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The 8 Best Dubai Rooftop Bars | Drinks & Views in the City of Gold

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Dubai is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, the richest of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates federation, which was established in 1971 after independence from Great Britain. 

We have two general theories about the origin of the name Dubai; one connects the name to a type of locust – the daba, and the other says that the name refers to a market that was located near the city.

In the last few decades, Dubai has been one of the most important commercial, financial, and tourist centers; it has been compared to Hong Kong and is considered the number one entrepreneur in the Middle East. 

Dubai has an area of 35 square kilometers and, according to the 2017 census, a population of 2,919,178 inhabitants.

Dubai is known for its skyscrapers, ports, beaches, and lately, for the big business deals that happen daily in the city, and tourism, which continues to flourish.

There is a huge population of ex-pats living in Dubai, but the situation between different nationalities is primarily tolerant. About the religions, Islam is the most represented, but mosques coexist with Hindu temples and churches.

8 Best Dubai Rooftop Bars | Rooftop Bars to Visit in Dubai

The climate in Dubai, typical for all places on the Persian Gulf, is warm throughout the year. Humidity is high in summer and normal in other parts of the year. The coldest month is January when the climate drops to 15°C, and the warmest is July when the temperature rises to 40°C. 

The best time to visit Dubai is from February to November when the most interesting events like Dubai Shopping, Food Festivals, and Dubai World Cup are held.

The history of Dubai began in the 18th century when it was a small fishing village. But after it became an important center for the pearl diving industry, the village or town began to grow rapidly. In the 20th century, it further advanced and became a center for re-exports to Persia and India. 

In the second half of the same century, taking advantage of the oil wealth, the city focused on trade, attracting investments and infrastructural projects such as building an airport and a shopping center. In 1990, Dubai began to develop as we know it today, with rich tourism, financial sectors, and real estate. 

According to the rapid development of Dubai, it needed a lot of educated people, and it attracted and still attracts them with tax-free salaries and mainly stable politics. With expatriates from Europe, Asia, and North America, Dubai has become a cosmopolitan city, and its society is considered one of the most liberal in the world.

Today, the art and film industry is highly developed in Dubai, in accordance with which the Art Dubai fair is held every year, celebrating creativity and the international film festival, which promotes international as well as local films. 

The Dubai Museum is housed in an 18th-century fort with a wide range of artifacts and exhibits, and the public library system has several branches throughout the city.

Dubai hosts numerous sporting events, such as the Dubai World Cup and the Dubai Desert Classic. In addition to all the sights we have listed, impressive tourist attractions, and numerous events, tourists are also attracted by the hospitable Dubai rooftop bars located at every corner of the city.

Recognized as some of the best rooftop bars in Dubai are the LookUp Rooftop Bar, The Rooftop Lounge, Estrellas Rooftop Lounge, Tamanya Terrace, Sobe Dubai – Rooftop Sundowner, Level 43 Sky Lounge, Pure Sky Lounge and Dining, and Twenty-Three.

8 Must-Visit Dubai Rooftop Bars

LookUp Rooftop Bar

Al Multaqa Street, La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK – Dubai – UAE // +97144033111 

LookUp is an urban and chic bar located above Dubai and offers a beautiful view of the Burj Khalifa. This bar is known for organizing parties and private event; that is, it nurtures the nightlife, which means that alcohol is mainly served.

Accordingly, the LookUp rooftop bar in Dubai is open to guests who are 21+, and their dress code is described as smart casual, meaning you are expected to be neat and well-dressed.

Their extensive menu consists of fish, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and more, and drinks include wines, champagne, cocktails, spirits, and soft drinks. 

LookUp Rooftop Bar Soft Drinks

Their special salad is made of seared Tuna, anchovy, olives, quail egg, radish, tomato, baby gem, potato, French beans, and basil dressing. The main meal most recommended is the Beef Truffle Sliders, made out of Truffle mayonnaise, Brie cheese, and pickles. They serve excellent cocktails, out of which you must try Cosmopolitan.

