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22 Must-Try Sayulita Restaurants & Bars | The Best Restaurants in Sayulita, Mexico

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Sayulita, Mexico is a great little pueblo magico beach town. Travelers often call the place the “crown jewel” of the Riviera Nayarit. It is a favorite go-to getaway known for its perfect surfing conditions and one of my new favorite places as I discovered Sayulita restaurants offer something for everyone! 

The area is full of natural beauty that offers wonderful views and jungle retreats as well. There is no lack of open-air eateries that offer some of the best food with a beachy ambiance. Here I’ll share with you my guide detailing where to eat in Sayulita. 

22 Must-Try Sayulita Restaurants & Bars


Delfines 14 // +52 329 291 3051

This restaurant is right in the middle of the town and offers a great view of the famous flag-filled street. They offer breakfast and lunch options from all different backgrounds along with great smoothies and coffees. 

sandwich with fries and salad

Everything they offer is made in-house: their sausages, muffins, and most everything you’ll find on the menu. The one thing they don’t make themselves is their bacon.

For to-go coffees, you can bring your own mug or rent one from them for your entire stay. Just be sure to bring it back before you leave. Initiatives like these have helped Sayulita earn the designation as not only a pueblo magico but also a pueblo verde or green town. This is due to their focus on eco and sustainable travel. 

Chocobanana’s menu is also vegetarian and vegan friendly. When you order one of their breakfast platters, you can be sure you won’t be leaving hungry as the portions are generous!

One thing you need to be sure of is to order their signature dish the Chocobanana, a frozen chocolate-covered banana. You can order this famous dish covered in coconut, granola, or sprinkles. 

frozen chocolate covered banana rolled in oats


Av Revolución 21B // +52 329 298 8770

 Organi-k’s menu is filled with healthy options. They offer a wide variety of teas and scrambles that will refuel even the healthiest of eaters.

My favorite dish from Organi-k is their mango poke bowl. It was one of the best poke bowls that I’ve ever had- the fresh mango pared perfectly with the raw tuna.

mango poke bowl

Organi-k also had a large assortment of juices and smoothies. 

They are proud to offer organic, fresh, and vegan options. You can also get yourself some of the best matcha and lattes here.

A few other great suggestions are their Buddha Bowl, India Bowls, Panta Rei Bowl, and the Bali Bowl. Oragni-k is a great start to your day. You fill up without being weighed down by a heavy meal. 

Cafe Arte

Av. del Palmar 50 // +52 329 291 3422

If you’re in the mood for some roasted meat, then Cafe Arte is the place for you. Going to the restaurant, I could see that they were roasting whole pigs in the back of the restaurant. I was immediately sold on this place for dinner. 

whole pig on spit

Cafe Arte is one of the best restaurants that I tried on my trip to Sayulita. I hope to go back to try more of their menu next time I’m in town as they had tons of options. The pizza and pasta dishes looked especially tempting and I heard they occasionally do paella as a special.

La Fogonera 

Calle Playa Azul 12 // +523222747889

Are you looking for a humble street truck producing gourmet standard dishes? If so, you’ll want to try this burger truck that was started by two professional chefs who wanted to get out of stressful, hectic kitchens and work for themselves in a more laid-back atmosphere. 

La Fogonera obviously has amazing burgers – that’s what they’re known for! Get yourself a sirloin burger with chorizo and wedge fries and you’ll want to visit every day for your entire trip.


On top of that, a little secret that only locals know is that this place also has amazing Churros. Keep in mind that this also offers some great vegetarian and vegan options including a jamaica burger that my vegetarian friend loved.

This is definitely a place you don’t want to pass up. 


El Pescador 

Delfin #16 // +52 322 274 7792

Don’t miss out on this amazing seafood place in Sayulita, which offers one of the best dining experiences in the city. El Pescador is a Mexican Hawaiian fusion restaurant offering a casual atmosphere and unforgettably good food.

