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Best Pizza In Key West | 7 Must-Try Pizza Restaurants In Key West, Florida

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The Florida islands are a great place to enjoy fine seafood and sushi while getting as far away from the big pizza cities as you can. 

However, how long would it take for a person to want to feel the mixture of juiciness and crispness with many flavors in between that a delish pizza provides?

I’m sure you won’t forget that crispy, chewy, cheesy, and saucy pizza bite that you will find here!

Key West is famous for serving the best seafood in the culinary world, so it may come as a surprise to you that this tiny island is home to many excellent pizza spots.

So if you’ve gotten your fill of seafood, let’s search far and wide for the best pizza in Key West.

With only four miles in length and one mile wide, this tiny island manages to cram in a ton of alluring activities, including beachcombing, eating your way around the town, and some really delectable pizza places.

Therefore, our list is guaranteed to contain the place for you, whether you’re in the mood for a thin, crispy slice of pizza or a heaping deep dish of saucy, cheesy delight. 

Here is a list of seven Key West pizzerias and eateries where you may have pizzas of the highest quality.

The Best Pizza In Key West

Duetto Pizza and Gelato

540 Greene St. #1, Key West, FL 33040, United States // +13058484981

Duetto is a locally run and owned company that aims to bring together locals and visitors to enjoy the pleasure of a scrumptious Italian pizza in Key West. 

This place classifies as the locals’ go-to neighborhood pizzeria and seems to be included on every tourist’s agenda.

At Duetto, they have the proper crust that is neither too thin nor too thick. 

Every day, they create the pizza crust from scratch using semolina, and they add a homemade sauce for a legit Italian flavor, featuring 16-inch pizzas split by six slices.

Try some of their specials, like their Eggplant Parmigiana made with eggplant, Parmesan, fresh basil, mozzarella, and special tomato sauce, or their Lasagna Pizza with mozzarella, ricotta and meat sauce.

Best Pizza In Key West: Duetto Pizza and Gelato Eggplant Parmigiana

Their veggie version, named “In Campagna,” is made with mushrooms, onions, mild green peppers, fresh tomatoes, broccoli, fresh basil, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, and their special tomato sauce, is incredible.

Their menu also features some of the classics, such as Quatro Formaggi, made with Parmesan, gorgonzola, provolone and mozzarella. It also has a gluten-free option, like some other pizza styles on the menu.

They also have some other items such as salad, sandwiches, and appetizers, including garlic cheese bread and also, different styles of stuffed whole pies. 

And you can always ask for extra toppings on whatever pizza style you choose to order.

Consider trying some of their fifteen incredibly refreshing gelato flavors to top off your unique experience, since Duetto categorizes as a pizza and gelato place both in one.

If you want to go with a bigger group or make an appointment for an event, feel free to contact them, as they will be glad to help you. You will soon see why this is one of the best pizza restaurants in Key West. 


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Onlywood Pizzeria

613-1/2 Duval St., Key West, FL 33040, United States // +13057354412

Onlywood Pizzeria Trattoria is a no-brainer for you if you like pizza accompanied by a glass of good wine! It definitely has the best pizza in Key West.

You can enjoy this Key West pizza shop’s authentic Italian thin-crust pizza made over a wood fire. 

On its pizzas, Onlywood utilizes homemade mozzarella created with an old special recipe, and their dough is made with a starter that is four years old.

It is fascinating to learn that they use 100% Lavic materials from the volcano Vesuvius in Napoli to construct their brick oven that reaches temperatures of 1000 degrees, which are necessary for Neapolitan pizza style.

It is more than evident that these people are all about making things right from scratch until the end.

Having all these things in mind, it is understandable why so many people on the island adore their Neapolitan pizzas.

Onlywood Pizzeria Neapolitan Pizza

Give a try to their Marinara pizza, made with San Marzano tomato sauce with garlic, oregano, and extra virgin olive oil. Or order their Keste style, which is made of San Marzano tomato sauce with homemade mozzarella, topped with Prosciutto di Parma, arugula, and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Or order the upgraded version, 4 Maiali, also made with San Marzano tomato sauce, homemade mozzarella, Prosciutto di Parma, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausages, ham, and basil.

They also create excellent spaghetti and lasagna in addition to the fantastic pizza.

And to complete the journey, they also have a dessert pizza option: their Pizza Nutella, straight from the oven, a pizza with Nutella spread.

To declare that you would be frankly missing out if you didn’t go to this Key West pizzeria while you are on the island is an understatement.

Clemente’s Wood-Fired Trolley Pizzeria

516 Fleming St., Key West, FL 33040, United States // +13059007035

This retro restaurant serves pasta and homestyle main dishes in addition to traditional and inventive pizzas.

Clemente’s Wood-Fired Trolley Pizzeria is an adorable spot that has indoor and some outdoor seating.

Scratch-made pizzas, sauced with homemade San Marzano DOP marinara or roasted garlic olive oil glaze and topped with whole milk mozzarella, are made with care and love.

Their fresh and authentic brick oven 12-inch pizzas, with crispy, thin crust, are perfectly baked under 900F temperatures.

The menu options are excellent, and the specials are even more eclectic.

