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Dining with the Departed: A Data-Driven Guide to the USA’s Most Haunted Restaurants

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In the gentle embrace of twilight, when shadows merge and stories of old come to life, don’t we all get a bit entranced by spooky tales? There’s just something about ghost stories and tales of the paranormal that grips us.

We’ve all heard countless tales and legends of haunted forests and ancient castles. But encountering a ghostly presence for yourself is a whole ‘nother experience.

What if you could combine that spine-tingling sensation with the warm comfort of a delicious meal?

A candlelit table, the soft murmur of conversations from fellow diners, the delicate clink of silverware, and just across the room, the ethereal figure of a long-departed soul. Would you be brave enough to dine with the departed?

This guide isn’t just a collection of ghostly tales. We’ve dug deep and searched through digital traces—from #haunteddinners on Instagram and OpenTable comments to the most interesting Yelp reviews—ensuring we’re not just spinning yarns but also guiding you to very real places. 

Prepare to go on a gastronomic ghost tour through the landscapes of the USA and visit coastal taverns and Midwest inns, echoing eerie anecdotes.

The table is set, the candles are lit, and the spirits await. Welcome to a dining experience like no other. Welcome to the USA’s most haunted restaurants!



Exploring and searching through the mysterious world of haunted restaurants requires a methodical approach anchored in reliable data sources. To ensure we’re discerning fact from fiction, we’ve adopted a multi-faceted methodology that combines quantitative data and qualitative narratives. 

Here’s an in-depth look at our data collection and analysis:

Our journey began with identifying which haunted restaurants pique the interest of the digital world. Utilizing Google’s large database, we analyzed search trends to pinpoint restaurants that consistently rank high in terms of search volume and curiosity. 

This gave us a list of the most popular haunted dining spots and allowed us to gauge the pulse of public interest.

2. Online Reviews:

Diving into platforms like Yelp, Google, OpenTable, and Instagram, we went through countless reviews to unearth mentions of ghostly encounters, eerie feelings, or any unusual experiences diners might have had. 

While some reviews offered hints, others gave detailed firsthand experiences of spectral sightings or uncanny occurrences.

3. Paranormal Investigation Reports:

There’s a community dedicated to exploring the unknown, armed with technology and a passion for uncovering the truth. We consulted reports and findings from reputed paranormal investigators and groups. 

4. Historical Records:

History often serves as the bedrock of ghostly tales. To ensure a holistic understanding, we cross-referenced restaurants’ narratives with historical events or tales associated with their premises. 

This painted a vivid picture of the past, allowing readers to appreciate the rich tapestry of events that might have led to the hauntings.

This methodology ensures that our guide offers a balanced mix of data-driven insights and captivating tales, inviting you to step into a world where the culinary arts meet the supernatural!

The Top 10 Most Haunted Restaurants In The USA

Rank Restaurant Location
1 Hotel del Coronado San Diego, California
2 Muriel’s New Orleans, Louisiana
3 The Whitney Detroit, Michigan
4 The Golden Lamb Lebanon, Ohio
5 Kendall’s Noble, Oklahoma
6 Chicago Chop House Chicago, Illinois
7 White Horse Tavern  Newport, Rhode Island
8 Double Eagle Restaurant Mesilla, New Mexico
9 Lemp Mansion St. Louis, Missouri
10 Ear Inn New York

Hotel del Coronado

1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118, United States // +16194356611

At the intersection of luxury and mystery, the Hotel del Coronado stands proudly. With the gentle caress of the ocean waves nearby, this vintage 1888 Victorian marvel speaks volumes, echoing tales of yore. Most riveting of all? The tale of Kate Morgan. Now there’s a narrative that might just give you chills. 

In 1892, a dazzling young woman, around her mid-twenties checks in. She introduces herself as “Lottie A Bernard,” but we all know her as Kate. In a twist that feels straight out of a gripping novel, just five days later, the curtains fall on her life.

Found on a staircase, a gunshot wound painting a tragic end. Was it a desperate act of solitude? Or perhaps something more sinister? The corridors whisper tales, but some stories remain shrouded in mystery.

