palm dessert

Located just fourteen miles from Palm Springs at the foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains, Palm Desert in the Coachella Valley is one of our favorite California desert cities. The landscape is exotic, sunsets are spectacular, golf is one of the favorite outdoor activities, and the cuisine is incredible. That’s not really a surprise when one considers all the years the Hollywood elite would escape the business and paparazzi of Los Angeles, and head to the more remote California desert. Film stars, along with U.S. politicians and world leaders, loved the anonymity this region provided. 


MUST TRY: Classic Lyon Style Seafood Quenelles served in a savory lobster sauce and baked with Gruyere!

Backstreet Bistro

MUST TRY: Roasted Beet Salad included a bounty of red and gold beets, feta cheese, mandarin orange wedges, apples, asparagus, almond slivers, and was topped with a lovely balsamic reduction!

Mitch’s on El Paseo Prime Seafood

MUST TRY: Grilled Spicy BBQ Shrimp!

French Rotisserie Café

MUST TRY: Vol-au-Vent!

Pacifica Seafood Restaurant

MUST TRY: Pacifica!