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The 17 Best Amalfi Coast Restaurants & Bars | Where to Eat & Drink on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

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We knew we had to go somewhere special for my best friend’s milestone birthday. So, we landed on a place we had both been dreaming about since we were teenagers, after having watched ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’- the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

Best Amalfi Coast Restaurants And Bars

We were warned Amalfi is crowded and full of Americans – our bartender told us there were currently more Americans in Sorrento than there were Italians. We had heard it wasn’t “the real Italy” and that the prices were some of the highest in Italy.

We didn’t care; we had to find out for ourselves.

Yes, it’s busy, crowded, and expensive during the summer months. But for good reason. This region of Italy is stunning. There’s a reason it’s so famous.

I spent hours researching the best Amalfi Coast restaurants for my friend’s birthday. Many places on the list are quite well known, and you’ll likely need a reservation well in advance during high season, but others we discovered as we explored the region.

Also, if you’re visiting Naples before or after Amalfi, be sure to check out my guide to where to find the best pizza in Naples!

My Top Three Picks of the Best Amalfi Coast Restaurants And Bars

RestaurantTop PickOur Rating
Trattoria Da EmiliaVongole Pasta5/5
Cornelia Cocktail’s & MoreNegroni5/5
Trattoria da GemmaCod4.5/5

The 17 Best Amalfi Coast Restaurants And Bars

Best Restaurants In Sorrento

Il Buco

2ª Rampa Marina Piccola, Piazza Sant’Antonino, 5, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy // +390818782354

We are starting with a place where you can indulge in a culinary adventure with inventive Italian tasting menus complemented by exquisite wine pairings, all set in a stylish space adorned with an elegant stone ceiling. 

Prepare to be wowed by some seriously scrumptious eats. The lamb dish has the best jus you’ll ever twirl on your fork! And the strawberry dessert? It’s the reigning champion of sweet treats, unanimously voted as the ‘Best Dessert Ever’ by our group.

Lamb dish at Il Buco

The beauty of the restaurant adds to the overall enchantment, making every meal here a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

The quality of the food is exceptional, and the thoughtfully curated wine pairings enhance each dish beautifully. 

If you find yourself wandering the charming streets of Sorrento and hunger for an adventure, make a beeline for this spot.

Ristorante Museo Caruso

Via Sant’Antonino, 12, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy // +390818073156

Next up is Ristorante Museo Caruso, where every dish is a high note and the wines are the perfect backup singers! It has an elegant dining room that’s like a time capsule, decked out with art, vintage photos, and a vibe that’s as classy as a black-tie gala.

Oh, the pasta here! It’s like they’ve got an Italian nonna in the kitchen, working her magic to make sure every strand and swirl is cooked to ‘just-right’ perfection.

Service? Imagine your best friend who knows exactly what you need before you even say it. That’s the kind of top-notch, read-your-mind service we’re discussing. It’s so smooth and effortless you’ll feel like Italian royalty.

Pasta at Ristorante Museo Caruso

But hold onto your forks, because the real showstopper is the restaurant’s tribute to the one and only Enrico Caruso. It’s like dining in a museum dedicated to this operatic superstar. 

You’re munching on your spaghetti while surrounded by Caruso memorabilia, and guess what? His tunes are the soundtrack to your meal. Talk about dinner and a show!

Now, let’s uncork the story on the wines. We played a little ‘eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ with the wine list. First, we went with the host’s recommendation – a total surprise hit. 

Then, we picked an old favorite, because why not? Both were stars in their own right, but they’re just the opening act in a lineup of hundreds of bottles waiting to take the stage.

If you’re up for a dining experience that’s as entertaining as it is delicious, this is your spot. 

Trattoria Da Emilia

Via Marina Grande, 62, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy // +390818072720

Trattoria Da Emilia is where you go to get a big, happy Italian hug in the form of pasta, salads, and seafood! It’s a family-run spot that’s as generous with its servings as Nonna is with her love. 

Picture yourself sitting at a table right by the port, with the sea breeze playing tag with your napkin.

This place is Italian with a capital ‘I’ – it’s bustling, a bit noisy, and absolutely brimming with life. It’s like being in a lively Italian movie scene, complete with a picturesque waterfront view that could steal the show in any romantic flick.

I was whisked to a seat by the water, feeling like I’d just been invited to a VIP event.

Vongole Pasta at Trattoria Da Emilia

Let’s chat about their Vongole Pasta. Oh boy, it’s like the pasta gods decided to have a party on your plate! The pasta is so fresh and chewy, it might just do a little dance in your mouth. 

