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10 Must-Try Mexican Restaurants In Sacramento | Best Mexican Food in Sacramento, CA

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With their traditional and innovative dishes, Mexican restaurants have made a significant contribution to the nation’s burgeoning culinary diversity. 

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Sacramento

There are many excellent choices available in Sacramento today. Almost anywhere you go, you can easily find distinctive dishes that are both affordable and delicious, and they’re made with only the best ingredients. This makes it a highly competitive market.

Here are 10 of Sacramento’s best Mexican restaurants that prove the creative spirit fed by Mexican delicacies knows no bounds.

The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants In Sacramento


1200 K St, Sacramento // +19164417200

Mexican sophistication has found its way to downtown Sacramento with Mayahuel. This restaurant does not serve greasy tacos or overstuffed burritos like the competitors nearby. 

Instead, the menu offers a culinary exploration of our southern neighbor, featuring fresh ingredients crafted into creative interpretations of classic dishes.

This restaurant embraces art, cuisine, drinks, murals, music, and artisanal tequila. Fresh, local ingredients are combined into Mayahuel’s cuisine in what has become a signature of its “farm to fork” tradition. 

From their small plate menu, you can order corn tortillas stuffed with cheese and poblano peppers, salad of beets, oranges, onion, and meatball soup.

The menu features chicken mole, pork salsa verde and shrimp with mushrooms and serrano chiles. Desserts with Mexican influences include mango mousse cake and chocolate flan. With your tequila cocktail, you can choose from flavors such as mango, chile, hibiscus, or jalapeno.

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Chicken Mole

You’ll enjoy the main dining room, whether you’re hosting a large family gathering, a romantic night with your partner or a productive meeting with co-workers.

Caballo Blanco Restaurante

5604 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento // +19164286706

For years, Caballo Blanco has been serving up fresh, authentic Mexican fare with authentic south-of-the-border flavors. A lot of families flock here for the homemade flour tortilla chips and the huge portions of this restaurant. 

A wide range of food is available, including tacos, burritos, fajitas, carnitas, chile Colorado, and Chile Verde.

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Carnitas

Seafood and vegetarian options are also available on the healthy menu. I love Caballo Blanco because it has been a favorite for locals, who love their fresh and authentic Mexican food. 

With the warm and cozy classic decor, the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re in Old Mexico. I also really like the outdoor seating area where you get a great view of the hills.

Centro Cocina Mexicana

2730 J St, Sacramento // +19164422552

This popular midtown restaurant is a great choice for those looking for a fun night out with family or friends.

There’s no better place to experience Mexican culture than this restaurant. A lively atmosphere permeates the restaurant, the music is loud, the service is friendly and the food is excellent.

Each dish is carefully crafted using fresh, local ingredients. Some of the starters include crispy masa turnovers stuffed with cheese and cilantro and sweet potato cakes topped with pork and pineapple salsa. 

A few of the main dishes include wood-grilled carnitas with grilled vegetables, chicken enchiladas with moles, and shrimp pasta with chipotle sauce. 

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Chicken Enchiladas With Moles

There is a delicious chocolate cake with dulce de leche ice cream and flambéed plantains with rum sauce for dessert. 

You can drink more than 150 tequilas and Oaxacan mezcals at the bar before or after dinner.

Chando’s Tacos

863 Arden Way, Sacramento // +19166418226

The slow-roasted, hand-seasoned meat at Chando’s Tacos attracts devoted followers from all over Sacramento.

The restaurant does not have a vegetarian menu or table service. Instead, the restaurant’s sidewalks are packed 24 hours a day with people waiting to buy delicious char-broiled carne asada, citrus-marinated chicken, slow-roasted carnitas, and hand-blended chorizo.

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Carne Asada Tacos

Whether it’s melted into quesadillas, tucked into tacos or sandwiched in tortas, Chando’s meat is hard to beat. With tacos for less than two bucks a pop, they’re one of the best bargains around.

Ernesto’s Mexican Food

1901 16th St, Sacramento // +19164415850

Ernesto’s is the perfect place for a fun night out with family or friends. The Mexican food at Ernesto’s has been a Sacramento landmark for more than 25 years. 

Favorites like tamales, enchiladas, and more complicated dishes are among their offerings. Among the specialties are chile Verde, carne asada, and “cowboy shrimp.”

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Chile Verde

Aside from the fresh guacamole and great carnitas, there’s also fresh guacamole, and the spices are just right.

On a warm summer night, a seat on their relaxing outdoor patio is a good place to watch people or to drink a beer or cocktail. They serve traditional Mexican breakfasts such as pozole, chilaquiles, and Huevo Rancheros on weekends.