Try out their incredible Honey Bacon, which comes with the garlic olive oil glaze, hickory smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mozzarella, and honey. Consider the Caesar Salad Pizza, that’s made with chopped hearts of romaine tossed in a creamy Caesar dressing, with shaved romano pecorino, and topped with their garlic-seared crust.

Caesar pizza with prawn and salad leaves

If you prefer a non-meat option, go for their Roasted Veggie one, which has caramelized onions, tri-colored peppers, mushrooms, summer squash, and zucchini.

They also have gluten-free options for almost all pizza styles. These pizzas are 10 inches around and super tasty too. Also offered are fresh and delish salads that are made with the perfect amount of dressing.

For the perfect ending to any meal at Clemente’s Wood-Fired Trolley Pizzeria, try their desserts, which are also scrumptious, such as their key lime cannolis.

Big John’s Pizzeria

1103 Key Plaza, Key West, FL 33040, United States // +13052939576

Big John’s is an Italian family-owned Key West pizza restaurant that has been operating since 1997.

Their menu features a variety of classic Italian dishes. From soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta, strombolis, calzones, and even lunch specials to creamy alfredo dinners but the main item is, of course, their incredible pizza which comes as a whole but also by the slice.

Try their Shrimp Scampi; that’s made with delicious shrimp, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, oregano, mozzarella cheese, and a dash of lemon, and is really incredible.

Big John's Pizzeria Shrimp Pizza

Their Blue Pie style is made of crumbled bleu cheese, fresh spinach, garlic, plum tomatoes, and basil.

They also have a wide range of drinks and many dessert options like cannoli, tiramisu, cheesecake, baklava, and their Nutella Pizza to finish off a great meal.

Pizza Joe’s

724 Duval St., Key West, FL 33040 // +17247755655

The Ernest Hemingway House is three minutes by foot from Pizza Joe’s. Without a doubt, this is one of the best pizza in Key West. 

The fact that Pizza Joe’s gives first responders complimentary pizzas is its best part, which is such a fantastic method to show appreciation, in my opinion.

You could have figured by now how excellent the service is at this establishment. 

They, too, are offering it all, starting from appetizers, salads, subs, wedgies, wings, strombolis, and calzones, to specialty pizzas and desserts.

The best part about their New York-style thin-crust pizzas is the love they put into making each piece.

Pizza Joe's Pizza

You could not go wrong with ordering any flavor, but there are a few I’d like to highlight. The Ultimate is made with five toppings, pepperoni, sausage, onions, mushrooms, and green peppers, topped with mozzarella cheese. Or try the Philly Steak, made of shredded steak, peppers, onions, cheddar, and mozzarella cheese with white sauce.

You won’t go wrong at Joe’s if you are looking for NY-style pizza in Key West. 

Mr. Z’s

501 Southard St., Key West, FL 33040, United States // +13052964445

Mr. Z’s is a counter-service restaurant serving Philly cheesesteaks, strombolis, and thin-crust pizza in a relaxed indoor setting. 

They also serve many different salads, sides, hot and cold sandwiches, and many pizza flavors, both specialty and classics.

Give a try to their appetizing Tomato Pie Pizza, made with thin baked crust with layered provolone and topped with sweet San Marzano tomato sauce. The White Pie has a thin layer of Ricotta cheese, extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and mozzarella cheese.

Mr. Z's Tomato Pie Pizza
A freshly baked pizza margherita with olive oil, tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese.

“Off The Hook” Bar & Grill

920 Caroline St., Key West, FL 33040, United States // +13057417980

“Off The Hook” Bar & Grill is often described as a cozy American restaurant in Key West that prepares seafood from the region as well as the best pizza in Key West, sandwiches, and breakfast.

The venue features spacious inside and outside dining areas and has a homey feel to it.

The menu has a wide variety of different pizzas, sandwiches, dinner options, gluten-free options, desserts, and drinks.

Their homemade crust is outstanding, and I’d recommend trying some of the Lobster Pizza, made with arugula, tomatoes, goat cheese, and balsamic fig glaze. Another option is the Italian. It’smade with capocollo, prosciutto, tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, basil and Parmesan, drizzled with oregano olive oil.

Or try their incredible Greek Pizza, which has black olives, red onions, tomatoes, tzatziki, mozzarella, feta, and spinach to top off the mouthwatering taste.

"Off The Hook" Bar & Grill Greek Pizza

The Tuna Poke appetizer and Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwich are definitely worth five stars.

Some other desserts that are available here are  Blueberry Mint Key Lime Pie and Peanut Butter Cookie Cup Stuffed with Nutella Mousse.  It’s then topped with Hibiscus Whipped Cream and would fit perfectly with their exceptional Cuban Espresso Martini (Dark or Blonde version).

They even offer a Doggie menu featuring Organic Free Range Chicken Broth Ice Cubes and Beef Bone Marrow (all proceeds will go to the local ASPCA).

Everyone is welcome to take their furry friend on a unique eating journey in this place, which is pretty awesome.

Best Pizza in Key West Wrap Up

If you are interested in discovering more incredible places to eat in Key West, make sure to check out our article on 14 Of The Best Restaurants In Key West Florida.

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