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10 Best Inman Park Restaurants | Where to Eat In Inman Park, Atlanta

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Many know the Atlanta area as the corporate home of Coca-Cola, the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., or the host of the 1996 Olympic Games. But what many don’t know, is that there are many small neighborhoods tucked around Downtown and Midtown Atlanta, all with phenomenal local places to eat. 

Atlanta is known for some of the best restaurants in the country, including those staffed by renowned chefs Kevin Gillespie, Ford Fry, and Kevin Rathbun, only to name a few. 

Inman Park is Atlanta’s first suburb, located approximately two miles east of downtown Atlanta. The neighborhood is known for its Victorian homes, neighborhood parks, and proximity to the newly expanded Atlanta Beltline. The section running through Inman Park was the first section of the Beltline completed and has generated tremendous growth in housing, leading to the opening of many of the best places to eat in Inman Park. Breweries and restaurants abound all over this area and offer some of the best food in Inman Park.  

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10 Best Inman Park Restaurants

Nina and Rafi’s

661 Auburn Avenue NE // 404.549.8997

Nina and Rafi’s is one of the newer restaurants in SPX Alley along the Beltline, having recently opened in December 2018. It was a joint venture of Old 4th Ward Pizza and Hampton & Hudson’s. Old 4th Ward Pizza left the Intown neighborhood for the suburbs, taking its famous Grandma’s Pie with them. So, there was much excitement around the opening, with the anticipation of Grandma’s Pie coming back to the neighborhood.

While Grandma’s Pie hasn’t made its appearance yet, there are still many tasty dishes to enjoy off the menu. They are mostly known for their specialty pies, but you can’t go wrong with their Parmesan Heroes or other Italian specialties. The specialty pies include Detroit-style thick crust or classic thin crust.

Inman Park best pizza

Any of the entrees are paired well with a starter and salads. Be forewarned, the portions are plenty big for sharing in groups of two or more. Favorites include the Pizzeria Salad, Rice Balls, Grilled Artichokes, and Meatballs.  

Inman Park italian restaurant

On a nice day, they will open all the doors for sunshine to flood into the restaurant. Or, you can sit outside, and people watch as the restaurant sits on top of the Beltline, making it a unique place to eat in Inman Park.

Watchman’s Seafood and Spirits

99 Krog Street // 404.254.0141

Watchman’s is also one of the newer restaurants, located in Krog Street Market (KSM) within walking distance of the Beltline in the heart of Inman Park. KSM is a 1920s warehouse that has been renovated into a marketplace of retail stalls, a place to pick up food to go, have some cocktails, or a sit-down meal. 

If you are in the mood for seafood, this is the place to go – one of the best seafood restaurants in all of Inman Park. Monday through Friday, they offer $1 Oyster Happy Hour with the freshest oysters available. They are also known for their cocktails, primarily focusing on gin, rum, and tequila-based cocktails. 

Inman park seafood restaurant

The menu includes the freshest seasonal seafood from around the country.  You can also find non-seafood items such as duck, steak, salads, and hush puppies. No seafood restaurant in the south is complete without hush puppies. 

On a nice day, sit on the patio for people watching as the traffic is heavy due to the proximity to the Atlanta Beltline. However, the ambiance inside is equally as nice depending on the weather or your mood. On a Friday or Saturday night, reservations are suggested as the wait can become long. But that’s the price you pay for dining at this popular Inman Park restaurant.


753 Edgewood Avenue NE // 404.577.2332

BoccaLupo sits in the heart of Inman Park’s residential area. While it is a destination restaurant for those outside Atlanta, it is also a neighborhood gathering spot. Many Inman Park residents and Atlantans will name BoccaLupo as their favorite Italian restaurant in the city. Their specialties are handmade pasta, prepared with seasonal considerations. 

The absolute best thing on the menu is their Southern Fried Chicken Parm with creamy collards and fusilli. This would be paired perfectly with any of their appetizers, as the menu does change with the seasons. Wine and beer offerings are extensive and this Inman Park restaurant offers varieties for all tastes. 