If you’re looking for a Poké bowl or just some excellent fresh seafood, you’ll be in the right spot. Their Tostadas de Ceviche and their Rollo Hawaiano are both great options. Of course, their menu is extensive, so you might schedule more than one visit. 

poke bowl

The restaurant itself is kind of a hidden gem. When you first walk in you seem to just be going to the upper level of ChocoBanana. However, veer to the right and you’ll find this seafood haven. Find a spot on their upper level for a great view of the plaza.

If you’re on the hunt for some of the best seafood in Sayulita, be sure to stop by el Pescador.

Tacos El Ivan & Tacos De Pastor Díaz

Calle Marlín 12 // +523221182147

Both of these taco stands are located right off the street of the town center. Most everyone will tell you Tacos El Ivan serves up the best street tacos in Sayulita but after several late-night taste tests, I have a second contender.

Both spots are most famous for their tacos al pastor, which is fire-roasted marinated pork hand shaved off the spit and served on corn tortillas. 

street tacos with pork, avocado, lime and cilantro

They come topped with a slice of roasted pineapple and chopped onions and cilantro. Then you get to decide which sauce to use to kick it up a notch.

For a truly interesting bite, check out the gringas. This is their pork taco but served on a flour tortilla instead of corn and has cheese as an added filling. 

Giving Ivan a run for his money is this little taco stand located in front of Yambak, known as Tacos de Pastor Diaz. 

Their famous item is also their version of the taco pastor, two corn tortillas that you get filled with roasted pork and topped with onions and cilantro. They also offer burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, tostada, torta, and more. 

With two great taco options so close together do like we do and order a couple of tacos from each and have your own little 2 stop taco crawl and decide which you prefer. We ended up giving the win to Diaz but many others said we’re crazy. These are truly some of the best street tacos that I’ve ever had outside of Mexico City, and that says a lot!

Both are open late and are top picks for “after drinks” eating.


Av Revolución // +52 322 429 1864

This little food truck on the south side of Sayulita is very much worth checking out. They offer some of the best chilaquiles around and in large portions. I’m a good eater and I wasn’t able to finish my breakfast!

street food stand

You get to choose between three salsas, verde, roja, or morita, and they have a number of different toppings. A few of these are chicken, egg, chorizo, and bistec. You can mix salsas or even do a half and half known as “divorced”. 


While they don’t offer their own drinks, they are very accommodating and will run to the closest coffee shop or store and purchase a drink to bring back to you.

El Itacate

Calle Jose Mariscal 42 // +52 55 3068 0645

El Itacate is famous for burritos with the shell made of fried cheese rather than tortillas. Yes, you read that correctly- a shell made of fried cheese! 

You choose from fillings including beef, pork, shrimp or grilled veggies and they melt, form and grill the cheese into a shell before filling it with your choice of toppings and serving the hot, greasy, delicious mess directly to your table. 

grilled vegetables

They also include an impressive selection of salsas for you to dress your (keto-friendly) cheesy burrito with. This is so large and filling that unless you’re very hungry it’s probably best to bring a friend to share one with. 

Falafel & Friends

Calle Gaviota 35 // +52 322 118 9831

This place is a true homemade falafel option. They make their own falafels, hummus, and pita bread. They offer one of the best falafel pita sandwiches along with falafel salads and falafel burritos.

falafel and hummus

The falafel burrito is similar to the pita but comes in a flour tortilla and is grilled on both sides. Order the burrito if you would like to try an interesting fusion food that I’ve not seen anywhere else in Mexico! 

where to eat in Sayulita Mexico

Don’t forget to try out their agua frescas too. They are absolutely delicious.


Calle Jose Mariscal 33 // +52 329 298 8544

If you find yourself needing a small break from all the wonderful Mexican food, there is this great Thai place close by. 

They offer just about anything you could want, and it all comes in large portions. 

pad thai and green colored cocktail

They have excellent mango tuna spring rolls and Tom Yum Soup to start you off with. Their Pad Thai comes with chicken and shrimp and they leave the sauces on the table so you can dress it how you want. 

mango tuna spring roll

Be sure to top your meal off with their pandan ice cream if you want to try something really unique. 

