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17 Best Warsaw Restaurants | Where to Eat in Warsaw, Poland

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Warsaw restaurants offer dining experiences as varied as the Polish capital itself. Whether you plan to visit the city to explore Poland’s rich history, taken in the stunning baroque or renaissance period architecture, you’ll never be far from a great place to eat. If you’re wondering where to eat in Warsaw, look no further than this list.

These 17 restaurants include everything from traditional Polish eats to modern fine dining and even authentic Italian, Greek, and Thai. I was fortunate enough to try several of them while I was visiting Warsaw with JayWay Travel, who arranged my visit. JayWay specializes in boutique travel for Eastern and Central Europe and is an industry expert. Be sure to check them out when you’re starting to plan your own visit.

While in Warsaw don’t miss out on activities that will help immerse yourself with the city (hurry while they’re hot!):

The 17 Best Warsaw Restaurants

Pyzy Flaki Goraçe

Brzeska 29/31 // +48 606 294 499

This Warsaw restaurant is named for the delicious Polish pastry it serves. Pyzy is a local dumpling dish stuffed with meat or potatoes. Pyzy Flaki Goraçe serves their dumplings in glass jars which I thought was a nice touch and made for a homey feel.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Pyzy Flaki Goraçe

But they don’t just serve dumplings here. Pyzy Flaki Goraçe has grown famous for all its most authentic traditional Polish offerings. The restaurant is often frequented by locals (always a sure sign it’s the best around), but travelers also love it there.

The menu features both seasonal and year-round dishes. The restaurant itself had cozy indoor seating, as well as some outdoor patio seating for warm and sunny days.  Pyzy opens for lunch at noon.


Świętojańska 2 // +48 22 635 35 35

Nestled within a historic building in one corner of Old Town, Polka is another  Warsaw restaurant that’s a great place to sample authentic Polish cuisine. Impeccably decorated and designed, when you walk into this restaurant you know what to expect: high quality, unparalleled service, and food in a welcoming, warm setting.

Several delicious dishes caught my eye when I looked over the menu, especially this fillet of wild boar with a gooseberry pie, kale, and a mushroom sauce. It tasted as delicious as it looks.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - POLKA

But save room for dessert. We thoroughly enjoyed our mascarpone berry cheesecake served with a vanilla sauce.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - POLKA

Polka is open daily from 12 to 11 pm. It’s a great place to grab lunch while out exploring the town or enjoy a memorable evening with friends.

La Rotisserie

Kościelna 12 // +48 22 531 60 70

One of the best restaurants in Warsaw for fine dining, La Rotisserie is located within the Mamaison hotel. As many regular readers will know, I’ve developed quite a passion for tasting menus, and this restaurant has a phenomenal Sunday dinner that rivals their five-course tasting menu, which I tried. I particularly enjoyed the seafood items.

The restaurant also employs one of Poland’s sommelier champions, and this showed in the spot-on wine pairings offered with the tasting menu. The service was impeccable, and as you can see, their plating is also quite artful.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Maka i Woda - La Rotisserie

For those looking for something but more substantial than what’s offered as part of their tasting menu, the roasted lamb or royal pigeon also looked quite tasty. Whatever you order here, you can’t go wrong.


Mokotowska 48 // +48 22 628 38 30

Alewino began as a wine shop, not a restaurant, and focus on wine shines through in their wine list: it’s more than 250 bottles long! This phenomenal selection is made even more incredible by the list’s dedication to small and emerging producers and distributors. They want to do business with those who are as passionate about wine as they are.

Alewine’s passion for flavor and quality extends to their menu. Their dishes are made with the freshest local and regional ingredients and rotate with the seasons to make use of whatever’s most available and flavorful at any given time of year.

I ordered the beef cheeks with brussel sprouts, and I was not disappointed.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Alewino

The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday, though only for dinner on Mondays. Reservations are strongly encouraged

Atelier Amaro

Agrykola 1 // +48 22 628 57 47

Atelier Amaro is a Warsaw restaurant that has gained fame for its interpretation of traditional Polish cuisine through a truly unique fine dining experience. The restaurant offers several multiple course menu options. The chef and owner dub each course a “moment”, and each of these moments is crafted to provide a memorable and unprecedented flavor experience.

When I dined there, I selected the 9-course tasting menu, which included this pigeon, beetroot, and juniper moment.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Atelier Amaro

As you can see, the presentation leaves nothing to be desired. The ingredients for this and all the dishes served at Atelier Amaro are local and seasonal. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are also available.

Reservations are a necessity for this restaurant, as it’s quite popular. As a fine-dining restaurant, you should know this place is also quite pricey.

Basil & Lime

Puławska 27 // +48 22 126 19 43

If you’re looking to satisfy a craving for Asian food, Basil and Lime is one of the best restaurants in Warsaw for Thai food. They serve rotating lunch specials which include curry and noodle dishes, vegetarian options, and classics like pad thai.

