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The 8 Best Chinese Restaurants in Springfield MO

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Eating at a Chinese restaurant is one of our favorite things to do when going out. Chinese cuisine is very delicious and full of flavor. There are so many options to choose from and such a multitude of dishes, flavors, and consistencies to be tasted.

Chinese food is, of course, a staple in Springfield. From the typical Americanized takeout to some of the best authentic Chinese food you have ever had, there are options all over town.

They offer a variety of choices, such as the famous sweet, sour, and salt. These places are ideal for people who want something quick and cheap but yet flavorful to eat because it does not take too long to get your food prepared.

We’ve got your Chinese food fix right here in Springfield, Mo. With tons of delicious, affordable options, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill and your wishes at the same time.

Whether you’re looking for delicious dumplings, fast service, or a full menu of Chinese favorites, we’ve got it all. We hope you use our authentic guide and enjoy the flavors afterward!

The 8 Best Chinese Restaurants in Springfield MO

Bao Bao Chinese Bistro

2101 W. Chesterfield St. Unit A104, Springfield, MO 65807, United States // +14178777505

If you enjoy exploring new locations, Bao Bao will for sure not let you down.

Bao Bao is a green-doored local Springfield Chinese restaurant with wooden tables and red-leathered chairs that give the main Chinese vibe to the interesting interior.

The food at this lovely eatery in Chesterfield Village is the best tasting in the neighborhood.

Their Bourbon Beef, made with onion, mushroom, and a dash of spice, is one of the most amazing, flavorful things ever.

Happy Family is another dish, a perennial favorite of mine, served in Springfield-style with a variety of meat and vegetables in a darker brown gravy. The cashew chicken in delicious fried rice has a somewhat sweet sauce, and the meal also contains potstickers, egg drop soup with spaghetti-thin wontons. 

The broth had the right amount of salt. The thin wontons didn’t overshadow the soup, and the eggs are delicately sprinkled into it. 

Szechuan Chicken, “traditional style,” is another delicious dish and has lots of fresh ginger. The Egg Foo Young with Chicken is also very tasty.

I heartily recommend the house-made egg drop soup because it has the ideal texture and is extremely airy and light.

Chinese Restaurants in Springfield MO: Bao Bao Chinese Bistro Egg Drop Soup

And if you would prefer a Cherry Limeade without the excess calories, make sure to try the delicious Cherry Lime soda water! 

This Springfield Chinese restaurant offers a very relaxed atmosphere, a reasonable price range, and welcoming staff and family. The owners, who are originally from Vietnam, put on a fantastic, authentic show. If you visit, you will for sure want to go back!

The Riksha

222 Park Central N., Springfield, MO 65806, United States // +14178319499

The Riksha is Springfield’s best-kept secret! It is a family-owned Chinese restaurant offering various dine-in or take-out food options.

This is a little at-the-corner type of restaurant that has worked exceptionally for decades now, passed from one generation to the next without changes in the top-level quality of food.

It is super easy to walk to if you’re downtown. What is also great about the location is that it’s close to parking, so you can also stop by and take some quick take-away food for home.

Their wok fried chicken dishes (general style, cashew style, sesame style) are all amazing.

The Riksha is a great place to have cashew chicken made in Springfield style. They offer a nice selection of foods, all of which are quite delicious. 

The Riksha Cashew Chicken

Their dumplings are also great, and they have some of the best egg rolls.

The food here is cooked as you order. Therefore, this place becomes a regular pit stop for people who visit Springfield and like Chinese food. 


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Chinese Chef

3029 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO 65807, United States // +14178834770

This relaxed Chinese restaurant in Springfield serves a typical menu of well-known dishes and is noted for its cashew chicken.

The establishment opened three years ago, and it is pretty new, simple, and modern.

It is a clean restaurant with circled tables and leather chairs, but still has a Chinese vibe to it.

