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The 7 Best Bars in Carmel Indiana

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Traveling and food are two captivating facets of human existence that are combined seamlessly, allowing individuals to embark on exhilarating adventures while savoring diverse culinary experiences.

We had an unbelievably great adventure in Carmel, Indiana. It wasn’t only about the beauty this city has; it was about everything, about people’s hospitality, city cleanliness, and the city’s ability to embrace you with all your flaws and strengths and incorporate you into that world. 

Carmel Indiana

We traveled to Carmel, Indiana, a city located in Hamilton Country, Indiana, and we really liked the location and all the amenities this city has. It is a suburb of Indianapolis, the state’s capital and largest city.

I loved the artistic features this city has, since I love art and everything connected with the cultural scene. I am happy that we managed to visit theaters, art galleries, and museums. Our schedule was tight, but we were eager to explore the cultural scene of Carmel, Indiana. 

After broadening our horizon, we decided that it was time to take a pause in finding our secret art aspirations, and dedicate ourselves to having fun and enjoying ourselves in the bars in Carmel, Indiana.  

In addition, these are the bars we recommend to visit and have a great night. We picked the best for you, as always because we are one big family that should find its spot wherever in the world. 

The Top Three Bars in Carmel, Indiana

BarTop PickOur Rating

Dooley’s Toole’s 
Tenderloin Sandwich5/5
Broken Barrel Justy Special 4.5/4
Print Room BarCheese Curds4/5

The Top 7 Bars in Carmel Indiana

The Pint Room Bar

110 W. Main St., Carmel, IN 46032, United States // +13175718400 

In the Pint Room Bar, we went for dinner, and we stayed more than we expected. It is a bar with a nice ambiance and very knowledgeable staff, which makes you eager to order more based on their recommendations and suggestions. 

We decided to stay outsid,e which was a smart choice. It was gorgeous. The food here is really something that will embed your first impression of this place positively. Also, the service is good, featuring a speed of service that is desirable everywhere. 

I liked the selection of beer, which was something that was expected to be good due to the bar name, 

The Pint Room Bar will have a special place on the list of Carmel bars for those who prefer an American eatery with typical American Burgers, and of course, a sizable beer selection. And all this is enveloped in a warm ambiance that will rest your eyes and soul. 

I really liked their cheese curds. I can say that they are one of the best curds I’ve ever tasted. 

Cheese Curds at one of the best bars in Carmel Indiana

We also had a BBQ pork grilled cheese sandwich, and I decided that it would be a shame if I didn’t order the BBQ pork Mac and cheese

Other dishes that were phenomenal and deserved to be generally loved are the turkey burger, which was a perfect combination of textures and flavors, together with the blackberry and brie sandwich, which was with chicken, brie, prosciutto, and blackberry jam.

We will definitely go back and try something different next time! And now it is your turn to visit this Carmel bar for the first time. 

Brockway Pub

12525 Old Meridian St., Carmel, IN 46032, United States  // +13176698080

I love the Brockway Pub in Carmel, especially because of the laid-back concept and the travel feeling provided by the calm ambiance, live music, and authentic Irish bar.

We came here to have a nice time, and the time we had there was beyond nice; it was great. We had amazing drinks and a nice time spent with friends and with our servers, who made our night even more pleasant. There is a TouchTunes if you want to play your own music. And we played it all the time. 

This place definitely had that Irish Pub feel. 

I had the Turkey Reuben with a side salad and blue cheese dressing. The Reuben was a half sandwich, and it came with chips. The salad was very good. It had tomatoes, croutons, and cheese, and was a good portion. The turkey Reuben was flavorful and fresh. The turkey was juicy.

Turkey Reuben Sandwich

We also ordered wings, fried pickle chips, and a big pretzel. Fried pickle chips are really good. The combination of the crispy exterior and juicy, tangy interior of the pickles creates a unique and tasty snack.  

We really enjoyed sitting and drinking in this place, built as an Irish Public Tavern in Carmel. We recommend visiting and enjoying the chemistry between this place and you since it is a place where you will feel respected, not neglected, and spoiled with a good and extensive selection of beers. 

Old Town Tavern

29 W. Main St., Carmel, IN 46032, United States // +13178465545

We have great news for all fans of beer. There is a place with a fantastic selection of beers, and it is called Old Town Tavern in Carmel, Indiana. 

Beers are all in different styles, and you will have a feeling that you are attending a beer festival. The place has a cozy ambiance and is a perfect place for a dinner with your friends.

We had a dinner that included burritos and nachos together with salsa, guacamole, and chips.  They were delicious snacks that fit perfectly with the fantastic local and craft beers.


We enjoyed our night a lot in a buzzing atmosphere, feeling the cozy vibes everywhere around us.

A great addition to the food and drinks is the atmosphere outside; there are a few tables, and it is great. 

We are looking forward to coming back to this nice cozy local pub with a Tex-Mex style menu.  

Broken Barrel — Carmel

1156 Keystone Way S., Carmel, IN 46032, United States // +13176638168

Broken Barrel is a great place to enjoy cocktails, bourbon, whiskeys, and other non-brown spirit choices. 

