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20 Best San Cristobal Restaurants | Where to Eat in San Cristobal de las Casas

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San Cristobal, the cultural capital of Chiapas, has a lot to offer to its visitors and local inhabitants. San Cristobal restaurants proudly produce slow food, saying they make “good food, but not fast food.”

This speaks to the overall vibe of San Cristobal – it’s extremely laid back and carries an artistic look and feel no matter where you go. Some who live there openly smoke weed out on the streets or in their shops.

The narrow streets in San Cristobal reminded me of when I visited Cusco, and were just as charming. There are also a ton of art galleries and boutiques worth visiting, and scattered amidst those are various restaurants, diners, and bars that you simply must visit if you’re in town.

If you’re wondering where to eat in San Cristobal, look no further than this article, filled with the best restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in the Chiapas.

But before you dive into looking for where to find your next meal in San Cristobal- let me mention something we found interesting. We had difficulty finding a lot of truly unique local dishes, or Chiapas food. You’ll notice on the list you can find Asian restaurants and pizza but when we wanted to experience truly authentic local food we found this to be an issue. 

We teamed up with a great local walking food tour called Tomate Quesillo who not only showed us around town but also helped us to find authentic local dishes. Read more about the tour at the end of this post but I would highly recommend booking a tour for yourself if you want to experience authentic local dishes. 

Before your trip: check out my packing list for Mexico and read this post about whether or not you need travel insurance for Mexico.

While in San Cristobal don’t miss out on activities that will help immerse yourself with the city (hurry while they’re hot!):

The 20 Best Best San Cristobal Restaurants, Mexico

Most of the San Cristobal de las Casas restaurants we found specializes in local Mexican cuisine, but there are others that also combine influences from around the world, creating unique culinary experiences. The list below describes a few of those. Prices vary from inexpensive to high-end and pricey, so you should be able to find a little bit of everything on this list.

El Cau

Real de Guadalupe 57A // +52 967 631 7298

Come to El Cau, located at the heart of San Cristobal and is one of the best places to eat in San Cristobal de las Casas. Come for the best tapas and wine you’ll find in any San Cristobal restaurant and enjoy live music and a beautiful terrace and garden.

tapas bar San Cristobal de las Casas

Feel as though you’re sipping rich wine in Barcelona. And when you’re ready for dinner, just order something from the kitchen and keep your wine!


Belisario Dominguez 3A, Colonia Centro // +52 967 105 4931

This tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Asiarico7 serves delicious authentic Korean food mixed with Mexican cuisine for a truly unique dining experience. Fried chicken teriyaki, Chiapas roll, Bibimbab, Kimchi tacos, bulbobi kimbab, and more are available to order from their menu.

best sushi San Cristobal

They use only the freshest ingredients, and their customer service is amazing. If you love sushi, you should definitely come to eat at this restaurant.


Calle Diego de Mazariegos 97 // +52 967 138 5897

Kokono is an excellent choice for vegetarian travelers as the chef focuses on indigenous dishes, meaning it’s mostly vegetarian as the meat was for special occasions before the Spanish came and brought domestic animals. 

Chiapas food

This is one of the few restaurants that we ate at twice during our stay as we had heard great reviews about the breakfast, so we were sure to return for it.

The chef actually spent more than a year working in famed Pujol before returning to her hometown to open her own restaurant.

Whether you stop in for breakfast or lunch, you’re sure to love whatever you order!

Habanero Terrazas

Calle Periodista Isauro Rossette 12A // +52 967 147 3809

This family-style seafood restaurant also serves our favorite breakfast in San Cristobal. At Habanero Terrazas you should try their pastor eggs and combination omelet are must-haves for breakfast there.

Mexican breakfast San Cristobal

You can also come for lunch for some of the best and freshest seafood dishes around served with your choice of wine or beer.

Pizzeria El Punto

Calle Comitan No. 13 A | Barrio el Cerrillo // +52 967 678 0047

This local pizza shop has a balcony overlooking the Real de Guadalupe, a full bar, and lovely vintage décor. Enjoy crispy, homemade pizzas made with fresh ingredients. If you don’t want pizza, they also have various pasta dishes you can order.

San Cristobal pizza restaurant

Pizzeria El Punto may be tiny, but the service is great, the prices are very reasonable.