And the sauce? It’s the kind of sauce that makes you want to write love letters to the chef. You’ll be shamelessly swiping every last bit with the bread, which, by the way, is not just bread. It’s the perfect sauce-scooping, flavor-savoring sidekick.

And the wine – oh, the wine! It’s like each glass was dreamt up just to make that pasta shine even brighter. It’s the Robin to your pasta Batman, the perfect sidekick.

If you’re on the hunt for a slice of authentic, fun-filled Italian dining, this is your happy place.

O’Parrucchiano La Favorita

Corso Italia, 71, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy // +390818781321

This place is tucked away in a whimsical 1800s venue, complete with a glass-enclosed hall that’s like dining in Cinderella’s greenhouse and garden tables nestled under cheerful citrus trees.

The moment you walk in, it’s like entering a magical kingdom. The indoor gardens? Absolutely spellbinding! It’s like Mother Nature herself decided to throw a garden party and you’re on the VIP list. 

And the service? It’s like having fairy godparents who make sure everything is just perfect, without hovering over your shoulder.

Seafood Pasta at O'Parrucchiano La Favorita

Let’s talk about the lunchtime magic. The prices are like finding a treasure chest – totally reasonable and a pleasant surprise for such a royal experience. 

The food is a parade of yumminess. Those stuffed squash blossoms? They’re like little packets of joy. 

And the seafood pasta? Imagine the ocean did a happy dance on your plate. Everyone at the table was showering compliments like it was confetti at a party.

The staff here are the real MVPs – super friendly, making you feel like you’re the guest of honor at this enchanted feast. They’ve got this warmth that just adds extra sparkle to the whole experience.

I’m already planning my next visit, and I’ve got my heart set on seeing those gardens twinkle under the evening stars. I bet it’s like stepping into a fairy tale under the moonlight.

Best Bars in Sorrento

SHUB – Secret Cocktail Bar

Via Santa Maria della Pietà, 10, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy // +393335784695

This underground cocktail bar is like finding a hidden treasure map that leads straight to fun. With its cool, subterranean vibes and snazzy design, it’s the perfect hideout for a night of mischief and mixology.

The moment you step in, the super-friendly staff are there to make your night extra special. They’re not just serving drinks; they’re dishing out smiles and good times!

Now, don’t let the quiet entrance fool you. The real party is downstairs in the speakeasy, where the lounge feels like your coolest friend’s living room – if your friend had an epic whiskey collection and a knack for cozy vibes. It’s intimate, it’s eclectic, and it’s where all the best secrets are whispered.

Gin Cocktail at SHUB - Secret Cocktail Bar

The bartenders here? They’re like wizards with a shaker, conjuring up concoctions that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance. 

And the decor – oh, it’s like a jazz tune you can see, complete with artsy touches and tunes that sway through the air.

But wait, there’s pizza! Imagine sinking your teeth into a slice topped with creamy buffalo mozzarella, delicate mortadella, and a sprinkle of truffle magic. 

And for the grand finale, a gin cocktail with fresh basil that’s as refreshing as a dip in the Mediterranean.

Next time you’re in Sorrento and feeling adventurous, remember to sneak a peek underground – SHUB’s got the magic!”

Cornelia Cocktail’s & More

Via S. Nicola, 3, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy // +390818434204

Cornelia Cocktail’s & More is a speakeasy-style sanctuary and our absolute favorite bar in Sorrento. 

It’s the only spot we found ourselves drawn to time and again, largely thanks to its incredible Negroni menu that’s nothing short of amazing.

Located just off the bustling main road, this stylish cocktail bar is a serene oasis of calm. Its location makes it the perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, offering a tranquil spot to unwind with a drink in hand.

Cornelia Cocktail’s & More is the epitome of cool, laid-back charm. It’s the ideal place to chill out, soak in the great vibes, and indulge in some top-notch drinks. 

While the terrace is a popular spot and can get busy, there’s always a cozy corner or a welcoming seat inside waiting for you.

Negroni at Cornelia Cocktail’s & More

One of the highlights of this place is the unexpected variety it offers. Don’t be fooled by the menu’s initial offerings – like discovering Tanqueray as the only gin listed. 

When you sit at the bar, a whole world of options unveils itself, showcasing a vast and impressive selection of spirits. It’s like a secret menu, but for drinks!

