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7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT | Must-Try Breweries in Stowe, Vermont

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7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT: Lake with Autumn Foliage Stowe

Stowe, Vermont, is a charming, tiny town nestled in the Green Mountains, surrounded by Mansfield, Powwow, and Sprague Peaks, all part of Vermont’s iconic Green Mountain range. The village is attractive, historic, and offers everything you might want in a vacation—from tranquil vistas to thrilling activities, not to mention the great restaurants and breweries in Stowe VT.

You’re spending a few epic days in Stowe and want to visit a few of the area’s breweries. But in addition to all the sightseeing and hiking, Stowe has something for the beer lover too!

7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT: Peak Fall Foliage in Stowe

Vermont presently has over 60 breweries, three of which are located in Stowe and a few others nearby. Let’s dive into each one!

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7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT

The Alchemist

100 Cottage Club Rd Stowe // +18028828165

The Alchemist is well known for Heady Topper, their flagship double IPA, and has become a sought-after destination for serious beer enthusiasts. Seasonal offerings, such as the newly introduced Squidgy Black Stout, tend to sell out quickly.

7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT: IPA beer

These limited editions are appealing to ardent beer lovers seeking bragging rights, but it is the quality of the beer that brings the crowds. You have no excuse not to pick up some beers to share with friends back home because The Alchemist is one of the closest breweries near Stowe Mountain Resort. For some specialty brews you won’t find elsewhere, you can’t beat the Alchemist, one of the best breweries in Stowe VT.

Von Trapp Brewery

1333 Luce Hill Rd Stowe // 802-253-5750

The Von Trapp Brewery produces a variety of lagers, all of which are named after the Von Trapp family who inspired The Sound of Music (no IPAs here). Tourists who like authentic Bavarian-style beer and the history of the family lodge, brewery, and big beer hall have made the historic family lodge, brewery, and enormous beer hall a destination. 

7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT: Bavarian Beer

The beers made here can be savored over a meal at the Bierhall without interrupting your ski day, but if a tour of the brewery is what you’re wanting, Von Trapp, is near enough to visit during a lunch break and still make it back to the slopes for a few late afternoons turns.

The tour buses usually come during lunch and throughout the brewers’ operating hours. After the tourists have departed and supper has begun, the late afternoon might be a fantastic time to visit and enjoy the sights and drinks in solitude. You may not hear the sound of music, but you will hear the sound of pint glasses clicking at this gem in between all breweries in Stowe VT.

Idletyme Brewing

1859 Mountain Rd Stowe // (802) 253-4765

Great location, cuisine, and beer are a winning mix, and Idletyme reaps the benefits. To kick off your visit, enjoy six 4- ounce pours served on a ski. Growlers are available for purchase if you discover one you like. This allows you to take some fresh brew home with you. Try one of brewmaster Will’s outstanding beers, whichever you choose.

7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT: Burger and Beer

The food is farm-to-table, with a pub part (think burgers) and a more traditional restaurant part if you’re looking for a snack or to match supper and beverages (think fish or steak). Idle time is also only a short distance from The Alchemist, so you could visit both breweries in a single afternoon or evening. Make good use of your idle time and visit one of the best breweries in Stowe VT – Idletyme.

Lost Nation Brewing – Morrisville, Vermont

87 Old Creamery Road // (802) 851-8041

Lost Nation is a fantastic spot to have a bite to eat and sample some of their delicious beers. Many believe the restaurant to be the best in Morrisville, with a changing BBQ-style menu, including primarily locally produced products. 

7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT: Beer and BBQ

This is a small-batch brewery that, according to their website, “draws inspiration from lesser-known European beer types, as well as local Vermont life to drive our brews.” 

Some of their beers have unusual characteristics, such as the Gose, which is brewed with coriander and sea salt, and some of them are only available at the brewery. So go ahead and pick the one you like and bring some home with you. This is just one more of the fine breweries you must try while in the Stowe area. 

Prohibition Pig – Waterbury, Vermont

23 S Main St // (802) 244-4120

The term conjures up images of cocktails and barbecues. That isn’t by chance. The restaurant, Prohibition Pig, has outstanding southern-style food and a full bar, and the brewery, located right behind the restaurant, has a broad choice of lagers and ales. A rotating list of guest beers is also available at the brewery. 

7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT: Southern-Style Food and Beer

This is the place to go for a laid-back night out, and you won’t have to race off the elevators to make it before it closes. Just keep in mind that this is a popular apres-ski destination due to the excellent cuisine and drink, and parking is limited, so plan. With over twenty taps, you will definitely find some of the best beer in the Stowe area here. 

Rock Art Brewery – Morrisville, Vermont

632 LaPorte Rd // (802) 888-9400

Rock Art Brewery is one of the Stowe area’s oldest breweries, having opened in 1997. Their most well-known beers are the Ridge Runner Double IPA and Vermonster, both of which are categorized as English Barleywines. This indicates that they have a strong malt flavor and are rich in alcohol. 

The Ridgerunner has a 7.2 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), while the Vermonster has a 10.2 percent ABV. Some windows look out over the production area and guided tours, and the tasting room serves any or all of the eight beers on tap. 

7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT: Beer Tasting

The eight beers on tap are rotated regularly, so no two trips will be the same. Take a couple of cans home with you if you find one you like.

Ten Bends Beer – Hyde Park, Vermont

590 East Main St // (802) 521-7139

Ten Bends Beer is a small three-barrel brewery that opened in 2016 and is worth visiting if you want to taste some brews you won’t find anywhere else. Because they are a small batch brewery, the beers on tap at any one moment may vary, so check their website for the most recent releases or be surprised when you visit. 

7 Best Breweries In Stowe VT: Craft Beer

The brewery has a small, personal feel to it, with limited seating, and you can fill a growler-to-go when you find a beer you enjoy. Small, but given the brewing skill here, a must-visit brewery while in Stowe. 

The Green Mountain State is dotted with award-winning brewers, wineries, distilleries, and cider producers, many of which are close to Stowe, VT.

Are you thirsty yet? The good news is that all of these local sites are within proximity to Stowe, VT, making it an ideal site to stay and begin your trip!

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