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The 15 Best Restaurants in Bariloche, Argentina

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Nestled in the heart of Argentina’s Patagonia, Bariloche is a city that’s as famous for its breathtaking landscapes as it is for its vibrant food scene. 

It’s a place where every meal feels like an adventure, and the culinary delights are as varied as the picturesque views. 

In this exciting journey through Bariloche’s food paradise, we will embark on a gastronomic tour of the 15 best restaurants this charming city offers.

Let’s kick things off with “Alto El Fuego,” a haven for meat lovers, where the steaks are so perfectly cooked that they could bring a tear to a butcher’s eye. While not as famous as Don Julios in the capital city of Buenos Aires, I’d say these steaks rival those.  

Then, there’s “Manush,” where the fusion of great beers and comfort food creates a symphony of flavors. 

“Belek” offers a different kind of culinary experience with its unique blend of meat and side dishes, perfect for those who like to mix and match.

“Lo de Gabriel” and its pasta dishes are so authentic that you’ll feel like you’re dining in a quaint Italian village. For burger enthusiasts, “La Casa de la Hamburguesa” is nothing short of a paradise, offering a wide range of delicious and innovative burgers- be sure to try their lamb burger.

Best Bariloche Restaurants

“Oveja Negra” takes empanadas to a whole new level with their classic and unique fillings. And let’s not forget about “Mi Piace,” where the pastries are as fresh as the mountain air. 

For those who crave a serene dining experience with a view, “Chiado Restaurante & Casa de Te” is the perfect spot, offering an array of teas and desserts in a picturesque setting.

“Llao Llao Hotel” elevates the dining experience with its luxurious setting and impeccable service, while “Cerveza Patagonia” combines the best of craft beers and stunning views. 

And, of course, there’s “Ãnima,” a small but exquisite restaurant with a menu that will leave you spellbound.

Finally, we have “Wesley Brewery” and “Carnero,” each offering a unique blend of flavors and ambiance. 

“Wesley Brewery” is known for its exceptional beers and burgers, whereas “Carnero” will enchant you with its steaks and provoleta.

So, there you have it! A tantalizing tour of the 15 best restaurants in Bariloche, each offering a unique taste of this beautiful city’s diverse and rich culinary landscape. 

Get ready to indulge in a feast that will satisfy not just your stomach but also your soul!

My Top Three Picks of the Best Restaurants in Bariloche

Restaurant Top PickOur Rating
Alto El FuegoOjo De Bife5/5
BelekLamb Burger5/5
Oveja NegraEmpanadas4.5/5

The 15 Best Restaurants in Bariloche

Bariloche Centro Restaurants

Alto El Fuego

20 de Febrero 451, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944151409

If you have a penchant for an exquisite steak dinner, look no further than “Alto El Fuego”, one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

This restaurant stands out as not just a dining experience but a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds and warms the soul.

As someone who cherishes a well-cooked steak, I was thrilled to find that this place takes its meat seriously. 

It’s one of the rare spots in Argentina where they understand and respect the art of cooking steak to your preference, with the staff actively inquiring if you’d like your steak medium rare – a question that is music to any steak lover’s ears.

The menu is a parade of mouth-watering options, but their steaks are undoubtedly the stars of the show. 

The ojo de bife (ribeye) was a revelation, cooked to perfection, with a rich, succulent flavor that lingered delightfully on the palate. 

best restaurants in Bariloche

Alongside this, the provoleta (grilled provolone cheese) added a lovely, gooey contrast, and their chorizo was, without exaggeration, the best I’ve had in Argentina.

What sets Alto El Fuego apart is its unique approach to portions. They offer half portions of both the meats and sides at half the price. 

This thoughtful touch allows diners to sample a wider range of their culinary offerings without overindulging or overspending. 

During my two-week stay in Bariloche, I returned to Alto El Fuego four times, each visit as enjoyable as the last.

The restaurant’s ambiance is cozy and welcoming, matched by the warmth and efficiency of the staff. 

They are well-versed in English, making it easy for international visitors to feel at home. The wine selection is commendable, featuring a range of local wines that pair beautifully with the menu. Just ask your waiter to recommend a bottle based on your preferences and they’ll sort you out.

One practical tip for prospective diners: Alto El Fuego accepts reservations only until 7:30 pm. Post that, it’s a first-come, first-served policy. 

