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7 Best Floyd Restaurants | Where to Eat in Floyd, VA

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You will find the town of Floyd atop a Blue Ridge Mountain plateau, on a rolling piece of land, elevation 2,500 feet. You’ll become aware of this interesting little factoid when you walk around town exploring the best Floyd restaurants and find yourself a bit out of breath due to the altitude and the climb!

Floyd is centrally located, one hour from either Roanoke or Martinsville, 40 minutes from Blacksburg (the home of Virginia Tech), and less than two hours from either Winston-Salem or Greensboro, NC.

The first settlers were immigrants from England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Germany, who started farming this hard-scrabble land in the 1700s. Part of the attraction may have also been the town’s unique geography, with all waters flowing outward from Floyd. Odd, I know; but if you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy drinking this clean water. I usually need extra lemon in restaurants, hoping to cover up the chemical taste of city water. But not in Floyd! Glass after glass of tap water slid right down.

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The 7 Best Floyd Restaurants

The Floyd Country Store

206 S. Locust St. // (540) 745-4563

I arrived in town ravished, and my first thought was where to eat in downtown Floyd, given that I was just in time for lunch.

The Brunswick Stew and fresh cornbread at The Floyd Country Store hit the spot. The menu items are created using locally grown produce as much as possible. The folks at the Country Store do this “to help support our local farmers, our local economy, and to bring you the best food we can.”

stuffed baked potato with a salad

The board lists an array of salads and sandwiches and soups, a vegan favorite, Black Bean Chili, quiche, homemade chicken salad, or a grit bowl made from locally grown grits.

burger, fries, pickle and a glass of tea

Then, of course, there is a bowl of Pinto Beans with skillet-baked cornbread. But that Brunswick Stew, made with chicken, tomatoes, bacon, corn, and lima beans? Oh, my! Just take my word for it!

bowl of chili and cornbread

Try a real fountain-style vanilla cream soda or a drink out of the iced-down cooler.

Dessert? No problem. The counter is filled with treats to choose from—cookies, pies (did someone say Key Lime?), and even scones. And they have The. Best. Snickerdoodles. I am not exaggerating!

three pies on a table

The store’s front corner is devoted to a Soda Fountain. It offers all the expected favorites, milkshakes, malts, floats, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches (from your choice of cookies and ice creams), and naturally, old-fashioned sodas. The ice cream is locally made right down the road from happy cows. It is antibiotic and hormone-free.

Built before 1910, The Floyd Country Store is home to the Friday Night Jamboree. An institution in Floyd for over forty years, you can enjoy the gospel, traditional Appalachian music, and dancing every Friday night. The music brings flatfoot dancers and cloggers to the floor. You can join in or sit back and watch in amazement.

Americana music is featured on Saturday afternoon, and mountain music on Sunday. Some Saturday nights you will find old-time dances or concerts.

The store continues to serve food at the lunch counter during these events, so arrive early to ensure a seat and enjoy some food while you wait. Some of these events are now virtual, including the Floyd Radio Show on the first Saturday of the month.

Whether you come for the food, fun, music, history, or all of the above, the Country Store is one of the best places to eat in Floyd.

Pro Tip: Get a Snickerdoodle—or two. I love them. Did I mention this was the best one I’ve ever eaten?

Dogtown Roadhouse

302 S Locust St. // 540-745-6836

True to their name, dogs are welcome here. Dogtown Roadhouse has a long outside covered dining area overlooking a natural amphitheater at the Warren G. Lineberry Community Park. Dogs may dine with their owners, and all can enjoy the view and the live music held outside every other Thursday throughout the summer.

Dogtown also has a stage inside, with local musicians playing year-round.

Dogtown’s wood-fired pizzas are a treat and as much fun to watch being tossed and baked as they are to eat.

pizza topped with tomatoes

Their BBQ wings are sweet southern style, and they top the hand-tied garlic knots with parmesan cheese; try them dipped in the house marinara sauce.

garlic bread in a basket

You will find both listed on the appetizer menu, but the helpings are so large you can call it a meal. They use local produce when available.

three pizzas on a table

Fourteen beers on tap rotate for variety, wines are available, and selections from a full bar. On my last visit, they had some delicious seasonal cocktails. The chocolate peppermint martini was divine!

