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10 Best Shreveport Restaurants | Where to Eat in Shreveport LA

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Shreveport is known as the Crossroads of Louisiana, but have you ever stopped to consider how this city is also the crossroads of the culinary world? Well, Shreveport flaunts some prime real estate for restaurants, seeing as how it’s right on the Mississippi River. 

With so many different types of cuisine to choose from, it’s almost difficult to pick which one to try – Shreveport restaurants are all that good.

It might surprise you to hear that there has been a culinary revolution in Shreveport-Bossier City in recent years. 

There are a lot of new chefs and restaurateurs thinking outside the box and creating a modern style of cooking, paired with some exciting craft beers, wines, and other drinks. 

You don’t have to look any further than the top restaurants in the Shreveport-Bossier City area if you’re looking to celebrate your next special occasion or just relax, stepping away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Restaurants, chefs, and food have always been outstanding in Shreveport. A few of their local spots would hold their own against any restaurant in the world. Many, however, are struggling to survive due to the coronavirus. 

You’ll find plenty of local businesses that are ready to serve you lunch, dinner, or a snack if you need them. You may never have even been to one of these places before.

The 10 Best Restaurants In Shreveport

Marilynn’s Place

4041 Fern Ave., Shreveport  // +13188683004

Marilynn’s Place brings a whole new meaning to the word brunch. The food is extraordinary; the restaurant is pet-friendly, the libations are unlimited. It is the place to go in Shreveport.

The fantastic food combos were awe-inspiring, and I would have eaten every item on the menu. I, however, couldn’t do that (I’m still working my way up), so I ate some red beans, rice and shrimp, and grits from a friend’s breakfast. 

Shreveport Restaurants: Red Beans

All of them were amazing! Save room for the beignets; they are seriously delicious, with powdered sugar dusting and strawberry dipping sauce.

Ki’ Mexico

3839 Gilbert Dr., Shreveport // +13188615941

When I pulled into the parking lot, I had no idea what level of upscale eats awaited us inside. There’s nothing like Mexican food prepared by Ki’ Mexico, which involves a good bit of healthy eating. 

Rodrigo and his brother create a killer menu and a fun atmosphere.

My favorite items were the guacamole (with sunflower seeds!), vegetable Tortuga salad, and flan with warm apple bourbon sauce topped with candied pecans. I was blown away.

Shreveport Restaurants: Guacamole

Real BBQ and More

5863 Fairfield Ave., Shreveport // +13186703730

There’s nothing like slow-cooked ribs (and chicken, turkey, pork, you name it!), and Chef Harvey does them right! At his restaurant, Real BBQ and More, he is a master Chicago-style griller, and everything he served was phenomenal. 

His personality and appetite could light up the night while he keeps piling on the food. He appeared on Food Network’s favorite, Guy Fieri’s LA Kitchen and Culture episode.

They are mouth-watering; the brisket and the rib tips are the main dishes. My favorite Now & Later Fries were loaded with brisket, beef tips, sausage, turkey, and chicken and topped with ooey-gooey macaroni and cheese.

Shreveport Restaurants: Ribs

Parish Taceaux

708 Texas St., Shreveport // +13186265999

Parish Taceaux, the home of darn good tacos in downtown Shreveport, is a fun, artsy restaurant. 

You can choose from Louisiana Catfish Tacos, Avocado Fries (I could eat my weight in them), Chorizo and Pimento Cheese Quesadillas, and the Alabama Barbecue Chicken taco (with a banging buttermilk bacon slaw). 

Shreveport Restaurants: Quesadillas

I started with Queso Dip and Guacamole, both equally addictive. Are you looking for a hand-crafted margarita or cocktail? Look no further; they’re here! When you eat at Parish, your taste buds will rejoice. My taste buds sure did.

Twisted Root Burger Co.

8690 Line Ave., Shreveport // +13188686410

Twisted Root stores are located throughout Texas, but there is also one in Shreveport, Louisiana. Its casual dining atmosphere makes Twisted Root the ideal place for family and friends to hang out. 

I recommend trying the wagyu beef burger if you’re adventurous or the vagabond veggie burger if you’re sticking to something healthy.

