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The 10 Best Restaurants In Sandpoint Idaho

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Many of us here are foodies, so naturally, we’re always on the hunt to eat at the most popular spots anytime we travel somewhere new. So, if you’re planning a trip to Sandpoint, Idaho, or simply looking for a new restaurant, you’ve come to the right place!

Sandpoint is a small town with big flavors and some of the most incredible restaurants. Each restaurant has different styles and menus, creating a wide variety of cuisine for the area. It really depends on your interests and mood! 

The local menus in Sandpoint are loaded with some of the best food you’ll find anywhere in the Northwest. I’ve covered everything from fresh fish to big steaks and tasty Mexican!

Whether you want something quick or a sit-down meal with fresh ingredients from local establishments, I’ve narrowed my list of favorite places to enjoy some real food in Sandpoint!

Ten Must-Try Restaurants in Sandpoint Idaho

The Fat Pig

301 Cedar St. Suite 102, Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082657675

With its hip industrial look and warm atmosphere, this beloved Sandpoint Gastropub is iconic! The Fat Pig is housed in a vintage Sandpoint structure, with outdoor seating perfect for spring or warm summer days.

Their menu offers standard pub fare, but there are also a few innovative surprises like Duck Nachos and incredible Sweet and Spicy Belly Bits that keep you on your toes! 

Their Fresh Ground Burgers are also to die for! Juicy and cooked to perfection, they are the ideal comfort food to pair with a pint of delicious beer!

Best Restaurants In Sandpoint Idaho: The Fat Pig Burger

We also can’t forget to mention their great selection of craft beer and wine that regularly changes. They also serve a terrific mimosa if you want something special!

They make almost everything in-house and use organic, local ingredients. But don’t be fooled by the name; they also offer fantastic vegetarian options!

If you’re looking for great food in Sandpoint in a casual setting, check out The Fat Pig. You can tell the food is cooked passionately when it tastes good!

Trinity at City Beach

58 Bridge St., Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082557558

Trinity is one of my favorite spots whenever I’m visiting Sandpoint! It boasts an unbelievably great atmosphere overlooking a lake, incredibly delicious food, and impeccable service!

Their menu offers a wide selection of food options, including salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta, delectable meat delicacies, and everything in between!

Try their perfectly cooked Pulled Pork Enchiladas or TCB Half Caesar salad, which is one of my absolute favorites. It is a grilled half heart of romaine lettuce with crostini, homemade Caesar dressing, and Parmesan on top. It is a real winner!

Trinity at City Beach Pulled Pork Enchiladas

Or, if you’re looking for something with a twist, go for the jalapeño Popper Burger! It is an all-beef patty grilled and served with a thick spread of cream cheese and jalapeño rings on the most delicious hearth-baked flour top bun!

And no matter what you choose to order, pair it with a specialty drink or wine from their extensive list, and don’t forget to top everything off with one of the best chocolate tarts you’ll ever try!


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Baxters on Cedar

109 Cedar St., Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082298377

Baxters on Cedar is an upscale pub that serves some of the most delicious American dishes made with the finest local ingredients! It is a small, intimate restaurant on Cedar Street in downtown Sandpoint! 

With options like Korean Pork Salad, Spicy Shrimp Etouffee, and Seafood Cioppino, it’s an excellent choice for a nice dinner out or for those that want something other than the typical pub fare!

Seafood Cioppino

One of their specialties is Meatloaf with Portobello Mushroom Gravy! Cooked very well and with plenty of flavors, this hearty dish is a must-try!

Baxters on Cedar also offers a good selection of salads and soups to accompany your entree, and the chef’s updates on old standards, such as a Lamb Sliders topped with a cool cucumber mint sauce, are outstanding!

Additionally, they offer delicious tacos, sandwiches, and burgers on their lunch menu. And if you decide to stop by, you can’t miss their famous Key Lime Pie!

So, next time you’re looking for restaurants in Sandpoint, don’t miss this gem!

Arlo’s Ristorante

124 S. 2nd Ave., Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082554186

Arlo’s is a cozy and authentic little Italian gem amongst the restaurants In Sandpoint Idaho, featuring excellent food and fast service! It is a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner while you’re in town and has all the small things that make for a dynamic dining experience.

