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The 7 Best Vancouver, Canada Sushi Restaurants

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A coastal city located in the Pacific Northwest, it makes sense that Vancouver would have a lot of amazing seafood options. The city’s thriving Asian population lends to some incredible sushi restaurants as well. Vancouver was put on the map for top sushi restaurants after a roll was invented in this very city. 

The BC Roll, which stands for British Columbia Roll, was invented in Vancouver by a Japanese chef named Hidekazu Tojo. Spoiler alert; his restaurant made this list of must-try sushi restaurants in Vancouver. Tojo also lays claim to inventing another sushi roll, but we’ll get into that one later. 

The options for sushi are almost endless in this city. Vancouver has over 600 sushi restaurants! It would be impossible to list all the top sushi restaurants, but here are some unique sushi restaurants that stand out as a must-visit when in Vancouver. 

Seven Best Vancouver Sushi Restaurants

Sushi Aboard

1047 Denman Street // (604) 423-9797

Located in Vancouver’s West End neighborhood, just steps from English Bay Beach, is Sushi Aboard.

The first bullet train sushi restaurant in the city is a must-visit because it’s so much fun! If you’re looking for a unique sushi meal in Vancouver, you have to check out Sushi Aboard, one of the best Vancouver sushi restaurants.

The entire experience is just that – an experience. To place your order, you scroll through their interactive touchscreen menu. Their menu explains what is inside each dish and even has pictures of every single item. This is extremely helpful for anyone who is new to eating sushi. 

After you place your order you hit “send” and wait for the train to arrive. When your order is ready, a bullet train whizzes down the conveyor belt and stops at your table carrying your sushi. Open the top and remove your dishes before the train speeds away again. Be quick because I once took too long taking photos and it left with my food still in it. 

Best Vancouver Sushi: Sushi Aboard Bullet Train

During my last visit, we ordered several different dishes to share so that we could sample a variety of items.

Between the two of us, we enjoyed Aburi Bluefin, Philadelphia Rolls, Delish Bay Rolls, Spicy Fried Gyozas, Ebi Tempura, Veggie Springrolls, and a Sockeye Salmon Sashimi. We were definitely full and very satisfied when we left. 

Tojo’s Restaurant

1133 West Broadway // 604-872-8050

The winner of 17 restaurant awards in a row, we couldn’t omit Vancouver’s oldest, and arguably most famous, sushi restaurant – Tojo’s. As mentioned above, this is where the BC Roll was invented.

But Chef Tojo didn’t stop at one. He also created the Tojo roll, made with avocado, spinach, west coast Dungeness crab, and egg. It is highly debated as to whether or not he created the inside-out roll, better known as the California Roll.

Some accredit him while others say it was Ichiro Mashita. Either way, Tojo has created some cult favorite sushi rolls and has the best Vancouver sushi around.

Tojo also introduced Omakase, meaning Chef’s Selection, to Vancouver. Now popular among a number of sushi restaurants in the city, it’s akin to ordering a Tasting Menu at a fine-dining restaurant. It truly is the Chef’s selection as no substitutions are allowed. 

At Tojo’s, they offer five different Omakase menus, ranging in price from $120 to $330 per person.

If you prefer to select your dishes yourself or have allergies that would prevent you from ordering Omakase, you can order à la carte instead. 

Tojo’s Restaurant Sushi


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200 Granville St. #70 // (604) 568-3900

Stunning views combined with Michelin star-worthy sushi make Miku a top spot for the best Vancouver sushi.

In case you haven’t heard, the famous Michelin star is finally coming to Vancouver, and we won’t be surprised to find Miku on their list. Located right at Canada Place, Miku overlooks the ocean where the cruise ships dock.

Visiting Vancouver by cruise? You can literary step off the ship and straight into Miku. 

I can’t go to Miku without ordering some of their famous Aburi sushi. Miku is known for this style of sushi after bringing it to Vancouver in 2008. Aburi sushi is the innovation of flame searing the seafood, creating a creamy texture while enhancing its natural flavors.

You don’t need any soy sauce or wasabi to enjoy this decadent style of sushi. The Salmon Oshi Sushi melts in your mouth. 

Miku Aburi Sushi

Another absolute must-try is their Aburi Chirashi Tart. It is made with layers of sushi rice, spicy tuna, avocado, sockeye salmon, and Miku sauce, then flame-seared and topped with prawns, scallops, maguro, tobiko, and ikura. 

Miku has a sister restaurant in Yaletown called Minami.

They serve equally delicious food, but the ocean views are what pushed Miku onto this list. The outdoor garden patio at Minami is adorable, so if you’re in Vancouver during the patio season, check them out! Both of these restaurants serve some of the best sushi in the city. 