The green olive garnish that accompanies the drinks is a delightful touch, adding a hint of sophistication to each beverage. It’s these little details that make Cornelia Cocktail’s & More stand out.

And let’s not forget about the tequila-based cocktails – each one is a masterpiece, crafted with care and bursting with flavor. 

They’re the kind of drinks that make you want to savor every sip. To top it off, the tasty snacks served alongside the drinks are the perfect accompaniment, turning a simple drink into a delightful experience.

Bollicine Wine Bar

Via dell’Accademia, 9/11, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy // +393347657888

Bollicine Wine Bar is  a delightful escape just a stone’s throw from the main hustle and bustle. It’s the kind of place where everything is not just good, but fantastic, and the staff elevate the entire experience with their exceptional service.

Placed in a cozy nook, Bollicine Wine Bar exudes a personal, intimate charm that makes you feel right at home. The food here is a culinary revelation. 

Take the Grilled Octopus starter, for instance – it’s a dish that could easily become the star of your dining memories, cooked to perfection and bursting with flavor. 

And if you’re in the mood for something hearty, the steak is a showstopper, served in generous portions that challenge even the heartiest of appetites.

Grilled Octopus at Bollicine Wine Bar

As you approach Bollicine Wine Bar, the inviting aroma of wood fire greets you, setting the stage for a dining experience that’s both rustic and refined. 

The outdoor seating area, nestled under a canopy of vines, offers a charming spot to dine al fresco, adding to the enchanting ambiance.

The bathrooms at Bollicine Wine Bar deserve a special mention too – they’re surprisingly nice, adding an extra touch of comfort to your visit.

But the real heart of Bollicine Wine Bar lies in its kitchen, serving up delicious home-cooked Italian fare. 

The pasta dishes are nothing short of fabulous, each bite transporting you to culinary heaven. Complementing the exquisite food is an extensive wine selection, ensuring that each dish can be paired with the perfect glass of wine. Give this spot a try, you will love it!


Via Fuoro, 51, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy // +390818783691

This place isn’t just a restaurant; it’s like stepping into a slice of culinary paradise, with an atmosphere that’s buzzing with good vibes.

Inside or outside? The choice is yours at Fuoro51. Whether you’re basking in the cozy indoors or soaking up the alfresco charm, you’re in for a treat. 

And the wines – oh, the wines! It’s like taking a joyride through Italy’s vineyards without leaving your seat.

The staff at Fuoro51 are like your personal wine wizards, guiding you through a magical list of vinos until – abracadabra – you find the one that sings to your soul.

Beef Shin Pasta at Fuoro51

But wait, there’s more! A basket of bread and breadsticks landed on our table, and let me tell you, they’re the unsung heroes of the appetizer world. 

Then came the main event: pork rib pasta that made our hearts sing, beef shin pasta that danced on our taste buds, and fried veggies and potatoes that were like a high-five to our stomachs.

The staff? They’re the real MVPs here, treating us like royalty and making sure everything was just perfecto.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, along came the tiramisu. This wasn’t just any tiramisu; it was a cheeky little number with surprise chocolate chips tucked inside – a sweet little plot twist that made our dessert-loving hearts leap with joy.

Bellavista Cocktail Bar Sorrento

Via Torquato Tasso, 61, 80067 Sorrento NA, Italy // +390818782031

Bellavista Cocktail Bar Sorrento is a rooftop paradise, where the setting sun meets a world of sophisticated indulgence. 

Reservations are a wise move for this posh and lovely cocktail haven perched atop a hotel, offering an experience that’s as exclusive as it is enchanting.

As you step onto the rooftop, you’re greeted by a breathtaking view that’s nothing short of stunning, perfectly complemented by service that’s just as impressive. 

The unique cocktails on offer are a delightful journey for the senses, each one crafted with care and flair. 

 Visiting during the off-season turned out to be a serendipitous choice, transforming the space into a tranquil haven, ideal for savoring a well-made drink and engaging in quiet, intimate conversations with your partner. It’s a place that beckons for a return visit.

French Kiss at Bellavista Cocktail Bar Sorrento

The ambiance at Bellavista Cocktail Bar Sorrento during sunset is something out of a dream. The vibe is effortlessly chilled out, enhanced by soothing background music that flows gently through the air. 

It’s the perfect setting to unwind and soak in the beauty of Sorrento as the day fades into night.

The cocktail menu is a highlight in itself. Take the French Kiss, for instance – a delightful twist on the classic French Martini, it’s a concoction that dances on your palate. 

