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20 Of The Best Restaurants In Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis, Minnesota’s most populous metropolis and neighboring city west of St. Paul, is a must-see during any journey to the Midwest. Furthermore, the Twin Cities riverside locations provide a fantastic view of the Mississippi River.

The Guthrie Theater, the Weisman Museum of Art, and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden are among the city’s most popular attractions. It also boasts a vibrant live music scene, especially for rhythm and blues.


In terms of food, Minneapolis is home to various restaurants that provide a diverse range of international dining alternatives.

So, whether you’re craving Mexican or Southeast Asian cuisine, there are many options. However, attempting to visit every restaurant in the city during your trip may prove too time-consuming.

Here is a list of the top twenty Minneapolis restaurants to help you decide where to eat if you are pressed for time or wish to book a reservation after visiting any well-known local landmark!

The 20 Best Restaurants in Minneapolis

Spoon and Stable

211 N. 1st St., Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States // +16122249850

For anyone who likes a riverside lunch or dinner, this rustic yet stylish location provides snug accommodations and delicious French cuisine with a Midwest flair. Additionally, they have a few private dining rooms for special events.

You need a restaurant that you can go to, whatever the occasion may be, just like you need a go-to icebreaker when you’re on a dating app. That’s Spoon and Stable in the North Loop in Minneapolis.

This restaurant is usually crowded since it’s as remarkable for celebration dinners as it is for weekend brunch, not to mention their supplementary gluten-free and vegetarian menus. 

The bar and lounge are reserved for walk-ins, which is nice because reservations are hard to come by here.

I advise ordering their Half-Shell Oysters or Bison Tartare as a starter and then moving on to their Grilled Venison, Driftless Trout, Spaghetti Nero, or Dry-Aged Duck Breast.

Best Restaurants In Minneapolis: Spoon and Stable Venison

Visit their bar for a beverage like Lion’s Tail or the Jungle Bird. On Sundays, they also provide a brunch menu. This place is fantastic!

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

645 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403, United States // +16123381344

Fogo de Chao is an excellent venue for both large and small celebrations. The food is fantastic, the selection is overwhelming in the most admirable manner possible, and the ambiance is perfect for any event.

It’s a lot of fun to try meals you wouldn’t create for yourself at home, and the tableside experience is unique and exciting. Despite its small size, the restaurant was tastefully furnished and fairly pleasant.

The Full Churrasco Experience that we had was fantastic. We also ordered the Wagyu steak for the table, which was presented on a hot salt rock where you could cook each piece to your preference.

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse Wagyu Steak

First off, the dinner was fantastic, and everything was cooked to perfection. We cracked some jokes about going into a “meat coma” after that.

Everyone who served was courteous and pleasant and did a fantastic job; I cannot express my gratitude enough. It was a wonderful experience, and I think everyone should go at least once! The papaya cream dessert was also a fantastic way to round off the evening!

The Capital Grille

801 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55402, the United States // +16126929000

Do you want to have the most incredible fine dining experience the city has to offer? The Capital Grille on Hennepin Avenue, in the center of the Theatre District, is a terrific spot to have a delicious steak before seeing a show.

Be sure to wear your best formal attire because of the sophisticated energy that emanates from their upmarket and clubby ambiance.

After looking over and selecting a dish from their vast wine menu, think about tasting their Filet Mignon, Sushi-Grade Seared Sesame Tuna, Roasted Chicken Breast, or Seared Tenderloin with Butter-Poached Lobster Tails.

The Capital Grille Filet Mignon 

Their Black Tie Margarita and Blackberry Bourbon Sidecar are not to be missed. It was an unforgettable fine dining experience in Minneapolis that is worth the try!

Red Rabbit Minneapolis

201 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States // +16127678855

Red Rabbit was really fantastic. Both the setting and the ambiance were enjoyable, enhanced by fresh produce and delicious meals.

