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The 15 Best Restaurants In San Antonio Texas

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San Antonio’s eating scene is a dynamic fusion of the ancient and the contemporary. The backbones of San Antonio’s culinary scene include venerable local hangouts and informal stalwarts.

There’s something for everyone in Countdown City, whether it’s puffy tacos, green curry, fried seafood, or smoked brisket.

San Antonio Texas

In contrast to other big towns, San Antonio has managed to combine sophisticated dining outlets with classics. 

San Antonio’s restaurants provide something for everyone; whether a diner likes modern Midwest American, Korean, Turkish, or Chinese cuisine, San Antonio has it all. As with any great business, book reservations ahead of time to prevent long lines.

The 15 Best Restaurants In San Antonio Texas


The St. Anthony Hotel, 300 E Travis St, San Antonio, TX 78205, the United States // +12103523171

Rebelle is an upscale seafood restaurant with a chic, cool environment that works, tucked away inside the storied St. Anthony Hotel.

While Rebelle is most well-known for its luxurious seafood towers, make no mistake: the cooks can also cook a mean rib-eye.

Their east coast oysters were fantastic, and the tomahawk steak, which was not on the menu, was savory and tasty.

Restaurants In San Antonio Texas: Rebelle Tomahawk Steak

My friend enjoyed the lobster. We were surprised we had room for dessert, but we were glad we did because the crème brulée and key lime pie were delicious!

Another menu highlight is the seven deadly sins-inspired cocktail list, and the restaurant’s bar also serves various classic libations at relatively reasonable prices during happy hour. If you enjoy fish, you must try this spot!


926 S. Presa St., San Antonio, TX 78210, United States // +12102252547

Bliss is a great place to spend an evening with coworkers or family. The enticing fireplace and warm ambiance will make your experience so enjoyable that you will want to return again and again.

I can’t rave about the benefits of trying the frog legs. However, Bliss is an excellent place to start if you’ve always wanted to try them. 

Bliss Frog Legs

They were perfectly cooked, with a light, flaky crust and, my goodness, that sauce! All I can say is that this combines the greatest tastes to knock your socks off and will have you licking the dish clean.

Given that we have dined in many different places, I would categorically declare that these are the greatest I have ever had.

The Mahi Mahi Ceviche has a fantastic flavor harmony, contrasting elements, and epic tongue feel. It had just the proper amount of acidity and citrus brightness. The pears and strawberries made a wonderful accent to the snapper crudo, which was vibrant.

We finished this fantastic encounter with the Chai Tea Ice Cream Sandwich. The ice cream was smooth and creamy, perfectly complementing the snickerdoodles and toasted sesame seeds. The white chocolate miso sauce took this to the next level. I strongly advise you to try this gem. Make sure you try Bliss for fine dining in San Antonio.

Cappy’s Restaurant

5011 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States // +12108289669

This laid-back, upmarket restaurant serves inventive American fare, including the best seafood from the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico, as well as outstanding steaks from Chicago’s Allen Brothers, plus seasonal and regional delicacies.

We sat, our waiter greeted us, and we reviewed items on the menu! First, we reduced it down to three products, then to two.

He talked us into fried oysters in a particular batter on toasted brioche bread with a mild cheese and an excellent homemade chutney! My friend ordered the halibut with a lovely potato coated with a wine glaze for our main course.

Allen Bros ribeye with bone marrow butter glaze was my choice. My steak was delicious, but my friend’s halibut was excellent! It was moist, tender, and had a crispy crust.

Cappy's Restaurant Ribeye

The server also persuaded us to order a Brussels Sprout Kim Chee! Absolutely fantastic! Finally, sticky toffee pudding with ice cream! It was great; Lord save me!

When one of the managers came over to check on things, we learned his name was James. Super lovely dude and the thing is, I love seeing them outside the kitchen checking on how things are doing! Such a fantastic place worth visiting!


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Brasserie Mon Chou Chou

312 Pearl Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78215, the United States // +12104693743

Brasserie Mon Chou Chou is a genuine right-out-of-Paris experience. You’d forget you were in Texas if it weren’t for the twang and excessive patio heat.

The décor is quite French, with mosaic tiled flooring, brass lamps, and petite seating, and then there’s the food.

We ordered quail and rotisserie chicken. The chicken may appear simple, but it is delicious. Believe me.