The food here is excellent, and you get to enjoy it in a great ambiance in a warm and welcoming environment! 

You can start your meal with Bruschetta, which combines elements such as olives to create enhanced and layered flavors. It’s a signature Italian appetizer that levels up from anything similar you’ve probably tried!

Among the most incredible dishes, you can enjoy their Caesar Salad, Fettuccini Alfredo, and Manicotti! And the Scallop Rolled in Crispy Prosciutto is delicate with wonderfully mixed flavors, with pasta cooked to perfection!

Arlo's Ristorante Fettuccini Alfredo

Arlo’s Ristorante is an exceptional, family-owned restaurant definitely worth checking out if you’re craving some authentic Italian food in Sandpoint!

Spuds Waterfront Grill

102 N. First Ave., Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082654311

Spuds Waterfront Grill always surprises you with delicious food! Located in the center of Downtown Sandpoint, this hidden gem serves delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, and, of course, buttery Baked Potatoes!

Spuds Waterfront Grill Sandwich

You will not be disappointed by the generous portion sizes! It’s a great spot overlooking the marina, especially for warm summer days! 

Enjoy some fresh and cold lemonade and their iconic Capistrano sandwich! I’m not sure how they make regular sandwiches so fantastic, but they definitely do!

And if you’re a salad lover, dig into their Just the Greens Please, which comes with white balsamic vinaigrette-dressed spinach, spring mix, and romaine topped with cherry tomatoes, garlic croutons, and fresh herbs!

The meats are expertly cooked, the bread tastes like it just came out of the oven, and every ingredient is fresh and homemade! 

So, when visiting Sandpoint, Spuds is definitely worth a stop or two!

The Hydra Steakhouse

115 Lake St., Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082637123

Placed in an old house converted to a restaurant, The Hydra Steakhouse boasts a relaxing atmosphere and some of the most delicious steak dishes! This restaurant is a Sandpoint staple and very complimentary to such a cute little town. 

The entire staff is very knowledgeable and will assist you in choosing your meal if you have trouble deciding from the many inviting dishes.

But without a doubt, their Jalapeno Bacon Burger is the best in Sandpoint, with buns toasted to perfection and a generous side of crispy golden fries. 

You also can’t go wrong by ordering the peppercorn New York steak with a side of mashed potatoes and green beans. The steak is delicious. 

The Hydra Steakhouse New York Steak

They also have an extensive salad bar that can freshen up any heavy dish. And if you have any room for dessert left, which I doubt will be the case, the famous Chocolate Mud Pies are a must-do!

I encourage you to try this fantastic place if you are a steak lover because it is that good!

Di Luna’s

207 Cedar St., Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082630846

Di Luna’s is one of the top restaurants In Sandpoint Idaho, serving a variety of international cuisines made with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Once you step foot inside, prepare to be impressed! 

The place has eclectic decor and a cute little gift shop at the front with something for everyone. But what stands out at Di Luna’s is the passion and pride of the chefs, which you can taste in every bite!

Their menu is diverse and caters to a wide variety of preferences, including meat eaters and vegetarians.

The Crab Cakes are excellent, and all their breakfast dishes are the best in town! Order the Bacon and Sweet Potato Hash for a bite of heaven, or dig into a delicious Falafel Bowl that is full of flavor!

Di Luna's Crab Cakes

This is the place to go if you like healthy, organic, original, fresh food!

Second Avenue Pizza

215 S. 2nd Ave., Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082639321

Second Avenue Pizza is a relaxed little pizza place, serving creative pies, calzones, sandwiches, unique microbrew beers, and some of the best pizza in Sandpoint!

This place checks all the boxes if you’re looking for incredible and delectable pizza. Without a doubt, it just hits the spot!

The excellent service and the enormous, reasonably priced pizzas ensure you won’t leave hungry. They only use the freshest ingredients and offer some insane toppings to enhance the flavors even further.

Second Avenue Pizza Pizza

And whatever your toppings preferences are, there is something here for everyone!

