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The 21 Best Restaurants in Tbilisi | Where to Eat & Drink in Tbilisi, Georgia

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Tbilisi is an amazing travel destination that isn’t exactly on every tourist’s agenda but should be. It has the perfect blend of everything anyone could want. There are ancient and fortified architectural buildings, cathedrals and religious history, a rich cultural history and past, bohemian arts and artisan crafts with old-world Spice Alley bazaar feel, welcoming and friendly natives, and a foodie’s paradise– the restaurants in Tbilisi truly have something for everyone! 

The big question everyone wants to be answered is where to eat in Tbilisi. The good news is that this city is home to some of the most incredible food you will ever eat. Nearly all the best restaurants in Tbilisi source all of their ingredients straight from local farmers’ markets and gardens, if they don’t grow everything themselves. This is a list of all the top restaurants in Tbilisi broken down by category. Whether you’re looking for the best brunch in Tbilisi or the best wine bar in Tbilisi, I’ve got you covered!

And, if you’re a wine lover like myself- Georgia should be moved to the top of your list of places to go! The country claims to have been the birthplace of wine– a claim that is hotly contested by several other countries but doesn’t tell that to the locals! 

Either way, Georgia is producing some truly incredible wines at prices that are almost unbelievable at times. Read on to find out more! 

Wondering what to order? Check out my guide to the best Georgian dishes!

Als0- I discovered many of these restaurants during my time touring Georgia with JayWay Travel. Many readers will remember the trip I did with them last year. JayWay is an expert in Central and Eastern European travel– so much so that I jumped at the chance to work with them again this year. Be sure to check out their website when you’re planning your own visit to the region!

The 21 Best Restaurants & Bars in Tbilisi 

True Local Experiences– the best Restaurants for Local Georgian Cuisine

Now, a lot of people travel specifically to experience local culture and cuisine. If that’s you, then these places are absolutely mandatory to visit on your trip.

Shavi Lomi

28 Zurab Kvlividze St. // +995 32 296 09 56

This place is one of the most popular restaurants in Tbilisi. Here you can find Georgian contemporary cuisine being served up in rustic dishes. The gobi appetizer plate was a crowd favorite, as was the dolma. 

Shavi Lomi Tbilisi Georgia best restaurants

If you’ve never had beef cooked in red wine with cheesy potatoes, be sure to order it during your visit. This was one of the best dishes I had during my entire time in Tbilisi!

Pro-tip: You’ll need a reservation, especially for a table on the weekend. This place fills up fast and more than once when we tried to get in the day of or a day or two before we weren’t able to get a table. Weather permitting, ask for a table outside. 


27 Mikheil Zandukeli St. // +995 577 51 00 44

Suliko is breathtaking. From the moment you walk into the moment you are seated in the lush gardens, your entire experience is fantastic. This is one of the best date spots in all of Tbilisi. 

Start your meal with the burrata. It’s perfect and rich but not too heavy. The only thing heavy here is the pours!! The sweet tomato salad is the pinnacle of freshness. This place is located beneath Zandukeli Street in an old brick building. The owner opened the place and immediately enlisted a local wine zealot to train her staff and manage her wines. 

Sulicio tbilisi best wine bar

Despite this place stocking well over 130 different local wines, their expert knows each one intimately. Many of them are natural kvevri wines and all of them are from local family vintners. He believes in pairing wine to both food and people. 


6, 6 Gomi II Turn // +995 599 45 63 46

This is a local favorite for birthday celebrations. It’s a gorgeous rooftop bar and restaurant with a nice view of the city, so make sure to take in the sunset! The price is incredibly cheap despite amazing local food served with generous portion sizes.

Pro-tip: If you’re coming for a birthday party or with a large group make a reservation for one of the tables with a view in advance.


 6 Giorgi Akhvlediani St. // +995 555 45 95 39

Alubali is an absolutely gorgeous restaurant with outdoor seating in the garden. They serve Georgian cuisine from ingredients sourced in local markets. Alubali even makes their own cheeses! They have the best Georgian salad you will find anywhere, and the pork BBQ was also really great. 

typical Georgian restaurant Tbilisi

Chemi Qartuli Samzareulo

Ingorokva, 10 // +995 595 64 99 44

This place is a great idea at any point in the day. They’ve got a great brunch and amazing lunch. And for dinner, they have amazing service and the Georgian dishes are fabulous. You have to try the eggplant salad and lobio with ham! I had eggplant salad probably 100 times during my stay in Tbilisi and this one was hands down the best! 

eggplant salad Georgian restaurant Tbilisi


137 Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave. // +995 555 63 44 11

This humble restaurant offers local Megrelian (a region in Georgia) cuisine. It’s extremely affordable and very authentic! Our dinner for two was 20 GEL/$6.78 USD for 2 entrees, a salad, and a liter of wine.

