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Where To Find The Best Pizza in Worcester, MA | 6 Best Places

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If food is a universal language, pizza is the most commonly spoken accent. What we mean by that is everyone loves pizza.

Whether old or young, pizza is something we all agree on. Moreover, pizza is quite delicious, even as leftovers. But it’s no secret that pizza is constantly evolving like language. Some foodies might not like it, but we’re all willing to try pizza from a new joint.

And that’s why our best pizza in Worcester, MA, guide is here to walk you through the best pizza joints in the so-called Heart of the Commonwealth. 

Worcester, Massachusetts

Located just 40 miles west of Boston, Worcester is home to some of the best pizza we’ve ever tried. Don’t believe us? Well, we went to dozens of pizza restaurants and fast-food joints in Worcester to connect with the best chefs serving the community. We identified Worcester’s six best pizza restaurants you must dine at next time you’re in the city and longing for delicious Italian cuisine. 

Best Pizza in Worcester

Antonio’s Pizza by the Slice Kitchen & Bar – Worcester

268 Chandler St., Worcester, MA 01602, United States // +17745306000

Before we talk about Antonio’s fabulous pizza, here’s a quick history buff for every foodie and historian reading this. Worcester was the first town where Isaian Thomas read the Declaration of Independence. Sounds cool, right? Worcester might not be all that impressive, nor is the city a significant travel destination, but Worcester does have great pizza places. One of them is Antonio’s Pizza by the Slice Kitchen & Bar. 

Antonio’s Pizza is a popular spot for pizza in Worcester, MA. The restaurant chain is known for its delicious pizza slices and extensive combo selections. However, what we loved about Antonio’s Pizza was the sheer number of different toppings. Their menu includes traditional pizza toppings and some you’ve never heard of or seen before, like steak taco and burrito toppings. 

We sat down and ordered a Classic Pepperoni and a Salad Pizza. Both were made using the freshest and finest ingredients, and the pizzas were cooked to perfection. Every slice was like a chef’s kiss. The toppings were perfectly balanced, and the crust was simply magnificent. 

Salad pizza

We also loved the atmosphere, and we sat outside enjoying the sun. The restaurant has a laid-back vibe and a modernistic feel. You can also grab a bite to go if you don’t fancy dining in. 

Antonio’s Pizza by the Slice Kitchen & Bar is an excellent restaurant to try some of the best pizzas in Worcester.

Jason’s Pizza

113 June St., Worcester, MA 01602, United States // +15087567474

Jason’s Pizza is another popular pizza place in Worcester, serving the community for years. Unlike the previous selection, Jason’s Pizza isn’t a fancy restaurant but a local pizza joint where you come in for a quick bite. But with that said, Jason’s Pizza was some of the best we’ve ever had. 

One thing we loved about Jason’s Pizza was the menu. Specifically, they had the biggest menu we’ve ever seen, which made it difficult to order at first. The place makes wraps, calzones, sandwiches, and, of course, prime Italian pizza! Since we agreed we’d order pizza, we went for the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. But we had to try the calzones, so we also ordered Bacon Calzones

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

In my personal opinion, both we’re exceptionally tasty, and I fully understand why so many locals prefer places like Jason’s Pizza. They’re less expensive than most Italian restaurants in Worcester, but we must remember that Jason’s Pizza is a fast-food joint. While you can sit down, most customers prefer delivery or to come in and pick up their order. 

So if you’re looking for great pizza in Worcester, you can’t go wrong with Jason’s Pizza. 

Volturno Pizza Napoletana 

72 Shrewsbury St., Worcester, MA 01604, United States // +15087568658

Located on the exit of the I-290, Volturno Pizza Napoletana, as the name suggests, is a Neapolitan-style restaurant with some of the best atmosphere we’ve had while having pizza in Worcester. While we will talk about the food, we simply loved the look and feel of the place. Namely, the warm and welcoming atmosphere was the standout feature of Volturno Pizza Napoletana. Additionally, Volturno Pizza Napoletana is a traditional pizza restaurant in Worcester with plenty of tables and fast and exceptional service. The place was packed when we visited, and the locals mentioned Volturno being one of the busiest pizza restaurants in the entire city. 

Volturno’s huge menu includes pizza, pasta, wine, cocktails, and beer. We had a Margherita Pizza and ordered a spicy aioli dipping sauce with Bruschettas as a side order. Personally, the crust was my favorite. The pizza chef made it perfectly crispy, and the flavors of the ingredients really stood out. The dipping sauce was also exceptional, and we combined it with the bruschettas for a full belly. 