The cocktails were fabulous, the interior was beautiful, and the service was great. I don’t think you can go wrong. It’s everything I miss about a true Brasserie when it comes to authentic French restaurants in San Antonio Texas!

Southerleigh Haute South

5822 Worth Pkwy. Suite 112, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States // +12102368556

Southerleigh’s motto is “by foodies, for foodies” You will have excellent meals at Southerleigh restaurant. There are many reasons why a lot of people think that Southernleigh restaurants are among the greatest in San Antonio!

These restaurants, including Southerleigh Haute South, Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery, and even Brasserie Mon Chouchou, are a must. They are welcoming for groups and make eating a communal activity.

You can find tasty comfort food right here. Their food is satisfying, from fried chicken to southern appetizers like fried mac & cheese.

Additionally, many of these establishments provide three rotating menus and famous beverages. This means that you’ll enjoy it whether you go for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

We ordered some fresh and plump gulf oysters. Their fried chicken was tender and moist. The breading was among the greatest I’d ever had. 

Southerleigh Haute South Fried Chicken

The chicken was perfectly seasoned. Overall, the greatest fried chicken I’ve ever tasted.

It came with some tasty fried buns. Their surface had a nice texture, but the inside was soft. We had French fries, rice with sauce, and macaroni and cheese for the sides. The fries had a wonderful crisp but remained mushy. They were perfectly seasoned.

The macaroni and cheese were outstanding. It was the finest of the three sides we ordered. Great tastes and cheesiness!

The beers on tap are tasty. I’d recommend the light beer they have because it goes great with the fried chicken. Overall, a very good meal and one of the finest restaurants in San Antonio Texas!

Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse

18318 Sonterra Pl., San Antonio, TX 78258, United States // +12105649400

The experience at Chama Gacha Brazilian Steakhouse was fantastic. Everyone there, from the hosts to the servers to the gauchos, made sure we had a wonderful time. The settings were wonderful, with a lovely view and tropical trees.

The spongy bread was outstanding, the potatoes were divine, and the caramelized bananas added a pleasant touch.

The sirloin crust was to die for, the filet was soft, the lamb chops were large and flavorful, the garlic beef was savory, the sauces suited the cuts, and finally, nothing was salted, so you could truly taste the meat!

Chama Gaúcha Brazilian Steakhouse Lamb Chops

Everything on the salad bar was crisp and fresh. The mozzarella cheese and tomato slices are the finest appetizers for the course you’re about to eat.

The service was excellent; floor managers and servers came to check on us regularly. The pricing is steep because it is a high-end restaurant, but I won’t lie; it was well worth it! You should absolutely give it a shot for fine dining restaurants in San Antonio Texas.

Curry Boys BBQ

2334 N. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78212, United States // +12103200555

Curry Boys BBQ is not your normal barbecue restaurant. Instead, it’s a locally owned restaurant specializing in the fusion of several forms of BBQ.

They serve delicious brisket, pulled pork, and other dishes. They have an outstanding range of brews on tap as well as delicious food. In addition, the costs are so inexpensive that you won’t even realize you’ve been hooked up with terrific Texas-style entertainment!

For starters, this restaurant offers a unique, one-of-a-kind concept that I haven’t seen anywhere else: combining Texas BBQ with Thai curry. Who would have imagined such a dynamic combo could exist?

The menu is limited, with only a few specialties, yet it packs a lot of punch. Their chicken with yellow curry is one of the best I’ve tried in San Antonio.

Curry Boys BBQ Chicken Curry

Even without the meat’s incredible smoky flavor, the curry’s scent made me hungry. It could compete with some of the best Thai restaurants in San Antonio Texas.

The crispy chili oil provided a nice texture and a lot of heat, which I like, but be cautious if you have a poor spice threshold. On the other hand, give these guys a try if you prefer curry and BBQ; you won’t be disappointed! It’s one of the best fusion restaurants in San Antonio Texas.

Brasão Brazilian Steakhouse

19210 W. I-10, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States // +12102336868

Brasão Brazilian Steakhouse combines classic taste with a modern ambiance to bring the real sensations of Brazil. 

Located just outside Loop 1604, It has become a favorite among locals and visitors. From its upscale decor to its vibrant menu and excellent drink selection, Brasão is sure to impress you.