I liked the rustic ambiance with a small little bar at one end and stacked barrels at the other. Their expertise is serving delicious whiskey cocktails for any and all whiskey fans. It’s a perfect setting to have a nice conversation and a great time with someone. 

This place is quite enjoyable; the staff contributes a lot to the nice time every visitor has here.  They are well-versed and trained with information and answers to all our questions.

It was nice to talk to someone who knows as much as I do about whiskey and can make recommendations based on what I have liked in the past.

I’ve become slightly hooked on the Peanut butter whiskey I’ve gotten in the PB&J. The sazerac is one of my favorites though.  And also, I ordered the Justy Special which is one of their craft cocktails – it was amazing! 

sazerac cocktail

We were very pleased with the entire experience, andhighly recommend stopping by for a cocktail and seeing where the night takes you.


201 W. Main St., Carmel, IN, United States, Indiana // 1-317-740-0930

In the 3UP bar in Carmel,  we sat at the outdoor seating, and it was marvelous. I love this bar simply for the vibe. If you decide to have a drink inside, you will enjoy fireplaces and heaters, and the cozy ambiance with lots of comfortable seating and sofas. 

The drinks are great, and there’s a quite good menu if you’re hungry. Not very extensive, but everything offered on the menu will meet your needs.

We ordered the Orchard flatbread, quinoa lettuce scoops and the shaved Brussels. Everything was outstanding. 

Brussels sprouts

My friend who is a vegetarian ordered the bacon off of the Brussels– vegan option. 

A place with a beautiful rooftop option, a beautiful and cheery decor, delicious tacos, and drinks. 

We can’t wait to come back!

Adagio Lounge

1 Carmichael Square, Carmel, IN 46032, United States // +13176881700 

Adagio Lounge is a place that will make you feel romantic and increase your appetite for a cozy and relaxing night, embracing the simplicity of life. 

A great touch to this place is the soft piano music while you have an amazing dinner with a delicious cocktail. 

The ambiance is wonderful, and the servers are very attentive.  It’s a beautiful hotel bar; the ambiance is really the entire appeal of this place. The decor is amazing, and you truly feel like you’re in a big city hotel. 


Adagio Lounge boasts a well-stocked bar that offers a wide selection of premium spirits, wines, and creative cocktails crafted by skilled mixologists.

We savored their drinks while enjoying the smooth sounds of live music performed by talented musicians, adding an extra layer of elegance to the experience. The lounge’s acoustics are carefully designed to create an ideal listening environment, allowing guests to appreciate the music without distraction.

We suggest this outstanding bar in Carmel to all of you who want a respite from the outside world.

Dooley O’Toole’s

160 E. Carmel Dr., Carmel, IN 46032, United States  +13178439900

Dooley’s Toole’s will always stay in my memory because of its attentiveness and professionalism. 

The staff is well-trained and knowledgeable, always ready to cater to guests’ needs and provide recommendations. 

We liked the tenderloin, fish sandwich, and burgers. They were great!  But the highlight of the night was the servers. They made our night.

fish sandwich

I especially liked the tenderloin sandwich. It was so big we cut it in half and had leftovers later when we got back to our hotel. 

We ordered the blackened Cajun chicken fingers, and they were so good.  We also had the Cajun dipping and honey mustard sauces. The honey mustard is probably one of the best I have ever had. We were told that it was made in-house with real honey. Our drinks were excellent!  

Whether patrons are looking for a quiet corner to have an intimate conversation or a vibrant space to socialize with friends, the staff ensures that each guest feels welcomed and well taken care of.


What kind of bars can we expect? 

You can expect different types of bars in Carmel, such as sports bars, cocktail bars, craft beer bars, and wine bars. Wherever you are seeking to have quality wine, professionally prepared cocktail, or delicious wine, Carmel, Indiana, will meet your needs for a good drink in a nice ambiance. It is important to note that the bar scene in Carmel is continually evolving, with new establishments frequently opening and existing ones adapting to trends and customer preferences. 

Are these bars expensive?

Depends on the bar you choose and the dish you order.  You can find a range of bars with varying price points, so there are options for those on a budget as well as those looking for an occasional meal. Nevertheless, taking into account the fact that Carmel, Indiana, is generally considered an affluent suburb of Indianapolis, it’s likely that the bars in that area may be priced accordingly. But as we said before, it is easy to find a bar according to your budget because the bar scene in Carmel, Indiana, is rich and extensive. 

Conclusion: The 7 Best Bars in Carmel Indiana

In Carmel, Indiana, you find an interesting range of bars that suit the general taste of the people when it comes to having a cool and fun night. Most of them offer an impressive selection of beers and wines, and interesting cocktails based on quality spirits. Most important is the diversity and the quality of the drinks; these bars offer interesting ambiances that will inspire you to embark on adventurous nights  and interesting casual gatherings.

The bars we picked for you are also suitable for dates that want something interesting to be imposed on the night out experiences. We hope you are looking forward to visiting these bars, intertwining with the spirit of these Carmel bars and of course, sharing the experience with us.

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