One thing about Achara is that you need to make a reservation. Even in the tourist off-season, this place is very popular and fills up fast. If you have a large group ask for the private dining table on the restaurant’s back patio. 

Coffee on the Corner

Calle Pelícanos 150 // +52 322 779 7242

If you’re looking for a place that has large portions and great prices, then you’re in for a treat! Coffee on the Corner offers some of the healthiest and tastiest menu options on the Pacific Coast, and you won’t want to miss out. 

Their vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options aren’t just for those with dietary preferences or restrictions. Their fruit bowl is top-notch and their coffee is some of the richest in Sayulita. 

On top of that, their Chilaquiles are a guest favorite – if you love eggs, tomatoes, and chiles, you’ll want to grab yourself an order of this next to a Cafe Con Leche. 

Or if you’re a bit hungrier, try the Huevos Rancheros with a shot of fresh ground espresso. Yum!

Si Señor

Playa Los Muertos // +52 329 291 2055

This little coastline chain is great for guacamole lovers. They make it fresh at your table and you can choose to give it a little kick of spice or not- I always have mine made extra spicy!

guacamole being prepared tableside

They are also known for their fish tacos which are grilled and served in corn tortillas. One order of tacos comes with four tacos that are more than plenty for one person to eat. 

This restaurant is great for evening meals on the water with a bottle of wine. They serve Casa Madero- my favorite Mexican wine. Be sure to try it when you go for yourself!

Tierra Viva

Calle Marlín 10 // +52 329 291 3280

Another restaurant right off the shore, Tierra Viva is home to many great food options. 

They have a large number of seafood options and specials of the day. If you want a late brunch, you might stop here because they serve breakfast until three.

grilled ahi tuna

The food and service are impressive. Some of their food is served in bowls made from lava rocks.

They also have an awesome selection of sangria! Go ahead and have a glass or two with a bite to eat or a light meal.

Don Pedros

Calle Marlín 2 // +52 329 291 3090

Another great place to have a nice dinner is Don Pedros. Their menu covers a wide range of foods including pasta, meats, and soups. Plus, they are known for their large portions, so you won’t be leaving hungry. 

grilled fish and vegetables over couscous

A great choice is their pork topped with tamarind sauce and served with mashed sweet potatoes and cooked greens. 

It is a nicer place than a taco stand but still very casual at the same time. 

Burrito Revolution

Calle Jose Mariscal 10 // +52 329 298 8638

Burrito Revolution is an absolute must-visit in Sayulita, as they have some of the best food on the west side. 

Their serving sizes are huge and their prices are amazing – if you’re super hungry and don’t want to break the bank, Burrito Revolution is a great bet. 

Grab yourself a vegan or vegetarian taco – great for everyone, not just those with dietary restrictions – and enjoy a lively evening out with some friends. 

burrito with chicken and vegetables

If you’re a night owl, even better! Burrito Revolution has a vibrant nightlife and is open late every day of the week.

If you’re looking for a delicious shrimp burrito and a few drinks on the cheap, then give this place a try.


Delfines 44 // +52 322 183 0692

Another option for taking a break from the tacos is Ruben’s, a fantastic little sandwich place.

They offer a large variety of different sandwiches and salads suitable for every taste or dietary restriction. They are also great at accommodating customers by just simply making you your favorite sandwich. 

Each sandwich is served with a side salad and is great for grabbing on your way to or from the beach. You can also choose to get a regular salad or a cold pasta salad or a rice bowl, which I took with me when I went out for a day of diving.

Public House 

Calle Marlín 26 // +52 329 291 3712

Public House has an English pub feel to it and guests can be found inside at the bar or seated on the patio out front enjoying burgers and craft beers.  

Other guest favorites include the chop and Cobb salads and the cauliflowers “wings” that make a great veggie alternative to chicken wings. 