Finish up with the dessert; we recommend the Ice Cream Scoop, or if you want to go with a healthier option, the Seasonal Fruit Platter, made out of Dubai’s best seasonal fruit.

The Rooftop Lounge and Dining

Royal Ascot Hotel – Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd – Bur Dubai – Dubai – UAE // +971556448363

This Dubai rooftop bar will enchant you with its beauty, mirrored by the charm of traditional Arabic bars. The Rooftop Lounge offers you unforgettable sunsets over the uniqueness of Dubai. 

The exotic ambiance of the Rooftop Lounge makes it perfect for those special moments spent above the starry Arabian sky or for ordinary hot days when you want to experience the most spectacular view of Dubai with a cold cocktail in hand. 

The bar prefers a casually chic dress code and awaits you with its charming arms wide open at all times.

The Rooftop Lounge and Dining Cold Cocktail

Estrellas Rooftop Lounge

774P+448 – The Canvas Hotel Dubai — MGallery Hotel Collection – Dubai // +97143868111

This luxury rooftop bar in Dubai with a pool is where the elite go to see and be seen. In addition to the comfort that the bar offers and the level at which it is ranked, the prices are not too high, but even if we rated them as high, Estrellas Rooftop Lounge is worth every penny that will be spent. 

Estrellas Rooftop Lounge is a place where you can spend the whole day enjoying yourself. While the sun is high in the sky, you can sunbathe by the pool with their signature drink that combines Indian spices with Dubai date liqueur, and as the night falls, you can prepare for a crazy party as Estrellas Rooftop Lounge will surely provide you. 

Last, but not least, let’s just say that this bar with a beautiful view of Dubai is open from noon to 2 am, serves delicious food, mostly seafood, throughout the day, and has alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Estrellas Rooftop Lounge Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Tamanya Terrace

Dubai Media City Car Park – 4 Al Falak St – Al Sufouh // +97143669111

Tamanya Terrace is a combination of great drinks, good food, music, and an even better view. Hospitality will keep you returning to this rooftop bar in Dubai again and again; good entertainment will make you want to stay longer. 

The hosts will make sure your glasses never go empty, and the DJ will do his best to play your favorite music because everyone is welcome at Tamanya Terrace.

In addition to the nightlife that this bar is famous for, let’s not forget that it is worth visiting in the daylight, too, when the view of Dubai is extraordinary. This chic, sophisticated and stylish place is great for young and old and all those who want to enrich it with a great experience during their stay in Dubai.

Tamanya Terrace

Sobe Dubai – Rooftop Sundowner

W Dubai – The Palm – Dubai – United Arab Emirates // +97142455577

This modern, exotic Dubai rooftop bar is the only one that offers 360-degree views of Dubai. Sobe Dubai – Rooftop Sundowner is the right place to soak up the beautiful sunsets over Dubai and Chino – Latino food and drinks. 

As a starter meal, we recommend the Heirloom Tomato Salad made out of Seasonal Leaves, Sudachi Dressing, Salsa Criolla Avocado, and Cotija. Add corn-fed chicken or Banana Chips made from Fried Plantains and Red and Green Mojo Picon. 

Duck Tacos are made out of Confit Duck, Candied Kumquat, and Parilla Leaves, and Wild Mushroom Tacos are cooked with a Grilled Mix of Mushrooms, Corn Taco, Asparagus, and Sour Cremeare. Both are great meals.

Sobe Dubai - Rooftop Sundowner Gianduja Mousse

If you want to go with their famous Miami Bites, we would suggest you try the simple yet delicious Salmon Curado, which contains Tobiko and Seaweed Crackers. 

Don’t leave this bar without trying the Arroz Con Pollo, which ingredients we will keep secret. Last, but not least, you can never go wrong with any of the desserts, such as the Cacao Bar made out of Gianduja Mousse, Orange Cream, and Pain D’epice.

Level 43 Sky Lounge

Level 43, Four Points by Sheraton – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai // +971564142213

For this modern and sophisticated rooftop bar in Dubai, every day is unique, and every night is festive. Its luxurious setting and cozy atmosphere will make your stay in Dubai memorable. 

