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The 3 Best Yacht Rentals Puerto Vallarta | Boat Rental Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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There is no better place to appreciate nature’s beauty than sitting on a yacht deck and feeling the fresh breeze as you enjoy Banderas Bay.

Various Puerto Vallarta boat tour operators and private charters have fishing boats, catamarans, and luxury yachts available for rent for a few hours or even a few weeks. 

Yacht Rentals Puerto Vallarta: Yacht

There is something for everyone, including snorkeling trips, cruises, sailing tours, and much more.

Want to learn more about yacht rentals Puerto Vallarta? You’ve come to the right place!

Why Rent A Yacht In Puerto Vallarta?

Cruising in Puerto Vallarta has been a growing attraction, as more visitors go to the west side of Mexico to escape Cancun’s parties and nightlife. Positioned on the Pacific Coast, this town is a charming and lively destination. 

Because it has a wide range of restaurants, boutique shops, bars, nightclubs, and a breathtaking beach promenade of El Malecón, there is never a shortage of things to do. Take sailing journeys, for example!

Renting a private yacht to sail from Puerto Vallarta is particularly popular because of the vast expanse of stunning oceanic scenes surrounding the town.

If you’re pursuing the best possible weather conditions for your visit, I’d recommend booking your sailing vacation in Puerto Vallarta between April and July. Then, there is practically no rain, and there are much fewer visitors than in the winter season, December to March. 

Nevertheless, no matter what period of the year you choose to tour the city, you are sure to find various things to explore here.

The 3 Best Yacht Rentals Puerto Vallarta Has to Offer

You’re in the right place to find out about the best yacht rentals in Puerto Vallarta.

  • Vallarta Yacht Company can offer you a broad choice of yachts that have passed tests of comfort, service, and enjoyment. Their yacht charters are all-inclusive, covering all activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, premium bar, exotic drinks, gourmet foods, and world-class service.
  • Vallarta Yacht Rental has made a dedicated selection of the best yachts, sailboats, and catamarans available for rent in Puerto Vallarta. You can count on personalized renting service, trips to the bay, visits to the most breathtaking beaches in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit, yachts for competitive fishing, or for special events like weddings, parties, birthdays, graduations, and much more.
  • In Vallarta Yachts, you can find a fine fleet of yachts, sailing boats, catamarans, and fishing yachts in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay. They say, and we quote, “Yacht Rental in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay has never been so easy and affordable as it is with Yachts Vallarta.’”

Book your next yachting experience and see Puerto Vallarta from a different point of view.

Places to Visit by Yacht

To get you started on your adventure, I’m going to give you some of my suggestions for the places you should visit!

Sail To Islas Marietas

Yacht Rentals Puerto Vallarta: Islas Marietas

When you are making plans about your schedule from Puerto Vallarta, it’s worth including a trip to Islas Marietas, home to the famous circular beach, which, seen from up above, appears just like an underground water pool. 

The nearest location on the mainland to the islands is Punta de Mita. Although there are ferry boats that offer several-day trips departing from the mainland to take groups of visitors to Marietas, it’s always much more of an experience to explore from the comfort of your yacht.

Las Animas

Visit Las Animas Beach, surrounded by tall palm trees, and dive in for a close look at the marine life. At Las Animas Beach, you can rest in the beautiful sand overlooking the crystal waters, enjoy many activities such as parasailing, or continue to explore the village of Quimixto.

Yacht Rentals Puerto Vallarta: Las Animas Beach

Playa Los Muertos and Playa Mismaloya

This bay and coastline give tourists, sailors, and visitors a perfect stretch of stunning seasides to check out when planning a boat trip in Puerto Vallarta. 

Playa Los Muertos is one of the closest beaches from which you can appreciate the Los Arcos Marine Park, a rocky group of islands that make up a protected national park, well-worth visiting. 

Yacht Rentals Puerto Vallarta: Los Arcos Marine Park

Mismaloya is a sandy and palm-lined beach, surrounded by a jungle environment offering breathtaking views.

Playa Camarones And Playa Yelapa

Even though this beach is located in the center of the Puerto Vallarta hotel zone, Playa Camarones is one of the quietest and calmest sandy seashores. 

It’s a great option if you’re looking for some peace and quiet while appreciating the sun and clear waters on your sailing trip in Puerto Vallarta. Yelapa beach is perfect for swimming and water sports. 

Yacht Rentals Puerto Vallarta: Playa Yelapa

In addition, there are some stunning, clear-water rocky spots, perfect for snorkeling and viewing exciting fish and coral. The bay itself has a private, secluded feel and is surrounded by lush green scenery.

Things You Need To Know Before Renting A Yacht

If you are new at this, you must have a ton of unanswered questions. Thankfully, you need to look no further!

What To Check When Taking Over A Boat

Indeed, you want your trip to go without a hitch. Taking over the yacht before departure is one of the most critical tasks. 

Why, you may ask? Because boats are not always as prepared as they should be. And very often, before you depart, you need to sort out many concerns and obstacles. 

The moment of taking over the boat or check-in is vital in preventing the renting company from asking for your payment for some damages caused by the previous crews. 

If you had to check absolutely every detail, you’d probably never manage to set sail, so it is best to focus on necessary items and equipment that you would need or are crucial to sailing.

Checking the boat can be divided into two main parts. Those parts are the external and internal inspections. 

