, called Scarlet & Cream Singer. 

Later, he dedicated the restaurant’s name, concept, and interior to that very feeling. 

It’s a popular avenue in the town & there’s a reason why everyone talks about it. There’s a mini-concert/reserved show available at the dining area every other day, you can always purchase tickets for their famous performances. 

Screamer Dining & Cabaret Menu

Their menu isn’t massive but has authentic delicacies plattered; you can find a good selection of entrees, appetizers, burgers, and desserts here. The restaurant also has a vegan menu to provide a luxurious experience to your vegetarian friends as well. 

Amongst all the foods I tasted, my favorite would remain the half-roasted chicken served with screamer curly fries & roasted Brussels, Frutti di mare, & veggies lasagna. If you are a chocolate fan, I’d highly recommend the chocolate layer cake. For desserts, you can also go with Italian creme and root beer float, both are equally delicious. 

Lincoln Restaurants: Veggies Lasagna

Without a doubt, Screamer Dining & Cabaret remains one of my favorite restaurants all around the world! That’s something huge coming from me! 

Best Lincoln Restaurants, Ne

The Green Gateau

330 S 10th St // +14024770330

My second favorite restaurant in the town is The Green Gateau. With climbing vines covering the lengths of the building, aesthetic street lamps, and fairy lights, The Green Gateau looked like a fairytale-style avenue in Downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. 

I’m a fan of dining in classic restaurants at night. However, brunch and lunch at this restaurant were also equally beautiful. Just like its exterior, the interior will leave you spellbound. 

The sunlight enhances the whole interior of this french-style bistro—the soft golden hue will please your day, and their European-style food will take you to France. I’d highly recommend taking a reserved seat close to the window to feel the warmth of the day while enjoying brunch with your partner. 

The Green Gateau specializes in french cuisine, but the variety doesn’t limit to European food; you will also have sumptuous American-style delicacies.  

The quaint restaurant has a massive menu for lunch & breakfast. If you visit the restaurant for dinner, go for their creamy Artichoke chicken—a delicious combination of grilled chicken breasts, artichoke, spinach drizzled with gorgonzola (blue cheese), and cream. It was deliciously saucy and mouthwatering. 

Also, try their fettuccine Au Poivre—a mouthwatering dish with an incredulous flavor profile. The absolute blend of seared steak tips, mushrooms, dijon (traditional French mustard), and cream will have you screaming for more! 

Lincoln Restaurants: Fettuccine Au Poivre


1301 H St // +14024740084

Want to eat in an artistic, rustic, and vintage restaurant? Billy’s might be your best choice. If I had to pick, Billy’s would be my most preferred avenue in the town. 

Established in a vintage barn, the eatery will greet you with unique colors, wooden furniture, a covered entrance, vintage antiques, and a cozy ambiance. 

It’s different from any lavish restaurant you will come across. The interior was equally astonishing with a low-lit arena, small furniture welcoming priceless moments, and old antics complimenting its wooden walls. 

The barn (named Noble-Dawes House) was built in 1887; imagine the history this place has to offer! You will find a glimpse of its antiquity throughout the property. 

Billy’s restaurant could be a perfect date avenue if your partner enjoys art accompanied by royal history. The double-hung rustic windows will bless you with morning sunshine and a delicious breakfast. I’d highly recommend visiting this restaurant if you are in the town. 

If you are confused by the menu, start with their mussels on Dawes—a unique starter made using mussels steamed in white wine and lemon broth. If you don’t like mussels, there’s always coconut chicken—smoky, and coconutty. 

For the main course, I’ll highly recommend the blackberry duck and lemony veal piccata. There’s still so much to taste and explore in the restaurant; I do plan to visit Billy’s again in the new future. 

Lincoln Restaurants: Blackberry Duck

Where To Eat In Lincoln, Nebraska?

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

808 R St // +14028054232

Blue Sushi Sake Grill was a traditional delight in the town. With a unique Japanese interior, you are bound to witness a cultural dinner. 

