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The 8 Best Restaurants In Saratoga WY

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Saratoga is a small town in Carbon County, Wyoming.  Home of the Steinley Cup Microbrew Festival and great fishing in the North Platte River, it is also home to natural hot springs.

And, as you would expect, home to some great restaurants.  In every place we visit, we always ask ourselves, “How is the food there?” or “Is it worth visiting this restaurant?” Well, we are here now to give you a look at the best eight local restaurants in Saratoga WY. 

Top 8 Restaurants In Saratoga WY

Bella’s Bistro

218 N. 1st St., Saratoga, WY 82331, United States +13073268033

If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, Bella’s Bistro is a restaurant you should book for your next dinner. The dishes are made fresh daily by husband and wife Tommy and Cassie Orduno.

Besides the outstanding Italian food, they also offer an exquisite wine list. We started with the classic Caprese (tomato and mozzarella salad) and the Pomodoro (tomato) soup. I also couldn’t resist trying the lasagna and the three-cheesed ravioli, which I strongly recommend.

For dessert, the Tiramisu is a perfect choice. Whether you choose a white or red wine, you can’t go wrong because the list is very long and the staff is kind enough to give you a suggestion. For great Italian food in Saratoga, go to Bella’s.

Restaurants In Saratoga WY: Bella’s Bistro Lazagna

The Grumpy Italian 

113 W. Bridge Ave., Saratoga, WY 82331, United States //+13073263210

One more Italian restaurant worth visiting is “The Grumpy Italian.” There, you will find some of the best pizzas in Saratoga, including pepperoni, Margherita, and ham and pineapple pizza.

Also, I was fascinated by the gelato ice cream and the Ricotta cheesecake, which come at very affordable prices. Make sure you feel the real Italian taste in the heart of Saratoga. 

The Grumpy Italian Pepperoni Pizza


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J W Hugus & Co

405 N. 1st St., Saratoga, WY 82331, United States //+13073265046

The perfect place for breakfast in Saratoga is the J W Hugus & Co. restaurant. Omelets, French toast, sandwiches, waffles, and much more are available on the menu, and I must say they are freshly made and very delicious.

On the lunch menu, you will find classic American burgers and hotdogs served with homemade fries. In short, a full plate for a good price! Visit Hugus and Co. for classic American food in Saratoga.

J W Hugus & Co American Burger

Rustic Bar Inc

124 E. Bridge St., Saratoga, WY 82331, United States //+13073265965

Do you want a great beer, live music on Fridays, a chill atmosphere, and smoking allowed? In that case, you should head down to the Rustic Bar Inc. The locals there are very welcoming, and the staff is helpful.

This place is perfect for a night out with friends, drinking craft beer and shooting a game of pool, or watching games to relax from a busy day. Although it’s a beer place, we tried the White Russian, and I liked it. While in Saratoga, make sure you check out this bar in Saratoga. 

Rustic Bar Inc White Russian Cocktail

Cheyenne Club Restaurant

6065 WY-130, Saratoga, WY 82331, United States //+13073275284

The rustic atmosphere, excellent choice of wines, and fine meals make the Cheyenne Club the perfect dining place out of all restaurants in Saratoga WY. Located at the farm at the Brush Creek Ranch, it gives you feelings of warmth, peace, and privacy.

Be sure you will want to spend the whole day there. They offer many extraordinary activities such as horse riding, riding lessons, hiking, yoga classes, fishing, wine tasting, a cellar tour in their own cellar, baking classes, skiing and snowboarding in winter, and many more.

After a long day of various activities make sure you visit the restaurant to experience a gastronomic delight. The filet mignon goes perfectly with a glass of red wine. 

Cheyenne Club Restaurant Filet Mignon

They also offer some of the best self-made cheese I have ever tried and the softest bread from their bakery. It is a little bit pricey but is worth visiting.

Don’t forget to inform yourself about the dress code before going to this fine dining restaurant in Saratoga. 

Snowy Mountain Brewery

601 Pic Pike Rd., Saratoga, WY 82331 //+13073265261

Located in the Hot Springs Resort, the Snowy Mountain Brewery offers world-class craft beer and a unique experience. This is the third oldest brewery in Saratoga, and once you go there, you will want to come again.

Every beer has a unique name, so make sure to try more different tastes and styles. Our favorite is the White Buffalo Stout, with caramel flavor and chocolate finish, and the Altitude Apricot, brewed with apricot puree. 

The rabbit ravioli and the lamb with roasted potatoes are totally mouthwatering and a perfect dinner to pair with your beer.

While you are there, do yourself a favor and check out their unique resort and spa. You can thank me later!

Snowy Mountain Brewery Lamb With Potatoes


107 E. Bridge Ave., Saratoga, WY 82331, United States //+13073265020

When you want something sweet and creamy in Saratoga, the place to go is Lollypops. Homemade ice cream, waffles, and croissants can be found on their menu list. They also offer scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast from 7 am until 10:30 am.

For lunch, you can get salads and wraps. The portions were not so big, and the coffee is a little overpriced, but this place sure has a charm. It’s one of the sweetest restaurants in Saratoga WY.

Lollypops Stracciatella Ice Cream

Whistle Pig Saloon/Beaver Liquor

2000 WY-130, Saratoga, WY 82331, United States //+13073265744

Whistle Pig Saloon is one of the restaurants in Saratoga WY with the most affordable prices. They have a pool table, good drinks, and a chill atmosphere.

The locals are very friendly and it is nice to see for a change that the people still appreciate small talk. Besides beer, they have a quality choice of whiskey selection too. Hot chicken wings and a cheeseburger match perfectly with a cold beer! 

Whistle Pig Saloon/Beaver Liquor Hot Chicken Wings: One of the best restaurants in Saratoga WY

Final Words About The Restaurants In Saratoga WY

As you can see from the above, Saratoga does not have a lot of restaurants, but the ones they have provide good food and quality drinks.

These Saratoga restaurants offer homemade Italian meals, pizzas, and burgers to fine dining resorts with excellent wine and breweries with beers you have never tried before. With the friendly staff and talkative locals, you will feel welcomed, as we did.

The weather there is very pleasant in spring, but you will want to avoid the rainy winters. We hope our tips help, and we wish you a pleasant stay in Saratoga country!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.