This literal hole in the wall does offer English menus, but you can point to anything and it will be delicious, so if you’re adventurous just order something randomly and enjoy!


2 Pekini Street // +995 32 223 09 99

Although Lagaza is technically a wine bar, the amazing food offered resulted in it being listed among the best local cuisine instead. It would be a disservice to go here for the wine and not touch the food. You must try the pork belly and empanadas. 

Lagaza wine bar Tbilisi

Chef’s Grandma

22, Pavle Ingorokva St. // +995 598 70 57 11

Chef’s Grandma feels like you’re going home for dinner, or at least to your adopted Georgian grandmother’s house! It’s a family-run business that treats you like you are part of the family, but the cuisine is absolutely fantastic. The place is authentic and cozy, and their menu changes to reflect the seasonally fresh food.

The foods here are a bit more authentic than many other Georgian places because she is preparing traditional Georgian cuisine rather than fusion or foodie meals. 

International Cuisines

Sometimes, you just get homesick and your system needs a break from the different cuisine. That’s fine. These places all offer international cuisine that you may be a bit more familiar with if you need a break from the fresh local Georgian cuisine.  


7, Tamar Chovelidze St. // +995 32 202 02 99

Lolita is an extremely trendy place to eat, and a lot of tourists frequent it, so they’re used to speaking English and special requests- something many Georgian restaurants don’t accommodate. 

Lolita restaurant in Tbilisi

Most people come for their pizzas but I loved the roasted chicken with chimichurri sauce. The service is great and the delicious and familiar international cuisine make it constantly crowded. 

No. 8 BBQ House

1 Vasil Petriashvili Street // +995 595 45 63 63

This is the first real American smokehouse to hit Georgia… Seriously, they’ve got a huge smoker inside! From the Number 8 Craft Brewery and the Black Dog bar with Maclaren’s Irish Pub comes the special taste of home in the heart of Tbilisi. With whiskey, cigars, beer, and smokehouse food you’ll be feeling right at home!

BBQ restaurant Tbilisi


2 Ivane Tarkhnishvili St. // +995 595 43 33 35

If you’re looking for Asian cuisine, then try Pepperboy. They’ve got the best Asian food anywhere in Tbilisi. Their menu features Japanese and Korean favorites. The interior is simple but beautiful and the tea is fantastic. You can also grab brunch here! 

Asian food Tbilisi

Art-Café Home

13 Betlemi St. // +995 599 70 80 79

If you’re looking for a European experience that is a bit farther to the west, this is a great spot. It’s absolutely gorgeous inside!! The décor is quirky and fun, with rustic interiors and art lining every spare inch of every wall. Even the lighting is artistic. They’ve got great cocktails, imported wines, and fresh food, too. The music has a very Ibizan feel. They even have a rooftop bar!  

Upscale Restaurants

It’s time to splurge a little. You want someplace really nice to eat this time, and we understand. These are some of the fanciest and nicest restaurants available in Georgia. Some of them are even run by celebrity chefs!


D. Aghmashenebeli Ave. 132 // +995 551 12 11 76

This is the premier fine dining experience in all of Georgia. The interior is absolutely exquisite, and everything feels incredibly formal from the décor, to the lighting, to the food. The service is flawless, and the duck is perfectly prepared. 

Barberastan Tbilisi best restaurant

The menu rotates seasonally but we were told several favorite dishes occupy a permanent place on the menu. 

Pro-tip: that delicious homemade bread and butter that they keep bringing to the table- it’s a separate charge every time they bring more. Our group spent $25 just on bread and butter alone. But, no one was complaining- it’s that delicious! Also, you will definitely need reservations in advance. 

Bina N37

Sofrom Mgaloblishvili str N5-a, entrance N2, 8th floor, apartment N37 // +995 599 28 00 00

This restaurant is kind of hidden, but dining on their rooftop terrace is amazing. They’ve got an incredible atmosphere and they make their own wine on the rooftop- something I didn’t see at any other restaurant in Tbilisi! 

fine dining Tbilisi

We celebrated a friend’s birthday here and I can recommend this place for a birthday or special occasion. 

Pro-tip: Look for the signs on the side of the residential apartment building when you arrive at the address from Google Maps. The elevator is on the side of the building, the staff will buzz you in. Like I mentioned- a bit hidden but the experience is worth it! 


Davit Aghmashenebeli/Tchorokhi Street, 48/10 //  +995 577 58 58 58

This isn’t formal the way Americans think of upscale restaurants, but it is run by a local celebrity chef. The food is amazing. Start with the croquettes because they’re the best thing on the whole menu!