Once you look at their menu, it will be hard to decide what to pick, so let me help you out a bit. Go for the Jukebox Special, and you won’t be disappointed! The crust is thick and crispy, stacked with toppings, and full of flavor.

And trust me, don’t get the largest size if you’re not ready to have some second-day leftovers!

So, if you’re looking for some incredible pizza and a great atmosphere, Second Avenue Pizza in Sandpoint is worth a visit! It’s one of the best restaurants In Sandpoint Idaho.

Pack River Store

1587 Rapid Lightning Rd., Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082632409

Anyone who considers themselves a foodie must visit this gas station general store turned gourmet restaurant situated on the Pack River. With a delectable selection of dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, Chef Alec Jacobsen elevates comfort food to a whole new level!

The Pack River Store is a beautiful place to eat hearty meals that will fill you up and restore your appreciation for superb and creative country cooking.

This restaurant is a great spot for brunch or to have a burger or super tasty sandwich with a great variety of fulfilling flavors on their outdoor patio!

A good example is the Patty Melt, grilled to perfection and features exquisite cheese and beautifully cooked onions.

Patty Melt

However, the Pack River Store really shines with its monthly Prime Rib dinner and Five-course Tasting Menu. You can check out their upcoming tasting menu dates and make reservations as they create new treats each month! 

Secret Thai Cafe

218 Cedar St. # 211, Sandpoint, ID 83864 // +12082639960

Hidden in the alley behind Eichardt’s pub and across from MickDuff’s brewing company, you’ll find a simple little door that opens to the best Thai food in Sandpoint! 

But don’t be fooled by the location. Their food is so incredible and authentic that you can compare their dishes to those on Oahu and Hawaii! 

It’s a small operation that is huge on flavor, with everything cooked to order. Therefore, you might have to wait a little longer for your meal, but the waiting time is so worth it!

If you’re new to Thai food, then the Pad Thai Noodles are a must! Their curries are excellent, and the Yakisoba is also super delicious. Everything on the menu is served fresh by Thai women, so it’s no wonder it’s authentic!

Secret Thai Cafe Pad Thai Noodles

The Spring Rolls are also on top of my list; however, I always prefer the Cashew Chicken. But you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

And if you’re unsure what to get, just show up hungry and order everything!  This is your spot for Asian food amongst all restaurants In Sandpoint Idaho.


Which restaurants In Sandpoint Idaho offer the best takeout food?

Some of the best-known restaurants in Sandpoint that offer takeout include Panhandle Cone & Coffee, Baxters on Cedar, and Joel’s Mexican Food.

What are the top restaurants in Sandpoint Idaho that provide delivery?

The most popular restaurants in Sandpoint that offer delivery are Second Avenue Pizza, Powder Hound Pizza, Schweitzer, and Di Luna’s.

Which restaurants in Sandpoint Idaho are the best for families with kids?

The following are a few of the top restaurants in Sandpoint for families with kids. Joel’s Mexican Food, Panhandle Cone & Coffee, and Spuds Waterfront Grill.

What are the most affordable dining options in Sandpoint?

Among some of the most popular Sandpoint restaurants for cheap eats are Joel’s Mexican Food, Panhandle Cone & Coffee, and The Pie Hut.

Summary Of The 10 Must-Try Restaurants In Sandpoint Idaho

If you’re planning a trip to Sandpoint, it’s great to know where to find some fantastic food and drink. In fact, it’s even better to know that you can easily find a restaurant that caters to your particular tastes and preferences! 

This list is a good start for anybody who loves great food and is eager to explore all of the incredible restaurants in Sandpoint Idaho!

While many local favorites will already be familiar to most, there’s bound to be a new restaurant or three that you haven’t tried yet. In other words, whether you’re just visiting Sandpoint or already live here, don’t be afraid to branch out and try something new—your taste buds will thank you!

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Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Great info! The only thing that could have been added are more vegetarian options and dog friendly eateries. Sandpoint has lots of vegetarians/vegans and the restaurants that cater to both carnivores & vegetarians are having great success. Sandpoint is a dog town! We all love to have Fido with us when we’re grabbing a bite. Thanks for listening!

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