In the restaurant, you will come across digital & virtual displays of Japanese cinema & tradition, Japanese scribbles on the wall, traditional lamps & lanterns, and vibrant hues of colored lights. The restaurant has a traditional ambiance you don’t get to witness in a classic American restaurant. 

Blue Sushi Sake Grill is proud to create some of the best sushi platters in the town—explore their freshly made sashimi, maki, and nigiri. The restaurant is famous for its vegan maki & gluten-free menu! 

Even if you don’t prefer sushi, I urge you to witness the traditional architecture they have stored inside. 

For people who might not enjoy raw meat, try their cooked & vegan maki varieties. They will surprise you with a foreign taste.

I relished their crunchy red maki (cooked with crab mix, cilantro, toasted panko and eel sauce) and the Spicy Tako (if you are a fan of spicy octopus). Their vegan specialties are filled with healthy and fresh ingredients—cucumber, Avocado, brown rice, tofu, eggplant, mushrooms, etc.

Unlike any other restaurant, Blue Sushi Sake Grill sources its seafood from Indonesia, Alaska, China, Spain, Maine, Japan, Canada to bring the most diverse and authentic quality. 

Every day, there’s a new chef’s special knocking on the doors of Blue Sushi Sake Grill. Although the dessert menu is small, their chocolate is supreme; enjoy their chocolate spring rolls and chocolate torte. 

Lincoln Restaurants: Chocolate Spring Rolls

Blue Sushi Sake Grill’s chocolate roll is a golden-brown crispy wrapper stuffed with an explosive amount of chocolate syrup, roasted nuts, and raspberry puree. It was bitterly sweet, nutty, and slightly tangy. I don’t enjoy sweets, but those rolls were simply made of sweet heaven! 

Piedmont Bistro

1265 S Cotner Blvd Ste 38 // +14029752816

Want to visit a beautiful locally-owned restaurant apt for lavish lunch or extravagant date night? Piedmont Bistro might be one of the best choices. 

With a brick facade exterior, aesthetic street lamps, a warm white lookout, great food presentation, delicious cuisine, and the city’s local charm—Piedmont Bistro is a wholesome avenue to treat yourself to a lavish diner. 

Reserve a table outside in their beautifully constructed and shaded patio, sit inside their cozy ambiance, or sip away the night at their bar—Piedmont has three different settings for different moods. 

There’s a secret dining room hidden inside this gem to offer private gatherings, business lunches, or family dinners. 

Piedmont specializes in pasta, burger, steak, and fillet, but their seafood equally wins the taste, texture, and portions. I had the pleasure to relish their Dijon Chicken breast—what a savory delight. The sauce was so good and mouthwatering. Accompany the dish with salt N’ pepper fries and blue cheese. 

Lincoln Restaurants: Burger

Piedmont Bistro also offers a great selection of happy hour beer, cocktails, wine, and liquor. 

Dish Restaurant

1100 E O St // +14024759475

The Dish Restaurant is unique at presenting food that you won’t find in other eateries. Their menu was a breeze of fresh air amidst all the regular ones. First of all, they have vanilla-sesame brioche—I’m a fan of french bread served with the main course. Second, they had duck specialties. 

DISH prepares seasonal cuisine to offer new varieties. It’s a scary game to try new recipes because it might terrify new customers away, but DISH knows how to impress food lovers like us. The slightly tangy recipes and sweet flavors make their food stand out amongst all the restaurants in the town.

DISH restaurant is more famous for its breakfast Egg Benedict, sausages, salmon benedict, egg sliders, etc. I ordered their Pork Loin served with cornbread, drizzled with pistachio cream and jalapeno sauce. If you are a fan of sweet and crispy combinations, order their corn+berries and poutine. 

Lincoln Restaurants: Eggs Benedict

At the bar, try their authentic cocktail selections and combinations. Cocktails like ‘like a prayer’ (vodka/gin with rosemary & lemon), ‘Chai got this’ (espresso-style liquor) and ‘Cherry darling’ were amongst my favorite—sweet and tangy.

DISH Restaurant is perfect for individuals who are bored of ordering the same food again and again! Someone who takes great joy at trying new menus and recipes would love to visit the avenue for its ever-changing dynamics. 