Chveni best Tbilisi restaurants

Also, many of the upscale restaurants in Tbilisi don’t serve khinkali (my favorite Georgian dish) but Chveni has really great khinkali. They even serve gluten-free khinkali which I didn’t see on any other Georgian menu. 

where to eat in Tbilisi

Keto and Kote

3 Mikheil Zandukeli Dead End // +995 32 293 02 00

This place is tricky to find but the gorgeous architecture, natural lighting, and sweeping views are so worth it! Follow the directions on Google Maps, even when it feels like it’s guiding you into the parking lot of an apartment complex and you’re on the right path.

They take Georgian cuisine and truly elevate it. This would be a great place for a date or special night out. Try the beef in blue cheese sauce and the fried mushrooms for a real treat!

Georgian restaurant Tbilisi

Pro-tip: Call for reservations if you want one of the better tables with a view, especially on weekends. 


24 Tamar Chovelidze St. // +995 599 19 01 24

This is how you’ll know this place is one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi- when I had to choose where to have my last dinner in town we came here. 

The restaurant is nice without being pretentious and I would be happy with anything off of the menu, however, our favorites were the Saperavi burger and the pork belly!

Saperavi is a local red wine and they make a burger sauce from it with the pan sauce from caramelizing onions, mustard, and garlic. I know it might sound odd but I promise you- we were ordering extra servings of it to dip our fries in! 

Zala best burger in Tbilisi

Also, the pork belly had a cinnamon honey marinade applied to it before it was cooked to perfection. Both of these were standout dishes from my time in Georgia. 

pork belly Tbilisi nice restaurant

Cafe Leila

18 Ioane Shavteli St. // +995 555 94 94 20

The decorations of this place alone make it feel formal and magical. It’s located near the old clock tower and mixes modern and ancient Turkish design.

Cafe Leila Tbilisi vegetarian restaurant

They have vegetarian cuisine that won’t make you miss the meat! It’s a perfect lunch spot. 


57 Aleksandre Kazbegi St. // +995 32 215 92 93

Sormoni is another gorgeous patio restaurant in Tbilisi.  Their garden is lush and colorful, and the perfect place to have a leisurely dinner with friends over several bottles of wine. The restaurant features an onsite baker who makes bread fresh to bring to the tables so naturally all of their bread dishes are incredible. 

Sormoni where to eat in Tbilisi Georgia

Sormoni is a little way out but they are worth the drive and in a country that is already very affordable we found the value for the money here to be outstanding. 

Culinarium Khasheria

23, Abano St. // +995 32 272 11 57

This is a great place that serves fusion food. They mix Georgian traditional meals with Thai and Chinese influences.

fried elargi places to eat in Tbilisi

The drinks are huge for the price paid. Try the veal cheeks and the fried elargi croquettes. 

g.Vino Wine Hotel

82 Dimitri Uznadze St. // +995 577 22 29 09

This is so much more than a wine bar. Their tasting menu perfectly pairs local wines with amazing cuisine. You will have to splurge a little compared to typical local pricing, but the experience is amazing. Be sure to book well in advance. 

fancy restaurant Tbilisi


Georgia as a whole does not seem to have much of a breakfast culture, brunch even less so. Apparently, most Georgians prefer to have a quick bite at home on the way out the door to work. After several failed attempts at finding the best breakfast in Tbilisi, we found a couple of great options. 

Here are some of the best places to start your day!

Coffee Lab

27 Alexander Kazbegi Ave. // +995 32 250 54 05

This is one of the best local treasures discovered on the trip to Tbilisi. Tucked away in an overgrown park, you could almost miss it if you didn’t know what you were looking for. 

Coffee snobs connoisseurs will appreciate the fact that they roast their own beans. Their location is gorgeous, modern, and very open. Not only do they serve the best coffee in Georgia, but they also have the very best brunch we found! Our favorite was the savory waffle topped with crispy carrots and parmesan granola.

Coffee Lab Tbilisi best brunch


7 Sandro Euli Street //  +995 568 39 34 30

Founded by Abkhazian refugees, Amra features Abkhazian cuisine fused with the Mingrelian food from west Georgia. They offer one of the best places to do brunch in Tbilisi. Their food is rustic but delicious, filling but fresh and not too heavy. 

They also do dinner and late-night cuisine, so come back more than once a day to experience their full menu. For a sweet tooth, the ice cream with tangerine jam is amazing!  

Best Bars and Wine Bars in Tbilisi

Naturally, a big part of the nightlife is alcohol. Tbilisi doesn’t disappoint when it comes to knowing how to pair food and alcohol in an unforgettable combination. From hip nightclubs to posh wine bars, there’s something for everyone here. 