Best Italian food Inman Park

A tasting menu is also offered every night. The cost is $42 for a 4-course meal including an appetizer, pasta, entrée, and dessert. 

Making reservations in advance is highly recommended. If not, you may find yourself waiting a few hours for a table or a spot at the bar. On a nice day or night, request to sit on the patio if you prefer a little less noise. It can get loud in the main dining area, but you do get the opportunity to dine at one of the best Inman Park restaurants.

The Albert

918 Austin Avenue NE // 404.872.4990

The Albert is the Cheers of Inman Park. While you may not know everyone, it is common to run into a neighbor as soon as you walk in the door. It sits in downtown Inman Park, which is the cross-section of Highland and Elizabeth. Two years running, it has been voted the best neighborhood bar, which says quite a bit, as the competition is tough in this area.

Inman Park best burgers

The claim to fame for this local watering hole is their smoked chicken, pork, and turkey – all of which are smoked on-site. This seems to be quite unique among Inman Park restaurants and bars. You can find the smoked meats served on anything from nachos, salads, a large variety of sandwiches, or even a hot dog. As with any local bar, they also serve a nice selection of draft beers, including some local favorites. 

Inman Park best places to eat

Located in the heart of downtown Inman Park, it is a very short walk from the Beltline. Even if you aren’t hungry but need to quench your thirst on a hot day, drop in and sit at the bar for a drink (or two), and become part of the family at one of the best Inman Park restaurants.

Victory Sandwich Bar

913 Bernina Avenue NE // 404.963.1742

Everything in Inman Park is situated close to the Atlanta Beltline, and the Victory Sandwich Bar is no exception. It sits in a quiet back corner along Bernina Avenue, close to the Dekalb Path, intersecting with the Beltline. 

Victory is not your typical sandwich shop. It isn’t a sandwich shop in the least. Their specialty is the small sandwiches, sometimes called sliders or mini-bites, that often require most diners to order a minimum of two. You find interesting combinations such as the Tea Bird with chicken, ghost pepper jack cheese, tomato, lettuce, and sweet tea mayo.

Inman Park best restaurants

But, you’ll also find familiar combinations like Castro, which includes smoked pork, ham, pickle, fontina cheese, and yellow mustard. Most sandwiches have a slight southern flair, making this Inman Park restaurant and sandwich emporium popular with the Atlanta crowd. 

Don’t miss the spiked sodas during your visit. Popular flavors are the Paloma and Victory Little. Finally, no trip to VSB is complete without a Pimento Jar with bacon jam. As you know, everything in the south is better with bacon. After a few sandwiches and spiked sodas, wrap up your visit by dropping into the back room for a game of ping pong. This Inman Park restaurant delivers it all!

Proof Bakeshop

100 Hurt Street NE // 678.705.3905

Proof Bakeshop is in the residential area of Inman Park, off the beaten path. If you didn’t know it was there, you might not run across it. If you are a bakery, coffee, or tea type of person, it would be in your best interest to make a stop here. It is also a perfect place to boot up the computer to hang out or take all the delectables to go.

Proof specializes in handcrafted coffees and teas, along with baked goods, which are all made in-house. Occasionally you will find “one-day-old” items for sale, but mostly the items are baked the same day. During the morning, you’ll find an assortment of scones, croissants, and other morning favorites such as muffins. All these are in addition to breakfast favorites, served all day including quiches, granola, and bagels, just to name a few. 

Inman Park bakery

While you still may find these favorites in the afternoon, you’ll also see a wide assortment of cookies and cakes for the post-lunch sweet tooth. Speaking of lunch, you can also find a few salads and sandwiches served along with the afternoon sweets. 

Be sure to check their hours, as it is primarily a breakfast and lunch stop. They are open until 6 most days but close at 4 on Sunday. So if you’re wandering around looking for Inman Park dining, and smell fresh baked goods, you’ve probably just found Proof Bakeshop. One more way to give you “proof” of fine dining in Inman Park restaurants.  