Pro Tip: Dogtown posts weekly pizza specials and coupons on their website, so be sure to check it out before you go. It’s where to go for pizza in Floyd.

Blue Ridge Diner

113 E Main St. // (540) 745-3463

The Blue Ridge Diner has been serving Southern country cooking to the people of Floyd since 1927. The owners and the chefs change, but the excellent food and service do not.

The diner’s new owners, Kristin, and Travis Crawford are still dishing up comfort food for breakfast and lunch. They are open from 6:30 am-2 pm every day except Tuesday. They open a bit later, at 7 am, on the weekend.

Breakfast choices include the usual possibilities, but also found on the menu is the Carolina Breakfast. Now living in South Carolina, I had to try the two eggs, served with pork BBQ, and your choice of grits or home fries, and toast.

Lunch offerings include salad, chef’s salad, hamburgers, BBQ Burger, BBQ (regular or moonshine BBQ sauce), grilled or fried chicken sandwich, a hot Club Sandwich made with sliced turkey and ham, with bacon, swiss and American cheeses, lettuce, and tomato, and of course, an all-American Grilled Cheese.

burger and fries

There are homemade pies, cakes, and cobblers to top off your lunch or as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up when you’ve shopped till you dropped. (I mean, really, who can resist warm peach cobbler topped with ice cream?)

chicken and waffles drizzled with syrup

There are homemade pies and cakes for lunch and dinner, or just as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up when you’ve shopped ’til you dropped.

Pro Tip: The BBQ is either regular or moonshine. Get the one cooked in moonshine—trust me! If you are looking for southern cuisine in Floyd, try the Blue Ridge Cafe.

The Pha℞m House Café

311 E Main St, Floyd // (540) 745-3366

best Floyd restaurants

This popular local pharmacy is also a popular breakfast and lunch spot. Now you “get” the spelling of the name, right? Opening at 6 am most mornings, you’ll see locals stopping in for breakfast or coffee to go on their way to work.

The Pha℞m House Café has pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy, and breakfast tacos for your morning meal.

pancakes with syrup and fruit

They are accommodating and willing to experiment too. When offered a topping of strawberries or cherries, I asked for the cherries, but cooked in the batter. Then I said, and if you have some chocolate chips, toss a few of those in there too. I got a skeptical look, but they did it. It was delicious. I heard at least two other customers being encouraged to try it before I finished eating.

BLT sandwich

Lunch offerings are burgers, and sandwich fillings include chicken, Philly cheesesteaks, or chopped brisket. I’m not completely sure if this is a pharmacy first and restaurant second, or the other way around, but I am sure it is a great place to eat in Floyd.

Philly cheesesteak sandwich with fries

Pro Tip: Don’t be surprised by the size of your sausage patty. Just remember, I warned you.

Cocoa Mia

109 East Main Street // 540-695-0224

Get your afternoon chocolate fix at Cocoa Mia. The small-batch chocolate company is family-owned. They have hot chocolate, hand-crafted chocolate confections, and baked goods like coconut macaroons, croissants, and scones.

mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows

Not a fan of hot chocolate? They’ve got you covered: coffee, tea, latte, Mocha Java, and even lemonade are offered.

Truffle flavors may change seasonally, but the sea salt caramel is always available. There is Dark in Dark (yum!), and Pomegranate, not to mention Lavender Earl Grey. Cocoa Mia requires a return visit.

chocolate truffles

Pro Tip: Lactose intolerant like me? Why, yes, they DO have lactose-free hot chocolate!

Lush Lounge (aka Blind Pig)

317 East Main St. // 540-745-5874

You’ll find a prominent sign for the Blind Pig on East Main. They serve take-out Asian food: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Korean; all made to order. Even the salmon is brought in fresh and cured in-house.

bartender with Japanese dish and bottle of Japanese whisky

All delicious, but what you really want is a drink and a small plate. Where do you go in Floyd to find that? I’ll tell you, but ssshhhh… mum’s the word! Blind Pig is a century-old code for a speakeasy!