Wine Factory N1

1 Vasil Petriashvili Street 

So, don’t become confused because the wine bar named Wine Factory sits inside a collection of bars and restaurants that is referred to by the same name. Make sure you find the wine bar called Wine Factory situated inside the Wine Factory complex.

This place was by far the favorite of the entire group. We kept coming back night after night- it quickly became our go-to place in Tbilisi! 

They have a floor-to-ceiling selection of aisles and aisles of wines, with some of them costing as little as $2 USD! You absolutely can’t beat the prices or the quality of the local wines, and the employees are incredibly knowledgeable. They can pick the perfect wine for your budget and taste preferences. 

Wine Factory restaurant Tbilisi

This is a great place to find the bottles of wine you enjoyed at various restaurants in Tbilisi for up to half the price you paid for it at dinner! 

Dadi Wine Bar

4, Shalva Dadiani St. // +995 557 96 20 95

Dadi is a beautiful place to go for a perfect wine pairing. They offer perfectly paired menus that rotate seasonally, with vegetarian options sourced from fresh, local ingredients that are at their peak ripeness. From baked tomato soup and homemade cheese bread to artisanal Georgian cheese trays, even serving polenta with eggplant and poached eggs and meat, they are sure to delight.

Their wines are also sourced from local Georgian wineries. They serve qveri wines that are all-natural. Even the locals love coming here for Nakalovari and other beautiful amber wines from Kisi, Rkatsitelo, Khikhvi, and other types of grapes.

Woland’s Speakeasy

2 Ivane Machabeli St. // +995 596 30 94 94

Nestled inside an unassuming but gorgeous restaurant is a true hidden gem. Woland’s Speakeasy can be accessed through the bookcase in the back of this café. For those who know the password, the bookshelf will move aside, and you can access a hidden bar. 

The drinks are incredibly cheap, some only $2USD, and the priciest still topping out at $10 or so. The atmosphere is also incredible, with soft lighting and beautiful décor. Occasionally, they even have live music with their perfect cocktails. This is Tbilisi’s original speakeasy!

Cocktail Factory

Petriashvili 1 

If you’re missing home a bit, then go ahead and visit the cocktail factory. This is a local bar with a very American feel to it. They serve local cocktails for those who want to try a taste of the Georgian style, but also speak fluent English and know how to make more familiar drinks like mezcal margaritas and martinis. This will feel like a little piece of home. This is in the same complex as the Wine Factory, so feel free to hop around for pre-dinner drinks and that one last glass (or bottle) of wine before you call it a night. 

Chacha Time

5 Geronti Kikodze St. // +995 568 83 32 93

This is a fabulous local cocktail bar featuring the local Georgian favorite spirit, chahca. Chacha is a Georgian pomace brandy that is exceptionally strong and has a clean flavor. It’s a bit like vodka despite being made with grapes. Cocktails range from $2 to $8 dollars so feel free to explore the local flavors! You can also buy a flight of different chachas to try if you’re feeling brave! 

Vino Underground

15 Galaktion Tabidze St. // +995 599 50 64 27

This place feels like a hipster joint you’d see in Brooklyn or LA. They’ve got local rock and punk bands offering live music with an amazing wine list and extremely affordable prices. Their staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. 

8000 Vintages

26 Sulkhan Tsintsadze St. // +995 558 48 88 11

This is a combination wine bar and wine shop. They allow you to make an appointment for tastings with charcuterie and cheese boards. They let you choose the wines you’d like to taste, which range from exotic and nutty whites to dark, bold reds. All of the 8000 vintages are locally sourced, from the Rkatsiteli to the Tavkveri. 


10, Galaktion Tabidze St. // +995 599 45 99 94

If wine isn’t your thing, then try 9MTA. They’re one of the best craft beer lounges in Tbilisi. The servers speak English and they know how to perfectly pair your food order with your drinks. They also have what many consider to be the best khinkali in town, however that debate rages eternal. 

craft beer bar Tbilisi

Which of these restaurants in Tbilisi do you most want to try? Let me know in the comments section below! 

Disclaimer: Some, but not all of these meals were sponsored during my time with Jayway Travel. However, all opinions remain my own, as always. JayWay have been running tours of Georgia and the Caucasus since 2018.

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Viveka Gustavson

Monday 5th of April 2021

Thank you so much ... returning to Tbilisi this October, after a couple of cancellations. Very nice and helpful post. Fantastic images.


Thursday 1st of October 2020

We are a party of 4 travelling to Tblisi on 30th Dec, 2020 and looking for somewhere for NY eve dinner and then fireworks - please can you recommend


Thursday 1st of October 2020

For dinner, as it's a special occasion I would try for a table at Barbarestan and then go to the rooftop at Amodi for drinks but be sure to reserve tables in advance at both and make sure Amodi will have a view of the fireworks, which I would think it should. Enjoy!

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