Kate’s ethereal presence, it seems, chose to reside indefinitely at the hotel. Guests, and even the staff, have felt her lingering touch. Unexplained breeze, electronics acting up on their own accord—sounds like someone’s having a bit of fun, right? Her spirited antics ensure you won’t forget her anytime soon.

A significant proportion of reviews highlight the hotel’s charm, history, and, of course, its spectral resident. The allure of Kate’s story, combined with the hotel’s cinematic history and oceanic backdrop, positions the Hotel del Coronado as a top-tier destination.

Additionally, the hotel’s rich tapestry of hosting celebrities, royalty, U.S. Presidents, and being the backdrop for early films like “The Pearl of Paradise,” reinforces its position as a gem in San Diego’s crown. Such a storied past often intertwines with the ethereal, and the hotel’s National Historic Landmark status in 1977 only augments its enigma.

Diner Reactions:

Guest experiences at the Hotel del Coronado often oscillate between awe for its luxury and intrigue for its haunting tales. Several reviews delve into personal encounters with the inexplicable — soft whispers, shadows flitting past peripheral vision and an inexplicable feeling of being watched. 

Yet, most agree that any ghostly encounters only add to the charm, creating an atmosphere that’s simultaneously cozy and mysterious.

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.5

    • Google Reviews: 18,265

While the past can never truly be uncovered, the stories, both spectral and historical, ensure that a stay here is etched in memory for a lifetime.


801 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70116, United States // +15045681885

Seated majestically amidst the lively streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Muriel’s emanates old-world elegance, not just for its impeccable Creole offerings and ambiance but also for the spirits said to reside within its walls.

Now, let’s take a little jaunt back in time. It all began in 1718 with a simple cottage owned by Claude Trepagnier. The story gets particularly juicy with Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan. 

After pouring his heart into restoring the place, a twist of fate saw him lose it all in a poker game. Heartbroken, Jourdan chose to end his life in what is now Muriel’s Seance Lounges. Rumor has it, though, he never truly left.

Instead of appearing as a ghost, some say his presence is felt through fleeting lights.

The data paints a vivid picture of Muriel’s standing in the community and beyond. With consistently high ratings and reviews, patrons cherish not only the delectable cuisine but also the aura of history and mystery. 

The Instagram posts under #murielsneworleans are a testament to its popularity as both a dining and ghost-hunting destination.

Diner Reactions:

Visitors to Muriel’s find themselves immersed in more than just culinary delight. Reviews often mention unexpected occurrences, like unseen hands moving objects or sudden cold breezes, hinting at the presence of the spectral. 

The Seance Lounge, in particular, is a hotspot, with distinct knocks and mysterious audio recordings capturing visitors’ attention. And you know what’s cool? Instead of running scared, patrons seem to be drawn in, almost mesmerized.

Then there’s the iconic table reserved for Mr. Jourdan, always set and waiting. Bread and wine, in place, as if expecting him anytime. 

So, why visit Muriel’s? Is it the Creole temptations, the soulful Sunday jazz brunch, or perhaps a rendezvous with Mr. Jourdan? Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: Muriel’s will ensure your evening is nothing short of magical. 

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.6

    • Google Reviews: 3,937

    • Open Table Rating: 4.7

    • Open Table Reviews: 9,213

Most Used Hashtags on Instagram:

    •  #murielsneworleans (324 posts)

The Whitney

4421 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201, United States // +13138325700

This historic mansion-turned-upscale restaurant in Detroit, is known not only for its elegant dining but also for its spooky history and otherworldly resident. Over the years, staff and guests have reported a number of unexplained occurrences.

The mansion was once the proud abode of David Whitney Jr., a prominent figure of his time. And it seems like Mr. Whitney enjoyed the place so much that he decided to stick around, even after his time had passed.

Many have claimed to see a refined figure, resembling Mr. Whitney himself, casually strolling through the dining areas and corridors.

One of the most frequent ghostly occurrences is the elevator operating by itself. This elevator, notable for being the first residential elevator in Detroit, has been reported to move between floors without anyone pressing its buttons.

There have been reports of objects moving on their own, lights flickering, and mysterious footsteps echoing through empty rooms.

Capitalizing on the haunted reputation, The Whitney established the “Ghost Bar” on the third floor. Some patrons claim to have experienced unexplained cold spots, felt unseen presences, or witnessed glasses moving on their own.