Tierra y Cielo

Benito Juarez 1, Zona Centro // +52 697 678 0354

As far as popular tourist spots go, you’ll want to try out Tierra y Cielo. It’s a bit pricey but well worth it for the atmosphere and quality food. Well-known chef Marta Zepeda created the restaurant in 2007 as a thesis project to make a gastronomic restaurant that encapsulates the cultural wealth and natural resources of Chiapas.

Chiapas food San Cristobal

Taste traditional Mexican food like never before. They have a 7-course tasting menu that will delight your taste buds. This is the San Cristobal restaurant most visited by both local and international celebrities.


Dr. Felipe Flores 17-A // +52 967 674 5563

XUT restaurant specializes in the fusion of various cuisines from around the world, using only local ingredients. The desire is for chefs and guests alike to enjoy delicacies from various nationalities, all made from scratch in XUT’s kitchen, and for everyone to feel like they’re at home.

burger fries San Cristobal restaurants

They serve brunch, lunch, desserts, and some of the best wines around. XUT also has a full calendar of upcoming events, including live music, a mud workshop, a weaving workshop, and more. 

La Pizca de Canela

Diego Dugelay 22-B // +52 967 100 5425

Also called “The Pinch of Cinnamon”, La Pizca de Canela has amazing Latin American cuisine for amazing prices. Just 60 pesos will get you a full lunch, so if you’re on a budget don’t hesitate to stop by.

stuffed pepper places to eat in San Cristobal

The food and drinks they serve are full of flavor and imagination. They also have many vegetarian options.

Madero 37

Francisco I. Madero 37 // +52 722 787 9779

We loved the fondue and cozy atmosphere at Madero 37. Named for the street it is located on, Madero 37 is a bar and restaurant with French and Swiss cuisine influences. There’s live music every night, creating a fun and welcoming environment, and the cocktail bar was simply delicious.

fondue top places to eat in San Cristobal

The mezcal fondue was amazing. Be sure to also try their sausage panini and tapas.

Wok Real

Calle Real de Guadalupe #79A // +52 967 678 5710

Amazing gluten-free Asian food can be enjoyed at Wok Real. This is the only gluten-free restaurant in all of San Cristobal de Las Casas, and they brilliantly combine this dietary restriction with delicious Asian dishes. Sit at the bar and watch your meal being prepared in the open kitchen and sip on some Posh of Zarzamoras while you wait.

Asian food San Cristobal

Aside from the great food and prices, the service here is very attentive and friendly.


Andador Miguel Hidalgo | Esquina San Agustin Planta Alta Local #20 // +52 967 168 5344

Seafood lovers will enjoy Peruano which combines Peruvian and Latin inspiration into the seafood dishes they prepare. The fish ceviche is a must, but if you’re not into seafood, you should try their Chicken Chili or their Peruvian fried rice, or any of their other authentic Peruvian dishes

ceviche Peruvian food in San Cristobal

Service is outstanding and happy to help you with any food or drink you want. Be sure to try authentic pisco sour to go with your meal! 

La Vina de Bacco

Real d Guadalupe 7, Zona Centro // +52 967 119 1985

La Vina de Bacco has a great atmosphere and is always buzzing with people. Glasses of wine start at 20 pesos ($1 USD) and bottles start at 200 pesos ($10 USD).

tapas San Cristobal places to eat

The dinner menu isn’t as impressive as their drinks, but you get free tapas with every glass of wine you order, and basic tapas start at just 5 pesos (.25 USD). A great place to experience the best live music and maybe a glass or two of wine on your way home.


Av. May 5 no. 38 Barrio de Mexicanos // +52 967 678 1516

Located inside the Hotel BO the Lum restaurant serves Mexican cuisine uniquely blended with dishes from all around the world. They use only local, seasonal ingredients that are fresh and nutritious, and special attention is paid to the plating. 

San Cristobal fine dining

Bring your children over to the kid’s area where they will be entertained with stories, movies, activities, and more while you dine on food made just for you. Come for a romantic dinner with your significant other, or bring the whole family.


Calle Real de Guadalupe 170 // +52 967 116 0077

The Cardamomo Indian restaurant was a fun place to visit. Serving mostly lunch and dinner, they also have late-night hours. The prices were very reasonable, and the food and wine were superb. If you don’t have time to sit down (which we recommend, especially since they have free Wi-Fi), they do allow you to order takeout to bring home or back to your hotel room.