We had wood-grilled wings, wood-roasted olives, cavatelli pasta, and mushroom pizza. The wings were incredible. I’d come here and order three orders of wings. So fresh and herb-filled. It’s not greasy at all.

Also, their cavatelli pasta is among the greatest. Furthermore, the mushroom pizza is delicious! I would return here without a doubt. 

Red Rabbit Minneapolis Cavatelli Pasta

I would recommend signing up for the waitlist online because the line can get long. Make your reservation online before you come here. It’s popular and crowded but perfect for pizza in Minneapolis.

Taqueria y birrieria las cuatro milpas

1526 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407, United States // +16128348814

When chef Hector Hernandez, originating from Mexico’s Zacatecas state, relocated to Minneapolis, he is considered to have been the first to bring birria to the Twin Cities scene.

The city’s finest birria dishes can still be found under Hernandez’s emerald-green awning on East Lake Street, twenty-some years after birria tacos became popular.

By far one of the best taco spots in Minnesota. You must try them fried! I ordered the tacos de lengua, cabeza, and tripas. They were really cheesy and tasty.

Also, if you’re into spicy foods, request chili oil to go with your tacos. You’ll enjoy it!

Taqueria y birrieria las cuatro milpas Tacos

You can also get lamb, goat, and beef birria tacos, cups of hot, brothy birria stew, or pizzabirria in an aluminum tin laden with cheese.

Las Cuatro Milpas is a staple on East Lake Street’s lively line of Mexican restaurants and stores, and it’s well worth the visit. This is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis for Mexican food.


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212 N. 2nd St. Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States // +16124041123

Do you like dining in a more upscale environment? In that case, visit Demi on North 2nd Street for a unique taste experience. It’s one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis for a fine dining experience.

Despite being small, it stands out thanks to its modern and vintage appearance. You are welcome to enjoy your meal while admiring the artwork on the restaurant’s walls.

Demi has several multi-course fixed-price tasting menus available for you to taste throughout your night out with your company. Although these specials are more expensive than those at the other restaurants on our list, I believe they are a welcome change of pace for anybody looking to sample high-quality cuisine.

For example, their Maine Scallop and Seared Foie Gras can be paired with any of their seasonal, rotating wines. So if you would like to indulge in delicious food and fantastic wine, this is the spot for fine dining in Minneapolis.

Demi Seared Foie Gras

Hai Hai

2121 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418, United States // +16122238640

Eating at Hai Hai feels like having a tropical vacation, which may be difficult to find in a city that receives more than four feet of snow yearly.

Everything about this Arts District location, from the drinks to the bright walls and hanging plants, screams summer, and the cuisine, which is mainly Southeast Asian, is no exception.

This bright and hip institution features fantastic Vietnamese culinary alternatives for those searching for something unusual to eat. Chef Christina Nguyen uses powerful flavors to create each meal.

After you’ve finished their spring rolls, try the Beef Rendang, Hanoi Sticky Rice, Vietnamese Crepe, or Balinese Chicken Thigh.

Hai Hai Beef Rendang

They also have a large range of red, white, rose, and sparkling wines, but I prefer to accompany my dinner with a Floating Lantern, Sleepless in Siam, or Sundown in Saigon cocktail. Delicious! If you are craving Asian food in Minneapolis, this is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

Pho 79

2529 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55404, United States // +16128714602

Pho 79 is one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in Minneapolis. It’s located on Nicollet Avenue, directly across from TT Market. Pho is a must visit gem amongst the best restaurants in Minneapolis for Vietnamese food.

They provide superb Vietnamese food in a warm and relaxed setting and occasionally offer a luncheon buffet for those who reserve an afternoon reservation.

Order their Thit Kho T, Cm Gà Và Sn Nng, Cá Sole Chiên T Xuyên, or Singapore Rice Noodle if you’re looking to experience something new.

Pho 79 Singapore Rice Noodle

They also provide vegetarian stir-fry, noodle dishes, and fried rice. Cool down with a refreshing Jasmine Tea, Fresh Orange Juice, or Avocado Smoothie after a spicy meal.


