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The Best Burgers In Minneapolis | 10 Must-Try Burger Joints In Minneapolis

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If you love a great burger, Minneapolis is the city for you. It’s home to some of the best restaurants in the country, and if you know where to look, great burgers abound. This article will show you the best burgers in Minneapolis.

Best Burgers Minneapolis:Minneapolis

In the Twin Cities, there have always been great burger joints, but there are a few amazing new pop-ups that are providing high-class burgers, and you can now order pickup or delivery from your favorite spots.

You’re sure to find something for everyone on the list below of the ten best burger spots in Minneapolis. Whether you’re a vegan, meat lover, shake enthusiast, or side-obsessed fan, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!

The Best Burgers In Minneapolis

Lowry Hill Meats

1934 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis // +16129994200

The burgers at Lowry Hill Meats are every bit as good as any you’ll find in the Twin Cities. The long-time owner of the butcher shop, Erik Sather, is originally from Germany, where he was a chef high up in the ranks of the restaurant world. 

In addition to the high quality of the meat, this is a prime example of the benefit of having a local market that grinds their burger blend right there in their shop.

A burger built by him is a perfect representation of what he is capable of. The heavens open, and burger angels are singing with a beautiful slab of meat, a slice of American cheese, and a brioche bun. Heavenly!

Petite León

3800 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis // +16122081247

There is no doubt that Petite Leon serves up some of the best burgers in Minneapolis. As the founder and executive chef of the restaurant, Jorge Guzman has worked with some of the best names in the business, including Thomas Keller and Nancy Silverton.

As someone with such a diverse background and knowledge of what makes a good burger, it is only natural for him to be heading up this new restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.

A generously charred burger with a juicy interior, Jorge Guzman’s Petite Cheeseburger is double-stacked with caramelized onions, pickled cucumbers, and more, all on a buttery bun.


730 N. Washington Ave., Minneapolis // +16123543135

There’s no doubt that Parlour Steakhouse is one of the best burger spots in Minneapolis, thanks to its unique and delicious burgers. 

Also, I learned that each new location offers expanded menus and family-friendly ambiance in order to create a unique brand.

They serve the burger smash, two patties smashed gently on a grill, served with a slice of American cheese sandwiched between them. The burger is bursting with beef flavor and is magnificent!

Revival MPLS

4257 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis // +16123454516

Revival is arguably one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis, with a terrific menu that includes everything from small plates to bone marrow mac n’ cheese. 

Even though fried chicken is the specialty, you can argue that their juicy burgers are just as good.

There are just two types of patties available, so it’s best to choose a two-piece for maximum satisfaction. 

To keep things interesting, Revival offers a rotating list of different cheeses for their burgers each month. This time, I was trying out their classic burger with American cheddar cheese.

Matt’s Bar and Grill

3500 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis // +16127227072

Minnesotans often begin and end their conversations about burgers at Matt’s Bar and Grill, founded in 1954. 

Matt’s is always a reliable stop when it comes to the jucy lucy (burger patty with molten cheese stuffed inside). 

This original cheese-stuffed burger is pure simplicity; American cheese inside two thin patties cooked upon a grill seasoned by years of pure beef for a flavor-dense charred exterior. 

The bun is simple, squishy, unobtrusive. The molten cheese is seriously hot and contained until that first oozy bite. I strongly recommend trying it!

Bebe Zito

501 30th Ave. SE, Minneapolis // +16124567949

This pop-up restaurant may just be the best burger around. While Bebe Zito is a deluxe ice cream shop during the week, it transforms into one of the Twin Cities’ best burger places on weekends. 

On Friday – Sunday, you can get straightforward, delicious burgers that will leave you dreaming for the rest of the week.

Even though the highly affordable burgers are great single buys, grab their Jóia meal instead, which comes with four single burgers, a full-sized shake, and a scoop of Bebe Zito’s unique ice cream flavor. 

Keep an eye out for the new location soon to open at Malcolm Yards, where you can satisfy your burger cravings every day of the week. 

Trio Plant-Based

610 W. Lake St., Minneapolis // +16123261326

The metro area has seen an explosion of genuinely delicious vegan and vegetarian options over the last few years. 

Founded by a Black-owned, tri-plant-based restaurant, Trio Plant-Based brings you 100% plant-based soul food. 

There’s a lot to love here, from cauliflower wings to various versions of mac-n-cheese. The cheeseburger is called “classic” for a reason, and it’s one of a handful of burger options I recommend you try. Prepare to be blown away.

The Sample Room

2124 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis // +16127890333

The warren of bars that wind their way through Northeast Minneapolis have plenty of good burgers to choose from, but where can you find the best burger? My vote goes to The Sample Room. 

A burger patty made from elk and bacon is only available here (as far as I know). A drizzle of maple syrup makes it truly special and reserve a spot in the list for the best burgers in Minneapolis.

However, the real star of the show is the Bottineau Burger, so named for the restaurant’s location. What’s not to love about a house-cut burger topped with pork belly, cheddar, and brandied onions? 

You will need to order an extra side of the smoked tomato aioli because the bun spread will not be enough. 

The Block Food & Drink

7007 Walker St., St. Louis Park // +19527671117

Getting outside of the city limits will give you access to many good burger joints. A favorite of mine is The Block, just across the highway from St. Louis Park. 

The extensive menu at this restaurant offers something for everyone, but their burgers are particularly impressive. In addition, there are 15 side options alone in The Block, which means there is truly something for everyone. 

For those who need some help narrowing it down, I recommend going with the classic, but luxury, smoked bacon burger, which adds bacon to the patty, spread, and topping, and vegetarian friends can try the black bean burger, which blends cilantro and wild mushrooms in the patty and is topped with a blend of barbeque and Southwestern flavors. Definitely one of the best burgers in Minneapolis.

Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub

2716 E. 38th St., Minneapolis // +16122081450

There is no place quite like Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub for burger lovers who want to see both ends of the spectrum. If you are a vegetarian, you can enjoy a delicious wild rice burger, but let’s face it, you don’t go to a smokehouse unless you are seeking more protein-rich options. 

If that’s true, you can’t go wrong with the Smoke Stack, also known as the turducken of burgers and also known for the best burgers in Minneapolis! 

Served with a toasted egg bun and a curl of bacon, the Smoke Stack is composed of a hamburger patty, corned beef, ham, 18-hour porketta, smoked Swiss cheese, and smoked cheddar with Texas BBQ. 

You’ll never need to order meat again after you take some of the house-smoked bacon home with you.

Summary About The 10 Best Burgers In Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a food lover’s paradise. However, with so many restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to get your next meal. 

At the same time, finding a great burger in Minneapolis is more challenging than you’d think. So if you love a great burger, Minneapolis is the city for you. 

It’s home to some of the best restaurants in the country, and if you know where to look, great burgers abound.

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