Hence, I recommend arriving early to secure a table. This is especially important considering the restaurant’s growing popularity among both locals and tourists. No wonder it’s one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.


San Carlos de Bariloche, Dr. Juan Javier Neumeyer 20, R8400 ASB, Río Negro, Argentina //+542944428905

Located in the vibrant heart of Bariloche is a place that is a haven for beer aficionados and food lovers alike – Manush, one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

The meticulous organization of the place immediately struck me. It’s a bustling spot, popular among both locals and tourists, and their ability to maintain a sense of order amidst the buzz is impressive. 

The cozy and inviting ambiance makes it an ideal retreat, especially during the chilly Bariloche evenings. It was unexpectedly colder than we had planned for during our time in Bariloche, which left me craving hearty, home-cooked style meals. Manush became one of our go-to places!

The food at Manush is comfort cuisine at its finest. The weather was crisp and cold during my visit, creating the perfect backdrop for indulging in their heartwarming dishes. 

The chicken pot pie was a standout – a homely dish with a flaky crust, brimming with tender chicken and a creamy, savory filling. 

The beef stew, simmering with rich flavors and tender meat, was a bowl of hearty goodness that warmed me right up.

I couldn’t help but notice the burgers being served at the neighboring tables. They looked spectacular – juicy, well-sized, and served with a side of what appeared to be perfectly crispy fries. I plan to succumb to the allure of these burgers on my next visit.

Manush’s reputation for serving great beers is well-deserved. Their craft beer selection is a delightful exploration of flavors, ranging from the robust and bold to the light and refreshing. 

Each beer I tried was a testament to their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. It’s the kind of place where beer enthusiasts can delve deep into their passion while novices can find their perfect brew.

Whether you’re there for the exceptional beers, the comforting food, or the lively atmosphere, Manush is one of the best restaurants in Bariloche that should not be missed on any foodie’s journey through Bariloche.


Ada María Elflein 13, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944611888

Discovering Belek, which is one of the best restaurants in Bariloche, was one of those serendipitous moments that any foodie traveler cherishes. 

Hidden away in the bustling streets of this charming town, Belek is a delightful blend of a beer bar and a cozy eatery, offering a unique and enjoyable dining experience.

The moment I stepped into Belek, I was captivated by its enchanting decor. The interior exudes a warm and inviting vibe, with a tasteful mix of rustic charm and modern elegance. 

The atmosphere is relaxed yet vibrant, making it a perfect spot for both casual lunches and laid-back evenings.

Belek’s dual identity as a beer bar and a restaurant is its most intriguing aspect. During my visit, I noticed that while some guests were there primarily for the impressive selection of craft beers, others, like myself, were eager to delve into their midday meal offerings. 

The friendly staff informed me that while reservations are recommended, walk-ins are welcomed with the option to wait at the bar until a table becomes available. This flexibility adds to the restaurant’s laid-back appeal.

The highlight of my culinary journey at Belek was, without a doubt, the lamb burger. As someone who has tried numerous lamb burgers across Bariloche, I can confidently say that Belek’s version stands out as the best. 

The burger was a masterpiece of flavors and textures – the lamb patty was succulently cooked, seasoned to perfection, and nestled between a soft, fresh bun. 

Accompanying it was a craft beer, suggested by the knowledgeable staff, which complemented the rich flavors of the burger beautifully.

What adds to the allure of Belek is the value for money. Despite its high-quality food and drinks, the prices are quite reasonable. 

This, coupled with the excellent service from both the bar staff and waiters, makes dining here a pleasurable experience without breaking the bank.

Belek, one of the best restaurants in Bariloche, promises an experience that’s both satisfying and memorable.

Lo de Gabriel

Ada María Elflein 49, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944431084

This unassuming establishment, nestled amidst the bustling streets, might not catch your eye at first glance, but it’s a place where the aroma of authentic Italian cuisine warmly invites you in.

I was greeted with a sense of warmth and hospitality that you’d typically find in a family-run trattoria. 

The atmosphere was cozy and inviting, making me feel right at home. The decor was simple yet charming, setting the stage for a delightful dining experience.

The talk of the town is true – Lo de Gabriel serves some of the best pasta in Bariloche. 