Chinese Chef is a restaurant that serves fresh food along with great flavor. Featured menu items include Orange chicken, fried rice, Kung Pao chicken, beef broccoli, amazing noodles, pot stickers, and egg rolls.

Chinese Chef Orange Chicken

They also have incredible wonton soups, and their spicy eggplant tofu is something else.

The staff here delivers both great food and service since they are really kind and friendly.

Please note that they also offer a drive-thru option in case you don’t have the time to enjoy their juicy, flavorful food on the spot. 

Corner 21 Chinese Cuisine

1369 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, MO 65804, United States // +14177666630

Corner 21 serves authentic Chinese cuisine, including Szechuan and northeastern varieties.

This traditional Chinese restaurant opened its doors at Sunshine and Fremont in the heart of Springfield. 

Don’t let the outside of the restaurant’s appearance stop you. The modest white building gives off the impression of being a bit of a dive, just like many high-quality establishments on the same street (Queen City Deli, SocieTea, The Big Slice, etc.). 

Their cuisine is incredible.

Yuming Han, the head chef and co-owner of Corner 21, has more than 30 years of experience in kitchens, first in St. Louis and later in Springfield. 

Jiapeng Lu, the co-owner of the restaurant, hasn’t been in the industry as long, but he’s excited to be serving some of his favorite traditional foods in the neighborhood where he’s now resided for seven years. 

According to Lu, there was a void in Springfield’s dining scene that he intended to address.

“Chinese food is more than cashew chicken,” Lu says. “There was no traditional Chinese restaurant in this city.”

I went with something visually appealing, fried pumpkin with egg sauce. This dish consists of small pumpkin pieces fried until crisp, and then covered in an egg sauce with an almost cheesy flavor. This puzzled me a little, but the food was so good I didn’t even care. 

The house specialty stir-fry noodles presented me with the same issue; I frequently discover this dish to be smothered in sauce. 

Here, the quantity on these noodles was just right. They were tender but not mushy, and the crisp vegetables and a hint of sweetness properly counterbalanced the sodium. 

The cumin lamb with cilantro was what truly drew me in. That is an absolute must-try when in Corner 21.

Corner 21 Chinese Cuisine Cumin Lamb

Stop by and check out what I’m talking about; you won’t be disappointed!

Happy China

820 E. Battlefield Rd. #100, Springfield, MO 65807, United States // +14178909788

When you first realize that this restaurant is attached to a gas station, you might want to avoid it. But this place is great for anyone who wants to make a quick stop on the road or even go on a little adventure to this Springfield Chinese restaurant.

It is a unique location that no other Chinese restaurant in Springfield has.

A pillar of the Springfield community, Happy China won praise for its superb Chinese food, first-rate service, and welcoming personnel.

This Chinese restaurant is renowned for its contemporary takes on traditional dishes and commitment to utilizing only the finest fresh ingredients. The menu is highlighted by Mongolian Beef, Coconut Shrimp, Sweet and Sour Chicken with steamed rice, Szechuan Beef, Crab Rangoon, Egg Foo Young, and outstanding noodles. 

Happy China Mongolian Beef

Try the Orange Peel Chicken combo with white rice, and also sample the spring rolls, chicken fried rice, dumplings, and much more that is offered in this restaurant.

Their Yellow Pork Fried Rice is another superb thing to try when in Happy China. Each serving is worth two portions here. No matter what you get, you’ll always have leftovers for later.

Everyone will enjoy a wonderful takeout and dining at Happy China.

Canton Inn

205 W. Sunshine St., Springfield, MO 65807, United States // +14178625444

Canton Inn is a simple counter service with Chinese-American favorites like cashew chicken.

It is a cute little place with tables for two. The interior is simple and unique, with walls that are covered with awards won for the top- quality, inexpensive cuisine.

Their fried pot stickers are perfectly thick and chewy and also the sauce that comes with them is amazing.

Special awards should go to the eggrolls, sweet and sour specials, cashew specials, crab wonton, shrimp imperial, and crab rangoons. They are all fantastic.

