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10 Must-Try Stops For Boudin In Lafayette | Best Boudin In Lafayette, LA

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In Lafayette, Louisiana (and throughout the Parish), you’ll find a unique food heritage that mingles French, Cajun, and Creole influences. In this article we’ll try to find the best boudin in Lafayette.

The history of the people and the passion for their cuisine makes Lafayette a delicious destination known as the “Heart of Cajun Country.”

Gumbos, jambalayas, etouffee, and po’boys are just a few dishes you will enjoy in the area. Still, a regional sausage called Boudin is so beloved–its devotion reminds me of iconic favorites like Philly cheesesteaks or coal-oven pizza from New York City. Every local has a favorite place to buy it and where they deem “it’s the best.”

What’s In Boudin? 

Boudin (pronounced Boo-Daaah) is a steamed Cajun sausage, also referred to as links. The edible casing is stuffed with rice, ground pork, onions, green pepper, and seasonings ranging from mild to spicy. Every “Boudinier” takes the regional specialty’s recipe and makes it their own.

The only similarities are the length–a half-foot, and weight–about a half-pound. Every October, there’s a Boudin Cook-Off in Lafayette, where the shops get to show off their version of the links.

©Jeanine Consoli

The variety is so mind-blowing there’s a Cajun Boudin Trail dedicated to over 50 meat markets, grocery stores, or gas stations where you can purchase the delicacy. Boudin is also smoked, or the filling is rolled into balls, breaded, and deep fried.

Sometimes, the links have seafood, alligator, or crawfish as the main ingredient, or the filling is piped into a dough, fried, and called pistolettes. But whether you like it spicy or mild, steamed or smoked, you can be sure you’ll find a favorite purveyor among these businesses.

Where Did It Come From?

Boudin originated from a Boucherie –a hog slaughter that brought the community together during harvest season. It’s a snout-to-tail celebration where each family takes a part of the pig and prepares it according to their secret recipes.

Boudin makers ground the leftover scraps into sausage and stuffed the mix into the hog intestines. In the past, blood made a red version, and a white version didn’t include blood.

The red version isn’t sold commercially anymore, and community-wide Boucheries aren’t as common as they were in the past, but a few local towns still hold them to keep up the tradition.

Cracklins, or deep-fried pig skins, are often eaten alongside Boudin. Folks like to cut a slice of the Boudin and pop it out of the casing to pair it with the cracklins for a crunchy snack. 

A Part Of The Fabric Of Lafayette

I tasted Boudin for the first time at the Festivals Acadiens Et Créoles in Lafayette, where the community celebrated 200 years of Acadian and Creole music, food, culture, and the distinctive Cajun joie de vivre. A long, edible rope of “links” was unfurled and cut to open the celebration instead of a ribbon.

A Part Of The Fabric Of Lafayette
©Jeanine Consoli

Local and international dignitaries and festival commissioners were on hand to cut the ceremonial sausages and sliced them into portions for attendees to enjoy.

You can find favorites throughout the Parish of Lafayette, where everyone prepares delicious sausage. Here are ten stops where locals flock and for you to try the next time you’re in town. A list of all the stops on the Boudin Trail is here. 

The 10 Spots For The Best Boudin In Lafayette

Johnson’s Boucanière

1111 St. John St. Lafayette, LA 70501 USA // +1(337)269-8878

Johnsons has been crafting Boudin from an original recipe developed at Johnson’s Grocery Store circa 1937. The owners perfected the recipe from the 1940s as the initial measurements weren’t exact and easily adapted for today’s production.

After much taste testing, the owners found the perfect combination and made some of the best Boudin. The store provides the edible ribbon for the Festivals Acadiens et Creóles.

One of the Best Boudin In Lafayette
©Courtesy of Louisiana Travel

Back then, Johnson’s was the first grocery to commercially sell Boudin after they stopped buying the links from Boucheries.

At one point in their early history, they were churning out 2,000 pounds every Saturday. The long line heading out the door back then was nicknamed Boudin Lane. No wonder it’s has one of the best boudin in Lafayette.

Billy’s Boudin

523 Apollo Road Scott, LA 70583 USA // +1(337)366-9100

Billy’s has two locations: Scott, known as the Boudin Capital of the World, and Lafayette. The shop is also known for the creative ways they serve their Boudin.

They are most famous for their Boudin balls, pistolettes (fried Boudin stuffed rolls), and Boudin egg rolls. The balls are rolled, breaded, and fried crisp–served plain or with melted pepper jack cheese.

Billy’s Boudin
©Courtesy of Louisiana Travel

During Lent, Billy’s serves up a crawfish Boudin that is a huge hit. You can buy it at the counter or at the busy drive-thru.

The Best Stop Supermarket

615 LA-93 Scott, LA 70583 USA // +1(337)233-5805

The Best Stop has such a fantastic reputation that it churns out over 2,000 pounds of Boudin daily or seven tons a week. Let’s just stop there and say that they have the best boudin in Lafayette, okay?

The recipe here calls for less rice and more ground pork with the addition of pork liver and a good amount of spice. It’s an award-winning recipe.

The market began in 1986 with two friends looking to create a side business making the best specialty meats in Scott.