Everything in this bar is top-notch, and the same goes for the menu. You won’t go wrong if you choose anything, but we highly recommend the Creamy Smoked Salmon Crostini, Spicy Squid and Crab Salad, Beef Quesadilla, and Red Velvet Cake. Creamy Smoked Salmon Crostini is a simple yet delicious dish made out of smoked salmon crostini with cream cheese. 

The Spicy Squid and Crab Salad is made out of Romaine lettuce, crab stick, squid, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomato, and spicy mayonnaise, and is one of the best starters that this place offers. The Beef Quesadilla is cooked out of Beef julienne, mixed bell peppers, cheese, guacamole, and tomato salsa.

Level 43 Sky Lounge Sweet Escape

It will become your favorite main meal, and the Red Velvet Cake is highly recommended if you consider yourself to have a sweet tooth. If your eyes are set on the cocktails, we recommend you try the Sweet Escape, which contains Disaronno, coconut-flavored rum, and pineapple juice.

Pure Sky Lounge & Dining

Level 35 The Walk – Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – UAE // +97143182319 

The two terraces of this beautiful bar overlooking the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Eye will provide you with an unforgettable experience and breathtaking pictures to show off to your friends. This chic Dubai rooftop bar with a cozy atmosphere is great for chatting with friends or celebrating a special moment. 

Their menu is as extensive as the bar itself, from which we highly recommend the Paprika Marinated Chicken Skewers, Heritage Tomato Salad, Rooted Burger, and Caramel Chocolate Brownies. 

Their famous Paprika Marinated Chicken Skewers are made out of Sumac Yogurt, Candied Tomato, and Chutney. The Heritage Tomato Salad will surprise you with a combination of Locally Grown Heritage Tomatoes, Peas Pureè, Fried Jalapeño, Crispy Potato Chips, and Mint Oil. 

Pure Sky Lounge & Dining Vegan Burger

The Rooted Burger is made with a Vegan Burger Patty, Guacamole, Romesco, Vegan Sour Cream, Tomato, Pickled Cucumber, and Caramelised Onion, and is the perfect meal.

The best dessert award, in our opinion, goes to a Chocolate Fudge Brownie with Salted Caramel Cream and Umm Ali Ice Cream. 

If you are up to having your own event, Pure Sky Lounge & Dining will provide you with a special event team.

Twenty Three

Al Falak St – opposite Innovation Hub – Al Sufouh – Al Sufouh 2 – Dubai // +97145257723

Twenty Three provides mesmerizing views alongside good vibes and a modern atmosphere. From their drinks and light appetizers, we recommend you try the truffle fries, the matcha tiramisu, and their excellent wines. 

Situated 23 floors above Dubai, the TwentyThree rooftop bar provides luxury and exclusivity at affordable prices. The bar’s hospitability will enrich the chic experience.

What makes this place different is the fact that you don’t have to be pretentious to be treated nicely. In this Dubai rooftop bar, everyone is equal. 

Everyone who has placed their foot in this rooftop bar claims they will visit it again, so if you plan a holiday in Dubai, place the Twenty Three rooftop bar on your must-visit list.

Twenty Three Appetizers And Wine

Dubai Rooftop Bars: Conclusion

No matter how much we praise these beautiful restaurants, it will not be enough. Not only do they offer good food, drinks, and guaranteed entertainment, they are some of the most hospitable rooftop bars in Dubai. 

By booking a table at one of the best rooftop bars in Dubai, you are guaranteed an unforgettable party and a breathtaking view of the city that never sleeps. So let the warm Dubai sun and its starry sky be experienced in a beautiful ambiance lovingly prepared for you by the hosts and the dedicated team of chefs and waiters.

The luxurious, chic, modern atmosphere at these prices can only be found in the incomparable Dubai, and even if you spend some more money, you will agree that it is worth the experience. 

Whether you choose the baroque with a pool, the one without, whether you choose this or that, one cocktail or another, it is not so important because whatever you choose, neither a single dish, no drink, and no corner of these bars will not disappoint you. Make your stay in this exotic city unforgettable with Dubai Rooftop Bars.

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