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10 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants In Summerlin, Las Vegas

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As a self-proclaimed foodie and lover of all things Mexican cuisine, I have to say that Summerlin is a food lover’s paradise. 

The beautiful community, situated in the western part of Las Vegas, is home to some of the most delicious and authentic Mexican restaurants I’ve ever had the pleasure of dining at.

Aside from the picturesque scenery, Summerlin is known for its vast array of dining options, particularly when it comes to Mexican cuisine. 

From classic tacos and burritos to more modern fusion dishes, the Mexican restaurants in Summerlin offer something for every taste and preference. 

10 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants In Summerlin, LA

Even more impressive is the level of attention to detail and quality that goes into each dish.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a full-blown fiesta, there’s a restaurant that can satisfy your cravings.

No matter where you choose to dine for Mexican food in Summerlin, you’re sure to have a memorable and delicious experience. 

The restaurants in this community are indeed some of the best, and I can’t wait to share with you the best Mexican restaurants Summerlin has to offer. Enjoy!

My Top Three Picks of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Summerlin

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Pancho’sMole Poblano5/5
Nacho Daddy
Ultimate Enchilada5/5
La Neta Cocina y LoungeRed Velvet Churros4.5/5

The Ten Best Mexican Restaurants in Summerlin


11020 Lavender Hill Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135, United States // +17029820111

One of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had was at Pancho’s Mexican restaurant in Summerlin. As I walked into the restaurant, I was struck by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

The decor featured traditional Mexican elements like bright colors, intricate tilework, and beautiful murals, which created a lively and festive ambiance.

My friends and I browsed the menu, which included an extensive selection of conventional Mexican entrees and some interesting choices like the “Especial de Cabo,” which consisted of slices of chicken breast combined with sauteed shrimp and actual crab meat, onions, and tomatoes.

To start, we ordered the tableside guacamole, prepared right before us by our friendly and skilled server. 

The guacamole was perfectly seasoned, with just the right amount of spice and plenty of fresh, chunky avocado.

Pancho's: Mole Poblano

For our entrees, we tried a variety of dishes, including Carne Asada, Chicken Enchiladas, and Rajitas

Each dish was expertly prepared and flavorful, with tender meats, perfectly cooked vegetables, and delicious sauces.

One of the standout dishes of the night was the Mole Poblano, a traditional Mexican dish made with chicken in a rich, complex sauce made with chiles, nuts, and spices. 

The flavors were deep and layered, and the chicken was so tender it practically melted in my mouth.

Of course, no Mexican meal is complete without a margarita, and Pancho’s did not disappoint in this regard. 

The restaurant offers a range of creative and delicious margarita options, and we enjoyed sipping on the spicy jalapeno margarita and the refreshing cucumber margarita.

If you’re a fan of Mexican cuisine and find yourself in the Summerlin area, I highly recommend visiting this fantastic restaurant!

Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill | Downtown Summerlin

11015 Sage Park Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89135, United States // +17029014333

I’m always on the lookout for unique and delicious dining experiences, and Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill in Summerlin did not disappoint. 

The fast-casual restaurant offers a unique take on traditional Mexican cuisine, with a focus on fresh, scratch-made ingredients.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by a friendly staff and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. 

The decor featured bright, colorful accents and rustic wood elements, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

As I perused the menu, I was impressed by the variety of options available, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices. 

I opted for the chicken burrito bowl, which was made with grilled chicken, black beans, rice, and fresh veggies like corn, tomatoes, and cilantro. 

The bowl was generously portioned and bursting with flavor, with each bite offering a perfect balance of textures and tastes.

Ori'Zaba's Scratch Mexican Grill | Downtown Summerlin: Burrito Bowl

One of the standout elements of Ori’Zaba’s is their focus on scratch-made ingredients. Everything from the salsa and guacamole to the queso and tortillas is made in-house, giving each dish a unique and authentic flavor that can’t be found at other Mexican restaurants in Las Vegas.

I ordered a refreshing horchata, a traditional Mexican drink made with rice, cinnamon, and sugar, to accompany my meal. The horchata was creamy and delicious, with just the right sweetness.

The service at Ori’Zaba’s was also top-notch, with the staff going above and beyond to ensure every customer had a fantastic dining experience. 

