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9 Fun Things To Do In Fayetteville NC | Best Fayetteville Things to Do

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Named after the famous revolutionary French nobleman Marquis De Lafayette, Fayetteville is a historic city with a profound military background and a traditionally warm culture contrasted with a delightful modern ambiance. 

Whether a local or a passionate tourist, Fayetteville has so much to offer you—from accustomed historic museums to greenery, garlands, rivers, food heritage, hospitality, adventure, and more there are so many interesting things to do in Fayetteville.

If you are an individual traveler who relishes food, traditions, history with a blend of modernity, Fayetteville might just be one of the greatest treasures to visit in North Carolina. 

It’s a big town, offering something to everyone, irrespective of age, group, gender, personal preference, etc. As a wholesome family tour with kids, Fayetteville has The Arnette Park, J. Bayard Clark Park, C.F. Botanical Garden, the famous Rose Garden, Segra Stadium, and much more. 

For someone who deeply appreciates history, the city presents exhibits of the revolutionary wars through multiple museums and galleries. For instance, you can visit The Airborne And Special Operations Museum, Fayetteville Area Transportation and History Museum, etc. 

The evening is still long and glorious in the town, with many nightclubs, exquisite dinner, live music events, the famous Cape Fear Regional Theatre, and the sparkling Downtown Historic Square

If these serene destinations suit your palette, it’s time you visit one of my favorite locations in North Carolina. Are you confused about where to start this ‘ville journey? We have listed nine of the most remarkable things to do in Fayetteville on a pretty tight budget! Here we go! 

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9 Best Things To Do In Fayetteville

Airborne & Special Operations Museum

100 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28301 // +19106432778

Things To Do In Fayetteville: Airborne & Special Operations Museum
Photo Credit: Joseph Berger

In the memory of the brave U.S. Soldiers, ASOM, Airborne & Special Operation Museum respects and preserves the honorable history of soldiers who sacrificed themselves for freedom. 

The museum has records of the war that date back to the early 1940s. It narrates U.S. antiquity through multiple artifacts, visual and audio exhibits, and dioramas. They display, simulate, and provide the experience of the war bases, trooper’s synchronization, helicopters, machinery, and so much more. As a history lover myself, the museum has influenced me greatly, especially the rotor gear and the motion simulation. 

What to witness in the museum

  • War-torn Normandy.
  • Witness the war helicopters, gliders, the famous M-H6. 
  • Watch soldiers fight terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan and contemplate the glorious victory of freedom. 
  • Parachute jumps. 
  • The service provides brief military training to local men, families, and soldiers alike. 

The museum constantly engages with different events—the American prisoner of war experience, Author Visit with Kevin Maurer, National Airborne Day, and much more. Visit their official website to learn about the museum, its glorious history, and current events. 

Similar locations to visit

Arnette Park

2165 Wilmington Hwy, Fayetteville, NC 28306

Want a peaceful summer morning surrounded by North Carolina’s greenery? Arnette Park will be a great destination to surrender to. The park has a tennis court, basketball field, golf pitch, playground, grills under the shed, etc.

Every commodity mentioned above makes it perfect for kids, family picnics, and nature lovers. 

A hiking trail encompasses the whole park for you to walk or cycle through—it’s spread over 100 acres for visitors. Arnette Park is a beauty to witness at the time of Christmas. It’s surrounded by Christmas tree lighting and decorations that illuminate the place more gracefully. 

There are different sections for different activities—a separate park with swings and slides, a ball field for spontaneous games, side grills under the trees for picnics, and walking trails spanning the park. 

Arnette Park is fun, refreshing, and free of cost. If you are on a long tour, you should spend a day in the locality with your friends, family, or even alone. 

Cape Fear Botanical Garden

536 N Eastern Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28301 // +19104860221

Situated near the famous Cape Fear River Trail and Cross Creek, this botanical garden is spread over 77 acres, offering numerous picturesque sceneries. This garden is adorned with beautiful lakes, a cozy gift shop, cafe, green landscapes, and majestic architecture with flowers complimenting the location. 