The menu boasted various pasta dishes, each sounding more tantalizing than the last. The portions here are generous, a nod to traditional Italian generosity when it comes to food.

My friend opted for the pasta stuffed with deer, a dish that was nothing short of a culinary spectacle. Each bite was a perfect harmony of flavors, showcasing the skill with which traditional recipes were executed.

I, on the other hand, chose the noodles with carbonara sauce. The dish was a creamy, comforting delight, with the pasta cooked to al dente perfection, enveloped in a rich, flavorful sauce.

Noodles with carbonara sauce at Lo de Gabriel

What’s impressive about Lo de Gabriel is not just the quality of the food but also the experience of watching the pasta being freshly made.

Through a large window, diners can see the magic happen, adding an authentic touch to the meal.

The service at Lo de Gabriel was impeccable. The staff was attentive and kind, making sure every aspect of our meal was perfect. Their warmth added to the overall homely feel of the restaurant.

For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert options are a delight. The rice pudding and peaches in syrup were sublime, ending the meal on a high note. 

The vigilante, a traditional Argentinian dessert, was a pleasant surprise, combining simple ingredients to create something delicious.

In terms of value, Lo de Gabriel stands out. The prices are surprisingly reasonable, especially considering the quality and portion sizes of the dishes. 

This, combined with the wonderful atmosphere and exceptional service, makes it an ideal spot for families, friends, or couples looking for a meal that feels like a Sunday family dinner. It’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

Chimi Bar de Choris

Ada María Elflein 73, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944456000

Upon my culinary exploration in Bariloche, I had the pleasure of discovering “Chimi Bar de Choris,” a vibrant spot that turned out to be the ultimate destination for a choripan aficionado. That’s one of the reasons it made this list of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

Located on a charming block of Elflein, this cafe exudes a welcoming vibe that pairs perfectly with its reputation for consistently good food.

The place buzzed with energy, a blend of locals and tourists alike, all there to enjoy what I soon learned was more than just a casual meal. 

The decor was a tasteful mix of rustic and contemporary, creating a relaxed and chic setting.

The highlight, of course, was the choripan. In Argentina, choripan is a beloved street food staple, but Chimi Bar de Choris elevates this simple dish to something extraordinary. I opted for the “Clasico Argentino” choripan, which I didn’t regret. 

The chorizo was perfectly grilled, juicy, and flavorful, nestled in a fresh, crusty bread that complemented it beautifully. 

Each bite was a delightful mix of textures and tastes, a true testament to the culinary prowess of the cafe.

“Clasico Argentino” choripan at Chimi Bar de Choris

Accompanying the choripan was a selection of beers, and I chose one based on the recommendation of the friendly staff. It was the perfect pairing, enhancing the flavors of the choripan. 

The service throughout the meal was impeccable – the staff were friendly and helpful, ensuring each guest’s experience was enjoyable.

One might not expect gourmet-level food from a bar, but Chimi Bar de Choris defies these expectations. 

The food was not just good; it was exceptional. Every dish that passed by looked tempting, and the aromas were enticing.

The prices at Chimi Bar de Choris were reasonable, offering great value for the quality of food and experience. 

It’s a place where you can unwind, enjoy a casual yet delicious meal, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Bariloche.

La Casa de la Hamburguesa

Rolando 257, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944422085

Nestled in an off-center location, this cozy eatery offers a delightful escape from the bustling main streets, inviting guests into a world of culinary indulgence.

The place is charmingly decorated, with beautiful paintings adorning the walls, creating a stylish and comfortable space. It’s the kind of local haunt where you immediately feel at ease, whether you’re dining solo or with companions.

The main attraction here, of course, is the burgers. And oh, what burgers they are! Each burger I tried was a masterpiece of flavors and textures. 

The meat was incredibly juicy, with a perfect balance of fat that resulted in an intense, savory taste. 

The menu offered an impressive variety of meats, including beef, lamb, and deer, each accompanied by a unique set of sauces and fillings that elevated the burger to a whole new level.

One thing that stood out to me was the attention to detail in every aspect of their burgers. The textures were extraordinary, with each component complementing the others flawlessly. 

To enhance the experience, I paired my burger with a Patagonia pint, a decision that proved to be the perfect accompaniment to the rich flavors of the meal.