What I was most surprised to see was the addition of the Beyond Burger. It’s a 100% vegetable-based beef patty. I tried it and was impressed by just how much beef that it tasted! 

burger and fries with a pickle

But don’t worry, if you’re not a vegetarian they have plenty of options for you. Their Reuben sandwich was the favorite of a friend of mine and the fries that came with it were perfectly crispy. 

Naty’s Kitchen

Calle Marlín 13 // +52 329 291 3818

If you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian food, then Naty’s Kitchen is the restaurant for you. Naty’s is a popular restaurant for ex-pats and tourists alike. 

Naty’s Kitchen is so popular that she often sells out early. If you want to try this delicious restaurant, try going at the beginning of the day.

Naty’s has a huge taco menu including breakfast tacos, vegetarian tacos with options including potato or pumpkin and meat-based tacos such as fish, steak, chicken, and pork.

Marcolino Pasta y Vino

Calle Jose Mariscal 44 // +52 322 111 7768

If you’re looking for some of the best Italian food in Sayulita, then you’ll want to give Macrolino’s a shot. This amazing Italian place is open for lunch, dinner, and late-night outings and is rated super high amongst visitors.

pizza in front of a wood burning pizza oven

If you get a chance to drop by (no need for a reservation), you should most certainly try to grab a table near the bar or kitchen, as that’s where all the magic happens. 

Order yourself a housemade pasta with a glass of wine and you’ll be happy you did!

Where to Drink: The Best Bars in Sayulita 

While many of the restaurants in the area do have a drink menu, a couple of places serve the best drinks. 


Calle Marlín 29 // +52 329 291 3756

This place does have a small food menu, but it is a great place to bring your own food to pair with their craft beers. If you are eating tacos from Talivan or Diaz outside Yambak servers will actually bring your beer right to your table. 

This place brews their own craft beers on site, and they are some of the best brews around. Their top choices are a pale ale, a light lager, and a black IPA. IPA fans are in for an excellent treat here. 

YamBak craft beer

This place is a hub for Sayulita nightlife.


Ave Revolution 54

For a night out with some stronger drinks, Cava is the place to go. They have a great selection of tequilas, raicilla, and some of the best mezcals ever. Feel free to stop in any day from 3-6 for a 2 for 1 special to try out their great margaritas and palomas. 

shot of mezcal with salt and orange slices

Cava is a great little bar just off the main square of Sayulita. They also serve excellent cocktails and loud music for your night out. 

Where to Stay in Sayulita: Villas del Palmar

When it comes to visiting Sayulita there are so many choices on great places to stay. One place in particular, is Villas del Palmar. This hotel in Sayulita is a beachfront complex within walking distance of the town center. 

The complex is made up of 3 story homes that house 3 separate apartments that you can rent individually or all at once. This is a beautiful and relaxing getaway, perfect for your time in Mexico. 

Pacifico Properties Sayulita
Photo Credit: Ryan Brown

We loved how we were all basically sharing a house but each floor was private. So, even though your friends and family members are near you have your own space. 

Click here to book your own stay with Pacifico Properties.

Visiting Sayulita is a must for those that love finding small places with great local culture. This little jewel of a beach town offers some of the best authentic Mexican food and some great international options.

From tacos to sushi, anybody can find their own favorite little spot to chow down. Many of the restaurants in Sayulita offer vegan and vegetarian-friendly options too.

One thing is for sure, you should not leave the little beach town hungry, no matter what your preference is, ranging from food to drinks, there is something great waiting for you in Sayulita, Mexico.

Which of these Sayulita restaurants do you most want to try? Let us know in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: I would like to thank Sayulita Insider, a Sayulita travel blog, and Pacifico Properties for hosting a portion of my visit to Sayulita. All opinions remain my own, as always. 

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While in Sayulita, don’t miss out on activities that will help immerse yourself with the city (hurry while they’re hot!):

How to get to Sayulita?

You can book your ground and sea transportation with Bookaway, so click here to book your tickets.

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