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8 Best Tupelo Restaurants | Where to Eat in Tupelo MS

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Tupelo, Mississippi is a town of just over 38,000 where fun and food are abundant. Home to many great places to eat, Tupelo is the seat of Lee County in the northeastern corner of Mississippi. Wait until you see the best Tupelo restaurants…

It is about 160 miles from Jackson, Mississippi, and about 104 miles from Memphis, Tennessee. Tupelo is found just south of Interstate 22 on US 45.

Visitors to Tupelo will want to be sure to visit the numerous lakes, trails, parks, and playgrounds. History buffs will want to view the battlefields, markers, and historic buildings.

The Natchez Trace headquarters and visitors center is located in Tupelo, as are the Elvis Presley birthplace and museum and the Elvis Guitar Trail.

More enticements would include a fish hatchery, a zoo, a farmers’ market (which supplies many of the best restaurants of Tupelo), and many colorful murals.

Tupelo was once the heart of the Chickasaw tribe and important sites, artifacts, and celebrations highlight the culture of this indigenous group.

Other annual festivals celebrate everything from art, boats, films, flowers, and music. And, of course, food!

Weekends in Tupelo are often filled with sports, recreation, flea markets, yard sales, and many live musical events. The best way to get around in Tupelo is in your own car and by foot. Be sure to bring your camera and take lots of photos to save all your wonderful memories.

When in Tupelo, please be aware that the local residents are some of the nicest, sweetest, and friendliest people on the planet.

While you may not have intended to do so, please do make the effort to share in casual conversations with them. They have lovely accents and will often let you video them if you ask nicely.

Learning about local history, culture, and food is so much more fun and educational when you chat with the locals and can show some respect for their point of view.

Thank goodness locals and visitors alike can find many wonderful spots to rest and refuel in Tupelo. All that driving and walking and stopping for photos is bound to work up a big appetite.

Restaurants of every size cater to the tastes of every palette. I am thrilled to recommend these eight top restaurants of Tupelo.

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8 Best Tupelo Restaurants To Wine and Dine

Amsterdam Deli & Grill 

128 Main St // +16622604423

The grand opening was celebrated on January 22, 2020. Then, despite Covid, this establishment managed to grow and gain a reputation for their unique variety of food, drinks, and music. No wonder it’s one of the best Tupelo restaurants.

Manager Chase Tyra reports that locals love the great atmosphere, while tourists are impressed by such menu items as gyro, hummus, baba ghanoush, and shawarma. And everyone loves the mix of karaoke and live bands. 

8 Best Tupelo Restaurants:

Chase says they serve a bit of Mediterranean and Italian. He also states that whether you think of Amsterdam as a bar, restaurant, or a snack shop, just think of it as your new favorite gathering place, and be sure to tell your friends what you love about Amsterdam Deli & Grill, an ideal place to eat in Tupelo.

Johnnie’s Drive In

908 E Main St // +16628426748

Johnnie’s has been a great place for burgers and barbeque in Tupelo since 1945, but might be best known for their “Elvis” connection. You will see evidence of the “Elvis Guitar Trail” outside.

8 Best Tupelo Restaurants: Double Cheeseburger

Then you can see pictures and plaques to highlight his booth, his favorite food, and almost eighty years of every kind of Tupelo history. 

Eat outside or come on in for the comfort food, casual conversation, and friendly service. One of the best Tupelo restaurants can most definitely satisfy your thirst for knowledge and all your food cravings. That’s Johnnie’s Drive In.

Kermit’s Soul Kitchen 

124 Main St // +16626206622

Those Mississippi roots grow deep for Owner and Chef Mitch McCamey. He gave me this quote, “Our goal at Kermit’s Soul Kitchen is to produce the healthiest and most delicious soul food in the universe.

We love to be in service to our farmers, friends, and to our lovely town of Tupelo. Come visit, we would love to see everyone, and we wish all a bright future.”

The farm-to-table goodness from locals shows in the freshest meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Folks are raving about the pork, the gluten-free salads, the cauliflower breadsticks, and the banana fluff dessert. 

8 Best Tupelo Restaurants: Kermit's Food

Kermit’s historic building with brick interior walls and wooden floors is worth inspecting both upstairs and downstairs. The colorful trays, stickers, lighting, and décor make this fabulous food place an equally great photo op. What was once called Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen was renamed, now Kermit’s Soul Kitchen.

Whatever the name, it is one of the best Tupelo restaurants.

Park Heights Restaurant 

335 E Main St // +16628425665

Owner Blair Hughes and Chef Tom Lester have created a most elegant and contemporary dining experience. Enjoy two private dining rooms or the new rooftop area from 5:30 to 9:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Fantastic dishes like steak, avocado, kimchi vinaigrette with mint have become the talk of Tupelo. 