If you are traveling with your beloved partner, this place is amazing for date evenings and nights! In fact, Cape Fear B.G. is frequently booked for marriage ceremonies because of its ethereal view. 

Not only for couples, but the venue is a great opportunity for families and kids who are interested in gardening and nature. Their programmed educational tours introduce various activities. These activities comprise hands-on projects, guided planting of sunflower seeds, soil analysis, etc. 

C.F. Botanical Garden holds events throughout the week, including:

  • Tai Chi sessions on Tuesdays and yoga on Thursdays. 
  • Programmed school and local picnics with fun activities.
  • Therapeutic horticulture.
  • Camping.

The location also offers volunteer programs to seniors who are willing to invest their time and efforts in sustaining nature. The garden has a diverse ecosystem with beautiful creatures and greenery. You can simply spend the night alone in the tranquil beauty. 

ZipQuest—Waterfall And Treetop Adventure

 533 Carvers Falls Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28311 // +19104888787

Things To Do In Fayetteville: ZipQuest
Photo Credit: alexartis Photography

Fayetteville isn’t just about serene nature and history, but also has something wild to offer to adventurous souls. ZipQuest offers zipline tours across the Carver creek, forest, and the beautiful Carver waterfall

The tour includes a zipline across the magnificent waterfall through a rope bridge, and it goes along the entire (covered) forest from tree to tree. 

There are three rope bridges to steady your ride across—one above the waterfall and two covering the creek’s side length. You can relax and enjoy the scenery at these bridges. The waterfall has breathtaking views to offer, and the place is never dull! 

The adventure doesn’t stop here; there’s also a slingshot in your added tour, close to the Carver creek. 

Things To Do In Fayetteville: ZipQuest

The property spans around greenery and nature. You can sit and relax near the river or waterfall in the midst of the forest once done with the trip; it’s equally worth it and peaceful. 

The facilities ensure every age group has something to experience. That being said, Zipquest organizes group trips, school trips, family trips and can assist 150 people together. The team will professionally guide you throughout the various events that follow. 

Cape Fear River Trail

Things To Do In Fayetteville: Cape Fear River Trail
Photo Credit: City of Fayetteville

What’s more refreshing than a morning walk with your sweet dog in the forest and across the massive Cape Fear River? Well, Fayetteville is full of surprises, and this trail is just as equally deserving. 

It covers a paved walking path with borders along the lines of the forest and the river. It’s 10-feet wide and 5.5 (straight, one-way) miles long. 

This trail bridges over the river, where you can stand and be mesmerized with amazing sunsets and sunrises along with glittering water. If you are a morning person who loves to walk and bicycle, CapeFear River Trail is definitely your go-to spot. 

The forest is wild, beautiful, and holds 700+ species of plants. It’s also frequented with beautiful animals, wildlife, and 150+ bird species. 

There are respective boards throughout the path explaining the diverse wildlife in the particular area for your knowledge as well. You can spend a couple of hours in nature surrounded by a soothing aura and wildlife. The sunsets and sunrises are exceptionally rewarding! 

  • Cape Fear River Boat Rides

If you are visiting the trail to enjoy the river, there are many fun activities going in the water as well. A local coast guard, Freddie Mims, offers affordable boat rides throughout the river, starting off the riverside marina, Campbellton Landing. 

The journey and boating duration can depend on your personal preference; it can be two hours short or eight hours long. Boat rides are a great way to enjoy the water, the river, North Carolina’s greenery, and the city itself.

Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum—Downtown Historic District 

325 Franklin St, Fayetteville, NC 28301 // +19104331457

Things To Do In Fayetteville: Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local History Museum

The Area Transportation and history museum is another amazing historical monument to visit. The museum has multiple artifacts of the 20th century exhibiting vintage African-American work. 

It was actually a railway depot for Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley in its time. So, the architecture and the hall itself represent old-built history (now restored). 

  • Annex

There’s a neighboring art gallery beside the Area Transportation & History museum, called Annex. Annex displays antiques, vintage cars, and historical artifacts. It also has a recreated gas station from the 1920s and The Silsby Steam Pump Engine from the 1880s. Both the museums are located within Downtown Fayetteville. 