Canton Inn Eggrolls

The cashew chicken is fantastic, with a beautiful dark brown sauce over drizzled over tender chicken.

They have the best cabbage egg rolls in Springfield in my opinion, and the egg drop soup is spectacular too. 

Make sure to stop by if you are visiting this part of Springfield.

China Wok

334 N. West Bypass, Springfield, MO 65802, United States // +14178622965

China Wok is a restaurant where the Chinese classics are available for delivery, carryout, and dining in at this lively, informal establishment.

Here, they have the greatest Orange and General Tsao chicken in town,  and excellent lo mein noodles, and sweet and sour sauce. The pot stickers are, in my opinion, ordinary, but the sesame chicken and crab rangoons are amazing.The list goes on with incredible fried rice, broccoli beef, a chicken and vegetable stir fry, chicken and vegetable fried rice, and egg rolls that are fresh and slightly crunchy.

China Wok Fried Rice

Their portions are massive, and the service is super quick. 

China Wok is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Springfield and will leave you having leftovers for your next meal, with a full stomach and joyful taste buds.

Peking House Restaurant

3108 E. Sunshine St., Springfield, MO 65804, United States // +14178875454

Chinese food is served at this venerable counter-serve restaurant, which has a drive-thru and an interesting interior.

Peking House has been serving high-quality Chinese food in southeast Springfield since it opened its doors in 1984. 

Their kitchen is maintained at the greatest standards of cleanliness, and the dining area offers a warm, inviting ambiance.

This is a locally owned and operated business that offers dine-in, carryout, and drive-thru services, especially known for its prompt and courteous service. 

They have plenty of space in their eating area, and a party room is available for events with up to 20 people.

The menu is divided into three sections: Daily Specials (made to spend less money while satisfying your appetite for Cashew or Sweet and Sour), Stir Fry Specials (variety is important; thus there are 32 stir fry meals available for you to pick from), and Combo Meals (designed to spend less money while still enjoying your favorite things).

Both their fried and steamed rice are a must-try if you don’t do their amazing noodles.

Theyhave nice egg rolls, fried wonton, spring rolls, crab rangoon, crispy tofu, and much more for the starters.

Peking House Restaurant Crab Rangoons

Continuing to the mains, their Sweet and Sour Shrimp is the best thing ever!! This item is closely followed by the Broccoli Chicken or Garlic Chicken, as well as their Hunan and Orange Chicken, Szechuan Chicken, and Mushroom Chicken.

Broccoli, Garlic, and Mongolian Beef are some of the highlighted Beef Stir Fry Dishes. And the Kung Pao Shrimp is an incredible option, as well as their Shrimp with Green Beans.

You can also try out their Vegetable and Tofu Stir Fry dishes if you are not in the mood for meat or shrimp. If you are a vegetarian, you are safe here! Their menu offers Vegetable Chop Suey, Crispy Tofu with vegetables, Szechuan Vegetables, and Sesame Green Beans.

Whatever you choose here, you will enjoy it for sure!

Best Chinese Restaurants In Springfield MO: Conclusion

The Chinese restaurants in Springfield, MO, are becoming more and more popular due to their amazing food choices and delicious taste. 

There are so many delicious choices, to the point where it can get hard to choose, but that’s where we come along with this guide; to help you choose the one that fits what you want the best!

In these restaurants, you can go for a quick family meal, grab-and-go meals, or dine in a classy restaurant atmosphere with live music to entertain you while you dine on that delicious Asian food.

In conclusion, the best Chinese restaurants in Springfield might look a little different from those in other areas, but the real treat lies in their delicious food and atmosphere.

Springfield boasts many excellent Chinese restaurants of all types, so we are hoping that this review will lead you to the next family favorite that provides you with the greatest choices of flavor, options, and beauty.

If you are interested in exploring some more amazing restaurants in Springfield, make sure to check out our article on 9 Must-Try Restaurants In Springfield, Missouri | Best Restaurants In Springfield, MO.

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