And the experience is made all the more delightful with a platter of small, yet delicious, nibbles served alongside your drinks. It’s these thoughtful touches that elevate your time at Bellavista.

The staff deserve a special mention for their friendliness and professionalism, adding to the overall warmth of the bar. 

And when it comes time to settle the bill, the experience, especially considering the magnificent sunset views, is surprisingly affordable.

It’s a must-visit for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and serenity to their Sorrento experience.

Best Amalfi Restaurants

Trattoria da Gemma

Via Fra Gerardo Sasso, 11, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy // +39089871345

Trattoria da Gemma is a culinary haven, offering a sumptuous array of grilled meats, tender octopus, and authentic pasta dishes from the Salerno region, all served in an upscale setting complete with an expansive terrace.

From the moment we stepped in, it was clear we were in for a treat. ‘Oh my goodness!’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

This place easily tops the list of our culinary experiences in Italy. Dining in their wine cellar was an experience in itself, surrounded by an ambiance that’s both rustic and refined.

The presentation of the food at Trattoria da Gemma is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the palate.

Cod at Trattoria da Gemma

We started with a mozzarella appetizer, which was a delightful exploration of this classic cheese in three different styles. 

To our pleasant surprise, we were also presented with a complimentary appetizer, a gesture that speaks volumes about the restaurant’s hospitality.

The pasta with beef was nothing short of incredible, each bite a perfect harmony of flavors and textures. But the real showstopper was the main entree of cod – it was so tender and flavorful that it simply melted in our mouths. 

The wine selection at Trattoria da Gemma deserves a special mention too. With choices spanning all price ranges, it’s a treasure trove for wine lovers, ensuring the perfect pairing for every dish.

Just when we thought the experience couldn’t get any better, we were treated to a complimentary dessert, a sweet end to an already delightful meal. 

The service throughout our visit was attentive and friendly, adding a personal touch to the exquisite dining experience.

Lido Azzurro

Via Lungomare dei Cavalieri, 5, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy // +39089871384

Lido Azzurro stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, offering modern interpretations of classic seafood dishes, complemented by a selection of local wines. 

Its terrace, boasting panoramic views of the harbor, provides a backdrop that is as breathtaking as the cuisine is exquisite.

This restaurant is nothing short of exceptional, a perfect choice for those looking to indulge in a luxurious dining experience. 

From the moment you take your seat outside, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere of elegance, with the stunning harbor view adding a touch of serene beauty to your meal.

Seafood Spaghetti at Lido Azzurro

The seafood spaghetti at Lido Azzurro is a standout dish, masterfully prepared to tantalize your taste buds. 

Each forkful is a delightful journey through the depths of the sea, combining fresh, high-quality ingredients with culinary expertise.

And the portions? They’re generously sized, ensuring a satisfying dining experience that also offers great value for money.

But it’s not just about the food. The overall experience at Lido Azzurro, from the attentive service to the ambient setting, makes it a must-visit destination. 

It’s a place where every detail is carefully considered to provide guests with an unforgettable meal.

Sensi Restaurant

Via Pietro Comite, 4, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy // +39089871183

Sensi Restaurant, a Michelin-starred gem, not only lives up to its prestigious accolade but surpasses all expectations, offering a dining experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. This establishment is a testament to culinary excellence and impeccable service.

From the moment we were greeted by our waiter, the experience was elevated to new heights. His friendliness and expertise shone through as he guided us through the menu, sharing fascinating insights about the origins of each dish and their connection to the region. 

This added a personal and educational touch to our meal, making it all the more special.The food at Sensi Restaurant is a symphony of flavors and textures. We started with the Spaghetti “Cacio e pepe” with clams & lemon, and the Rigatone alla Bolognese.

Sea Bass at Sensi Restaurant

Both dishes were a masterclass in pasta preparation, cooked perfectly al dente and bursting with rich, well-balanced flavors. 

The Sea Bass was a delightful dish, but the standout for us was the Milanese cutlet with rocket and cherry tomatoes – a dish so exquisitely prepared that it comes highly recommended.

What sets Sensi Restaurant apart is its approach to fine dining without the exorbitant prices often associated with Michelin-starred establishments. 

It offers a rare blend of luxury and value, particularly in a region like Amalfi where high prices are the norm. 

Whether you choose to visit for lunch or dinner, Sensi Restaurant promises an experience that is worth every penny.