While waiting for my order, the staff checked in on me and ensured I had everything I needed, which made me feel valued and appreciated as a customer.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for fresh, delicious Mexican cuisine in the Summerlin area. 

With their focus on scratch-made ingredients, friendly service, and inviting atmosphere, Ori’Zaba’s stands out in the crowded world of Mexican restaurants.

La Neta Cocina y Lounge

1770 Festival Plaza Dr. Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89135, the United States // +17024765484

La Neta, located in downtown Summerlin, serves sophisticated, modern Mexican food with a twist. They have an extensive cocktail menu and some excellent tequilas to pick from.

Our server, who was knowledgeable about the menu and willing to assist, welcomed us promptly and suggested we start with the Guacamole and Chips.

To begin, we were served salsa, guacamole, and chips. I never eat salsa at restaurants because you can often tell it’s bottled, but this salsa was excellent; flavors of smoked tomato and jalapeno came through.

La Neta Cocina y Lounge: Guacamole and Chips

We chose the Mayan Hummus, a pumpkin seed hummus paired with baked tortilla chips and crudites.

This was a tasty dish with a good variety of flavors. The hummus was smooth and flavorful. I couldn’t stop myself from ordering more.

The Chile Relleno came next. Loaded with cheese and shrimp, not the finest combination, but I think the pasilla pepper was perfectly cooked and linked everything together. The final course was Garlic Shrimp on Jalapeno Polenta. Can you say delectable?

To cap off the meal, we indulged in the Red Velvet Churros, which were freshly made and served warm. The crispy exterior of the churros gave way to a soft, fluffy interior that was perfect for dipping into the rich cream cheese frosting sauce.

The food was expertly prepared, the atmosphere was elegant and welcoming, and the service was friendly and attentive. 

Anybody looking for a fantastic and unforgettable eating experience of Mexican food in Summerlin should definitely check out this place. Definitely an establishment worth coming back to.

Nacho Daddy – Summerlin

9560 W. Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89117, the United States // +17024622298

Wonderful atmosphere, food, drinks, and service make Nacho Daddy a must-visit place to eat on any occasion. 

Our friendly and energetic server recommended we start with the Lemon Pepper Wings

These were not your average wings; they were a full pound of spicy marinated grilled wings tossed with lemon pepper sauce. 

The dish was a flavor explosion in every bite, with the perfect balance of savory and spicy.

Nacho Daddy - Summerlin: Fajita Burrito

We ordered the Ultimate Enchilada and the Fajita Burrito for our main courses. 

The Ultimate Enchilada stood out, with tender, flavorful chicken, excellent seasoned ground beef, and pork carnitas wrapped up in three thick corn tortillas topped with green enchilada sauce, cheese, and sour cream.

The Fajita Burrito was equally satisfying, with marinated filet mignon, cheddar, peppers, onions, rice, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Mouth-watering! 

They were also served with house-made chips and salsa.

As we sipped on our refreshing margaritas, we decided to indulge in the Churro Sundae dessert.

This dessert was the perfect ending to the meal, with a chocolate, raspberry, and caramel sauce served with ice cream that was rich and delicious.

If you want a fun and flavorful dining experience in Summerlin, I highly recommend this restaurant!

Sin Fronteras Tacos y Mas

2255 N. Rampart Blvd. Suite 3L, Las Vegas, NV 89128, United States // +17257804551 

If you’re craving tasty Mexican food in Summerlin, this is a restaurant you shouldn’t miss. Prices are reasonable, and I can’t say enough about the food.

The food was delicious. I especially liked the Chile Relleno. We also had chips and guacamole, tacos, and the California burrito, and everything was excellent.

Our server was friendly and attentive and recommended we start with the Mexican Corn, and I’m so glad we did. 

The juicy, grilled corn was coated in a perfect blend of spices and drizzled with a tangy crema, making it an ideal starter.

Sin Fronteras Tacos y Mas: Shrimp Tacos

For our main course, we ordered two varieties of tacos and a burrito – the Asada and Shrimp tacos and the Chile Relleno burrito

The Asada tacos stood out, with tender and flavorful steak bites, avocado, onion, cotija cheese, and fresh cilantro.

The shrimp tacos were equally tasty, with juicy shrimp cooked in a rich spice combination, wrapped in warm flour tortillas, and piled high with your chosen toppings.