4312 Upton Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55410, United States // +16129229913

Martina’s would still be crowded every night if all they did was serve some of the greatest cocktails in the city. Fortunately, this Linden Hills Argentinian restaurant also offers a range of grilled fish and pasta.

It’s a nice spot to take a date or your parents when they request that you take them somewhere “cool” because of the attractive setting, excellent cocktails, and sharing food – split the parrillada if you come with a group.

No matter when you visit Martina, be sure to get some potato churros for the table. Martina also serves breakfast on the weekends.

Chef Daniel del Prado prepares each meal on a wood-fire grill to assure genuine tastes. Celery Root Ravioli, Norwegian Salmon, and Pappardelle with Duck Ragu are some of my favorite supper alternatives.

Martina Salmon and Pappardelle

Don’t forget to order one of their Casamari, Luna Rosa, or Silver’s Embassy cocktails to bring out the full flavors of each meal. Weekend brunch and zero-proof beverages are also available. A must-visit amongst the best restaurants in Minneapolis for South American cuisine!


528 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States // +16123794909

Two excellent and extremely distinctive eateries may be found in Alma in Marcy Holmes. First, there is Restaurant Alma, a prix-fixe restaurant that exclusively serves an evening and offers three dishes for $62. There is a sizable wine selection to pick from, and the seasonal meals are exquisitely arranged. 

And then there is the open-all-day Alma Cafe, which has a full beer and beverage menu and a variety of pastries, small plates, and meals.

You can eat and drink pretty well here at any time of day, thanks to these two. In addition, Alma is a boutique hotel, so if you want to, you can essentially live here if you need to snooze in between meals.

I suggest trying their 12-Hour Braised Beef, Seared Sturgeon, House Rigatoni & White Shrimp, and seasonal cocktails like the Gold Fashioned, Winter’s Shade, Fire Walk with Me, or Untitled Number Four. You will adore this location, I assure you! It’s one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis!

Alma Braised Beef

Matt’s Bar and Grill

3500 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55407, United States // +16127227072

Matt’s Bar and Grill on the junction of Cedar Avenue and East 35th Street is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis for great burgers in a friendly and old-fashioned environment.

Matt’s Bar in Powderhorn Park is one of the two locations credited with inventing the famed burger and hasn’t altered in more than a half-century, and that’s on purpose.

Take a seat in a booth, grab a drink, and enjoy your molten cheese-filled burger while dressed in your favorite Zubaz trousers. Enjoy their trademark “Jucy Lucy” for a meaty and cheesy flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Matt's Bar and Grill Burger

If you’re starving, add a half or full order of fries. Then, wash down your burger with some cool lemonade or Iron Horse Root Beer. Try the incredible burgers in Minneapolis that must be felt and savored.

Lu’s Sandwiches

2624 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408, the United States // +16125872694

10 6th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, the United States // +16125872694

Lu’s, located on Nicollet Avenue’s Eat Street, delivers substantial banh mi that are beautifully balanced in terms of crusty/chewy and pickled/roasted ratios.

The baguettes crunch delightfully all around delicately grilled pork, and the zesty veggies complement the savory meats.

Their Banh Mi is far superior to most of those I’ve tried. I’ve tasted them all around the country, including some famous spots in New York, and this was one of the best.

Lu's Sandwiches Banh MI

The sauce was spicy, which was ideal for me. I also had the tofu spring rolls, which were fantastic—they fry the tofu first, so it’s warm and soft, and they were delicious. They even came with a lovely peanut sauce.

In addition to its cafeteria-style space on Nicollet, Lu’s has two locations in Minneapolis.