Burger at La Casa de la Hamburgesa

The concept of fast service with quality food is something La Casa de la Hamburguesa excels at. Despite the speed, there’s no compromise on the quality of food served. 

The fries were another highlight – crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and seasoned to perfection.

A notable mention must be made of the free soda refills, a relatively new concept in Argentina, which adds to the value offered by this restaurant. 

It’s a small touch but one that greatly enhances the dining experience, especially for those who appreciate a good deal.

I was satisfied and thoroughly impressed when I left La Casa de la Hamburguesa. The combination of a cozy ambiance, fast and friendly service, deliciously crafted burgers, and value for money makes this place a must-visit for anyone in Bariloche craving a top-notch burger experience. It’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

Oveja Negra

24 de septiembre esquina, Saavedra 8400, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +5492944874040

Next on the list is a charming little eatery known as “Oveja Negra,” renowned for offering arguably the best empanadas in Argentina. No wonder it’s one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

With its unassuming yet inviting ambiance, this quaint establishment quickly became a go-to during my stay.

The restaurant operates on a simple yet efficient system where you order at the cashier and then have your meal delivered to your table. 

This casual approach added to the laid-back atmosphere of the place, making it ideal for a relaxed dining experience.

The star attraction at Oveja Negra is undoubtedly their empanadas. The variety on offer ranges from classic recipes to more inventive fillings, each more enticing than the last. 

Every empanada I tried was a revelation – perfectly baked with a golden, flaky crust enveloping the delicious fillings inside.

Emapanada at Oveja Negra

One particular empanada that stood out was the bacon, cheese, and plum combination. This unique blend of flavors was a delightful surprise, offering a perfect balance of savory and sweet. It’s the kind of culinary creation that showcases the innovative spirit of Oveja Negra’s kitchen.

Their selection of beverages matched the quality of the empanadas. The beer and vermouth available were excellent, providing the perfect complement to the rich, flavorful empanadas. 

Enjoying these delicious pastries with a cold, refreshing drink was a true highlight of my dining experience.

What makes Oveja Negra even more appealing is the value for money. The empanadas are delicious and reasonably priced, making it a great spot for anyone looking for a high-quality meal without spending a fortune.

We often stopped for a box of hot-to-go empanadas on our road trips!

Mi Piace

Av. de los Pioneros 195, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944918908

“Mi Piace,” tucked away from the bustling streets of Bariloche, offered me a refreshing change of pace with its serene ambiance and exquisite cuisine. 

It’s one of the best restaurants in Bariloche, with its elegant indoor and charming outdoor seating options providing the perfect setting for a leisurely meal.

The space is thoughtfully designed, spacious yet intimate, allowing for a comfortable dining experience whether you choose to sit inside or bask in the natural beauty outdoors.

One of the highlights of Mi Piace is its dynamic menu, particularly noted for the freshly baked pastries that change throughout the day. They also offer a rotating daily lunch menu, which includes a variety of dishes, even a beef pho, which was a godsend during the colder weather!

This approach not only guarantees the freshness of their offerings but also adds an element of delightful surprise with each visit.

The French toast, a dish I enjoyed sampling, was nothing short of a culinary masterpiece. 

It was beautifully presented, with fresh fruit and chopped nuts, and the raspberry jam added a tangy sweetness that perfectly complemented the dish. 

Each bite was a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, making it a memorable part of my meal.

Salted chocolate chip cookies at Mi Piace

Accompanying the French toast was a coffee with milk, expertly prepared and deliciously creamy. It was the kind of coffee that makes you want to savor every sip, enhancing the overall breakfast experience.

A visit to Mi Piace would be incomplete without trying their salted chocolate chip cookies. As recommended, I ordered one for dessert, and it was a decision I didn’t regret. 

The cookie was a delightful balance of sweet and salty, with chunks of chocolate that melted in the mouth.

The tranquility of Mi Piace’s location, away from the crowded and often overpriced central area of Bariloche, added to its charm. 

It was a welcome escape, providing a peaceful dining environment without the hassle of waiting for a table or dealing with inflated prices.

Olivar Bar de Tapas

San Martín 574, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // 011 68383350

Tucked away with a facade that belies the culinary treasures within, Olivar presents itself as a modest establishment but is one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

However, once inside, I was greeted by an ambiance reminiscent of a cozy mountain cabin with warm, welcoming decor that set the stage for an exceptional dining experience.