Before you start, turn on all the switches on the dashboard in the saloon.

Things to check on the outside:

Hull and Deck

  • Take a smartphone or camera with you as you go around the outside of the boat, taking photos of any visible scratches and damages. 
  • Take a closer look at the edges and the sides of the boat, the bow, and the bow area near the anchor, as the bow can be damaged by the anchor.

Start the engine

  • Make sure it starts up without any difficulties. Shifting gears should be smooth, and don’t forget to check and see if you can feel the transition between neutral, forward, and reverse. 

Anchor and anchor windlass

  • Leave the engine running and examine the bow anchor. 
  • First, check the connection of the anchor to the chain, the anchor itself, and its placement in the mount. 
  • Next, check the anchor controls and try lowering and raising the anchor.


  • If the conditions allow it, hoist the sails one at a time. 
  • If the sails are damaged, ask for their repair or replacement. 
  • Check the lines, winches, stoppers, and the boom mast attachment. 
  • Visually check the mast, boom, side vents, and the fore and aft shrouds for damage.

Onboard equipment

  • Check the instruments onboard, the marine plotter, depth indicating devices, wind direction and speed, and autopilot data. 
  • Check the lifebuoy and rescue light buoy, and check the onboard lights.

Rudder and autopilot

  • Check the operation of the steering wheel and check the autopilot that controls the rudders. 
  • Inspect the rudder blade if you can see it from the jetty.


  • Check that the dinghy is in good shape and that it is inflated. 
  • If you are not sure that it is inflated enough, try to inflate it and watch for air leaks.

Checking the inside:

  • Stove and refrigerator
    • Switch on the gas to the stove, using a lighter or matches to light the flame. 
    • Gradually test that all ovens work. 
    • Check the galley cooking equipment. 
    • Don’t forget to check that the refrigerator is cooling and that the temperature can be regulated. 
  • Safety equipment
    • Don’t forget to check the number, location, and condition of life jackets and harnesses. 
    • If you are sailing with children, check whether they can use universal life jackets meant for adults. 
    • Next, find out about the location of fire extinguishers and fire axes, check the signal equipment, flares, and day shapes. 
    • Finally, find out where the first aid kit is and inspect its contents.
  • Navigation
    • Check the navigation equipment, maps, navigation aids, the pilot for the area, etc.
  • Water and tanks
    • Check and make sure that water flows and drains well everywhere on the yacht. 
    • Next, find out where to turn off the water and waste pipes. 
    • Next, ask about the location of the water tanks – how and where to switch water tanks.
    • Finally, find out where the tank filler is. 
  • Boat documents
    • The boat documents should include the technical inspection certificate, a permit to sail in the area, a crew list, and boat insurance. 
    • Make sure that the rental company gives you contact information in case any problems occur.
  • Engine
    • Open the engine compartment and check for oil leaks. 
    • If there aren’t any engine leaks and the space under the engine is dry, you should check the oil and coolant levels and tension the V-belts if they are not covered under the hood.
    • Lastly, ask if the diesel tank has been refilled and check the fuel gauge.

What To Remember To Bring On Board

Are you sailing for the first time and wondering what to take and what not to take on board with you? Have a look through these hints and tips to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything essential.

  • Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Snorkeling Kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight or Headlamp
  • Waterproof Bags
  • Sunscreen and Lip Balm

Do’s And Don’ts

Renting a yacht is an excellent adventure to escape and relax. However, a vacation on a yacht must have the right balance between high-end service and respect for guest privacy. 

For a successful stay, following a few necessary rules is essential. Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Listen to the safety briefing. Your crew takes safety very seriously. So, make sure you listen to them with undivided attention. In rare cases of rough seas or different issues, the information you’ll learn can be of great benefit.
  • Always ask about any specific rules and policies for bringing animals on board and about smoking. 

Would you like to bring your four-legged best friend with you? This should not be a problem if you inform your charter broker. 

Are you a smoker? All yachts have a specific smoking policy. While most yachts don’t allow smoking indoors, some have dedicated smoking areas outside.

  • Fill out the preference form in advance. This helpful document goes a long way in making your trip the most enjoyable. 
  • Don’t forget to tip the crew. The crew tip is usually 15-20 percent of the total charge. This, of course, is your decision. This percentage can go up and down depending on your satisfaction with the service. 


  • Don’t do anything illegal! There is zero tolerance aboard yachts for unlawful activities. The fine for any such behavior is the yacht being taken, and the license can be lost.

Consequently, the captain and crew will end your trip earlier and return you to shore. The authorities will take action from there.

  • Don’t enter the crew quarters. Avoid crew areas unless you’ve been invited there. The galley, or kitchen, is usually off-limits to guests unless requested by the chef. The crew will be there to provide beverages and take any food orders throughout your stay.
  • Don’t walk on the boat in your shoes. As soon as you step onboard, you’ll see a similar sight on any yacht and a basket for shoes by the entry. 
  • Don’t waste any water. A yacht is a self-sufficient unit, and as such, the crew manages all aspects of power generation, garbage disposal, and water consumption.

Final Thoughts

Has Puerto Vallarta won you over yet? No wonder that it has. The diversity of its beaches means that you could spend a lifetime exploring it on your yacht and still have more to see. 

So maybe it’s time to start – and the adventure and Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to do so. There you can find a variety of boats available and wait for you!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.