Taverna Masaniello

Vicolo Masaniello, 14, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy // +39089871442

Taverna Masaniello emerges as a delightful haven of good food, offering a tranquil and family-friendly atmosphere just a stone’s throw from the bustling touristic road. 

It’s a charming escape where culinary delights meet a relaxed setting, perfect for both locals and travelersalike.

The service we received was top-notch, marked by attentiveness and warmth, making us feel right at home. 

Adding to the appeal was the reasonable pricing of the food, a pleasant surprise in an area frequented by tourists.The menu at Taverna Masaniello is a testament to culinary craftsmanship. The gnocchi with smoked salmon stood out particularly, a dish that masterfully balanced the smoky flavors with the delicate texture of the gnocchi.

gnocchi with smoked salmon at Taverna Masaniello

Each bite was a delightful exploration of taste and aroma. Equally impressive was the lemon ravioli, generously filled with rich ricotta cheese and coated in a vibrant, zesty lemon sauce. 

The sauce’s bright yellow hue was not just a feast for the eyes but also a promise of the fresh, tangy flavors that awaited us.

The location of Taverna Masaniello adds another layer to its charm. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy a cool breeze while engaging in some leisurely people-watching, making it a perfect retreat from the heat and hustle of the day. 

The ambiance is casual yet inviting, making it a great choice for a laid-back meal with friends or family.

Taverna Buonvicino

Largo Santa Maria Maggiore, 1, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy // +390898736385

Taverna Buonvicino is a really nice spot in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, offering an array of stylishly presented fish and seafood dishes in an ambiance that exudes intimacy and romance. 

Its charming courtyard sets the stage for an enchanting dining experience that’s nothing short of magical.

Describing Taverna Buonvicino as ‘just incredible’ barely scratches the surface of its true allure. Tucked away in its own secluded paradise, the restaurant offers an experience that’s unparalleled. 

From the attentive and welcoming staff to the exquisite food and mesmerizing ambiance, every element combines to create an unforgettable dining adventure. 

It’s a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

lobster linguine at Taverna Buonvicino

The culinary journey at Taverna Buonvicino is further enhanced by the staff’s expertise in guiding guests through the menu. 

Their recommendations, including the daily specials, are spot-on and cater to the discerning tastes of their guests. 

The lobster linguine, a standout daily special, is a symphony of flavors, perfectly capturing the essence of the sea. 

Equally impressive is their special Amalfi homemade pasta with seafood, a dish that showcases the rich culinary heritage of the region. 

Each dish is so delectable that it leaves you wanting to savor every last bite, creating memories that linger long after the meal has ended.

For anyone seeking the best pasta and seafood dishes during their trip, Taverna Buonvicino promises an experience that’s not just satisfying but truly the best of its kind.

Best Ravello Restaurants

Trattoria Pizzeria Cumpa’ Cosimo

Via Roma, 44, 84010 Ravello SA, Italy // +39089857156

Trattoria Pizzeria Cumpa’ Cosimo is a delightful throwback to old-school Italian dining, complete with a charming terrace and a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. This amazing restaurant serves up traditional cooking that captures the heart and soul of Italy.

The dining experience at Cumpa’ Cosimo is nothing short of wonderful. Its popularity is evident, as the place is bustling with satisfied diners each night. 

To ensure a spot in this beloved eatery, making a reservation is wise, or alternatively, arriving early can also do the trick.

The food here is a true reflection of Italian culinary excellence – absolutely delicious and prepared with a passion that’s palpable in every bite. 

Netta, the quintessential Italian grandma at the helm, adds a layer of warmth and hospitality that’s genuinely heartwarming. 

She treats every guest like family, making the dining experience incredibly personal and memorable.

pasta Bolognese at Trattoria Pizzeria Cumpa' Cosimo

The dilemma between choosing ravioli or pasta Bolognese is a common one here, but Netta’s solution is both thoughtful and delightful – serving a dish that combines the best of both worlds. 

Each option is a testament to Italy’s rich, comforting flavors, cooked to perfection and leaving you craving more. The generosity at Trattoria Pizzeria Cumpa’ Cosimo extends beyond the main courses. When Netta noticed how much my friend enjoyed the first serving of tiramisu, she promptly offered a second helping, a gesture that speaks volumes about the restaurant’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Best Capri Restaurants

Ristorante Da Ciro

Via Marina Piccola, 128, 80076 Capri NA, Italy // +390818370264

Ristorante Da Ciro stands as a culinary beacon in Capri, boasting not just exceptional cuisine but also offering a breathtaking view of the iconic Faraglioni. 