The restaurant is led by Thai ex-pat Chef Big, whose dedication to authentic Thai recipes has even earned Basil and Lime recognition from Thailand’s commerce department. They honor international Thai restaurants with the “Thai Select” award.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Basil & Lime

While a little pricey for Warsaw, the food here was phenomenal and really hit the spot. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner (though on Sundays their doors don’t open until 1 pm). One last thing — I’ve heard the service here can occasionally be slow, so make sure your after lunch or dinner plans are flexible.

Izumi Sushi

Multiple Locations

Izumi Sushi is a one-of-a-kind Warsaw restaurant that serves both authentic Japanese sushi and delicious fusion dishes. By serving up delicious Japanese cuisine, they hope to inspire diners to learn more about Japanese culture. If you’re not sure what to order here, I highly recommend the sashimi.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Izumi Sushi

Izumi Sushi’s popularity in Warsaw has led to six locations across the city. At one, you can even enjoy your sushi surrounded by palm trees in a cultivated jungle-like atmosphere.

Reservations are required but well worth it. Finally, I’ve also heard that service can sometimes be a bit slow, so keep that in mind. But I promise the food is well worth the wait.

Klub Mandala

Emilii Plater 9 // +48 22 891 06 19

Tucked a little ways off the street, Klub Mandala is one of the best restaurants in Warsaw for Indian food. They serve all the classics, including naan, curry, and delicious cream sauces.

The food varies in its degrees of spiciness, and the portions are large but shareable if you’re looking for a lighter lunch. But then again, their menu has so many delicious options, you and your dining partner might have trouble picking something to split.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Maka i Woda - Klub Mandala

They have both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as occasional live music. Open daily for lunch at noon, their prices are a tad higher compared to a few of the other lunch places on this list. Even so, I plan to return.

L’arc Vasovie

Puławska 16 // +48 519 000 050

Though a bit of a jaunt from the city center L’arc Vasovie serves up some of the freshest seafood in Warsaw. Prepared in a French style, this restaurant offers excellent service and an authentic atmosphere. The wait staff were helpful and more than happy to provide recommendations tailored to our tastes.

Though they can be a bit expensive, I recommend dining there on Sundays, when they offer an all-you-can-eat seafood feast for 119z ($32 USD). Though it might be more than you’d spend elsewhere, you can’t beat that price for unlimited seafood!

Check out this shrimp roasted with garlic and parsley.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Maka i Woda - Larc Vasovie - Roasted Shrimp

Their other dishes include fish soup, octopus stew, lobster, and even some enticing deserts. They open Monday through Saturday at 10 am and Sundays at 11 am.

Maka i Woda

13a, Chmielna // +48 22 505 91 87

Warsaw isn’t known for its Italian food, but maybe it should be. Located in Warsaw’s city center, Maka I Woda serves up perfectly crafted traditional Italian dishes, including homemade pasta Neapolitan pizza.

Their menu pairs the best in authentic Italian products with the freshest local and seasonal ingredients. The flavors and textures that result will not disappoint.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Maka i Woda - Pizza

What’s more, this restaurant’s open concept allows you to watch them prepare your dish and roast it in their wood-burning pizza oven. Watching the cooks at work was almost as rewarding as the food itself.

Because this place is so popular and centrally located, it can be quite busy in the evenings. Expect to wait for a table, but know that the service itself is fast and the line will move quickly.


Opaczewska 43 //  +48 22 823 98 68

Meltemi serves the most authentic Greek food of any Warsaw restaurant I’ve tried. Their classic Greek recipes include some phenomenal seafood dishes. But this restaurant’s dedication to Greek cuisine and culture doesn’t end at it menu. No, their dishes are made even more enticing by this place’s distinctly Greek atmosphere. By the time you’re finished, I wouldn’t fault you for thinking you’d somehow stumbled from a few hundred miles closer to the Mediterranean.

I recommend the braised lamb or shrimp, though everything on the menu looked delicious. You really can’t go wrong.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Meltemi

Meltimi has a good, central location within Warsaw. Prices range from 20-25 USD per person. They’re open everyday at noon, and the serving sizes aren’t too big, making this a great lunch spot for those out exploring the city.

Tel Aviv Food & Wine

Poznańska 11 // +48 22 621 11 28

Tel Aviv Food and Wine has received Rave reviews from both vegan travelers and Warsaw’s vegan community. But their food is so tasty and well-prepared that many non-vegans and vegetarians recommend the restaurant as the go-to place for Israeli cuisine.They serve, in my opinion, the best falafel in Warsaw. We tried their vegan tasting menu and were not disappointed

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Tel Aviv

Their desserts have gained a bit of a following in Warsaw. They are all 100% vegan and contain no sugar, gluten or lactose. Check out this strawberry-beet chia pudding.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Tel Aviv

The food here is made even better by the excellent presentation, service, and atmosphere. I was even pleased with their wine and beer options. I’ll definitely be back.