Thirty years later, their shop is famous for its Boudin and cracklins, jerky, fresh meats, and specialties like chaudin (Cajun pork Haggis). They have an online shop if you want to sample some of their goodness.

Don’s Specialty Meats

730 I-10 S Frontage Rd. Scott, LA 70583 USA // +1(337)234-2528

Don’s has two locations (one in Scott and one in Carencro, LA) that sell over 12,000 pounds of Boudin per week. Their Boudin consistently wins awards–voted “Best Boudin in Acadiana” for nine years.

Don’s Specialty Meats
©Courtesy of Louisiana Travel

Their pork and pepper spiced links also include a bit of pork liver and lots of green onions. The Boudin is homemade daily, along with specialty items like seafood Boudin, Boudin Burritos, andouille sausage, and tasso.

Alexander’s Specialty Meats

111 Hollywood Dr. Lafayette, LA 70501 USA // + 1(337)504-3034

Alexander’s has some of the hottest Boudin around. While they also sell a mild version, the hot links are nuclear and look almost red due to the cayenne seasoning injected into the links.

Alexander’s Specialty Meats
©Courtesy of Louisiana Travel

This business serves lunch, too. The BBQ plate lunches are mouthwatering, and the cracklins are delicious. The drive to the Northside of Lafayette is well worth visiting this excellent Boudin joint and luncheon spot.

Guidroz Food Center

1301 E. Simcoe St. Lafayette, LA 70501 USA // +1 (337)235-5757

Joseph Guidroz dropped out of school at 12 years old to help support his family by delivering groceries, and he never left the business.

After spending 20 years working in meat markets (eventually becoming a butcher), he started his shop in 1959.

In 1987, his son Alvin took over, and Joseph continued to make their Boudin until his eighties. New owners Steve Griffin and Corey Glaude have kept up the traditional recipe and continue to sell the sausage in butcher paper like Joseph always did.

You can order mild or hot varieties with an “attitude,” but both are equally delicious and each one deserves to be called the best boudin in Lafayette.

NuNu’s Fresh Market

113 Espasie Dr. Milton, LA 70558 USA // + (337)856-5650

NuNu’s has four locations and a decorated Boudin Master, David Choate, who crafts the links for all their stores. NuNu was the nickname given to Walter Broussard, the son of bar owner Arthé Broussard.

Arthé realized that his bar should become a grocery store, and eventually, Walter or “NuNu” took over the business.

NuNu’s Fresh Market
©Courtesy of Louisiana Travel

Today, his daughter Arleen and son-in-law David Choate keep the family Boudin recipe going strong. Their version is fatty, peppery, and has a good amount of rice.

Kartchner’s Specialty Meats

312 LA-93, Scott, LA 70583 USA // +1(337)345-1992

2968 Johnson St. Lafayette, LA 70503 USA // +1 (337)534-4060

Kartchner’s is a specialty meat market with two locations–one in Lafayette and one in Scott. The store offers shipping if you want to try any of their delicious 11 varieties of Boudin. Yes, each one could be the best boudin in Lafayette.

You can also ship pre-battered balls, frozen balls, and cracklin for your own Cajun feast at home. If you are in the area, stop by for a daily plate lunch from Monday – Friday with specialties that will cure your cravings.

Kirk’s U-Needa-Butcher

713 Surrey St. Lafayette, LA 70501 USA // +1 (337) 234-1787

Kirk’s owner, Blake Gallet, is quite the character. He always wears a Hawaiian shirt and a smile. He took over Bruce’s U-Needa-Butcher after his friend passed and renamed it “Kirk’s” in his honor.

He also works hand in hand with head butcher Andrea Jones, who might be Lafayette’s only female meat cutter. At Kirk’s, Gallet likes to offer a variety of meat and Cajun sausages. Does this place have the best boudin in Lafayette? Let’s find out.

Kirk’s U-Needa-Butcher
©Courtesy of Louisiana Travel

The store offers both pork and chicken Boudin, and in their version, the pork and rice are ground to a fine consistency before adding it to the casing.

They also serve chicken quaklins for a spin on pork cracklins, which are very tasty.

Chop’s Specialty Meats

1019 Alberston Pkwy. Broussard, LA 70518 USA // +1(337) 837-6446

Chop’s is a specialty meat market that prepares thick, meaty pork Boudin without liver but with a healthy dose of cayenne pepper.

They also make seafood Boudin, but the popular item on the lunch menu is the Boudin burger. They take a half-pound ball of their Boudin and smash it, then put it on a homemade bun.

You can shop for a selection of products made in Louisiana and a variety of international wines at this upscale butcher shop. Definitely worth the best boudin in Lafayette title.

Best Boudin in Lafayette: You Can Choose Your Favorite

Boudin comes cooked and ready to eat or packaged to steam at home at these establishments. No matter which stores you choose from this list, you will taste Cajun country’s heart and soul in a small sausage steeped in tradition.

If you have time, visit as many on the trail as possible to compare which version makes your tastebuds sing. I wish you happy eating along the Cajun Boudin Trail.

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How did Billeauds in Broussard not make this list? They are my favorite.

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