This restaurant is a fusion of exquisite flavors and stunning vistas, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

The lunch view at Ristorante Da Ciro is, without exaggeration, one of the most impressive you’ll encounter anywhere. 

As you dine, the majestic Faraglioni rocks form a spectacular backdrop, turning each meal into a visual feast as much as a culinary one. 

It’s a view that enhances every bite, making the experience at Da Ciro truly unique.

Fried Cod at Ristorante Da Ciro

While Ristorante Da Ciro is on the higher end of the price spectrum, the quality of the food and the unparalleled views justify the expense. 

The menu is a testament to the chef’s expertise in crafting dishes that are both flavorful and memorable. A standout dish is the Sea Bass cooked in salt – a culinary masterpiece that was my favorite during our stay in Capri. 

The delicate balance of flavors and the perfect cooking technique make it a dish that lingers in your memory long after the meal is over. 

The fried cod is another highlight, showcasing the kitchen’s ability to transform simple ingredients into something truly special.

Whether you’re there for a special occasion or simply to enjoy a meal in a breathtaking setting, Ristorante Da Ciro promises an experience that is both luxurious and deeply satisfying.

Best Positano Restaurants

Chez Black

Via del Brigantino, 19, 84017 Positano SA, Italy // +39089875036

Rounding off our list is the exceptional “Chez Black,” a culinary gem nestled by the beach of Positano. 

This fantastic restaurant is not just about delicious food; it’s an experience that captures the essence of the Positano vibe.

Despite its bustling location, swarming with people eager to enjoy its offerings, Chez Black provides a serene spot to overlook the beach and immerse yourself in the beauty of Positano. 

We had the pleasure of visiting this delightful establishment for both dessert and dinner on separate occasions, and each visit was a testament to its culinary excellence.The dinner at Chez Black is a standout, easily the best we’ve enjoyed in Positano. The Milanese veal cutlet is a must-try, a dish that perfectly encapsulates the flavors and finesse of Italian cooking.

Milanese veal cutlet at Chez Black

The spaghetti, another highlight, is prepared with a mastery that elevates this classic dish to new heights. Even the mixed salad was a delightful surprise, bursting with fresh, vibrant flavors that complemented the main courses beautifully.

The service at Chez Black is as impressive as its cuisine. Fast, friendly, and always with a smile, the staff go above and beyond to ensure every guest feels comfortable and well-cared for. 

Their dedication to providing great, delicious food and a welcoming atmosphere is evident in every interaction.

Whether you’re there for a leisurely dinner or a sweet treat, Chez Black promises an experience that’s not just satisfying but truly memorable. 

It’s a fitting finale to any culinary exploration of this beautiful region.


What makes the Amalfi Coast’s food scene unique?

The Amalfi Coast is a culinary paradise, famed for its fresh seafood, exquisite pasta, and locally grown produce like lemons and olives. 

The region’s cuisine reflects a blend of traditional Italian cooking with a strong emphasis on fresh, high-quality ingredients, often sourced locally. 

The stunning coastal views from many restaurants add an unforgettable ambiance to the dining experience.

Are there any must-try dishes on the Amalfi Coast?

Absolutely! You can’t visit the Amalfi Coast without trying dishes like Spaghetti alle Vongole (spaghetti with clams), Risotto al Limone (lemon risotto), and of course, the iconic Neapolitan pizza.

Are there any local wines I should try while on the Amalfi Coast?

Definitely! The Amalfi Coast is known for its excellent wines. Be sure to try the local Fiano, Greco, and Falanghina white wines, or the Aglianico red wine. Many restaurants offer wine tastings or can recommend a great local wine to pair with your meal.

Wrapping Up: The 17 Best Amalfi Coast Restaurants And Bars

As our culinary journey along the Amalfi Coast comes to a close, it’s clear that this stunning region is not just a feast for the eyes, but a paradise for the palate as well. 

From quaint trattorias tucked away in cobblestone streets to elegant eateries with breathtaking sea views, each establishment offers a unique taste of Italy’s rich gastronomic heritage. 

Whether savoring a glass of local wine, indulging in freshly caught seafood, or enjoying a classic Neapolitan pizza, the Amalfi Coast’s restaurants and bars capture the essence of Italian dining at its finest. 

This is a place where every meal is not just food, but a story of tradition, passion, and flavor.

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