Oleandrów 8 // +48 570 205 746

MOD is a trendy, popular ramen restaurant that’s garnered quite a bit of attention from locals and travelers alike. Though the restaurant itself looks a bit modest from its quiet side street, it’s centrally located within Warsaw and a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner while out on the town.

Their menu includes vegetarian options, but I tried the ramen and was pleasantly surprised by the flavors.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Tokyo Cluj - Ramen

Be sure to save room for desert — their famous donuts definitely lived up to the hype. They also open at 10 am and serve coffee, so this is a great place to grab an early lunch.


Nowogrodzka 31 // +48 600 861 961

>Located near the center of the Polish Capital, N31 is one of the best restaurants in Poland for fine dining. Chef Robert Sowa has gained renown for crafting high-quality polish dishes with international touches.

I tried their 7-course tasting menu, which included this roasted fish with potato dumplings and creme fraiche.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - N31

As you can see the plating, like the service, was stellar and passionately executed. Our waiter took the time to explain each course. N31’s decor and ambiance are also carefully crafted. I enjoyed the modern, formal setting.

This place is quite popular, and reservations are strongly recommended. As a plus, this is one of the most affordable high-end restaurants in the city. While the prices are a bit more expensive than less formal places, they also aren’t as much as several other fine dining restaurants on this list the time to explain each course.

Nabo Cafe

Zakręt 8 // +48 22 842 02 56

Nabo Cafe serves Scandanavian inspired dishes crafted from seasonal ingredients. The restaurant was recently named eatery of the year by a local paper, and it’s easy to see why. Their rotating menu centers around salmon, herring, and mackerel, but they also serve a great gourmet burger. I tried their famous salad of goat cheese, raspberries, pear, and hazelnuts.

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Nabo Cafe

In addition to their great food, their wine list is quite extensive for a more informal establishment. Pets and children are welcome. Open daily at 10 am, the service can be a little spotty at times, but the food is always worth a visit.

El Popo Mexican

Senatorska 27 // +48 22 827 23 40

While not the most authentic Mexican food, El Popo is the go-to Warsaw restaurant for those craving something from south of the border. The atmosphere is friendly, and the staff is attentive and welcoming. The fajitas and margaritas were delicious. They even host live mariachi music!

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Comedor


Ujazdowskie 22 // +48 22 629 06 28

Rusiko is the go-to Warsaw restaurant for Georgian food. They serve traditional Georgian recipes alongside excellently paired Georgian wine. The service was warm and prompt, and the quiet yet welcoming ambiance made for a great evening of conversation.

This is a great place to try traditional Georgian dishes such as khinkali or everyone’s favorite- khatchapuri. This dish of cheese-filled bread is a must-try!

The 17 Best Restaurants in Warsaw, Poland | Must-Try Warsaw Restaurants - Rusikok

Which of these Warsaw restaurants would you most like to try?Let me know in the comments section below!

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Friday 1st of October 2021

Well, I went to two of your recommended restaurants. Greek one and Italian. Greek at least had very good wines. I had Calzone in "Italian" one. Total disaster. You could see kitchen staff painfully inept attempts at spinning dough. Any decent Italian pizza maker can do it in his sleep. Just to be clear, I live in London but spent many holidays in Italy both in summer and skiing. Lets hope there are better Italian restaurants in Warsaw. You can easily find them in Polish provincial cities. Based on my experience of your recommendations you must have some weird taste buds.


Sunday 3rd of October 2021

Maybe it's me with weird taste buds, maybe it's you...


Saturday 26th of October 2019

If you're seeking a place for a good party and you want to combine twitch a tasty food, you should head to New Orleans club!


Sunday 8th of December 2019

I’m going to Warsaw for a christmas break and maybe I’ll spend there New Years eve as well so then I'll check that spot! thanks!


Sunday 8th of December 2019

I'm going to Warsaw for a christmas break and maybe I'll spend there New Years eve as well so then I''l check that sport! thanks!


Sunday 20th of October 2019

I love Warsaw and I during my stay I discovered nice spots. place that I enjoyed the most is new Orleans club. I've been there twice. it's a luxurious place where we tried polish cousine like polish pork chop which I liked very much!!


Friday 10th of May 2019

You visited really good places in Warsaw. I would also recommend many of them! Nex time try SAM, Shuk, Charlotte and Ajoli. Next time come to Wrocław. It is one of the most great city in PL. I can recommend really good places there. Regards!


Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

One of the most interesting places on the map of Warsaw is undoubtedly Bubbles, where you can try a delicious black pudding, something that is not found anywhere else in the world, Polish cuisine delicacy, taste and let me know if I was right.

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