USA Restaurants Foodie Guide

Welcome to the USA restaurants foodie guide! If America is your next destination to visit, this is the place for you. I have listed the best destinations and must-try restaurants around. This ultimate guide will save you the worries around what to do, where to eat, and what to see during your stay. There is plenty!

A well-known fact:

The USA has something for everyone.

From restaurants to hotels, beaches to casinos, comedy to children’s amusement rides, shopping malls, and even more, destinations and activities are endless.

There are so many excellent American restaurants that marked their names in the culinary industry. The only challenge is to select the top ones and visit them all.

And with this USA restaurant guide, I’m about to save you all that hassle.

Prescott places to eat

Foodie Regions

The continental US can be divided up into several sectors, each of which contains a diverse culture and food menu. While “American food” is a common description, it’s recommended to also look for the regional specialties that help define the culture.

best restaurants in Bar Harbor Maine
Atlantic Brewing Company Bar Harbor, Maine

Northeast USA Restaurants (New York and New England states)

New England is in the northeast part of the US. The New England states include Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Connecticut.

This region offers many cultural specialties, and, as you would expect with the extensive coastline, seafood is one of them.

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Reid’s Café: Best Banner Elk Restaurant

Southeast USA Restaurants

Let’s continue traveling south and take a look at the southeastern states of North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Here, you get a beautiful geographic combination of the ocean to the east and mountains to the west, and, of course, the longest coastline and beaches of Florida.  

As one would expect, seafood is very popular here, but you also start to see some very specific regional cuisines popping up. The Carolinas are legendary for barbecue, and you’ll find a large variety of low country food in this region, ranging from shrimp and grits to fried green tomatoes to okra, collard greens, and black-eyed peas. 

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Northeast (Mid-Atlantic) USA Restaurants

From a culinary perspective, seafood also tends to dominate menus in this sector, but the area does offer a large and diverse selection of food. Washington, D.C. is the capital of the US and attracts over twenty million visitors a year. 

Nearby Baltimore, MD, is well-known for crab cakes and other crab specialties. The cheesesteak sandwich is a Philadelphia classic.  And don’t even get me started about Virginia ham!

With a high population density, you won’t lack for finding a restaurant to please any palate. Combine this with an area holding much of the early history of the US, and it is easy to see why the mid-Atlantic states are so attractive for tourists and foodies alike.

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Mississippi Valley USA Restaurants

A clear winner in this region is Cajun and Creole-style cooking.  Visit New Orleans for the best of the best. Memphis, St. Louis, and Nashville will all make a claim for great barbecue, and you’ll see why the first time you try slow-cooked ribs with a spicy-sweet sauce. If you are into music, you can visit one of the roots of American music in Clarksdale, MS., the birthplace of the blues.  

Wherever you end up in this part of the US, you’ll find great cooking and great people.

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best pizza in Chicago
Find The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago!

Great Lakes Region

Let’s head back North again and look at Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. The food dishes in this area are very regionalized and unique. You have to try a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, but Detroit makes a claim to their own style also.  In season, fresh lake perch is the way to go. If you get into Northern Wisconsin and Michigan, you’ll find pasties, a crust filled with meat and vegetables that traces its origin back to the mining industry there. 

There are lots of summer activities here, including boating, fishing, amusement parks, and a plethora of sports teams to follow. Dress warmly for the winters, though; below zero temperatures and lots of snow are common.

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steak topped with asparagus
The Kellers Chophouse

South Central

This is America’s farmland, and you see it represented in the area’s cuisine. If you are a carnivore, this is your home.

Great steaks are well-represented here, but there are also many great pork-based dishes in the area. Corn and wheat are common crops grown here, and it is reflected in the foods. Try a bierock, a hand-held sandwich filled with fresh vegetables and lean meats.  

Texas opens another foodie door. Tex-Mex food is very popular, borrowing from the Mexican dishes and making them fit the US taste buds. Seafood abounds near the Gulf of Mexico, and near Houston, you can also find kolaches, a Czech pastry filled with sausage, eggs, or other fillings.

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best steakhouse in Denver
Buckhorn Exchange In Denver: Must Try!

Rocky Mountain States

These are among the least populated states in the US but provide beautiful scenery in multiple national parks, rivers, and, of course, mountains. 

You’ll find many wild game dishes in this part of the country, including elk and bison. If you are really adventurous in your tastes, keep your eyes open for a plate of Rocky Mountain oysters. Denver offers cosmopolitan events and restaurants and also is a great tourist area. Skiing is popular in Colorado and other states in this region.

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best Italian restaurant in Sedona AZ | usa restaurants
The Pizza At Hideaway House

Pacific Southwest USA Restaurants

New Mexico’s Hatch chili peppers are legendary and available in various levels of heat for any taste. The Mexican influence in Arizona and New Mexico foods is clearly evident, and chili is king.  No two recipes are alike. Sample the burritos and chimichangas.

As you move into southern California, the cities become larger, continuing to grow because of the beautiful year-round climate. The food specialties also change, with a decided tilt toward sushi and seafood and international tastes. You’ll find many California restaurant guides here.

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Troutdale Oregon restaurants
Nachos At Bandits Bar & Grill

Pacific Northwest USA Restaurants

This is one of the most beautiful areas in the US, with oceans, mountains, and even a volcano and tropical rain forest. You can find forests and hiking trails virtually everywhere. 

Environmental sustainability runs rampant here, and you’ll find an abundance of farm-to-table restaurants here. The seafood is great here, and salmon is at the top of the pile.  

The northern part of California, and this region as a whole, features some of the best American wines. 

Napa Valley is a beautiful area, and a wine-tasting tour is a must-do activity. Make sure to try the Tillamook cheese from the area, and look forward to a multitude of healthy-eating restaurants.

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Here are some of the best USA restaurants I’ve visited, tasted, and revisited again!

7 Best Banner Elk Restaurants

A tiny hamlet in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Banner Elk is “sandwiched” (note the clever pun in this article about the best Banner Elk restaurants) between Beech Mountain on one side and Sugar Mountain, both premier ski resorts in the North Carolina High Country.

7 Best St. Thomas Restaurants

Adorned with powdery, sun-drenched beaches, one of the world’s most beautiful harbors, and multi-hued bluish crystalline waters, St. Thomas is one of three of the U.S. Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean Sea. This magnificent region is blessed with so much natural beauty; it’s utterly breathtaking. No wonder these best St. Thomas restaurants draw so much attention– they are literally located in paradise!

7 Must-Try West Jefferson NC Restaurants

Welcome to my hometown of West Jefferson, NC, located in Ashe County and known as the “Coolest Corner in North Carolina!” Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains and bordered by Virginia to the north and Tennessee to the west, we truly are in the coolest corner of the state.

7 Must-Try Bay St. Louis Restaurants

Bay St. Louis is a charming coastal Mississippi city. Budget Travel named it one of the “Coolest Small Towns in America,” and Coastal Living Magazine recognized it as a “Top Ten Small Beach Town.”

The 7 Best Stowe VT Restaurants

One of Vermont’s most-loved mountain towns, teeming with quintessential New England charm and grace, is Stowe. Known mainly for the abundant outdoor activities drawing visitors year-round, Stowe also has quite the restaurant scene. We’ll highlight several of the best Stowe restaurants in a bit, but trust me when I say the town of Stowe has figured out how to feed hungry adventurers! 

8 Must-Try Boone NC Restaurants

Dining out in Boone, NC, restaurants these days is quite different than, let’s say, ten years ago. Once a sleepy university town, it has swelled in growth and evolved into a small, sophisticated hamlet located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina’s High Country.

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