The Olivar Bar de Tapas team worked in seamless coordination, enhancing the overall atmosphere with their efficient and friendly service. This and the excellent gastronomic offerings made for a memorable visit.

For drinks, I opted for a gin and tonic with grapefruit, extra red fruits, and a Malibu with orange. 

Both were expertly crafted, offering a refreshing and delightful start to the meal. The balance of flavors in each drink was a testament to the bartenders’ skill at Olivar.

The culinary journey began with a starter of potato omelet with pine mushrooms, which was nothing short of spectacular. 

The omelet was perfectly cooked, and the pine mushrooms added a unique, earthy flavor that elevated the dish. We also enjoyed a provoleta, which was a delicious accompaniment.

Chorizo Steak at Olivar Bar de Tapas

Moving on to the main course, our choices were the salmon with cabutia puree and the chorizo steak with puree. 

While I felt the salmon could have benefited from a few more minutes on the grill, the flavor and texture were still delightful. 

On the other hand, the chorizo steak was cooked to perfection, showcasing the kitchen’s ability to handle different types of cuisine with equal flair.

The meal concluded with a lemon mousse that was simply exquisite. The sharpness of the lemon cream paired brilliantly with the sweetness of the fruit jam, creating a refreshing and indulgent dessert.

Although the exterior and initial impression of Olivar Bar de Tapas might suggest a simple brewery, the quality of food, service, and ambiance far exceeded those expectations. 

My only suggestion is for the restaurant to enhance its setting perhaps a bit more to match the high quality of its offerings.


Juan José Paso 132, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944651590

Next, “Carnero” is a gastronomic jewel and one of the best restaurants in Bariloche, especially for those who savor the art of perfectly cooked meats. 

My visits to this exquisite restaurant were memorable and enchanted me by the harmonious blend of culinary excellence, inviting ambiance, and impeccable service.

The decor was a tasteful blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, creating a sophisticated and comfortable environment. It was the kind of place that beckoned you to relax and savor every moment of your meal.

The highlight of Carnero, without a doubt, was the steak. On my first visit, I indulged in the rib-eye steak, which was a culinary masterpiece. 

Cooked to perfection, the steak was succulent, flavorful, and tender, making each bite a delectable journey. The portion size was generous, offering great value for the quality and quantity of meat served.

Rib Eye Steak at Carnero

During my second visit, I shared an equally impressive lamb dish. The lamb was cooked with skill, highlighting its natural flavors and tenderness. 

It was a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and expertise in preparing meat dishes.

The provoleta at Carnero deserves a special mention. This traditional Argentine appetizer was a delightful start to the meal, with its gooey, melted cheese, forest fruits and subtle seasoning creating a perfect prelude to the main course.

Carnero’s wine list was another highlight of the dining experience. It was extensive and well-curated, featuring a range of local and international wines that paired beautifully with the meals.

The staff’s knowledge of the wine list was impressive, aiding in selecting the perfect wine to complement our dishes.

The service at Carnero was impeccable. The staff were knowledgeable and attentive, and yet maintained a laid-back, comfortable demeanor that made us feel at ease. 

The precision and care in their service from start to finish contributed significantly to the overall dining experience.

Wesley Brewery

20 de Febrero 451 casa 1, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

I also enjoyed visiting “Wesley Brewery,” a haven for craft beer enthusiasts and burger connoisseurs alike. 

This charming brewery captivated me with its exceptional brews and delectable food and stood out for its vibrant atmosphere and stunning outdoor views.

The place buzzed with the energy of locals and travelers, all drawn in by the promise of top-tier craft beers and mouth-watering burgers. 

The outdoor seating area, in particular, was a delightful spot, offering breathtaking views that added to the overall dining experience.

The highlight of Wesley Brewery, undoubtedly, was their craft beer selection. They have indeed mastered an impressive range of styles, each beer showcasing a balance and depth of flavor that spoke of their brewing expertise. 

Burger at Wesley Brewery

Every sip was a testament to their commitment to quality, with the beers being both well-balanced and refreshingly delicious.

Accompanying the beer was an array of burgers that were simply irresistible. I opted for a burger topped with bacon and served alongside a portion of fries.