The reports of hauntings have led to numerous paranormal investigations. Investigators and mediums who have visited the mansion believe that there are multiple spirits residing in The Whitney, each with its own story.

There are stories suggesting that the spirits are friendly and have even been protective. There have been tales of mysterious interventions, where staff or guests were seemingly guided away from potential accidents or hazards by unseen hands.

Over the years, the tales of hauntings at The Whitney have added to its allure, making it not just a destination for fine dining but also for those interested in the paranormal!

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.5

    • Google Reviews: 2310

    • Open Table Rating: 4.8

    • Open Table Reviews: 5119

Most Used Hashtags on Instagram:

    •  #thewhitneydetroit (1,402 posts)

The Golden Lamb

27 S Broadway St, Lebanon, OH 45036, United States // +15139325065

The Golden Lamb has seen its share of historical figures and events, but its most chilling tales are of those who checked in but never truly checked out.

Civil War-era U.S. congressman Clement L. Vallandingham accidentally shot himself in a room here while preparing a defense for a client. His ghost, some say, still roams the hallways. 

Other visitors have reported encounters with the spirit of Ohio Supreme Court Justice Charles R. Sherman and the apparitions of young girls, believed to be either Sarah Stubbs or Eliza Clay. 

Each spirit’s tale is interwoven with the inn’s rich history, creating a tapestry of stories that have attracted ghost enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

Let’s take a stroll back in time. The year is 1803. Jonas Seaman had this grand idea to set up a spot in the budding village of Lebanon where travelers could rest and maybe share a story or two. Not everyone could read back then, so Jonas did what any smart entrepreneur would do: he hung a sign with a shiny golden lamb out front. This wasn’t just branding; it was an invitation. 

This inn has since opened its doors to U.S. presidents, renowned writers, and legends of their time. To this day, it stands proudly as Ohio’s oldest continuously operating business.

Diner Reactions:

Recent online reviews have revealed diners’ experiences that go beyond the culinary. On Google, where the inn boasts a 4.6 rating from over 3,000 reviews, several guests have mentioned eerie feelings, unexplained cold spots, and even sightings of apparitions. 

OpenTable reviews also echo these sentiments, with diners sharing tales of paranormal encounters amidst their culinary adventures.

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.6

    • Google Reviews: 3159

    • Open Table Rating: 4.5

    • Open Table Reviews: 2859


100 S 3rd St, Noble, OK 73068, United States // +14058720303

Kendall’s, a familiar name for its savory Southern-style fare, has an unfamiliar side. A legacy that goes beyond its memorable dishes, the restaurant is whispered to house not one but four different spirits. 

Among them is a young girl, spotted in the former stables now transformed into the dining room. Her presence is matched by Margaret, a mysterious woman in black often seen in the kitchen. Two male spirits, Henry and Theodore, are credited for the unexplained and sudden disturbances, startling the visitors and staff.

The establishment’s roots trace back to a grocery store located within a century-old building. Started by Brenda Mantooth in honor of her grandchild, Kendall’s transitioned into its present form under the guidance of Brenda’s daughter, Kim, and her friend Dee. 

While they meticulously preserved the recipes, ensuring each dish felt like a walk down memory lane, the past of the building itself refused to be overshadowed. The interiors, adorned with Oklahoma history, stand as a testament to the state’s past and to its spectral residents.

Diner Reactions:

With a strong 4.6 rating on Google across more than 2,000 reviews, the majority laud the flavors and experience of Kendall’s. 

A deeper dive, however, reveals intriguing anecdotes. Visitors, caught off-guard by sudden chills or fleeting shadows, have shared their paranormal encounters. The posts under the hashtag #kendallsrestaurant on Instagram further amplify the enigma, with many capturing the old-world charm and some hinting at the restaurant’s spectral side.

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.6

    • Google Reviews: 2136

Most Used Hashtags on Instagram:

    •  #kendallsrestaurant (63 posts)

Chicago Chop House

60 W Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States // +13127877100

Ever ventured into Chicago’s culinary heartland and stumbled upon a steakhouse that serves a side of the supernatural along with mouth-watering steaks?

