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The 6 Best Mexican Restaurants in Oxford MS

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In this article, I am going to take you on a compelling tour of Oxford, MS, a hidden gem of the South where Ole Miss calls home, and folks live for football, Faulkner, and finger-lickin’ good food. 

You see, Oxford is a place where the scent of magnolias mingles with mouthwatering aromas of tantalizing cuisine, especially its awe-inspiring Mexican fare.

The streets of Oxford are alive with a symphony of spices. Each corner sends forth a culinary invite, luring you in with the promise of piquant salsa verde, robust mole poblano, and cheesy chiles rellenos. Ah, I tell you, every nook and cranny is a paradise for the taste buds.

Now, if you’re thinking Oxford is all about Southern comfort food and barbecue joints, boy, are you in for a spicy surprise! 

This quaint, cultured city boasts an array of Mexican eateries that can transport your palate straight to the vibrant plazas of Mexico City, the beachside taquerias of Baja, and beyond, all in one bite.

In our quest for the perfect taco and the most authentic enchilada, we’ll venture to the bustling eateries, tucked-away taquerias, and trendy food trucks that are turning Oxford into a veritable “Little Mexico.” 

So, strap on your sombreros, and prepare for a feast to remember. Let’s dive into the fiesta of flavors that the best Mexican restaurants in Oxford, MS have to offer!

Stay tuned because we’re about to embark on the ultimate Oxford Mexican food journey, one delicious bite at a time.

Top Three Picks of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Oxford MS

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Casa Mexicana RestaurantShrimp Tacos5/5
El AgaveBeef Fajita5/5
Ok Maguey Mexican GrillChimichanga4.5/5

The Six Best Mexican Restaurants in Oxford MS

El Agave

2305 Jackson Ave. W #211, Oxford, MS 38655, United States // +16627151740

Let’s kick off our foodie journey with a real crowd-pleaser: El Agave Mexican Restaurant in Oxford. Now, let me tell you, this spot is a triple threat—stellar ambiance, out-of-this-world food, and top-notch service that’s as warm as a sun-soaked Mexican afternoon.

It’s all about the welcoming vibes from the moment you walk in. You can tell you’re in for a real treat between the lively chatter, vibrant decor, and that incredible aroma of sizzling dishes. 

The fun begins with a complimentary serving of their homemade chips and salsa. Oh, the salsa! Each crunchy, salty bite is the perfect stage for the robust, tangy dip.

But don’t fill up on those chips! El Agave’s generously portioned dishes are well worth saving room for. 

Trust me, folks, your taste buds will thank you. Take the taquito appetizer, for instance; crispy, flaky, and flavorful. And that’s just the start.

Beef fajitas at El Agave, one of the best mexican restaurants in Oxford MS

Have you ever tried a ribeye so tender you could pull it apart with your fork? That’s what you’ll find at El Agave. 

Seasoned to perfection, the ribeye dances on your tongue, an ode to the culinary prowess of the kitchen. 

And don’t get me started on the beef fajita. Mildly peppery, it strikes the perfect balance, delivering a gentle kick without overwhelming your palate. It’s a testament to the kitchen’s understanding of spices and a delight for those who love their food on the milder side.

And for those of you who crave that fiery punch like me? Their spicy HOT salsa has got you covered.

So, folks, if you’re roaming around with a desire for some authentic Mexican cuisine in Oxford, MS, you now know where to go!

El Charro Cocina & Cantina

669 Sisk Ave., Oxford, MS 38655, United States // +16622349358

Looking for authentic Mexican cuisine in Oxford, MS, that is as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the palate? El Charro Cocina & Cantina is on the list!

The attentive service set the tone for the night from the moment I stepped into this restaurant. Quick to take my drink order, a friendly server soon returned with a basket of warm, homemade chips and salsa. 

This kind of care and attention remained a constant throughout the evening, a testament to the El Charro team’s dedication to providing an unforgettable dining experience.

El Charro is a feast for the senses, with its vibrant decor and impeccably clean surroundings. 

The ambiance here exudes a charm that’s both cozy and classy, making it perfect for anything from a casual catch-up to a romantic date night.

Now let’s talk food—the real star of the show. I still can’t get over the birria tacos I had; they were sublime! A dip in the accompanying sauce and each bite was a symphony of flavors. 

Carne Asada at Echarro Cocina and Cantina

My friend, a die-hard meat lover, gave a nod of approval to the Carne Asada. It came with beans sprinkled with bits of chorizo and nopales (prickly pear)—a delightful combination that left us both craving more.

And let’s not forget the server who improved our dining experience. Attentive and considerate, she checked on us regularly and even anticipated our needs, like extra ice for our tea. It’s small gestures like this that make a good dining experience great.

