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Best Restaurants in Lahore, Pakistan | 7 Must-Try Lahore Restaurants

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When you land in Lahore, the first thing you notice isn’t just the buzz of the city; it’s the aromas. It’s like every street corner in Lahore competes to tempt your taste buds. 

For a food enthusiast like me, it felt like hitting the jackpot. You see, Lahore isn’t just a city in Pakistan; it’s a culinary wonderland, bursting with flavors that can make any food lover’s heart skip a beat!

I remember my first evening in Lahore. The air was filled with the smoky scent of BBQ, and the sound of chapati and roti sizzling on stoves was like music to my ears.

It’s hard not to overindulge when the food is this good, so be warned; you might end up eating more than you planned!

On my wanderings through the city’s vibrant streets and bustling markets, I stumbled upon many culinary gems. 

Places like Yasir Broast, Haveli Restaurant, and Ambarsariya weren’t just restaurants; they were experiences, each offering a unique glimpse into the heart of Lahore’s food scene. 

Stick with me, and I’ll take you through the top 7 must-try restaurants in Lahore, each a testament to the city’s rich and diverse culinary landscape!

The 7 Best Restaurants In Lahore, Pakistan

Yasir Broast

40-Tourist Street, Old Anarkali Food St, Lahore, 54000, Pakistan // +923060101666

The restaurant is on Anarkali Food Street. The menu includes meat grills and vegetable dishes like dal, rice, bread, and more.

Visitors will be full after trying any of the food. The grill, with hints of cumin and masala, is tasty, as is the garlic naan.

Diners can also order food that is cooked outside on the stove, such as chicken karahi. There was not one thing that I did not like at this restaurant, and it is always busy, which is a good sign.


Asad Meher Restaurant

G9F4+46C, Guru Mangat Rd, Block T, Gulberg, Lahore, Punjab, Block N Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan // +923334210519

When walking to the left from the Rose Palace Hotel, the restaurant is around the corner.

The mango shake is addicting, as are the white karahi and meat kebab. The flavorful and juicy kebab, with touches of coriander, masala, cumin, and other spices I could not make out, is one reason I ate here at least three times!

While I was walking back to the hotel, I smelled whiffs of smoked BBQ and knew I needed to try the kebab.

The restaurant is normally busy throughout the day and late at night, so another reason to eat where the locals frequent.


Anarkali Food Street

Anarkali Bazaar Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan

Visitors have a variety of options for restaurants and street vendors here. I found myself at one restaurant where the chicken karahi was flavorful, with cumin, curry powder, coriander, and tomato sauce.

This was a large order; however, I could not stop eating this dish. The sauce was another lick the plate with my finger kind of meal.

I cannot remember the restaurant’s name, but it was across the street and kitty-corner from Yasir Broast.


Haveli Restaurant

2170-A Food St Fort Rd, opposite Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan // +923008414899

Stop at the restaurant, where the top floor has views of the Badshahi Mosque. The decor alone is a reason to visit.

Walking inside, one can’t help but notice the saffron-colored walls, wooden doors with embossed flowers, and chandeliers around the first floor. 

The menu ranges from traditional food, such as karahi and kebabs, but they also have Chinese food on the menu. Expect to find vegetable noodles, egg-fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, and grills. 

I always enjoy food with soy and sweet chili sauce flavors. My favorite was the noodles with the right amount of soy sauce and chili. 


Mini Tower, 5Th Floor, 27/A, opposite Mobilink, Block K Gulberg 2, Lahore, 54000, Pakistan // +923138455354

The restaurant has kebabs, biryani, and pulao rice platters with chicken, mutton, veal, and beef. Pulao There are vegetarian options, such as dal and palak. The various-sized platters come with rice. 

My group of ten ordered a mixed platter, consisting of seekh kebab, chicken, tikka, mutton shoulder, and ribs. It was another dish of juicy and tender meat mixed with hints of cumin and coriander.

We also ordered sides of dal and palak. We could have ordered a smaller platter because we had a lot of leftover food.

Gilgit Baltistan Kashgar food

Q9Q9+WG9, Mingora Fizagat Bypass, حیات آباد Mingora, Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan // +923155597991

Diners can relax outside under the trees with mountains in the background. It is an excellent spot to rest and enjoy momos – steam-filled dumplings with meat or vegetables, rice, and other dishes.

I remember we had pulao rice with raisins, momos, and other vegetable dishes.

I can’t remember the sides we ate because I was too busy devouring the momos with tastes of chili powder, cumin, and possibly cardamom. The momos took over the show at this restaurant. 

Cafe De Hunza

8MCC+G3G, Karim Abad Road, Hunza, Karimabad // +925813457112

The cafe is in Karimabad and has excellent coffee, beautiful views of the mountains and stacked layered houses, and sells apricot oil.

The cafe is also known for its walnut cake. In addition to adding honey to the dough, this tasty cake is light and not so sweet.

It reminded me of a lighter and fluffier graham cracker pie crust. Other food options include egg and cheese sandwiches and pancakes with honey.

Frequently Asked Questions: Foodies Also Ask

What type of cuisine is Lahore known for?

Lahore is renowned for its rich and diverse culinary heritage, primarily featuring Punjabi cuisine. It’s famous for its grilled meats, flavorful biryanis, spicy curries, and a variety of breads like naan and roti. Street food, with its blend of aromatic spices and herbs, is a must-try.

Are there vegetarian options available in Lahore’s restaurants?

Absolutely! Despite a strong focus on meat dishes, many restaurants in Lahore offer delicious vegetarian options. Dishes like daal (lentils), aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower), and various paneer (cottage cheese) preparations are widely available and equally delectable.

How do I know which street food to try?

Look for stalls with a high turnover of customers – a sign of freshness and popularity. Must-try street foods include chaat, samosas, pakoras, and kachori. Don’t forget to try the sweet jalebi!

Can I find international cuisine in Lahore?

Yes, Lahore’s culinary scene is not just limited to local cuisine. Many restaurants offer a variety of international cuisines, including Chinese, Italian, and American, catering to diverse tastes.


Wrapping up our foodie escapade in Lahore, I can’t help but think about how each bite of food here tells a story. Lahore isn’t just a city with great food; it’s a full-on sensory experience.

Walking through its streets, every aroma, every sizzle, it all comes together to create a symphony of flavors that’s hard to find anywhere else. This city has a way of making you feel at home, yet constantly surprises you with its culinary creations.

So here’s my takeaway: if you ever find yourself in Lahore, let loose and let the city’s flavors guide you.

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