The Chile Relleno Burrito was a fantastic burrito filled with cheesy chile Relleno, carnitas, and guacamole. 

With delicious food and an inviting atmosphere, my dining experience at Sin Fronteras Tacos y Mas was an absolute pleasure.

Anybody looking for a truly authentic and savory eating experience in Summerlin should definitely check out this establishment.

Melita’s Table

11015 Sage Park Dr. Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89135, United States // +17022199260

There’s no easier way to taste old-world Latin flavors or to do it in a better way for the planet. Melita’s Table offers all of Summerlin’s Mexican cuisine with a twist! 

For appetizers, I ordered Latin Poppers, which were filled with Pico de Gallo and cheese. They had the perfect amount of spice, sweetness, and umami. Delicious!

Melita’s menu is mainly build-your-own, so I got a Jack Asada Burrito with brown rice and Pico de Gallo topping. It was heavenly!

Melita's Table: Asada Burrito

One of the things that makes Melita’s Table stand out is the attention to detail and the personal touch that the staff brings to the dining experience. 

Everything about the restaurant feels like it was created with care and intention, from the warm and friendly service to the house-made dishes and the personalized recommendations.

So make sure you give this place a visit; you won’t regret it!

El Dorado Cantina

430 S. Rampart Blvd. #110, Las Vegas, NV 89145, United States // +17023331112 

One of my favorites is El Dorado Cantina, which prides itself on serving organic, non-GMO, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. 

Everything is meticulously finished in very nicely done decor, and the high ceilings and ample windows give you an open feeling even with large groups.  

This space is perfect for corporate gatherings, private parties, or weddings. 

I believe that El Dorado Cantina has the best Mexican food in Las Vegas, and the event area in Tivoli Village is fantastic!

El Dorado Cantina: Street Tacos

Their menu features a range of classic Mexican dishes, as well as some unique offerings like vegan jackfruit tacos and a “guiltless” enchilada made with spaghetti squash.

To start, we ordered the chips and salsa that were homemade and excellent.

I had street tacos with beans and cilantro rice for my main course, which were very good for $16.50.

Also, make sure not to miss their dessert; the tres leches were amazingly rich, not too sweet, with a soft and crunchy texture that will perfectly finish the flavor thrills your palate has experienced.

A definite must-visit spot for Mexican food in Summerlin!

Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina

9640 W. Tropicana Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89147, United States // +17028231400

Juan’s Flaming Fajitas, a Las Vegas Mexican staple, is most renowned for its, well, flaming fajitas served right at the table.

Yet, the environment with vivid murals, live music, and a solid happy hour menu comes in second.

Juan’s menu is extensive, with about every typical Mexican meal a diner would anticipate.

Their expansive menu also includes vegetarian and gluten-free options, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy.

I chose a typical Margarita as my beverage, and it was so good that I finished it very quickly.

I often drink beer, but I wanted to try something new, so I naturally ordered another one and took my time drinking it.

Juan's Flaming Fajitas & Cantina: Beef and Pork Fajitas

Among all the Mexican restaurants in Summerlin, here they had the most outstanding traditional Mexican soups. They had the exact kind that my friend had been searching for. He was excited.

I chose the shrimp ceviche as my appetizer and was pleasantly delighted by its taste. Several restaurants just serve pico de gallo with shrimp and refer to it as ceviche. Not here.

My friend and I chose a combination meal of beef and pork fajitas for dinner.

They do make a show of it by bringing out a cart, setting the meat on fire, and other things. It was more than enough food for the two of us when combined with the tortillas and all the available toppings.

If you are hesitant, don’t wait to come here. Excellent experience, I must say!

Viva Mercado’s Mexican Bar & Grill

9440 W. Sahara Ave. #165, Las Vegas, NV 89117, United States // +17024548482

Viva Mercado’s Mexican Bar & Grill is a true hidden gem that offers a unique and authentic take on traditional Mexican cuisine in Summerlin. 

The restaurant’s design is rustic and appealing, with bright highlights and traditional Mexican artwork gracing the walls.

The atmosphere is lively and fun, making it a great spot to grab a drink or enjoy a night out with friends.

The food was freshly made, hot, and tasty. I had the carne asada with rice and beans, which was delicious and well-cooked.

My friend ordered an enchilada and chile Relleno with rice and beans. The fact that these guys stocked Bohemia beer speaks volumes about the quality of their Mexican restaurant.