Elegant and vibrant, with a dash of rustic charm, El Charro Cocina & Cantina has a unique allure. 

It’s more than just a restaurant—it’s a celebration of authentic Mexican cuisine. And whether it’s a romantic evening or a festive gathering you’re planning, you’ll find a welcoming space here at El Charro. 

Now, how about that Mexican feast?

La Perla Tapatia of Oxford

4114 1912 University Ave. UNIT 8, Oxford, MS 38655, United States // +16626383873

Allow me to let you in on a secret, fellow food explorers. After an epic culinary quest sampling every Mexican restaurant in Oxford, MS, I’ve found a treasure; the one place that stands head and shoulders above the rest, La Perla Tapatia of Oxford.

Tucked away in an unassuming strip mall, this place breaks the mold. Here, you’ll find no run-of-the-mill dishes. Instead, La Perla offers a unique menu showcasing Mexican cuisine’s true spirit. 

From start to finish, the experience was a delight. Swift service, a knowledgeable waiter, and above all, delectable food that offers serious bang for your buck.

My food arrived hot and fresh, with warm chips that signaled the promise of a memorable meal. And let me assure you, it did not disappoint. 

The salsa? It had just the right amount of heat to make your taste buds dance—not too overwhelming, just perfect for spice lovers like me.

Papas with chorizo or potatoes with chorizo and refried beans, mexican food in La Perla Tapatia

The restaurant’s environment was yet another winner. The ambiance was comfortable, not too loud, allowing for pleasant conversations over your meal. Just the kind of place you’d want for a laid-back dinner.

Now, for those of you with a fondness for chorizo, prepare to be smitten. Their chorizo dishes were the stars of the night. 

Perfectly seasoned, packed with flavor, and complemented by cheesy rice and grilled veggies—La Perla’s chorizo is a culinary masterpiece.

So, if you’re navigating the Oxford food scene, don’t let La Perla Tapatia of Oxford pass you by. Give it a go, and you might just find your new favorite Oxford Mexican restaurant. 

Casa Mexicana Restaurant

1908 Jackson Ave. W #4454, Oxford, MS 38655, United States // +16622363855

Let me take you to a Mexican restaurant in downtown Oxford, MS, where the fiesta never ends: Casa Mexicana Restaurant. 

It’s more than just a restaurant—it’s an experience filled with vibrant colors, tantalizing flavors, and the warmth of genuine Mexican hospitality.

Yes, the parking might be a bit quirky, but it’s a small trade-off for the delights that await inside. Conveniently located on Jackson Avenue, Casa Mexicana is an escape into a world of rich culinary traditions right in our own backyard.

Walking into Casa Mexicana is like stepping into a cheerful Mexican casa. The intricate decor, the carefully chosen furniture, and the thoughtfully designed interior all contribute to the authentic vibe. It feels like a cozy corner of Mexico with a dash of Oxford charm.

But what about the food? Well, amigos, it was nothing short of fantastic. I savored some of the best shrimp tacos I’ve ever had—each bite was a delightful mix of fresh, succulent shrimp, tangy salsa, and soft tortillas. 

Shrimp Tacos at Casa Mexicana

My friend opted for the Casa Mexicana tacos, another masterpiece served up by their skilled chefs.

Now, what’s a Mexican fiesta without some drinks, right? My friend enjoyed a couple of their creative margaritas— each one a refreshing blend of sweet, sour, and just the right kick of tequila. I, on the other hand, settled into the comfort of a cold beer.

We also decided to share a Hawaiian quesadilla. It was the perfect combination of sweet and savory, just enough to round off our meal.

All in all, our visit to Casa Mexicana was a hit—a symphony of flavors coupled with impeccable service. 

Next time you find yourself on Jackson Ave, do yourself a favor and step into this festive taqueria. Trust me; it’s a fiesta you wouldn’t want to miss!

Costa Mexican Bar & Grill

10 Thacker Heights Dr., Oxford, MS 38655, United States // +16626383192

You know what’s a true joy for a foodie? Discovering a hidden gem. Well, dear reader, I’m about to share one of my most cherished finds in Oxford, MS, the Costa Mexican Bar & Grill.

Nestled away from the bustling crowds, Costa offers an intimate dining experience perfect for family gatherings or a serene mealtime. 

But don’t let its calm demeanor fool you. The passion and energy in their kitchen is something to be marveled at!

The culinary team at Costa pours their heart into every dish, and it’s evident in every bite. The food here is top-notch, crafted with care and love. 

There’s a genuine dedication to quality that shines through and makes each dish a masterpiece.