Bar La Grassa

800 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States // +16123333837

I would choose Bar La Grassa if I could pick a place to eat while cooped up. This Italian restaurant in the Warehouse District boasts a sizable wine selection and excellent fresh, filled, and dried pasta that may all be ordered in half or full portions. Here are some more reasons why it’s one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

Try the red wine spaghetti or the orange cauliflower gnocchi if you’re looking for something unusual, and be sure to have a couple of bruschettas, particularly the ones with soft eggs and lobster.

Bar La Grassa Spaghetti

It’s a place you could bring a date or your parents to impress without spending a lot of money, and while eating here won’t help spring come any sooner, it will make winter a little more tolerable.

Its lively atmosphere is perfect for private gatherings or informal dinners with friends and family. They also feature an extensive wine list to add a touch of sophistication to your night out.

The menu at Bar La Grassa includes a variety of small dishes and pasta to satisfy your demands for Italian cuisine. It’s a must-visit for Italian food in Minneapolis!


2851 NE Central Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55418, United States // +16127881328

You can reach Chimborazo, an Ecuadorian restaurant tucked away at the intersection of Central Avenue Northeast and 29th Avenue Northeast, from Audubon Park by taking a short stroll.

You will savor cuisine with Andean influences in a relaxed, festive environment, thanks to chef Marcos Pinguil.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is further enhanced by bright Otavaleo cloth decorations and traditional Quichua music.

They have the greatest Chaulafan, Churrasco, Milanesa De Pollo, and Sanduche De Pernil in Minneapolis’ Northeast area.

Milanesa De Pollo

Most importantly, many of their recipes are gluten-free friendly. However, remember that some of these foods are rather spicy, so wash them down with some South American beer or wine.

Manny’s Steakhouse

825 S. Marquette Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55402, United States // +16123399900

Manny’s Steakhouse, located inside the West Minneapolis – The Foshay Hotel and facing South Marquette Avenue, is your best option for a quality dining experience. I included it in this list of the best restaurants in Minneapolis because of a few things.

With meat carts wheeling through a dining area packed with dark wood, checkered tablecloths, and red leather barstools, this restaurant looks just like a steakhouse should.

The steaks are huge, the drinks are powerful, and you’ll spend a lot of money, but it’s well worth it.

Order the thick-cut bacon as well as a serving of crispy hash browns. You might not believe they complement a flavorful steak, but you’d be mistaken, I promise.

Their Heritage Black Angus Beef steaks are among the best in the city because they are delicious and soft. This posh Minneapolis restaurant also offers delectable seafood.

Manny's Steakhouse Black Angus Beef 

Along with loaded mashed potatoes, I also ordered their King Crab Legs and Nova Scotia Lobster Tail. I advise trying their Nordic Smash or Blueberry Cucumber Mule drinks. This magnificent steakhouse location in Minneapolis should not be missed! No wonder it’s one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis!

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen & Rum Bar

2524 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55404, United States // +16123455637

One o the best restaurants in Minneapolis I suggest you go to after spending the day visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Art is Pimento Jamaican Kitchen & Rum Bar, which is situated on Nicollet Avenue.

This relaxed and colorful restaurant delivers excellent traditional Jamaican meals that will thrill both residents and tourists.

Braised Oxtail, Slow-Roasted Jerk Pork, Kingston Style Jerk Chicken, and Coco Bread Sandwich are some of their most fantastic meals.

Pimento Jamaican Kitchen & Rum Bar Jerk Pork

To give your meal a taste boost, choose a side of Sweet Fried Plantains or Jamaican Slaw. Then, if you still have room for dessert, try their Southern Style Peach Cobbler. 

Surly Brewing Co.

520 Malcolm Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414, United States // +17639994040

Surly Brewing Co. is another popular restaurant in Minneapolis that serves superb beers and pub cuisine. It is located on Malcolm Avenue Southeast, close to the Prospect Park area.

This lively bar boasts 41 daily rotating taps for enjoying the greatest beers with huge or sharing meals.

If you’re dining with friends, choose a sharing order of Hog Frites or Pierogies. If not, their Shrimp Ceviche Tacos, Bulgogi Bowl, or Smoked Wagyu Brisket are worth a look.