It’s a big place! The crew was very energetic and often ran around bringing food, plates, beverages, etc., which perhaps felt too hectic. Whatever the case, the service was generally satisfactory.

The lamb chops, top sirloin with cheese, and superb pork with Parmesan coating were among our favorite meats. However, the blended drinks were unremarkable.

Brasão Brazilian Steakhouse Lamb Chops

Nice salad bar, on par with or better than comparable Brazilian steakhouse chains. The meat was likewise excellent, with perfect slices and flavor. 

We had a great time that evening. It is definitely a place worth seeing and one of the best south American restaurants in San Antonio Texas.

Ida Claire

7300 Jones Maltsberger Rd., San Antonio, TX 78209, United States // +12106672145

Ida Claire should be on your list of the best restaurants in San Antonio if you’re looking for comfort food since they have the best comfort cuisine! In addition, this restaurant provides both curbside and dine-in service. 

This restaurant is a must-visit because of the southern friendliness found in both the traditional ingredients and the service.

You’ll swoon over the chicken and fried green tomatoes, of course! All of this, of course, will be delivered with a friendly smile. Southern hospitality is essential to southern comfort!

Their menu featured highly seasoned, flavorful, and spicy dishes! We sampled a variety of appetizers, all of which were perfectly prepared and seasoned! The deep-fried cauliflower was outstanding; it is a must-order item since it is so unique and delicious—oh, and incredibly hot!

I enjoyed some fantastic spicy fried chicken; once again, the spice was superb and unlike anything else in San Antonio! Give this a go without a doubt! It’s one of the best restaurants in San Antonio Texas.

Ida Claire Spicy Fried Chicken

Mi Tierra

218 Produce Row, San Antonio, TX 78207, United States // +12102251262

Given how much there is to do on the San Antonio Riverwalk, it shouldn’t be surprising that one of the city’s top restaurants is there. This place is Mi Tierra. You will love everything this Tex-Mex restaurant offers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

You might wonder, though, what makes this Tex-Mex eatery unique. Of course, it’s the hours! Actually, Mi Tierra is open nonstop. That is correct! Every, every day! So feel free to drop by whenever you want to eat the most incredible tacos!

My friend had the pig tip and fajita tacos while I ordered the carnitas. Everything was top-notch. The tortillas appeared to be cooked in-house since they were great, and the carnitas were outstanding. You can get chips and salsa at Mi Terra, as at most Mexican restaurants. Although the salsa is somewhat hot, I thought it was excellent. I adore hot food!

Mi Tierra Carnitas Tacos

If you like the tacos, remain for the mouthwatering chocolates and classic pastries that are available in the bakery case. 

Alternatively, you might visit the bar for its renowned margaritas, tequila flights, and more! Whatever the hour, this food is satisfying! I would unquestionably advise anyone to visit Mi Terra because it’s one of the best Mexican restaurants in San Antonio Texas.

The Rustic

17619 La Cantera Pkwy. Ste. 204, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States // +12102457500

Are you interested in dining at one of San Antonio’s top establishments with delectable meals and excellent entertainment? Then, the Rustic is the place to go! 

Live music, a great outside and backyard area, a renowned bar, and home-style food are all available at The Rustic.

The food served here is made from farm-fresh, local ingredients. They go well with the local beers, wines, and spirits that are also available! People also enjoy happy hours, which are available daily from 3-6 p.m. Those $5 margaritas and snacks are great; don’t miss out on the queso!

They had the most delicate brisket. We were hoping for nice brisket, which was moist and extremely fantastic. I ordered salmon over Caesar salad. The salmon definitely had a smoky flavor. They offer a fantastic menu to pick from. You will not be disappointed. I strongly suggest this establishment.

The Rustic Brisket

And while the food and drinks are excellent, most visitors come for the free live music. Most nights from 8 to 10, bands, local artists, and others perform on the stage here, providing wonderful entertainment for a social night! Head here if you’re looking for one of the finest restaurants in San Antonio Texas.

Pearl Farmers Market

312 Pearl Pkwy., San Antonio, TX 78215, United States // +12102127260

Want to think of one of San Antonio’s top dining establishments that isn’t actually a restaurant? Pearl Farmers Market, give it a shot! Local sellers create this lovely farmers’ market at Pearl Campus every Saturday.

This place is exceptional! Additionally, it serves up some of the best brunch and breakfast around. 