{image} twisted {image}

Shreveport Restaurants: Veggie Burger

You’ll be given the name of a famous person instead of an order number when you place your order. It’s hilarious watching who they match everyone with!

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for a great take-out to be delivered to your hotel.

The Blind Tiger

120 Texas St., Shreveport // +13182268747

The Blind Tiger is one of the restaurants you have to experience when in Shreveport. It’s a great place to take a casual lunch or dinner and enjoy some great food. Also, if you’re into sports, they have a good selection of drink specials every day. 

The service is top-notch, and they have dozens of televisions so you can always catch your favorite sports team.

Cajun and soul food are prevalent in Shreveport and Bossier City. Blackened seafood and a few Cajun specialties are on the menu at the Blind Tiger. 

Shreveport Restaurants: Cajun Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

The hotel is located near the Red River, so several downtown hotels and casinos are just a short walk away. 

If you’re looking for great food and a place to enjoy happy hour, this is the place to go! The po-boy and the gumbo are my personal favorites.

Superior Bar and Grill

6123 Line Ave., Shreveport // +19207836707

If you are looking for the best Bossier City and Shreveport restaurants, you should not miss this one! Additionally, there is a Superior Steakhouse (fine dining experience), but make sure your GPS points to the proper location since these are two separate restaurants. 

The restaurant serves some of the best Mexican food in Shreveport, but it’s best known for its outstanding margaritas.

Shreveport Restaurants: Mexican Food

During Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant will be packed with people from all over Louisiana and East Texas who come to enjoy a refreshing margarita and live music. 

If you plan to visit on the weekend, you should call ahead to learn how long the wait is.

Kim’s Seafood & Po-Boy Shreveport

4456 Youree Dr., Shreveport // +13188662448

Kim’s Seafood is known as one of the best seafood spots in north Louisiana for a variety of reasons. Kim’s puts smiles on diner’s faces year-round with their boiled crawfish – during the season – and crawfish eggrolls all year long. 

You will not find a better po’boy or better quality than Kim’s if you’re looking for seafood.

Kim’s is, without a doubt, the best place to get seafood in north Louisiana and one of the best places in Shreveport. It’s not just that the food is good; it’s that the service is professional, friendly, and fast. 

Shreveport Restaurants: Jambalaya

I’m talking about ordering carryout for lunch, being seated at my table within minutes, and having my carryout order placed in front of me less than five minutes later. 

Sometimes you might have to wait if it is a particularly busy time of day, but the staff will keep you well-informed on how long it may be before your order is complete. In addition, they have loyalty cards, so if you are a frequent visitor, they reward your loyalty.


1833 Pierre Ave., Shreveport // +13184242724

Taking a walk into Herby K’s is like taking a step back in time. Originally a family package store, Herby expanded the business into a restaurant in 1936. From the beginning, Herby K’s served seafood and other delicacies to loyal patrons.

If you go, be sure to order the Shrimp Buster with the signature sauce. This dish has been served since 1945.

Shreveport Restaurants: Shrimp Buster

Herby K’s is one of the best Shreveport restaurants because it has been around for so long and the history and atmosphere. However, because it’s more of a seafood restaurant than a steakhouse, it doesn’t get the recognition that others do. 

Even though I was there once before, it was several years ago, so I had to go back and see what the food was like and feel out this legendary restaurant again.

Strawn’s Eat Shop

125 Kings Hwy., Shreveport // +13188680634

The Strawn’s Eat Shop is proud to claim that its icebox pie is the best in town. Try it once, and you’ll understand why this dessert is pure magic.

There are breakfast dishes, burgers, sandwiches, and specialties on the menu, but you will keep coming back for the pie. 

There is no denying that Strawn’s Strawberry Pie is one of the main reasons it has been dubbed the most iconic restaurant in Shreveport!

Shreveport Restaurants: Strawberry Pie

Summary Of The 10 Best Shreveport Restaurants

If you love food, you’ll enjoy this list of the best Shreveport restaurants. The Shreveport-Bossier City area is home to a diverse set of restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. 

Some of the most popular included barbecue, seafood, Italian, and Vietnamese foods in the list. 

These restaurants have been featured in local media and even in some national shows. Still, their popularity has not gone unnoticed by locals, who not only come for a taste but a complete experience.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.