  • Downtown Walking Tours

The downtown square holds Fayetteville’s history with old-gold roads, buildings, architecture, and atmosphere. This square includes the famous Market House, cool springs, historic churches, a tavern, cemetery, Infantry museum and armory, and Liberty Point. 

None of the buildings are new; they were all built in 1911. However, most of them have been restored for perseverance. 

There are dedicated tours throughout the downtown square and local areas for history exploration of the town. It’s exceptionally beautiful in the festive season with colorful lighting decorations on the trees. 

Fayetteville Rose Garden

2201 Hull Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28303

Things To Do In Fayetteville: Fayetteville Rose Garden
Photo Credit: City of Fayetteville

Fayetteville is definitely a city to bloom romance, and its Rose Garden is just the perfect location to love, express, and entangle. You can profoundly spend an evening or afternoon date at this garden amidst the 1000+ bushes of roses—each blooming with colors, fragrance, and youth.

If not on a date, you can spend the evening alone in this small, colorful paradise. Roses are in a way therapeutic, and their smell is stimulating. 

Apart from roses, the garden also naturally blooms a variety of different flowers. It is further adorned by beautiful water fountains, alleys, and an antique gazebo. The garden has been situated within the boundaries of Fayetteville Technical Community College since 1970.

It’s frequented by school students and individuals pursuing horticultural or plant studies. There are numerous workshops and casual teaching of different herbs, plants, and flowers in the facilities. 

You can ask any local horticulturist to assist you with knowledge about the subject. The garden is used for marriage and photoshoot purposes for its exceptional beauty. 

Segra Stadium

460 Hay St, Fayetteville, NC 28301 // +19103391989

Things To Do In Fayetteville: Segra Stadium
Photo Credit: jalexartis Photography

After adventure and nature, Fayetteville presents to you the cozy baseball park called the Segra Stadium. It’s one of the most exciting and dopamine-boosting venues, located near Fayetteville Station and the Airborne & Special Operations Museum. 

Segra Stadium is always entertained by some or other games and audiences. Although the city doesn’t have a major league baseball team, it’s still very much enthusiastic about the game and their minor league team, the Woodpeckers.

The Stadium isn’t massive like other international playgrounds—it only has 4786 seats and a small field. It’s cozier, allowing personalized games for the audience with a closer view.

You can visit Segra any time of the year. Hopefully, you will find the Woodpeckers leading the game. If there’s no match, you can relax on the ground and enjoy a small get-together with your friends. Least to say, Fayetteville Segra stadium’s energy is unmatched and thrilling. 

Cameo Art House Theatre

225 Hay St, Fayetteville, NC 28301 // +19104866633

Things To Do In Fayetteville: Cameo Art House Theatre
Photo Credit: Gerry Dincher

Cameo Art House is an old, restored movie theatre with retro aesthetics. Unlike modern multiplexes, this theatre takes you back to the 1920s and their unique architecture. If you always had the thrill for old-gold retro, this theatre would serve you a great movie date. 

It’s a classical theatre selecting aesthetic movies to match the vibes of the overall architect and decoration. Cameo Art House is decorated in blue, red, pink, and yellow lights with vintage movie posters at the glass door. 

Nonetheless, the theatre still plays new movies to maintain diversity across different genres. At times, it also organizes concerts to bring life to the night. 


“Who would have known Fayetteville had something so dope?!?!? We had a blast! A must-visit, for sure.”—a local tourist in the city. 

Fayetteville may seem like a simple town from the outside but holds many colorful alterations on the inside—from slingshots to zipline tours, retro theatres, river and nature exploration, history, diversity, etc. There’s so much that Fayetteville has to offer as a semi-traditional town. 

If you are skeptical about visiting Fayetteville, I say you go for it and enjoy every place recommended above. It’s a city worth your recognition and time. Have you ever visited Fayetteville, or are you planning to visit the city soon? Do share your stories and field trips in the comment section down below!

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