More than just a celebrated dining establishment in the bustling Windy City, this spot has earned its reputation as Illinois’ eeriest eatery.

The history of the restaurant is interwoven with the story of the Minier family, particularly that of young Florence Minier. Tragically, Florence met her end in the 125-year-old Victorian brownstone where the restaurant now stands.

Over the years, staff and guests have recounted eerie occurrences: children’s cries echoing in silent corners, wine glasses spontaneously shattering, and lights switching on and off without explanation. Most agree that the third floor is the main location for these encounters.

Stepping back in time, Chicago Chop House was opened in 1986 by restaurateur Henry Norton and soon made its mark in the steakhouse scene. The old-world charm of the establishment is in part due to the building it calls home, a Victorian brownstone dating back to 1897.

While the menu and ownership have evolved, with Chop Hospitality taking the reins in 2017, the legacy remains. The walls are covered with over 1,400 photographs, each capturing a fragment of Chicago’s past. It offers diners a visual journey through time, even as they dine under the watchful gaze of Florence.

Diner Reactions:

With over 1659 Google reviews and an impressive 4.5 rating, coupled with 3198 reviews on Open Table, Chicago Chop House’s culinary prowess is evident. Beyond the praise for its food and ambiance, a scan of the reviews reveals anecdotes of the uncanny. 

Diners speak of the soft tinkling of the live pianist, the hushed whispers, and those inexplicable moments that hint at the restaurant’s ghostly resident. The very setting of the Chop House, with its evocative photographs and soft piano melodies, creates an atmosphere where the border between the past and present seems tantalizingly thin.

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.5

    • Google Reviews: 1659

    • Open Table Rating: 4.7

    • Open Table Reviews: 3198

White Horse Tavern

26 Marlborough St, Newport, RI 02840, United States // +14018493600

In the charming ambiance of the White Horse Tavern lies a mosaic of tales that paint a vivid picture of its past. 

One story from the 1700s tells of an unknown man, a shadowy figure who had a mysterious death in one of the tavern’s upper chambers. Though long gone, his presence has made many an unannounced appearance, especially near a crackling fireplace and in the men’s restroom. 

Alongside him, a woman tends to vanish by the fireplace. For those who listen closely, the sorrowful cries of a young girl, whose origin remains an enigma, occasionally echo through the air. 

Close up of burning wood in fireplace in dark evening room. Fireplace heating in house, electricity blackout. Atmospheric time at fireside in home

As the night deepens, and the guests trickle out, the unmistakable sound of footsteps from above serve as a ghostly after-hours serenade.

The White Horse Tavern’s origins stretch back to 1673, establishing it as America’s most venerable restaurant. 

Its rich lineage is colored by tales of piracy, governance, wars, and restorations. Every brick and beam resonates with events that have sculpted American history, making it not just a dining locale but a living museum of the past.

Diner Reactions:

Culinary excellence is evident in the White Horse Tavern’s consistent 4.5 rating from Google and 4.8 from Open Table reviewers. 

Beyond the delectable offerings like lobster mac and cheese or braised short rib, many reviews intertwine experiences of the inexplicable. 

Guests often weave in anecdotes of short encounters, hushed voices, and fleeting visions that add an otherworldly allure to their dining experience.

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.5

    • Google Reviews: 1282

    • Open Table Rating: 4.8

    • Open Table Reviews: 3417

Most Used Hashtags on Instagram:

    •  #whitehorsetavern (6,737 posts)

    • #whitehorsetavernnewport (200 posts)

Double Eagle Restaurant

2355 Calle De Guadalupe, Mesilla, NM 88046, United States // +15755236700

In the ornate halls of the Double Eagle Restaurant lies a love story both poignant and tragic. Young Armando Maes, the heir to the Maes family’s prestige and ambition, fell deeply in love with Inez, a beautiful servant with cascading black hair. 

Their love, intense but forbidden, was known to many, but few could anticipate its tragic denouement. Upon discovering their secret, Armando’s mother, in a fit of rage and disbelief, turned upon the lovers, resulting in an act so violent that it forever imprinted their souls onto the hacienda.