Now, I am willing to bet you thought Prohibition was over – that it ended on December 5, 1933, to be exact. Here I am, 87 years later, getting a tip about gaining entrance to the town’s speakeasy.

I guess nobody told this restaurateur about Prohibition’s repeal, so if you want a drink, you’ll need to ask at the take-out counter for a nickel for the coke machine. Once you drop the coin in the slot, the machine swings open, allowing access to the 100-year-old house’s speakeasy, Lush Lounge.

Lush’s drinks are…well…luscious! OK, pun intended, but I’m telling you the truth.

Moscow Mule

The bartenders at Lush create concoctions like Makin’ Me Blush, Saw a Man About a Chihuahua, Old Leather & New Lace, Calm Before the Storm, and Jack Rose. As you can see from my photo, the Jack Rose made its way onto my table after much thought and several patrons’ recommendations. This mix of velvet falernum, lime, pomegranate syrup, and Laird’s Applejack Brandy (which I love in my eggnog) is delivered in a rose glass.

The Queen Bee, a nod to the complimentary phrase “the Bee’s Knees”, arrives with the Lush Logo and a lavender sprig on top. Yet another drink, the Call Me Old Fashioned, is delivered cloaked in a smoke-filled dome.

For small plates, try the Lobster Poutine, shoestring fries topped with lobster in a thick Old Bay gravy.

There is an Appalachian Pot Pie with my name on it the next time I visit. Yes, I’m three states away, but I’ll definitely be back—I already have a nickel in my pocket!

If you want a drink and a step back in time, make sure you try this Floyd, VA restaurant.

Pro Tip: On Saturday and Sunday, there is a brunch menu from 10 am – 2 pm. Naturally, Mimosas and the Bloody Mary are the featured drinks.

Floyd restaurants

The Pine Tavern

611 Floyd Hwy North // 540-745-4482

Feeding the fine folks of Floyd and visitors since 1927, the Pine Tavern serves food family-style or individually.

In the homey atmosphere, you will enjoy down-home family recipes. For one price, you will be served every vegetable on the menu, the meat you choose PLUS their fried chicken, and your beverage and cobbler for dessert. As they say, “We are not fine dining, we’re mighty fine dining.”

If you overeat (what am I saying, “if”!) and just can’t go another mile, check next door at The Pine Tavern Lodge for a vacancy. Tell David I sent you!

Pro Tip: Don’t skip the fried chicken—it really is famous! One more great restaurant to try in Floyd.

fried chicken and mashed potatoes

As you head home after your Floyd getaway, plan one more stop for lunch. If you’re heading toward Roanoke or Blacksburg, Riner is about halfway. Stop in at Buffalo and More for a buffalo burger or buffalo dog with buffalo chili.

If your path home takes you down Route 8 toward Martinsville, Tuggles Gap Restaurant is right on your way. Chateau Morrisette Restaurant and Winery is just a short detour down the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. Both are closed right now, so be sure to check websites as you make your plans.

Pro Tips:

  • Plan your visit to include a Saturday.
  • Shop the local farmers’ market, held inside during winter months.
  • Visit the potters’ market for a great selection of handmade pottery.

Floyd is a small town, and many businesses are closed on Mondays and/or Tuesdays. And in the tradition of small southern towns, some are closed on Sunday and Wednesday. Follow the links to these businesses to double-check hours as you plan your visit. But no matter when you won’t have any issues finding great restaurants and places to eat in Floyd.

Which of these Floyd restaurants do you most want to try? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Tammy Mitchell

Thursday 4th of February 2021

Eaten at several of these but not all! Will have to try the others out!

Jo Clark

Thursday 4th of February 2021

@Tammy Mitchell, You will enjoy every one of them! I'm ready to return myself!

Mary A Charlebois

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

OK, I'm starting with the fried chicken, then going to the pie. Thanks for sharing Jo. --Mary

Jo Clark

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

@Mary A Charlebois, Eat dessert first! :-)

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