1600 Howe St. #2 // (604) 681-1164

Not strictly a sushi restaurant, Ancora is a Peruvian and Japanese fusion restaurant, but still has some of the best Vancouver sushi. Their menu is seafood-based and offers fresh oysters and sushi.

Their one-of-a-kind Sushi Pizza appetizer is the reason they made this list of must-try sushi restaurants in Vancouver. Not only is it unique, but its combination of a crispy rice crust with decadent sushi toppings is a match made in sushi heaven. 

After starting with the Sushi Pizza, choose from their selection of Rolls, Nigiri, and Sashimi, or opt for one of their seafood mains.

Their Uni Taglierini is very popular and consists of xo-aglio olio, yuzu tobiko, and salmon skin chicharrón.

Ancora Sushi Pizza

If you visit Vancouver in the spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, you’ll definitely want to enjoy your sushi on Ancora’s patio.

Situated on the picturesque False Creek seawall, the outdoor tables are surrounded by pink cherry blossom trees reminiscent of those found in Japan. It’s the perfect setting for your sushi meal.  

Tetsu Sushi Bar

775 Denman Street // (604) 428-5775

Tetsu Sushi Bar is a self-proclaimed slice of Japan in Vancouver’s West End neighborhood. This quaint and intimate space serves up artfully-designed sushi and is consistently found on the best sushi restaurant in Vancouver lists.

While they value traditional sushi methods, they constantly challenge themselves and create new and unique dishes.

Their dishes change with the seasons, so there is always something different to try. They receive fresh fish daily from both local markets in Vancouver and the central fish market in Toyosu, Japan.  

They highly recommend trying their Omakase menu, which must be pre-ordered when you make dining reservations.

It comes at a cost of $198 per person. There is no menu online as it changes frequently. It is 15 courses and I can attest to its validity as one of the top sushi spots in the city. Tetsu Sushi Bar is only open for dinner six nights a week and making reservations is highly recommended. 

Tetsu Sushi Bar Omakase Menu

Sushi Mugen

903 Davie Street // (604) 423-3315

An unassuming sushi restaurant, Sushi Mugen makes this list because they serve gorgeously plated sushi for very reasonable prices.

You don’t often find sushi that looks this amazing at these low prices. And it’s delicious. And it made my list for the best Vancouver sushi.

While perusing their menu, I was impressed by the stunning photos and will admit to ordering a few dishes based on their pictures.

It turns out that they look identical to their photo when they arrive at your table and taste even better.

My favorite dish was the Mugen Tower Platter consisting of fresh salmon and tuna tartare, avocado, crab mix, shitake, tobiko, deep-fried garlic, caper, yuzu mayo, basil pesto, and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. We also shared Salmon Oshi Sushi, Tuna Tataki, and Philadelphia Rolls

Sushi Mugen Sushi

The name Mugen originates from a Japanese word that means infinity or limitless and this defines both chefs’ great passion for limitless creativity.

They are continually challenging themselves to exceed their customers’ expectations. They certainly surpassed mine with both their artful presentations and mouth-watering cuisine. 

Hello Nori

1165 Robson Street // (604) 564-9595

Hello Nori is the first Japanese hand roll bar and probably has the best Vancouver sushi in general. They proudly offer crispy hand rolls filled with warm rice and fresh, locally-sourced, and sustainable seafood and produce.

And that is all they serve, so it’s a sushi purist’s heaven. If you don’t like sushi rolls, then this isn’t your place. While they don’t serve any other food, they do offer locally-made Sake to accompany your meal.

Each roll is handmade when ordered so they are always as fresh as possible. Taking pride in their sushi, each hand roll at Hello Nori is served one at a time and should be eaten immediately to savor the crunchy nori in contrast to the cold, fresh seafood.

And when they say crispy Nori, they mean it. The crunch is amazing and unlike any other sushi roll. 

Hello Nori Sushi

The restaurant’s gorgeous interior was inspired by the Pacific Northwest, which is immediately apparent when you see all of the wood inside.

Customers sit on wooden bar stools around a u-shaped bar. The wooden pillars that hang from the ceiling are meant to give the impression that you’re sitting under a giant wave, a nod to Vancouver’s coastal location. 

Although their Robson Street restaurant is currently the only one, they have plans to expand into North Vancouver and West Vancouver and are even looking to add a restaurant at the Vancouver airport. 

Best Vancouver Sushi Wrap Up

And there you have it, seven must-try sushi restaurants in Vancouver. In a city as vibrant and culturally diverse as Vancouver, Canada, you will find a sushi restaurant on nearly every corner. If you come across one of the ones listed here, be sure to pop in for a roll or two. 

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