Jake’s Ice Cream

660 Irwin Street NE // 678.705.7945

Jake’s came to Inman Park long before it became the place to live. Yes, Inman Park existed as the first neighborhood in Atlanta, but it wasn’t yet a destination. The Beltline didn’t exist, and many parts of the area were better avoided. But, he had a vision, and out of it came Jake’s Ice Cream. Whether you live in or outside the city, many have heard of Jake’s. 

Known for their creative names and tasty flavors, Jake’s has everyday favorites including Chocolate Slap You Mama™, Brown Sugah Vanilla™, Nutter Nanner Elvis™, but they also have flavors that change out daily. You’ll have to stop in for a scoop or two to find which favorites are being served. One thing is for certain, they will have something for everyone whether your favorites are chocolate, peanut butter, fruits, or candy bars. 

Inman Park best ice cream

After a hot day on the Beltline, drop in to cool off with Jake’s Ice Cream and ask him about the early days of Inman Park, and the development of the Inman Park restaurants scene.

Wrecking Bar Brewpub

292 Moreland Avenue NE // 404.221.2600

Sitting on the edge of Inman Park and Little 5 Points, Wrecking Bar Brewpub is in an old Victorian home, where they craft specialty beers and pub food. 

Inman Park brewery

While the selection of craft beer changes, you can usually find an IPA, Kolsch, or lager being poured. For the non-beer drinkers, they also serve bottled ciders, cocktails, wine, whiskey, and more. While this Inman Park restaurant is most noted for its beer, the food is always solid. If you are looking for something to share, try the wreck fries with homemade dipping sauces or the white cheddar fondue with a pretzel. Looking for something more filling? You can’t go wrong with the special burger. It changes often but is always one of the local favorites. 

Outside is a great place to sit family-style – meet a couple of new people or walk into the brewery to see what is currently being brewed. One of the best of Inman Park restaurants and brewpubs.

Kevin Rathbun Steak

154 Krog Street NE #200 // 404.524.5600

Chef Kevin Rathbun is one of the more notable chefs in Atlanta and the United States. He owns four restaurants in the Atlanta area, including Rathbun’s, Krog Bar, KR Steak Bar, and Kevin Rathbun’s Steak. Rathbun’s Steak is not only the best steak restaurant in Inman Park, but it is also one of the best in Atlanta. Situated right along the Beltline, you can sometimes catch Kevin on the outside patio smoking a cigar or even walking the Beltline. 

Starting with hot appetizers, the Lobster Fritters or Grilled ‘Thick-Cut’ Bacon is a must – remember, we have bacon on every menu in the South. But, you really come here for the steaks, so skipping appetizers to go directly to the entrée is completely acceptable. Known for their prime-cut steaks, you can also find Wagyu beef, lamb, pork chops, and a variety of seasonal catches on the menu.

best steak Inman Park

Also offered are many steak accompaniments including lobster tail, black truffle butter, peppercorn sauce, and others. The Charred Jalapeno Creamed Corn is the signature side dish, but you will also see a variety of potatoes, mushrooms, and other steak house favorites. All sides can easily be shared between the two, especially if more than one side is ordered.

Enjoy one of Inman Park’s finest steakhouses and restaurants, and don’t be surprised when visiting if you see Kevin cleaning tables, taking orders, or bringing drinks to your table. 

Fred’s Meat and Bread

99 Krog Street NE // +1 404-688-3733

Sitting inside Krog Street Market, Fred’s Meat and Bread is a counter-style stall. You order your meal and either sit at the counter or grab a public table inside Krog Street Market. 

Inman Park burgers

Voted by Thrillist as one of the best hamburgers in the United States, the bread is baked fresh daily by TGM Bread, who also make bread for their sister restaurants. Other than hamburgers, the menu features specialty sandwiches including a variety of cheesesteaks, grinders, hand-cut French fries, and old-fashioned bottled sodas. French fries are also available with a variety of seasonings such as Old Bay, garlic, and BBQ.  If your thing is no-frills dining with the highest quality food, Fred’s Meat and Bread is one of the finest restaurants in Inman Park.  

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Inman Park best restaurants

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