DISH is a spacious restaurant offering a low-lit ambiance, warm outside patio, and simple aesthetics. 

Fireworks Restaurant

5750 S 86th St #6053 // +14024345644

Offering an eco-friendly environment, garden holding 3200 native plants, and vintage brick/wood facade—Firework restaurant guarantees fresh air, warm sunlight, cozy dinner, and delicious cuisine. 

Being a fan of wood-fired food, I had to visit the restaurant everyone talked about. Needless to say, it held a beautiful patio, vibrant outside Greenland garden, vintage interior, and classic bar—the intricate contrast of round tables, subtle lights, and wooden furniture gives away a perfect opportunity for a cozy breakfast in the locality. 

At the avenue, be prepared to come across a wide variety of wood-fired food from their very own traditional wood-fired rotisserie, wood-fired oven, and grill.

Wood-firing cooking techniques surely intensify the flavors of your rendered meal—smoky and exotic.

From Korean lettuce wraps to Italian beef burgers—I came across a diverse menu with wild & mouthwatering recipes. During my quick morning break to the avenue, I ordered their famous Philly cheesesteak. The burger was a rich combination of shaved filet, sauteed onion, and homemade sauces wrapped in a crispy yet tender hoagie. 

Lincoln Restaurants: Philly Cheesesteak

I revisited the restaurant for dinner with my friends and enjoyed their deliciously wood-fired rotisserie chicken and chicken Milan. Chicken Milan was delicious, tendered with sauteed mushroom, red pepper, basil, and furnished with provolone (Italian cheese) and burred blanc sauce. 

I always enjoy ending dinner with light-weight dessert, and house cheesecake was just the thing I needed. My friends ordered their wood-fired, slow-roasted BBQ pizza. Everything was beautifully presented and deliciously cooked. 

The chefs at the restaurant change their recipes and ingredients with every season. So, you will always receive something unique and new. 

While you are at it, don’t forget to try their home-crafted ales from Empyrean brewery. The brewery is quite famous in the city and the neighborhood.

The Normandy

2785 S 17th St // +14024760606

I remember visiting ‘The Normandy’ one fine morning—its ambiance and interior were eloquent. Normandy soon became my favorite French cuisine avenue—their menu offered delicious breakfast and delicacies. 

With soft tone furniture and bright ambiance—you will highly enjoy visiting the restaurant in the morning. It’s laid back and soothing. Please note: Normandy is only open from Thursday to Saturday until 9 PM. Ensure you make a reservation before reaching the avenue. 

Normandy has a very selective menu—they only present a couple of appetizers, entrees, and desserts. 

Lincoln Restaurants: Dessert

Plus, the menu changes every day—you are bound to eat something new and out-of-the-blue in the restaurant. My favorite entrees at Normandy are chicken a la creme, and pallet de lentils. Normandy is perfect for a light breakfast or evening brunch. 

Vincenzo’s Ristorante

808 P St // +14024353889

Craving something Italian? Lincoln has Vincenzo’s Ristorante— a famous restaurant voted as the ‘Best of Omaha’ consecutively since 2006-2017. Also, Lincoln’s Journal Star proudly considers Vincenzo’s to be Lincoln’s Top-Italian restaurant. 

As a fan of Italian cuisine, I visited Vincenzo’s with a big appetite to relish their delicious menu, and least to say, I wasn’t disappointed. Vincenzo’s has a massive menu presenting every Italian delicacy that there is, from antipasti to pasta, Italian entrees, pizzas, Insalata, and so much more! 

Start your dinner with their hearty appetizers called melanzane and garlic cheese bread. For Italian entrees, go with baked roman twins and steak/chicken/veal marsala. Last but not least, try their Italian-style cannoli—a sweet wrap of heaven with whiffs of wine. 

Lincoln Restaurants: Italian-Style Cannoli

Vincenzo’s is a fine dine avenue in Downtown Lincoln. It has a cozy ambiance with a wooden interior. You can also enjoy pizzas and other Italian delicacies in this establishment. 