Surly Brewing Co. Bulgogi Bowl

Serpents in the Garden is my favorite beer on tap there. It’s a fantastic brewery and one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis that you should see!

Hola Arepa

3501 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55408, United States // +16123455583

If you are in South Minneapolis, try swinging into Hola Arepa on Nicollet Avenue for Latin American cuisine. It’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

It’s simple to forget about the North Pole-approved parka you donned to get there, thanks to the vibrant decor and tasty beverages.

The fresh salsas, guacamole, and arepas, which may be loaded with anything from chimichurri chicken to shredded beef and plantains, are extremely good.

Many of their menu options are gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly. I also recommend trying their Black Bean & Sweet Potato, Slow-Roasted Pork, Fried Chicken, or Chorizo Sausage Arepas if you want something for brunch.

Hola Arepa Slow-Roasted Pork

They taste great when paired with a Mancora, Palmera, or Aviador cocktail. Hola Arepa also offers brunch every Saturday and Sunday.

P.S. Steak

510 Groveland Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403, United States // +16128861620

La Belle Vie has been replaced with P.S. Steak, a sophisticated and upscale steakhouse with a vintage flair, which sits over Groveland Avenue.

Thanks to Chef Mike DeCamp, you can depend on them for some of the greatest steak tastes in the city. Their lounge has a polished feel thanks to the elegant furnishings and brilliant lighting.

I started with their crab cakes and then had their shoulder steak during my visit to this eatery. The La Belle Vie Lamb Burgers, the Corn Fusilli with Roasted Carrots, and their Picanha are additional dishes I strongly suggest. Don’t forget to swing by for $6 house wines during their daily social hour. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

P.S. Steak Crab Cakes


5400 Penn Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55419, United States // +16128861606

Colita is located at the intersection of West 54th Street and South Penn Avenue. Customers should expect nothing less than the best moles and BBQ at this contemporary Mexican eatery. There are several reasons why I put Colita in the list with the best restaurants in Minneapolis.

Their gluten-free tortillas include organic Oaxacan corn for genuine tastes and textures.

You may choose from various cold, hot, and smoked foods at Colita. If you’re looking for something unusual, I suggest trying their Corn Elote, Tempura Fried Shrimp Tacos, Kansas City Ribs, or Tuna Tostada.

These foods go great with the Bruja Rodeo and Naked Dani drinks! A definite must-try for Mexican food in the Twin Cities.


What foods is Minneapolis, MN, known for?

The Juicy Lucy, Tater Tot Hotdish, and Lefse are just a few of the dishes on the menu. The Midwest is known for its comfort cuisine, and Minneapolis offers comfort in the form of tastes from a wide range of nationalities and cultures.

What is famous in Minneapolis?

The Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden are two of Minneapolis’ most popular tourist attractions because of its vibrant arts community. The Walker Art Center, which was founded in the late 1800s, contains a permanent collection of more than 13,000 modern works of art, including everything from paintings and photographs to books and sculptures.

What dessert is Minnesota known for?

The Blueberry Muffin is, without a doubt, the most famous dessert in Minnesota.

Is Minneapolis a good food city?

According to top chefs, Minneapolis ranks among the best food cities in the world. Gavin Kaysen in his restaurant, Demi, in the North Loop.

Final Thought About The 20 Best Restaurants In Minneapolis

If you want to have fun, go to one of these restaurants. These restaurants will leave you full whether you’re in the mood for tasty Mexican food, a Southeast Asian-inspired dinner, or just something straightforward.

During your trip to Minneapolis, make sure to schedule some time for a satisfying meal. There is no better method to replenish your energy and sate any hunger you may be experiencing.

There are many alternatives accessible in the Twin Cities region, whether you’re in the mood for comfort food from America or exotic cuisine from around the world. But be careful not to overdo it—you still have a city to discover!

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