8 Best Tupelo Restaurants: Steak

Customers praise the impeccable service, special event planning, and awesome atmosphere. The rooftop view and ever-expanding dinner menu make Park Heights a not-to-be-missed stop on any Tupelo foodie tour.

For fine dining in Tupelo, make sure you step to the Heights. It’s one of the best Tupelo restaurants for experiencing fine dining.

Pizza vs. Tacos

1010 N Gloster St // +16624324918

You will love trying the mind-boggling assortment of pizza and tacos, but will you decide which is really better? Enjoy the clever murals inside and out. Enjoy the queso dip, margaritas, and handmade corn tortillas. 

Adam Morgan says, “If you’re looking for a fun, artsy, and tasteful experience then Pizza vs. Tacos and Tupelo’s downtown area are definitely worth a pit stop. Outside, the entire building is wrapped in a gigantic mural by world-renowned graffiti artist Birdcap.

8 Best Tupelo Restaurants: Tacos

Inside, you will find almost every available space filled with more of his murals. The pizza is Detroit style, and our creative tacos come served on tortillas ground fresh in-house every morning. Expect an elevated culinary level of both. Afterward, mingle around our downtown where you will find lots of fun shops, cafes, and coffee. Plus, there are plenty more murals around to discover.”

8 Best Tupelo Restaurants: Detroit Style Pizza

I personally love the Muffuletta pizza made with pepperoni, ham, ricotta, and olive salad. The rectangular shape helps make this pizza even more interesting.

Pizza vs. Tacos is a real question, a real place, and a super fun time for foodies of all ages. But you don’t have to choose; get pizza AND tacos at this Tupelo restaurant.

Queen’s Reward Meadery

1719 McCullough Blvd // +16628236323

Owner Jeri Carter and her staff are so excited to invite folks to the first meadery in Mississippi. Here is Jeri’s message to you, “At Queen’s Reward, we make a world-class product that is uniquely Southern in its make-up.

All our meads are made with pure Mississippi honey, and Southern hospitality is what sets our tasting room apart. We offer mead tastings and mead slushies; we also have the best charcuterie board around. Tupelo may be known as the birthplace of the King, but at Queen’s Reward, you will be the one who feels like royalty!”   

Charcuterie Board

At Queen’s Reward Meadery, you can take a tour of the impressive new facility and enjoy a tasting of several mead varieties. You can hear about the history and definition of mead as you sample and decide which flavors are your new favorites.

A mead tasting will include a luscious charcuterie board. The board is always filled with strawberries, olives, breadsticks, crackers, meats, and cheeses. There are often lovely extras such as a working artist or live music. Make sure you try this unique Tupelo restaurant for a special treat. It deserves its place as one of the best Tupelo restaurants.

Romie’s Grocery

804 W Jackson St // +16628428986

The slogan “Put a little South in ya mouth” pretty much tells you to expect great fare from Romie’s. And, believe me, you are in for a sumptuous southern treat. The fried chicken, fried catfish, or baked ham is a great first choice. Then you may wish to try the deviled eggs, corn salad, fried green tomatoes, or mac-n-cheese. 

Fried Chicken

Be sure to leave a little room for the banana pudding. Romie’s also has the area’s largest catering service for any area event. Rob, Mike, Lindsay, and the entire crew look forward to meeting you and adding a unique southern twist to your meal. Romie’s is one of the best Tupelo restaurants for southern food.

Sweet Tea & Biscuits Café 

2025 McCullough Blvd // +16623227322

Sisters Beverly and Joan want folks to know that Sweet Tea & Biscuits Café is the place to eat. Inside is a gift shop called The Marketplace. They send this message to readers, “Why visit Tupelo? Elvis and small-town charm.

Why visit Sweet Tea and Biscuits? People keep coming back for the farm-fresh meals that are reminiscent of all our childhoods. Everything is handmade from scratch top to bottom. One can tell by our aprons.”

“We have it all from salads, sandwiches, quiche, to nostalgic Sunday lunch dishes.

Folks come here to eat their dessert first. Pies with mile-high meringues and cakes just like Grandmothers, have our customers’ eyes dancing with delight.”

Club Sandwich

“Why visit The Marketplace? We have nationally recognized potters, antiques, all the things that smell good, and upscale clothing.

All under one roof. Have lunch, shop, visit, play bridge. Spend the day at Sweet Tea and Biscuits and The Marketplace. After all, we ARE the epitome of southern hospitality.”

Chicken Salad

Their staples include chicken salad, pimento cheese, homemade desserts, and daily specials. The green tomatoes are fried in a cast-iron skillet. Frozen casseroles and catering services are also available.

Customers agree that Sweet Tea & Biscuits Cafe is delicious and delightful; one of the best Tupelo restaurants.

So there is the list; eight of the best Tupelo restaurants in. Come visit soon.

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melody pittman

Friday 11th of June 2021

Yum! Excellent article capturing the best eats. Pizza Vs. Tacos is one of the best in the country. ;) Thanks for sharing!

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