Indian food San Cristobal de las Casas

Best San Cristobal Bars & Coffee Shops

The rest of our list includes the best bars and coffee shops in San Cristobal, for when you don’t want to eat but have a few drinks with friends. Chiapas has some of the best authentic liquors and wines around, as well as amazing Mexican coffees and cappuccinos.


 13 Real De Guadalupe // +52 967 134 0985

Cafeologia was easily the best coffee we had while visiting San Cristobal. They specialize in providing the best Mexican coffee that can only be found in the state of Chiapas. They offer training in all things coffee including general barism, espresso, latte art, brew, and harvesting the best coffee.

best coffee San Cristobal

Cafeologia isn’t just a coffee shop. It’s an institution that is dedicated to research, education, and production of the best coffee. They also hold an annual competition for coffee harvesters and baristas. Winners receive not just a cash prize but are listed on the institution’s website in the Chiapas Special Coffee Directory.

Carajillo Café

Calle Real de Guadalupe 53 // +52 967 678 4010

Named for the Carijillo line of drinks, the Carajillo Café serves them all.  6 different types including the classic, Carajillo de olla, chocolate cake, and an Irish version made with whisky rather than liquor 43.

carajillo San Cristobal

You can also book Carajillo experiences including becoming a barista for a day, enjoying coffee with the experts, and tasting coffee with all 5 senses. Be sure to download their Carajillo Frequent Customer Card from the website and receive a 10% discount any time you visit.

In addition to the delicious Carajillo coffee, the café serves a large variety of bread and pastries for a quick breakfast or brunch snack. And they have an online store where you can order some coffee to make for yourself at home.

La Popu Mezcaleria

Andador Miguel Hidalgo 2 // +52 967 135 6860

For the best mezcal margarita in town, you need to visit the best mezcal bar in town, La Popu Mezcaleria. Bring your friends for some of the best 100% agave mezcales, order food from the bar, or sample one (or many!) of the various cocktails served here.

mezcal margaritas

For even more fun, partake in a game of Una Ruletita, the 16 shots roulette only available at La Popu Mezcaleria.

La Maldita

Francisco Street i. Madero 130 | The Green House // +52 967 631 7337

For a great panoramic view of San Cristobal de las Casas you should definitely come to La Maldita at sunset and sip your favorite drinks while the sun dips out of sight. As one of the most romantic spots in town, you should certainly plan to bring your date there after dinner. It’s a great way to finish out the evening with a bang.

Pox Posheria

Real de Guadelupe 46-A Barrio de Guadalupe // +52 967 678 0027

Pox (pronounced “posh”) is a strong and tasty liquor made out of corn found in the state of Chiapas. It’s an ancient Mayan drink, dubbed “the local firewater” for its high alcohol volume. The traditional formula contains 39% alcohol, while the ceremonial blend has 53% alcohol.

The best spot to sample this liquor in San Cristobal is at the Posheria bar. They have many varieties to try, even ones that go down smoother without the burn.

Casa de Frida

Diego Dugelay #6, Barrio de Guadalupe // +52 967 152 4835

The Casa de Frida seemed a bit seedy to us, yet it still carried a very interesting vibe. This bar celebrates diversity of all forms and offers a cultural and recreational bar for all to enjoy. Everyone is welcome to come in and be themselves while eating and drinking your favorites from the menu. They put on fun events and shows most nights, including a cabaret theater, so there’s almost always some type of entertainment going on.

Now you know, if you are looking for where to eat in San Cristobal de las Casas, the list above gives you everything you need. There are many great places to eat in San Cristobal, as well as many options for bars and coffee shops. Choose any of the above restaurants or bars and you won’t be disappointed.

If you want to explore authentic local dishes, visit the website for Tomate Quesillo and book one of their tours. Tomate Quesillo is unique in that it was created and crafted by a group of foodies and chefs and is the result of 4-year research into the restaurant scene of San Cristóbal De Las Casas, bringing together the local flavors and the high end restaurants of the city.

We had a great tour with them and I’ve already been recommending them to friends and family members visiting San Cristobal as a great way to discover how the food of Chiapas differs from the food in the rest of Mexico. 

You can book your own tour by clicking here to visit their site. 

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