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Your Mexico Yacht Rental Guide

Find The Best Yacht Rental Deals In Mexico!

If you’re like me, you will want to experience Mexico fully. That means you’d want to spend a few days cruising by the shore in a yacht and seeing the Mexican Riviera from a different angle. I’ve compiled in-depth guides to help you find your yacht and book a yachting trip to remember!


Below you’ll find the most up-to-date and in-depth guides on yachting in Mexico in the top 4 destinations: Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Tulum, and Playa Del Carmen. Don’t worry, I steered away from going too technical and included some of the most amazing things to see while exploring the Mexican Coastline with a yacht. Let’s dive in!

Best Cancun Yacht Rentals

The heart of the Mexican Caribbean that few other spots in the world can match! Besides great food, amazing beaches, Cancun is also known for things to do, which you can experience by renting a yacht. This guide will help you do that and more!

Best Yacht Rentals Puerto Vallarta - mexico yacht rental

Even if you know what type of yacht you want, it won’t matter because, from the plethora of things to do in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll be spending the least time on it! Pristine beaches, snorkeling, diving and more are just part of what awaits you and your party regardless of whether you decide to cruise for a few hours or a few days.

Tulum Yacht Rental, Mexico

Tulum Yacht Rental Guide

Known as the party epicenter of the world Tulum also offers some of the best sightseeings when you take a yacht and spend a few days cruising this gem in the Mexican riviera. Prefer to party? How about a party on a boat?

13 Most Iconic Denver Restaurants

It’s one thing to whale watch from the shore and it’s a totally different experience to do that from your own yacht positioned a few steps from these god like creatures! Check out this guide and find out which yacht is best for you and your company of friends.

Want To Try The Foodie Scene First?

I totaly get you! There’s always time to yacht but there’s little to no time to eat mexican food and enjoy the most mesmerizing sunsets. The following foodie guides are your boarding pass to the very best of Mexico. From beach lovers to people who enjoy history and fun activities – every type of visitor can find an itinerary to suit them.

15 Best Restaurants in Tulum, Mexico

Authentic tacos, Mayan ruins, postcard beaches, parties and sun. Describing Tulum BRIEFLY is not doing anyone any good but it’s the easiest way to show what you’re missing if you don’t visit this magnificent place.

13 Must-Try Restaurants in Cancun

It’s easy to write with a belly full of tacos! I promise you one thing though, even if you’re not a writer, but a foodie, you will blossom when you try the amazing dishes that Cancun has to offer!

13 Best Guadalajara Restaurants

Everything from street food to fine dining in one place? Yes! Guadalajara is just a mind-blowing soup of different restaurants, each bringing a twist of Mexico to its table!

Looking For Things To Do?

Food isn’t the only thing you should try while visiting these amazing places. That’s why I’ve made a specific list of things to do for most of the locations and I’m going to break it all down for you, along with my personal favorites, so that you can check the best and still have time to enjoy more food!

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