The burger was a culinary delight, featuring a perfectly cooked patty that was juicy and flavorful, complemented by the crispness of the bacon and the soft, fresh bun. The fries were a perfect side, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

The maturity and quality of the beer tap at Wesley Brewery were evident in every brew I tasted. Clearly, they take their craft seriously, offering a selection that would impress even the most discerning beer aficionados. It’s definitely one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

Outside of Bariloche Centro


Cto. Chico, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944598900

My gastronomic journey through Bariloche ended with a visit to “Ãnima,” a small yet exquisitely charming restaurant that truly embodies the essence of fine dining in an intimate setting. 

From the exceptional service to the carefully crafted shared plates, every aspect of Ãnima contributed to a perfect dining experience.

It’s a small, intimate space designed to provide a personal and engaging dining experience. The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

The concept of shared plates at Ãnima is executed brilliantly. It allows diners to sample a variety of flavors and textures, making each meal a culinary adventure. 

The portions were thoughtfully sized, ensuring that every dish could be savored without feeling overwhelming.

Securing a reservation at Ãnima required some planning, as I had to use WhatsApp to text Florence, the person behind this culinary gem. 

She provided the current menu options, which needed to be chosen in advance. This process, while different, added an element of anticipation and exclusivity to the dining experience.

Each dish I had the pleasure of tasting was nothing short of incredible. The lamb was succulent and perfectly cooked, melting in the mouth with every bite. 

The ciervo (deer) was a standout, showcasing a depth of flavor that was both unique and satisfying. 

However, it was the poached egg with sobrasada sausage that truly captivated my palate. Combining the rich egg with the spicy, flavorful sausage created a harmonious blend of bold and delightful tastes.

The experience at Ãnima was akin to fine dining but set in a more casual, relaxed environment. This juxtaposition made the meal all the more enjoyable, combining the sophistication of high-end cuisine with the comfort of a more laid-back setting.

Ãnima is one of the top restaurants in Bariloche, a place where fine dining meets cozy intimacy to create an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Chiado Restaurante & Casa de Te

Av. Exequiel Bustillo 17933, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944900689

Nestled a mere stone’s throw from Cerro Campanario, “Chiado Restaurante & Casa de Te” is a serene oasis, offering a picturesque escape with its stunning lake views and charming ambiance. 

My visit to this enchanting spot was a delightful blend of scenic beauty, cozy comfort, and gastronomic delight.

Overlooking the lake, it provided an idyllic backdrop for a leisurely meal, encapsulating the natural beauty that Bariloche is renowned for. 

The homey setting and friendly service immediately made me feel welcomed and at ease.

Chiado’s interior exuded a vintage charm that perfectly complemented its wooden cottage structure and the majestic mountain views beyond. 

Every nook and corner of the restaurant radiated a warmth and character that only enhanced the dining experience.

Waffles with Dulce de Leche at Chiado Restaurante & Casa de Te

However, the heart of Chiado’s allure lay in its remarkable selection of teas and desserts. The ‘Submarino’ – hot milk served with two pieces of Águila chocolate – was a comforting delight, perfect for the chilly Bariloche weather. 

The chocolate melted smoothly into the milk, creating a rich, creamy, soothing, and indulgent concoction.

The waffle with Dulce de Leche and Frambuesa marmalade was another highlight. The waffle was cooked to a perfect golden brown, with a crisp exterior giving way to a soft, fluffy interior.

The Dulce de Leche was arguably the best I’ve tried so far, rich and creamy, while the Frambuesa marmalade added a lovely tartness that balanced the sweetness beautifully.

Whether you’re a tea enthusiast keen on exploring old-fashioned brews or someone who appreciates a scenic, tranquil setting for a meal, Chiado promises to enchant you. 

The combination of its picturesque location, cozy ambiance, delightful food and drink offerings, and warm service makes it one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

Llao Llao Hotel

Av. Ezequiel Bustillo Km. 25, R8401 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina // +542944448530

This hotel, renowned for being one of Argentina’s most awarded and service-oriented establishments and globally, lives up to its reputation as having one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

From the meticulous attention to detail to the stunning natural setting, every moment spent here was imbued with a sense of luxury and tranquility.