The Double Eagle Restaurant stands on foundations steeped in history. Originally the home of the Maes family, it bore witness to their grand ambitions after relocating after the Mexican-American War. 

The very walls of the restaurant reflect the family’s intent to dominate, with each room telling tales of aspirations, power, and tragedy. Yet, as history would have it, it’s not just the tangible past that the hacienda holds, but the intangible memories of a romance that was never meant to be.

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.2

    • Google Reviews: 1747

    • Open Table Rating: 4.5

    • Open Table Reviews:72

Most Used Hashtags on Instagram:

    •  #doubleeaglerestaurant (378 posts)

Lemp Mansion

3322 Demenil Pl, St. Louis, MO 63118, United States // +13146648024

Located in the heart of St. Louis, the Lemp Mansion stands as a haunting reminder of the illustrious and tragic history of the Lemp family.

From a beacon of wealth and prosperity to a locus of heartbreak, the mansion has seen its fair share of drama. A standout tale is of the “Monkey Face Boy”, whispered to be an illegitimate child born with Down’s Syndrome, kept hidden away in the attic.

William Lemp II’s own life met a tragic end in the very office where diners now enjoy their meals. This room, in particular, holds an eerie atmosphere, thick with the memories of the past.

The foundations of the Lemp Mansion are steeped in beer, literally and figuratively. Johann Adam Lemp, originally from Germany, brought a unique lager to St. Louis. The demand for this brew saw the Lemp’s rise to prominence, turning them into the embodiment of the American Dream in the late 1800s.

However, amid this grandeur, the mansion has witnessed a string of misfortunes, from the untimely death of Frederick Lemp, the favorite son, to the tragic suicide of William Lemp II. The mansion’s transformation from an epitome of luxury to a run-down boarding house, and later a restored eating joint, chronicles its tragic journey.

Diner Reactions:

While the Lemp Mansion serves delicious meals and provides a vintage atmosphere, it’s the paranormal experiences that leave a lasting impression on many guests. Visitors often report strange energy, especially near William II’s office.

One recent account recalls a chilling presence—a male entity lingering with a sense of curiosity, watching. This diner was drawn inexplicably to a particular corner of the room, experiencing shivers and goosebumps.

The stories from diners, intertwined with the mansion’s past, provide an extra layer of mystique to an evening at the Lemp Mansion!

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.6

    • Google Reviews: 1583

    • Open Table Rating: 4.7

    • Open Table Reviews: 911

Most Used Hashtags on Instagram:

    •  #thelempmansion (237 posts)

Ear Inn

326 Spring St, New York, NY 10013, United States // +12122269060

In the lively heart of New York City stands the Ear Inn, a unique watering hole with an eclectic history spanning centuries. This establishment’s spirit-infused past is evident in its tales of old patrons who just couldn’t leave – even after their time.

Mickey the Sailor stands out among them. With tales swirling about his tragic end – whether by drowning in a glass or a tragic street accident – his ghostly antics are well-known.

From mischievously stealing swigs from patrons’ drinks, causing friendly disputes, to his audacious interactions with female visitors, Mickey’s presence is both endearing and eerily amusing.

Originally constructed around 1770, the Ear Inn rests in the James Brown House, a historic symbol bearing the name of George Washington’s African aide during the Revolutionary War.

As shipping traffic surged, the neighborhood evolved, pushing the city limits further from Brown’s front door. But the building’s essence remained, transforming over time from a townhouse to a brewery, from a speakeasy during Prohibition to a cherished, albeit quirky, tavern.

Today, this Federal-style townhouse preserves its historical charm amidst the city’s modern bustle.

Diner Reactions:

Boasting a strong Google rating of 4.5 with 1,233 reviews, the Ear Inn is a beloved establishment for both locals and tourists. While many come for the beers and bar bites, it’s the tales of apparitions and mysterious occurrences that capture their intrigue. 

From visitors spotting unexplained figures to the sudden disappearance of their drinks, experiences at the Ear Inn are unlike any other.

A quote from one review reads, “Came for the burger, stayed for the ghost stories!” reminding all that the Ear Inn serves not just food and drink, but a side of rich history and lingering spirits.