Having been well-pleased, I waddled out of there like a duck stuffed with stuffing.

Viva Mercado's Mexican Bar & Grill: Enchilada

One of the standout elements of Viva Mercado’s is their commitment to using only fresh, high-quality ingredients in their dishes. 

This commitment is evident in the bold and authentic flavors of each dish, which is a testament to the skill and passion of the restaurant’s chefs.

The service at Viva Mercado’s was also top-notch, with the staff going above and beyond to ensure that every guest had a fantastic dining experience.

Everything about the restaurant felt warm and welcoming, from the friendly and attentive service to the knowledgeable recommendations.

With its lively atmosphere, commitment to using only fresh and high-quality ingredients, and exceptional service, Viva Mercado’s is a must-visit for anyone looking for memorable Mexican dining in the Summerlin area.

Hussong’s Mexican Cantina – Boca Park

740 S. Rampart Blvd. #7, Las Vegas, NV 89145, United States // +17027782160

Step inside Hussong’s Mexican Cantina in Summerlin, Las Vegas, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a lively cantina in Mexico. The atmosphere is lively and fun, with colorful decor and upbeat music immediately setting the tone for a great dining experience.

As I browsed the menu, I was drawn to the extensive assortment of tequilas and margaritas.

I went with a classic margarita made with premium tequila and freshly squeezed lime juice. The drink was expertly prepared and well-balanced, with just the correct amount of tartness and a smooth finish.

Hussong's Mexican Cantina - Boca Park: Carne Asada Tacos

For my meal, I decided to try the carne asada tacos, which were made with tender, juicy cuts of steak and topped with fresh pico de gallo and guacamole. 

The tacos were beautiful, with a delightful combination of flavors and textures that made me want more.

Overall, Hussong’s Mexican Cantina was a wonderful treat, and I can’t wait to return for more delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine in Summerlin.

Hussong’s Mexican Cantina is one of the must-visit Mexican restaurants in Summerlin for anybody searching for a fun and unique dining experience, thanks to its colorful ambiance, commitment to using only fresh and high-quality ingredients, and great service.

FAQ: Mexican Restaurants In Summerlin

What type of food can I expect to find at these restaurants?

You can expect to find traditional Mexican cuisines, such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, and more. Many of these restaurants also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Do these restaurants take reservations?

Many of these restaurants take reservations, especially on weekends or during peak hours. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and reserve a table.

Do these restaurants offer happy hour specials?

Many of these restaurants offer happy hour specials on food and drinks, typically from 3 pm to 6 pm on weekdays.

Are these restaurants kid-friendly?

Many of the Mexican restaurants in Summerlin provide kid-friendly menus and family-friendly atmospheres. Some even offer activities for kids, like coloring pages or games.

Conclusions About the Ten Best Mexican Restaurants in Summerlin

What an incredible journey it has been exploring the best Mexican restaurants in Summerlin, Las Vegas! 

From the amazing carne asada at Viva Mercado’s to the fresh and flavorful dishes at Ori’Zaba’s Scratch Mexican Grill, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some of the most authentic and delicious Mexican cuisines around.

Whether you’re looking for a lively atmosphere to enjoy drinks and bites with friends or a more intimate dining experience with your loved ones, Summerlin has something for everyone. 

With each restaurant offering its unique take on traditional Mexican cuisine, there’s no shortage of delicious options.

But if I had to pick my top ten, it would be a tough choice! Each restaurant had its own standout elements that made it truly special, from the playful and upbeat atmosphere at Hussong’s Mexican Cantina to the farm-to-table approach at Melita’s Table.

However, one thing that was consistent across all the restaurants was the commitment to using only fresh and high-quality ingredients. 

This dedication to authenticity is what sets the best Mexican restaurants in Summerlin apart from the rest.

As I reflect on my dining experiences, I can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to indulge in such incredible cuisine. Mexican cuisine’s flavors, textures, and aromas are truly unique and unforgettable.

So, whether you’re a local or just passing through, add these ten best Mexican restaurants in Summerlin to your list. You won’t regret it! 

From the delectable dishes to the lively atmosphere and exceptional service, these restaurants are indeed a foodie’s paradise.

Until next time, amigos! Keep exploring and savoring all the delicious flavors that the world of Mexican restaurants in Summerlin offers.

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