Zócalo Restaurant Midtown

1801 Capitol Ave, Sacramento // +19164410303

Known for its loud and lively atmosphere, Zocalo Restaurant is a great choice for a fun night out or day out with friends.

You can enjoy an upscale meal with a party vibe at Zocalo, whether for brunch on the weekend or lunch or dinner during the week.

Nachos and quesadillas are among the starters and beef empanadas and potato flautas.

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Quesadillas

The menu includes enchiladas and tacos and more ambitious items, such as grilled hanger steak with mushrooms, onions, jalapenos; smoked pork with achiote; and salmon mole.

You can also find traditional desserts such as tres leches, flan, and pan-fried plantains with brown sugar and cinnamon. On weekends, enjoy chorizo with eggs, chilaquiles or a Mexican breakfast burrito.

Azul | Méxican Food + Tequila Bar

1050 20th St, Sacramento // +19164474040

Midtown Sacramento is home to Azul—Mexican Food + Tequila Bar, which is surrounded by nightclubs, bars and other exciting restaurants. 

Their concept combines authentic Mexican cuisine with the latest contemporary Mexican style in an elegant and urban setting. 

Standard dishes from different regions of Mexico are included in the menu. Offering ceviche, cochinita pibil, mole poblano, as well as traditional tacos al pastor.

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Mole Poblano

The restaurant offers the best selection of 100% agave tequila in Sacramento that delights, relaxes and brings food to life, encourages great company and launches celebrations.

El Novillero Restaurant

4216 Franklin Blvd, Sacramento // +19164564287

Founded more than 50 years ago, El Novillero Restaurant is a Mexican fusion restaurant. In 1970, the restaurant had 28 seats, never dreaming that it would become one of Sacramento’s premier Mexican restaurants. 

As of now, they can seat 180 people. They are especially proud of their food. Their sauces and corn chips are all freshly made every day.

Pork Carnitas is one of my favorite dishes. The dish comes with rice, beans, tortillas, and the usual guacamole dip with cheese. They are known for their steak and shrimp fajita combo, which comes with pita bread, rice, beans, and mixed vegetables.

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Pork Carnitas

Only the finest ingredients are used at El Novillero Restaurant. It is also very pleasing to be able to get such quality and quantity of food at reasonable prices.

Tres Hermanas

2416 K St, Sacramento // +19164436919

Located in downtown San Diego, Tres Hermanas offers some of the best Mexican classics and margaritas on its outdoor patio, one with a funky vibe. 

The restaurant offers authentic chihuahua-style Mexican cuisine. Sonia, the owner of Tres Hermana, is proud to serve the finest Mexican cuisine in the greater Sacramento region.

Their menu has various Mexican dishes such as Una Tostada, Small Guacamole, Coctel De Camaron, Ceviche Coctel, Ensalada Del Cesar and Ceviche, Ensalada Norteña, Taco Salad, and many more.

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Taco Salad

It is a place that offers quality dishes and a variety of cocktails and desserts, as well as a pleasant atmosphere. 

Kico’s Méxican Food

2324 Arden Way, Sacramento // +19169243571

Kico’s Mexican Food Restaurant offers Mexico’s sight, sound and aroma. You’ll feel like you are in Mexico while enjoying authentic favorites made to order.

With only fresh ingredients prepared to your liking, this Mexican restaurant only serves family recipes.

The restaurant has a comfortable atmosphere and serves dishes like Kico’s Nachos, Grilled Shrimp Salad and their delicious chili verde specialty dish.

Best Mexican Restaurants Sacramento: Grilled Shrimp Salad

Since opening in 1980, the restaurant has built up a loyal and strong audience. They are easy to reach both locally and from outside of Sacramento—for residents, as well as visitors.

Summary About The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants In Sacramento

Despite the abundance of Mexican restaurants in Sacramento, each restaurant has its own distinct flavor. Certain restaurants offer better service than others.  

Authentic Mexican foods and fresh ingredients are available at many wonderful restaurants in Sacramento. 

You will certainly find a Mexican experience that fits your taste buds in this city, whether you want a quick bite to eat or a lavish dining experience!

Which of these Mexican restaurants in Sacramento will you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Janet Wells

Wednesday 13th of July 2022

I have been dining at Kiko’s since 1978. The quality has never wavered. It stands out as THE BEST Mexican food I have ever tasted. I now live in WA, and when I visit Sacto every time, I MUST go to Kiko’s at least one time. It’s THAT good. I miss it so much.

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