Data Analysis:

    • Google Rating: 4.5

    • Google Reviews: 1233

Data Insights and Trends

In our venture to unravel the haunting tales of these renowned spots, we delved deep into the data, searching through reviews, ratings, and anecdotal experiences. Our aim? To discern patterns, anomalies, and captivating insights that shed light on the ghostly presence and its interplay with the diner’s experiences.

Here’s what we unearthed:

1. Haunting Hotspots:

While ghostly tales span across various cities, certain urban pockets appear as more active haunting grounds. For instance, New York’s historical boroughs, rich in stories of the past, unsurprisingly emerge as prime spots for apparitional encounters.

2. The Nature of Hauntings:

Differing from the cliche of malevolent spirits, many of these spectral entities show playful, benign, or protective behaviors. Such tales often weave a charming narrative, enticing more visitors keen on a brush with the supernatural.

3. Diner Reactions:

An interesting trend is that diners aren’t merely frightened by these encounters. Many are fascinated, excited, or even amused. This shift from sheer terror to a more nuanced response shows in the reviews, where tales of eerie encounters often intertwine with commendations about the ambiance, service, or food.

4. Rating Reflection:

Contrary to what one might assume, a haunted reputation doesn’t deter patrons. In fact, establishments like the Ear Inn boast impressive ratings, indicating that the spectral residents might, in fact, be a unique selling point! 

The blend of history, mystery, and culinary prowess seems to be a recipe for success.

5. Ghostly Interactions vs. Era of Origin:

We’ve noticed that the age of the building or its previous uses sometimes correlates with the type and frequency of hauntings. For instance, buildings with roots in the Revolutionary War era or those that served as speakeasies during Prohibition have rich, layered tales that often encompass a wider range of spectral residents.

6. Evolving Narratives:

It’s also intriguing how these haunting tales evolve over time. While foundational stories remain, newer experiences or interpretations layer over them, creating a dynamic narrative. 

This makes each visit a unique experience, as patrons can never be sure which version of the ghostly tale they might encounter!

Honourable Mentions

While our main spotlight shone on the most prominent haunted restaurants, many others have their share of spectral tales. Here’s a quick nod to these establishments, each bearing its own unique narrative, making them worthy of a mention:

Four Quarter Bar (North Little Rock, Arkansas)

Known for its vibrant music scene, this bar’s melodies are sometimes accompanied by unexplained whispers and the fleeting sight of apparitions.

Old Town Pizza & Brewing (Portland, Oregon)

Pizza and spirits get a dual meaning here. Many claim to have seen ‘Nina’, a former resident of the building, wandering amidst the dining tables.

The Horse You Came in On Saloon (Baltimore, Maryland)

Baltimore’s historic saloon, legends hint it might’ve been the last place Edgar Allan Poe was seen before his mysterious death.

Billy’s Bar & Grill (Anoka, Minnesota)

Once a brothel, this Alabama bar has had multiple reports of spectral ladies, possibly remnants of its colorful past.

Black Woods Bar & Grill (Two Harbors, Minnesota)

In this Minnesota joint, it’s not just the food that’s chilling. Patrons often recount chilling breezes and unexplained sounds, especially after dark.

The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro (Little River, South Carolina)

Diners often report the soft tinkling of piano notes, though no pianist is in sight, and fleeting shadows that disappear when given a second glance.


Dining isn’t just a sensory experience; it’s a journey through time and tales. The establishments we’ve explored uniquely blend history, mystery, and gastronomy, offering more than just a meal. They serve stories, whispered legends, and the allure of the unknown that adds an irresistible spice to every dish.

Our exploration revealed a tapestry of narratives woven over centuries. These tales, steeped in the annals of time, become a conversation starter, a memorable experience, and an invitation to the diner to become a part of the venue’s enduring legacy.

The walls of these establishments have absorbed countless tales, from joyous celebrations to heart-wrenching tragedies, making every visit an encounter with the remnants of the past.

And as you venture out to these places, we encourage you to open your senses beyond the flavors of the plate in front of you. Listen to the murmurs of the past, see if you can catch a fleeting glimpse of a bygone era, and most importantly, share your own ghostly dining tales.

So the next time you dine at a reputedly haunted eatery, remember: you’re not just a diner; you’re a part of an ongoing narrative.

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