Pizza margherita.

We spoke with the waiter, who explained they make the pizzas in a brick oven, which creates the authentic Neapolitan-style taste. We had a great time and highly recommended Volturno Pizza Hapoletana as one of the best pizza restaurants in Worcester. 

Worcester’s Best Pizza

90 Providence St., Worcester, MA 01604, United States // +15087535353

Worcester’s Best Pizza is, as the name suggests, one of the best pizzas in Worcester. What we loved the most about Worcester’s Best Pizza was the owner. We had the chance to meet Frankie, and in my personal opinion, he is one of the nicest pizza makers in town. Worcester’s Best Pizza specializes in what many Americans believe to be the best way to make pizza – New York style.

We sat down, and we were taken aback by the welcoming atmosphere. The place looks great, feels great, and the pizza tastes great. We had the Chicken Parmesan Pizza with fresh arugula, and it was simply delicious. 

Chicken Parmesan Pizza

We ordered a large pizza and couldn’t finish it, as the topping was too much, even for two people. But that’s only a good thing in our book. Worcester’s Best Pizza has a huge menu of pizzas, hot sub sandwiches, pies, salads, pasta, and calzones. So if you want to try great pizza in Worcester, Worcester’s Best Pizza is the place to try. 

Leo’s T-Bird Pizza

366 Chandler St., Worcester, MA 01602, United States // +15088310411

Leo’s T-Bird Pizza is a short walk from Beaver Book Park, a popular gathering place for locals and travelers. It’s a classic American-style restaurant serving authentic Italian-style pizza, perfect for everyone’s liking and for a quick bite!

The restaurant’s pizza quality was simply exceptional. We had the BBQ Pizza with sausage toppings, but we also noticed they make mean subs. Considering we’re quite the foodies, we decided to split a Chicken Cutlet sub, and, to no one’s surprise, it was extravagant! 

BBQ Pizza

The taste was exceptional, and the make was perfect. The locals pointed out that Leo’s T-Bird Pizza was family-owned, and the top-notch service really showed. We are more than happy to support local businesses in Worcester, and we highly recommend Leo’s as one of the best pizzerias in Worcester. 

Auntie Dot’s Pizza

244 Grafton St., Worcester, MA 01604, United States // +15087529223

The last pizza place in Worcester we visited was Auntie Dot’s Pizza. Auntie Dot makes authentic Sicilian-style pizza with love! It’s a small place, similar to an American diner, but with a big heart. We sat down and noticed one of the walls was covered with plastic plates. The owner said the plates were hand-drawn by kids while waiting for their pizza, and they mentioned it had become a tradition. So every time a family came in for some authentic and tasty pizza, the kids would draw on plastic plates and put them on the wall. 

The menu is limited compared to other pizza places in Worcester, and they work limited hours a week – which must be disappointing for the many locals that longue for Auntie Dot’s Pizza. We ordered a Large Rectangle Sicilian Pepperoni, and it was the stuff of legends! 

 Large Rectangle Sicilian Pepperoni

In my opinion, the pizza was the best I’ve ever had while visiting Worcester. We’ve never tried rectangle pizza before, but it was everything the locals said it would be – perfection in every bite!

If you encounter Auntie Dot’s Pizza while they’re open, I highly recommend you go in for a quick bite and leave a piece of history on the wall!


What place is best known for pizza in Worcester?

Several pizza restaurants in Worcester are renowned for having the best pizza. Those include:

  • Antonio’s Pizza by the Slice Kitchen & Bar – Worcester
  • Jason’s Pizza
  • Volturno Pizza Napoletana
  • Worcester’s Best Pizza
  • Leo’s T-Bird Pizza
  • Auntie Dot’s Pizza

What is the most delicious pizza in Worcester?

Locals in Worcester love all kinds of pizza styles, from authentic Italian to NY-style pizzas. But, in our opinion, the most delicious pizza in Worcester is pepperoni pizza. 

What is the number one pizza chain in Worcester?

The number one pizza chain in Worcester is Antonio’s Pizza by the Slice Kitchen & Bar.

Worcester locals love pizza and other Italian cuisine. Considering the number of pizza restaurants and places across Worcester, we can safely say pizza is a popular food in Worcester. 


Worcester is home to many pizza and Italian restaurants, making it a difficult choice when dining out. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the very best pizza in Worcester, we believe there are six worthy contenders for the number one spot. Each pizza restaurant on this list brings something unique to the table, making it different from the rest. So, if you happen to be visiting Worcester any time soon, make sure to stick your teeth into what we believe are the six best pizza places in Worcester. 

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