The gardens and views were a feast for the eyes, offering a panoramic vista of Bariloche’s unparalleled beauty. 

It felt like I had stepped into a realm where time slowed down, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the serene ambiance fully.

Tea at Llao Llao Hotel

The afternoon tea at the Llao Llao Hotel was a highlight of my visit. While it was indeed a bit pricey compared to local standards, the experience was worth every penny. 

The spread was more focused on sweet treats, which were exquisitely prepared and presented. However, I did feel a more extensive selection of savory options would have further enhanced the tea service.

The setting for the afternoon tea was nothing short of magical, especially as I had the fortune of being there on a snowy day. 

The experience of sitting in the elegantly appointed tea room, watching the snowflakes gently fall outside, was akin to being in a living snow globe. 

It was both surreal and enchanting, adding a unique and memorable dimension to the dining experience.

Cerveza Patagonia

Cto. Chico, R8400 San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

With its unique style and breathtaking views, this place provided a relaxing and exhilarating experience. And here are some more reasons why it’s one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

Upon arrival at Cerveza Patagonia, the first thing that captured my attention was the stunning view. Overlooking a scenic landscape, the brewery offers a visual experience that complements the enjoyment of their beers. It’s the kind of place where you can spend hours simply soaking in the beauty of Bariloche.

The design and style of the brewery were impressive. The attention to detail in the décor created an ambiance that was both modern and cozy, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon.

As for the beers, they were indeed tasty. Each brew I tried was a testament to their brewing skill, offering a range of flavors that catered to different palates. 

Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just looking to enjoy a casual drink, the selection here is sure to satisfy.

Beer at Cerveza Patagonia - one of the best restaurants in Bariloche.

While the food at Cerveza Patagonia didn’t quite meet my expectations, it’s worth noting that the setting and the beers more than made up for it. The brewery is definitely worth a visit for the beer and the atmosphere alone.

The staff at Cerveza Patagonia were attentive and friendly, adding to the overall positive experience. They were knowledgeable about the beers and helpful in making recommendations.

One practical tip for future visitors is to make a reservation, especially if you plan to visit during peak hours or with a larger group. 

While my friends and I could get a table without a reservation, securing a spot in advance would ensure a hassle-free experience.

In summary, Cerveza Patagonia is one of the best restaurants in Bariloche. Its combination of amazing beers, stunning views, and a relaxed atmosphere makes it a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the region.


What kind of food is Bariloche, Argentina, known for?

Bariloche is renowned for its Patagonian cuisine which includes an array of mouth-watering meats like lamb and venison, delectable chocolates, and an impressive selection of craft beers. The region’s German influence also brings delicious pastries and fondue into the mix.

What is a must-try dish in Bariloche?

You cannot leave Bariloche without trying the local lamb, cooked to perfection with a variety of herbs and spices. Also, the chocolate here is world-class, so indulging in some artisanal chocolate is a must.

Is it necessary to make reservations at restaurants in Bariloche?

During peak tourist seasons and for popular restaurants, making reservations is highly advisable to avoid long wait times. Some sought-after places might require booking several days in advance.

Wrapping Up: The 15 Best Restaurants in Bariloche

Wrapping up our gastronomic escapade in Bariloche, we’re left with the unmistakable impression that this city is a hidden gem in the culinary world. 

Each of the best restaurants in Bariloche we visited was a unique chapter in the grand story of Bariloche’s diverse and rich food culture, offering an array of flavors that span the spectrum of Argentina’s culinary heritage.

The beauty of Bariloche’s dining scene lies in its variety and authenticity. From the heartwarming comfort of local specialties to the refined sophistication of international cuisines, each establishment provided a distinct experience united by a common thread of passion and culinary excellence. 

The meals we enjoyed were not just food; they were masterpieces of flavor, crafted with care and served with pride.

In Bariloche, every bite tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the bountiful Patagonian landscape. 

The harmonious blend of delightful settings, whether against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty or in the warmth of a cozy, inviting interior, added an extra layer of joy to our dining experiences.

As you venture into Bariloche, remember that the city’s culinary landscape is an ever-evolving tapestry, rich with flavors waiting to be discovered. 

It’s a place where every meal is an adventure, a journey through taste and tradition. Bariloche invites you not just to eat but to savor, explore, and fall in love with every dish.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.