2820 Pine Lake Rd, Lincoln // +14024206800

At Valentino’s, you can choose from various delicious pizza options that will make you happy throughout your whole meal.

Don’t hesitate to bring up your dietary needs if a special diet concerns your family. Of course, the pizza will still taste great. Trust me!

At Valentino’s Pizza, you can enjoy deep-dish pizza and Italian cuisine. Their brick oven pizzas are cooked the traditional way.

Get a pizza and two drinks when you order a combo. Your taste buds will be enticed, and you’ll want more. You can also order calzones or garlic bread. They are delicious!


301 N 8th St, Lincoln // +14022618849

The delicious food attracts customers looking for a new experience. LeadBelly’s great staff is creative, which is why it’s such a great place. In addition, people consistently praise the restaurants’ excellent service. Prices are also very reasonable.

Their beautiful atmosphere and divine decor will certainly impress you.

You can find tasty waffles, cinnamon rolls and brioches at this place. You can also find great salads, lemonade and ice tea there.

LeadBelly also serves great vanilla ice cream, draft beer and Moscow mules.


El Potrero

247 N 8th St #120, Lincoln // +14024774551

El Potrero, a nice Mexican restaurant, is not far from the city center. Although El Potrero is primarily a Mexican Restaurant, it also offers food and beverages to guests. 

The Potrero Mexican Restaurant is located in a historic building that once housed a cigarette bar. The restaurant’s décor is traditional Mexican, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

El Potrero Mexican Restaurant offers an extensive menu of traditional Mexican cuisine prepared from scratch with only the freshest and finest ingredients. 

There are many delicious dishes on the menu, including Salsa & Chips, Handmade Tamales, Fajitas, Tacos Mexicana, Burrito Fajita Grande, Mucho Mucho Nachos, Chile Colorado Plate, and many more.

Las Margaritas

2700 Jamie Ln, Lincoln // +14024212662

If you’re hungry and looking for authentic Mexican cuisine, then Las Margaritas Restaurant is the place for you. 

The restaurant offers a wide variety of Mexican-style food and excellent service. Don’t forget to finish off your night with tequila or margarita!

Here you can find tasty veal ribs, flan, nachos and chicken sausage. At this bar, you’ll also find good tamales, steaks and shrimp—at affordable prices. In addition, you will enjoy the delicious beer and superior margaritas.

There is no problem getting a table at this restaurant even on Saturday, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get to find nicely cooked oysters and chicken pastry at Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant.

DISH Restaurant

1100 E O St, Lincoln // +14024759475

There’s a delicious meal for every occasion at the DISH Restaurant, whether you’re grabbing a quick bite before a show or a party to celebrate your anniversary.

The restaurant offers a wide range of meals and cocktails handcrafted with high-quality ingredients and a large selection of wines.

The restaurant’s menu includes delicious dishes like braised short ribs with maple-tamari, beef tartare and smoked beets.

Additionally, if you want something sweet to end your evening, the restaurant offers homemade desserts such as cream scones and sticky banana buns.

El Toro Mexican Restaurant

2600 S 48th St, Lincoln // +14024883939

It is a beautiful place to spend an evening with family and friends at El Toro Mexican Restaurant. From the moment you walk into the restaurant, you can feel the Mexican atmosphere.

The ambiance and decor at this Mexican restaurant and bar contribute to a relaxing experience for the guests enjoying their meals.

Beef Fajitas with colorful bell peppers in pan and tortilla bread and sauces

Despite the relatively small American food menu, all dishes are fresh, hot, and most importantly, tasty. In addition, their waiters provide attentive service, which is pleasing. 

Among the tasty dishes offered at the restaurant are fajitas, wings and salads. Don’t forget to try their margaritas as well!


Lincoln in Nebraska was a fresh breeze of air and a delicious trip. I never knew Lincoln held so many great restaurants. Amongst them, these nine stood up immensely with hospitality, ambiance, interior, and of course, taste. If you were ever to visit Lincoln, don’t miss out on the opportunity to try their services and taste. 

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Which of these Lincoln restaurants will you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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