You’ll have many choices from the roughly 40 spots arranged across the parking lot. You can also take advantage of the great outdoors!

You will appreciate the fresh delicacies from each stall and the seasonal products for sale. As you explore, treat yourself to a crepe or a pulled pork sloppy from Ming’s Thing.

Pearl Farmers Market Pulled Pork

Then you can also buy sweets to bring home! Similar to when you buy wine or premium caramels to go! This place is worth the time!

Smoke Shack BBQ

3714 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209, United States // +12109571430

The facility is new; however, Smoke Shack has been operating as a food truck for many years. And while the truck is still operating, it became so popular that they have had to relocate their roots! The BBQ sauce here is perfectly smoked.

It is recommended that you order the three meat combo so that you can experience everything! But there’s plenty to choose from on the menu, including brisket, sausage, and turkey, as well as delicious mac & cheese and potato salad

Smoke Shack BBQ Mac & Cheese

Among the dishes we enjoyed were brisket sliders, turkey and pulled pork sliders, brisket grilled cheese, and brisket mac and cheese. Potato salad and pinto beans were served as sides. Everything was amazing. 

I adore their barbecue sauce, plus they serve a full dish of pickles, onions, and jalapenos. The potato salad contained small chunks of cheese, which I thought would taste strange, but it was delicious!

I would absolutely go back and suggest it to anyone looking for the best bbq restaurants in San Antonio Texas.


The St. Anthony Hotel, 300 E. Travis St., San Antonio, TX 78205, United States // +12103523171

Rebelle, located within the old St. Anthony Hotel, is an expensive seafood restaurant with a sophisticated, fantastic atmosphere that works.

While Rebelle is most well-known for its luxurious seafood towers, make no mistake: the cooks can also cook a mean rib-eye.

The menu provided us with the ideal alternatives in light and sensible portions. Sharing appetizers more than met our needs and allowed us to taste a variety of meals. The octopus was delicious; I only wish it came in a larger piece.

Rebelle Octopus

The heirloom tomato salad was delicious. Baked oysters were fantastic. Their spinach pudding was hailed as a “famous” item and was delicious.

A huge crème Brulee topped with fruit was the perfect way to cap our lunch. The unique drink menu was exciting because the cocktails were titled after the seven deadly sins.

A hidden gem that both residents and tourists should visit if looking for seafood restaurants in San Antonio Texas.

2M Smokehouse

2731 S. WW White Rd., San Antonio, TX 78222, United States // +12108859352

The greatest barbecue in San Antonio is available at 2M Smokehouse, which is the epitome of Texas cuisine. The restaurant’s simple, vibrant, and rustic interior design is ideal.

The brisket is a full-on flavor and texture experience, whether it is ordered alone or in a sandwich, which explains why there is always a queue out the door.

2M Smokehouse Rebelle

Every bite is moist, tender, and full of flavorful bark and brisket paradise. A slice and some pico de gallo on a handmade tortilla will do the trick. When you bite into the sausage link, it has a unique flavor and is a little peppery. The borracho beans have just enough heat to balance the brisket and sausage perfectly.

Other standout items on the menu include pulled pork, smoked turkey breast, chicharoni macaroni, and Maria’s beans, which are sold by the gallon. You can eat inside or outside at the smokehouse.

For a mouthwatering barbeque in San Antonio, head here! It’s one of the best restaurants in San Antonio Texas.


What food is famous in San Antonio, Texas?

The most famous food items in San Antonio are Puffy tacos, Texas quail, sweet potato fries, bread and butter, chicken fried steak, pozole, and sashimi.

What is San Antonio known for?

San Antonio, known for its spectacular Spanish colonial missions and the fighting that surrounded one of them, will undoubtedly appeal to history lovers. The city also has a diverse food scene, ranging from Tex-Mex to BBQ to farm-to-market cuisine.

What is the national dish of Texas?


On May 11, 1977, chili was declared the official state dish of Texas. Texas hosted the first International Chili Cook-Off in 1967.

Summary Of The 15 Best Restaurants In San Antonio Texas

That’s all there is to it! Fifteen of the best restaurants in San Antonio Texas! You’re sure to enjoy the food here, which ranges from BBQ and southern comfort cuisine to unique fusions.

It is known as a culinary city for a reason! So have a seat and unwind, or grab a quick snack. In either case, your taste buds will appreciate you!

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