Our servers were always on point—ready with warm smiles and an infectious friendly vibe that made the dining experience all the more enjoyable. 

enchiladas at costa mexican bar

We kicked off our meal with their signature margaritas, peach and watermelon. Arriving promptly, each sip was a refreshing burst of flavor, the perfect accompaniment to our meal.

For the main course, I opted for spinach enchiladas with grilled chicken and cheese. And let me tell you, “delicious” would be an understatement. Each bite of the enchilada was a harmonious blend of fresh spinach, succulent chicken, and melted cheese—a comforting combination that satisfied me.

So, if you’re ever in Oxford and are craving for a tranquil dining experience without compromising on the flavors or service, Costa Mexican Bar & Grill is your go-to place. 

It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best places are those tucked away from the hustle and bustle, where you can enjoy fantastic food in peace. 

Ok Maguey Mexican Grill

2570 Jackson Ave. W, Oxford, MS 38655, United States // +16626383096

Last on the list, we have Ok Maguey Mexican Grill. It’s the kind of place where you’ll leave not just with a satisfied palate but also a happy wallet!

Ok Maguey dishes out an authentic Mexican spread at a price that’s hard to beat. Plus, who doesn’t love a place that welcomes you with complimentary chips and salsa?

Speaking of their fare, let’s talk beans and rice. It’s a simple dish, but when it’s done right, it’s beautiful. 

And trust me, at Ok Maguey, they do it right! It’s a bowl full of comforting, hearty goodness that pairs perfectly with everything else on the menu.

And let’s not forget about the fajitas and chimichanga I had! Each was a delightful mix of flavors, with the chimichanga adding a nice, crispy texture to the mix. I didn’t venture into enchiladas or rellenos this time around, but they’re definitely on my list for the next visit.

Chimichangas at OK Maguey Mexican Grill

What’s a Mexican meal without some refreshing beverages, right? I treated myself to a pitcher of their raspberry frozen margarita. It was a fruity, frosty delight that perfectly balanced the hearty food.

Now, here’s a small heads-up for those who, like me, love to turn up the heat. The salsa at Ok Maguey is on the milder side. 

While it’s still delightful, if you’re someone who enjoys a fiery salsa, you might wish for a few more hot chile options. But hey, that’s just more reason to go back and try other dishes, right?

So next time you’re in Oxford and hankering for a fantastic Mexican meal. I’m sure you’ll be as delighted with your experience as I was. 


What kind of Mexican dishes are typically available in Oxford, MS?

From traditional fare like enchiladas, tacos, and burritos to more regional delicacies like birria, carne asada, and nopales (prickly pear), the Mexican food in Oxford offers a wide range of dishes to choose from.

I’m a vegetarian. What kind of Mexican food options do I have in Oxford?

The beauty of Mexican cuisine is its versatility! You’ll find plenty of vegetarian-friendly options like veggie burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and salads. Many restaurants also offer dishes with beans, cheese, and various vegetables.

Are there unique regional Mexican dishes I can find in Oxford, MS?

Yes, you can find several regional Mexican specialties in Oxford. These include dishes like Birria, a savory meat stew from Jalisco, and Carne Asada, a style of grilled beef popular in Northern Mexico. It’s a great opportunity to explore the diversity of Mexican cuisine!

Wrapping Up: The Six Best Mexican Restaurants in Oxford MS

As our culinary journey through Oxford, Mississippi, comes to a close, it’s clear that this vibrant town is a hub for Mexican food lovers. 

With an impressive collection of Mexican restaurants in Oxford, each one is a nod to Mexican cuisine’s rich heritage and authenticity, and each one offers a unique yet equally enticing dining experience.

From the bustling avenues to the hidden gems nestled in the quieter neighborhoods, the city is abuzz with the enticing aromas of simmering sauces, sizzling meats, and fresh-off-the-griddle tortillas. 

The sights and sounds of Oxford’s Mexican dining scene are a testament to its rich diversity and the town’s unending love for this vibrant cuisine.

Whether you’re an adventurous foodie or prefer to stick to the classics, Oxford’s Mexican restaurants have covered you. 

From mouthwatering tacos and juicy enchiladas to exotic regional specialties and delicious desserts, the food scene here is both extensive and exhilarating.

Add to that the warm and inviting atmosphere, the friendly and attentive staff, and the occasional notes of Mariachi music floating in the air, and you’ve got yourself the perfect setting for a delightful dining experience.

In conclusion, Oxford, Mississippi, isn’t just about Southern charm and football games. It’s a hidden paradise for Mexican food enthusiasts and a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a tasteful adventure. 

So, get ready to give your taste buds a fiesta they won’t forget anytime soon. After all, the Oxford food scene is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of Mexican culture right here in the heart of Mississippi!

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